Chapter 15
~ Liam ~
I had been with Amber for a week now, and
it’d honestly been the best week of my life -
of anyone’s life, probably. She was just so
perfect. I’d wanted her for so long that I
was a little worried that if I ever did get her,
that she would never be able to live up to
what I had imagined. I’d put her on such a
high pedestal that I was surprised she
actually had enough oxygen to breathe. But
being with her was better than anything I
could have ever imagined.
I couldn’t wait for tonight. As usual, there was a party
at Jake’s - the after game celebrations. I was definitely
planning on dancing with my girl tonight. I pulled on a pair of
ripped jeans and a white button down shirt and headed
over to their house. I was so excited to see her that I could
burst into song any moment. I still couldn't believe that
someone like me would be lucky enough to have someone
like her fall in love with them. She could have any guy she
wanted; she was beautiful, smart, funny, and kind.
Practically every guy in school lusted after her, not that I
could blame them; her body was just out of this world, all
that dancing…..
I struggled to watch her at her dance practice every
Saturday, it was such a freaking turn on seeing her jumping
around, shaking her ass. She honestly made my mouth
water I wanted her so badly. It would be even worse
tomorrow because I’d actually had my hands on that pert
little ass that would be shaking around.
I went straight to their kitchen, helping Jake sort out
drinks and snacks as usual. Amber was probably in her
room making herself look unbelievable, just to tease the life
out of me again. She’d insisted on flirting her pretty butt off
with me every day at school for the stupid bet. Every day it
got worse and worse as she bumped it up another gear.
She was getting more confident now; she knew exactly how
much she affected me, and definitely used it to her
advantage. Not that I minded, she was having a good time
doing it and seeing her enjoying herself made me happy.
Amber had been getting more and more into our
relationship since she told me she loved me, taking things
further and further. I was a little worried at first. I didn’t want
her to think all I wanted her for was sex, I’d told her I would
wait and I would wait as long as she needed. I truly loved
her more than anything in the world. If I thought she would
say yes, I would ask her to marry me right now, but I just
didn’t want to rush her or pressure her into anything, we had
all the time in the world.
Jake had been great so far too. He seemed to like
the fact that Amber was happy so he didn’t give me too
much flack about dating her. We did have a few words the
day after he found out about us, but I’d never tell Amber
about that. It was basically just threats of decapitation and
castration - which I knew he meant. Not that it mattered, I
wouldn’t be the one to hurt her or end this relationship, that
was definitely up to her. All I wanted was to take care of her
and make her happy.
An hour later, people started arriving for the party. I
watched the hallway, waiting for her. Usually, she didn’t
come out of her room until the party was in full swing, so I
knew I had a little while. I spotted Jessica walk in and I
groaned as I grabbed Casey, pulling him in front of me so
she wouldn’t see me. She had been pissing me off so
badly all week with all the flirting, well, they all had. I couldn’t
believe that girls do that sort of thing, and jeez what they
were offering, it was literally anywhere, anytime, and
anything I wanted. I didn’t even want to think about what
Jessica had offered me, the dirty little tramp. My
subconscious mind wandered to the couple of times we’d
been out and had sex, I shuddered a little at the thought.
Casey was laughing his ass off. “Seriously, Liam,
just man up and fuck someone get it over with,” he said,
I rolled my eyes at his stupid comment. “Whatever,
the only one I’ll be with is my girlfriend. I’m not interested in
any of these skanks.” I waved my hand dismissively as a
couple of girls eyed me from across the room. Someone
grabbed my arm, squeezing gently to get my attention. Oh
for goodness sake why can’t they leave the hell alone?
“Look, I’m not interested! I’ve got a girlfriend!” I growled
angrily as I turned around.
My breath caught in my throat, Amber was standing
there in a little black dress that clung to her shapely body
and came to her mid-thigh. Her hair was half up and curled,
and her eyes were sparkling with amusement. I couldn’t
breathe. She was so beautiful that it was unreal. All I could
do was stare at her like an idiot. Oh crap, I’m staring! OK
come on, Liam, say something.
Say anything.
Liam, freaking say SOMETHING!
“Um…. Hi, Angel,” I mumbled, my voice sounding
tight. Wow, that was real smooth, Liam! God, I’m such a
dick! I was so turned on it must have been obvious to
She grinned, her smile lighting up her whole face.
“Hi, Liam,” she purred in her sexy voice. I mentally groaned.
OK here it comes; she’s finally going to kill me. I really
didn’t think I could take her flirting with me while she looks
like that.
“You look beautiful,” I said honestly, looking her over
She grinned and did a little twirl, making the dress
rise up a little. My heart started to beat faster. “You like?”
she asked biting her lip. Did I like it? Was she kidding me?
I nodded and stepped closer. I could smell her
perfume making my head slightly fuzzy. “I love,” I confirmed.
She giggled and closed the distance, pressing her
chest to mine. I couldn’t help but put my hands on her hips,
feeling the silky material under my fingers. “You know what?
I think you’ll like what’s underneath even more,” she
whispered in my ear.
I tightened my grip on her as she tried to step back,
holding her to me tightly, not wanting to let her move away
from me. “Don’t tease me tonight, Angel. Seriously, you
look too hot, I can’t take it,” I pleaded.
She laughed and gripped the front of my shirt, pulling
me impossibly closer to her. I looked into her eyes, feeling
myself being drawn in. “I’m not teasing, Liam. By the way,
your clothes look so damn hot on you, but I’ve got a feeling
they’ll look even better on my bedroom floor later,” she said
quietly, making me groan. I closed my eyes. Seriously, she
was killing me. She kissed my cheek and pulled away
quickly, heading off into the crowd of people, leaving me
standing in the middle of the kitchen with a freaking boner
as usual.
I turned back to Casey who was looking after Amber
too. “Damn, she looks hot tonight. I think I might go see if I
can tap that fine ass,” he said, waggling his eyebrows as
he went to go after her.
I grabbed his arm and shook my head, looking at
him warningly. “No way, Casey. Just stay away from her,
she’s taken.”
He looked at me curiously, then his eyes went wide.
“She’s not your….” he trailed off, looking at me shocked.
Oh crap. Oops, well now he knows! I nodded slowly.
“Yeah,” I confirmed. I couldn’t help the proud grin that
stretched across my face that someone finally knew about
He burst out laughing, shaking his head. “Jake is
gonna have your balls when he finds out. Seriously, he’s
going to tear you a new asshole.”
I grinned and slapped his shoulder. “He already
knows.” I shrugged easily, smiling as his face turned to
“No way! Did he beat the crap out of you?” he asked
I laughed and gestured down at myself. “Does it look
like he beat the crap out of me?” I asked, chuckling.
He suddenly looked pissed off. “All that freaking
time I never asked her out because I thought Jake would cut
my balls off, and he didn’t do anything? Damn it, I knew I
should have asked her out!” he grumbled, looking annoyed.
“Too late now,” I teased, slapping his shoulder again
as I went to get a drink.
I grabbed two shots of vodka and went to go and
find her and tell her that Casey knew. I didn’t bother telling
him not to say anything; I wanted this out in the open. I
couldn’t care less about the money. In a couple of years,
when I was playing hockey professionally, that would seem
like peanuts and I could give her anything she wanted.
I spotted her dancing with Kate and Sean off to one
side. I grinned as I wrapped my arm around her waist,
making her jump. “Hey, girlfriend,” I whispered in her ear.
She smiled at me over her shoulder as she ground her ass
across my crotch, making me yearn for her again. I pulled
her tighter against me and danced behind her, I handed her
one of the shots.
“Thanks.” She smiled gratefully as she downed it,
wincing slightly.
“So, I’ve got something to tell you,” I admitted
She turned to face me. “What’s that then?” she
asked, grinning. Her excited expression told me that she
obviously thought it was something good.
“Casey knows you’re my girl,” I said quietly, bending
close to her so no one could hear.
She gasped. “He does? How?” she asked, clearly
shocked, as she looked around suspiciously.
“I told him by accident. He was going to come and
make a move on you, I told him to stay away,” I admitted,
smiling apologetically, hoping she wouldn’t chew me out for
ruining her plan with Jessica and the bet.
She rolled her eyes and stepped closer to me. “Big
mouth,” she scolded jokingly, as she wrapped her arms
around my neck, dancing with me again. I pulled her closer
to me wrapping her in my arms tightly, loving the feel of her
body against mine. She smiled happily. “Well then, Liam, if
people are going to find out, we might as well give them a
show,” she flirted, raising one eyebrow playfully.
What the hell does that mean? She giggled and
pulled my face down to hers, kissing me, hard. I heard
people gasp and start talking hurriedly around us, but I
didn’t care. I was kissing the girl of my dreams and she
loved me. I pulled her closer, tracing my tongue on her lip,
wanting more. After a minute or so I pulled out of the kiss
and started kissing down her neck, making her moan
quietly. I smiled against her neck because I knew that
people were watching. Finally, no more pretending, no
more listening to the guys talk about her and wanting to
beat the crap out of them. I pulled back to look at her, she
was grinning at me, looking so freaking hot it was
“I love you, Liam,” she said, her eyes locked on
mine. I heard some other people gasp again.
“I love you too, Angel,” I replied, immediately.
I knew people were talking about us, and literally the
whole room was staring, but I just didn’t care. All I could
focus on were her beautiful eyes and how they were looking
deeply into mine, driving me crazy. I pulled my arms tighter
around her, not wanting the moment to end. I loved the way
her incredible body was swaying against mine, turning me
on so badly that it was almost unbearable. We danced for
about an hour. Now that people knew about us, I didn’t
leave her side, wanting more time with her. I never got to
spend time with her at parties; usually, I was either too busy
making sure nothing happened to their house because
Jake was always off of his face, or hooking up with a girl
out the back.
Tonight was the best party ever, just because I got to
hold her hand and kiss her. Even the girls didn’t hit on me,
which made a nice change. I hung out with her and her
friends. Kate was actually really funny, I’d not really spoken
to her properly before. Usually, the only time she spoke to
me was to flirt with me, so it was weird to have a normal
conversation with her.
Just after midnight, Amber pressed herself to me
tightly. “I’m tired, Liam. Want to take me to bed?” she
asked, raising her eyebrows teasingly. Oh crap, I thought all
the flirting and teasing would stop now that people knew!
I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Sure, Angel.” I would
love to wrap my arms around her sexy body right now. She
grinned and turned to walk off; I put my hands on her hips
following her through the throng of people, to her bedroom.
As soon as we were through the door she turned to me with
her face playful and I knew that the teasing wasn’t over with
yet. I groaned quietly. Jeez, I loved this girl more than
anything, but she was driving me crazy!
She locked the door and stepped up close to me,
pressing her toned body to mine. Her hands ran down my
chest, slowly, making me so freaking hard it was
embarrassing. Surely I should be immune to her charm by
now? I mean, I’d been in love with this girl for twelve years,
how the hell could she still turn me on like this? No one ever
compared to my Angel, she literally was the world’s most
perfect girl.
I bent my head down to kiss her, tracing my tongue
along her soft full lip, wanting to deepen the kiss. She
tangled her hands in my hair and I couldn’t help but pin her
against the wall, pressing every inch of my body against
hers. She moaned in the back of her throat and I felt
happiness bubble up inside that she loved kissing me as
much as I loved kissing her.
I bent my knees and wrapped her tighter in my arms
as I stood up, lifting her off of her feet. She wrapped her
long legs around me as she unbuttoned my shirt slowly; her
fingers lingering over my skin, making me get goose
bumps. Every single touch from Amber was like nothing I’d
ever felt before. All those girls I had slept with just to try and
forget her, were nothing compared to her. I wished with all
my heart that I had waited and that she would be my first,
but everything felt like a first time with her anyway. Every
touch was ten times better than anything I’d ever felt before,
it was like every place her skin touched mine, felt like she
burnt me slightly, but in a nice way. She made me so
nervous too. I didn’t want to do anything she didn’t want, but
I was also so scared that I wouldn’t be able to please her
and I didn’t want to ruin anything.
I pulled out of the kiss, peppering little kisses down
her neck, sucking on the hickey I’d given her a few days
ago to make it darker. I loved that mark on her. Knowing
that she was mine made me crazy. I walked over to the
bed, laying her down and climbing on top of her as I ran my
hands down her body. When I got to the bottom of her
dress, I slipped my hand under, tracing it back up her toned
thigh, making my way higher so I could grip her ass. I
couldn’t help but moan at the feel of it. Knowing that I was
the only one that she would let near her like this, made me
feel like the luckiest guy in the world.
She pushed my shirt off of my shoulders and ran her
hands back down my chest. When she got to my jeans she
immediately started unbuttoning them too. I stiffened
slightly. What the hell is she doing? She rolled me onto my
back and sat up, straddling me, looking so sexy it was
unreal. She chewed on her lip, looking a little nervous about
“You OK?” I asked curiously, rubbing my hands on
her thighs reassuringly. What on earth is she nervous
about? She nodded and took hold of the bottom of her
dress, pulling it up over her head, shaking her hair after,
making it fall loosely around her beautiful face. I looked at
her in her strapless black lacy bra and matching thong, and
a thousand lustful thoughts were bombarding my brain at
once. I wanted her so much it was unreal. This was the
furthest we’d gone, I’d seen her with no top on but not
almost naked like this. She was incredible. She bent down
and kissed me passionately, pulling back to look at me, still
looking a little nervous but excited at the same time.
“Do you want me, Liam?” she asked.
Crap, is that some sort of joke or something?
“Angel, I’ve wanted you forever.”
She smiled making my heart beat faster. “Make love
to me,” she whispered, kissing me softly.
My heart stopped. Did she just ask me to…. no, no
way, she said something else and then you’re going to look
like a dick when it turns out you heard her wrong!
“What?” I asked weakly, pushing her hair behind her
“I’m ready now; I want you to make love to me.” She
blushed slightly, looking even more adorable because of
how sweet and innocent she was.
I rolled her onto her back. Does she think she has to
give it up to me? Jeez, does she not believe me when I say
I’ll wait for her? “Angel, I’ll wait as long as you want. I
promise I can wait,” I vowed, willing her to believe me. I
would never ever touch another woman again, they just
didn’t interest me, they never did.
She laughed. “Well I’m sorry, Liam, but I just can’t
wait for you any longer. I need you to be ready now,” she
teased, gripping her hand on my ass.
I laughed; she was so damn funny. “Oh you can’t wait
for me, huh? Well that’s not very fair; you’re kind of putting
undue pressure on me to perform,” I joked. My heart was
returning to normal rate now that I realised she was only
joking. She smiled and ran her hands down my chest again,
when she got to my jeans she slipped her hand inside,
rubbing me through my boxers. What the hell? Oh crap, is
she not joking? “Angel, what are you doing?” I asked
breathlessly. Shit, that feels good!
“Liam, stop talking,” she whispered, pulling me
closer as she pushed my jeans down.
OK, I’ll just go with it until she tells me to stop; I knew
she felt comfortable enough to ask me to stop, which I
loved. I loved that she had faith in me not to rush her or
pressure her. I kissed her hungrily, brushing my hands over
her bra, loving the feel of the lacy material. I unclasped it,
pulling it off, slowly, waiting for her to stop me. I was so
nervous that my hands were shaking slightly. Her breasts
were perfect. I bent my head kissing all over them, making
her arch her back and moan breathlessly. OK, so this is a
first, not been this far with her before! I kicked my jeans off
that were now almost to my knees and ran my hands down
her body, stopping as I got to her panties, my hand
brushing over them gently, which made her raise her hips
trying to get more. I smiled slightly as I rubbed her through
her panties, making her moan and grip her free hand on my
shoulder tightly.
Her eyes were locked on mine. “Make love to me,
Liam,” she whispered.
Shit, she was serious! I stopped and pulled back, not
taking my eyes from hers. There was no sign of indecision;
she had made up her mind. All I saw on her face was love,
happiness and need, and I would bet anything that my face
looked exactly the same.
“Angel, I can wait,” I promised again.
“I know you can, but I’m ready now.” She nodded,
looking at me softly.
“Shouldn’t your first time be special? In a nice hotel
or something, with rose petals and candles all scattered
around?” I asked, frowning. I could book one for tomorrow
night if she was really ready.
She shook her head. “It will be special, Liam. It’ll be
our first time. That’s special enough for me. Please?” she
begged, running her hand down my back.
My whole body was rejoicing at the thought of being
with her, but my head knew I had to be sure she wasn’t
doing this for the wrong reasons; I’d never forgive myself if
she regretted this in the morning. “This isn’t about the bet is
it?” I asked curiously.
She laughed and shook her head. “I couldn’t care
less about the bet. I trust you, I love you, I want you to make
love to me.”
I felt my heart skip a beat as I got so freaking excited
and nervous at the same time that I swear it would kill me. “I
love you too, Angel, more than anything.” I bent down to kiss
her again softly, knowing I needed to take it slow and
gentle, I just prayed to God that it didn’t hurt her too much.
I ran my hands down her body, loving the feel of her
soft skin under my hands as I kissed her passionately,
showing her how much I loved her and wanted her. I hooked
my thumbs in her panties, pulling them down slowly, teasing
her, getting my own back. She was digging her fingers into
my back, her breathing speeding up with excitement,
making me even hotter for her. I kissed down her body,
running my tongue across her breasts and down over her
stomach, pausing to bite just below her belly button, making
her gasp and raise her hips. I sat up and pulled her panties
the rest of the way off and just looked at her. She was sheer
and utter perfection, laying there naked and vulnerable. I
knew I would never be able to look at another girl again
without comparing her to the sight of my Angel, as she just
lay there, blushing. She was obviously embarrassed that I
was seeing her naked for the first time.
“You are so beautiful, Angel,” I whispered. She
smiled and gripped her hand around the back of my head,
guiding my mouth back to hers. I felt my heart swell as I
kissed her passionately, showing her just how much I loved
and cherished her before I prepared myself to make love to
her for the first time.
I smoothed her hair away from her sweaty
forehead. She was grinning at me and
looked so happy it made my heart skip a
beat. “I love you, Angel.” We laid there
trying to slow our heart beats. I pressed my
face into the crook of her neck kissing her,
feeling her rapid pulse under my lips. I felt
happier than I had ever felt in my life. After
a minute or so, I pulled out of her and rolled
to my side. I tightened my arms on her,
pulling her close to me, trailing my fingers
over her naked, sweaty body, lingering on
her breasts. “I’m sorry I hurt you,” I said
quietly. I felt awful that I was the one to
have to cause her pain, but I guess every
girl had to go through that the first time.
She laughed. “Liam, that was so totally worth it,” she
teased, pressing her body closer to mine, snuggling into my
I laughed. “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I stated,
smirking at her. I’d never had any complaints before, but I’d
never actually cared if the girl enjoyed herself before.
Usually, I just did what I wanted; I’d never actually taken the
time to think about it - funny how that was so different with
my Angel. All I cared about was her; my feelings were
secondary to hers.
“I definitely enjoyed it. Did you though? I mean, I
didn’t know what to do or anything, should I have done
something different?” she asked, chewing on her lip,
looking at me worriedly.
I laughed and kissed her forehead. “Angel, that was
the best thing that ever happened to me. It was perfect,
you’re perfect, and I love you so much,” I promised.
She snuggled closer to me, taking my hand and
interlacing our fingers; she sighed contentedly and closed
her eyes. “I love you too, Liam,” she whispered, kissing my
chest gently. I couldn’t help my body’s reaction; I started to
get turned on again. She was so close and now that I’d had
her once I couldn’t get enough. I moved my hips back so
she didn’t feel me getting excited again. That was her first
time; she was bound to be sore so she didn’t need to know
about my body’s slutty reaction to hers.
But I’d moved too late, she must have noticed. She
raised her head and looked down. She looked back to me
a little shocked. I smiled apologetically and she giggled.
“Seriously? Already?” she teased, as her fingertips trailed
down my chest, making me shiver.
“I’m sorry; it’ll go in a minute. You’re just too damn
sexy. You should rest, you’ll be sore,” I said a little
sheepishly. She raised her eyebrows, a slow smile spread
across her face as she rolled me onto my back, straddling
me, looking like a freaking sex goddess sitting on top of
“I’m OK. This time I want to have a try, tell me if I do
something wrong,” she said, kissing me passionately.
Holy crap, this girl is freaking awesome!
I woke early the next morning. Amber had to
be at dance practice at eight thirty, it was
now only just past seven. I couldn’t keep
the smile off of my face. Last night was
incredible, the best night ever. Hearing her
moan my name was the best sound in the
world. She enjoyed herself too which made
it even more special for me. It hadn’t hurt
her too much, well, she said it didn’t
anyway. It couldn’t have been that painful
because she had me make love to her
again after. I wrapped my arms tighter
around her, loving the feel of her naked skin
against mine. I just laid there and watched
her sleep until her alarm went off. She was
so damn beautiful; she honestly was just
like I would imagine an angel to look.
She snuggled closer to me as she opened her eyes,
a slow smile spreading over her face as she looked at me.
“Hi, boyfriend.”
I couldn’t help but smile back. “Hi, girlfriend.” She
wrapped her arms around me tightly as she sighed
contentedly. “How are you feeling today?” I asked, running
my fingers through her messed up sex hair.
She smiled. “I’m good, a little sore, but extremely
happy,” she stated, giggling.
I rolled on top of her, pressing my body to hers. “A
little sore, huh? I could kiss that better for you,” I flirted.
She bit her lip, looking at me excitedly. “Oh you can,
I nodded, grinning wickedly. “Oh yeah.” I smirked at
her before kissing my way down her body, barely able to
contain my excitement.
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