39. Breathe

I tried to move, but there was resistance. Confused, I tugged at my
arms - they wouldn’t folow. I started to breathe quickly, through my
nose – my mouth wouldn’t open. I franticaly looked around in the
dark. Where was I?
Then I couldn’t see at al. There was something over my face. My heart
beat hystericaly, like it was going to explode in my chest. I puled
harder at my arms which were strung above my head. I heard the
jangling of metal as the sharp edges of the restraints dug into my
“I am not losing my family because of you,” she seethed. Panic consumed
me. I started squirming, screaming as loud as the restricted
covering would alow. The pilow pressed against my face. I shook my
head back and forth vigorously, trying to remove it. It wouldn’t shift
enough to provide me air.
There was pressure on my chest. I tried to twist to get her off. That’s
when her cold hands gripped around my neck. I screamed louder, but
my frantic pleas were muffled by the tape. I flipped my body back and
forth - the restraints on my wrists and the weight on my chest

wouldn’t alow me to escape her strangling grasp. This couldn’t be happening.
Please someone hear me.
I puled at the restraints - the edges scraped away my flesh. I strained
to pul harder, needing to be free of their hold. I couldn’t find my
breath as her grip tightened. I needed to cough, but the air wouldn’t
I pushed against the bed with my feet, arching my back. The strain of
our weight puled at my shoulders, and heard something pop; then a
searing pain catapulted through my shoulder. One of her hands released
its hold. I sucked in a breath ful of air, the effort burning my
throat. I shrieked in agony when the bones of my ankle crunched with
the impact of something she swung into it. I colapsed onto my back,
my breath faltering. The darkness swirled as the torturous pain overtook
me. I fought the pul taking me under.
The cold clutches returned to my throat, squeezing harder. I choked,
trying desperately to breathe in. The air didn’t come. I needed
someone to hear me. I swung my left leg toward the wal with al my
force, pounding against it. The adrenaline and panic shrouded the
The pressure in my head continued to build. My lungs burned. The
claws around my neck crushed in deeper.
I pounded on the wal one more time. Please someone hear me.
I could feel it puling me under. I couldn’t struggle anymore. The burning
was too much. I gave in, colapsing beneath the hands, and succumbing
to the darkness.
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