Chapter 20
I was vaguely aware of an annoying
beeping noise; my head was pounding and
throbbing on one side. I squeezed my eyes
shut trying to make the pain go.
“Angel?” Liam said from near my head.
I groaned and turned my head towards his voice. I
felt terrible, like I was in some kind of bubble. I finally
opened my eyes to see him leaning over me, looking
gorgeous as always, except right now he looked stressed.
He was frowning, his was jaw tight.
“Hey,” I croaked, trying to smile and ignore the pain
in my head.
“Thank God. You scared me.” He bent his head and
kissed my forehead softly, seeming to breathe a sigh of
“OK. If I could just get in and have a look,” a female
voice said sternly.
I glanced around and had no idea where I was. I was
on a little bed, all strapped in. This was a little room of
some sort with shelves and cupboards all along the walls -
except we were moving; I could feel the vibrations from the
Liam moved to the side and a lady in a green
jumpsuit leaned over me. “Hi, Amber. How are you
feeling?” she asked, shining a little light in my eyes.
I pushed her hand off of me, looking for Liam again.
“Where am I?” I asked, panicking slightly. How the hell did I
get here? I was in the kitchen, then I felt a little sick….
“You’re in an ambulance, sweetie. You passed out
and hit your head pretty hard on the kitchen counter,” she
explained, taking my hands and putting them down on my
chest. “I just need to check you over. You’ve been
unconscious for about twenty minutes.” She flicked the light
into my eyes again, nodding, seeming satisfied. “Does your
head hurt?” she asked, touching behind my ear lightly. Pain
shot through my head and I hissed through my teeth. “I think
you’ll need a couple of stitches here,” she stated, nodding
to the side of my head.
I reached out a hand to Liam. He immediately took
it, and kissed my fingers, his eyes not leaving my face. He
looked really stressed. After another couple of minutes we
pulled into the hospital and they started to wheel me out on
the little bed.
“I can walk,” I protested, feeling stupid for being
wheeled into the hospital on a bed.
“Sorry, sweetie, it’s standard practice. You arrive
with lights, you go in on a bed,” she countered, winking at
me. I smiled weakly and Liam laughed, but it wasn’t his
usual laugh, it was tight and humourless.
We were wheeled into a little cubical and left on our
own. “What happened, Angel?” Liam asked, bending over
me and brushing his hand over the side of my face softly.
I shrugged and then winced as the movement made
my head hurt again. “I don’t know. I just felt a little dizzy, then
I woke up to you in the ambulance,” I explained. That was all
I could remember.
“You scared the shit out of me. Don’t ever do that to
me again. Promise me,” he instructed, making me giggle at
just how serious he was. He wanted me to promise him that
I’d never pass out again?
“Liam, I can’t promise something that I have no
control over,” I teased, still laughing. He sighed and bent
forward, kissing me lightly, setting my body on fire. He
pulled back when the curtain opened and a doctor walked
“Oops, sorry. Shall I come back later?” the doctor
asked, grinning. I laughed, embarrassed to have been
caught making out in a hospital.
“Yeah, could you give us five minutes?” Liam joked,
making the guy laugh. He held my hand tightly as the Doctor
looked in my eyes and checked my head, scribbling on his
“So, you passed out, Amber, have you been feeling
alright today? Have you taken anything that you shouldn’t
have?” he asked, watching me a little suspiciously.
“Like drugs or something?” I asked, shocked. Did I
look like a damn drug addict? He nodded, looking at me
expectantly. “No, I haven’t taken anything. I’ve been feeling
a little off today, a bit queasy,” I admitted.
He scribbled again. “Have you eaten?”
I thought about it - had I eaten? I had some toast for
breakfast, but I didn’t eat lunch because I felt sick. “Um, not
really. I felt sick at lunch.”
“Hmm, that’s probably your problem right there. Are
you under any sort of stress or anything at the moment?
Doing exams, that kind of thing?” he asked, scribbling
Stress. Wow, that’s an understatement. My abusive
father moved back to town, bringing with him a whole new
family. A week ago I saw him again for the first time since
he tried to force himself on me. I found out just now that he’s
been abusing his new family and they’re now moving in with
us for a while. Actually, how long were they staying with us?
Did someone mention that? I’d have to get Johnny in with
Jake, and Ruby and Matt can share my mom’s room, then
when my mom comes home I could….
“Amber?” the doctor said, snapping me out of my
own little world.
“Oh right. Um, yeah, life’s been kind of stressful
lately,” I stated, biting my lip at just how much of an
understatement that really was.
“Well, stress can do funny things to you. You really
need to eat properly. I’m going to run some bloods to make
sure there’s nothing else going on. I’ll get someone to come
in and stitch your head and I’ll keep you in for a couple of
hours just to check everything’s alright after that bump,” he
stated, smiling kindly.
He went to the cupboard and pulled out a needle. I
looked at Liam with wide eyes. I hated needles. When the
doctor came over to me, Liam bent his head and kissed
I closed my eyes and melted my lips against his.
Jeez, he tasted so damn good!
“OK, all done. I’ll get these sent up they should be
back in an hour or so,” the doctor announced, throwing the
needle in the trash and writing on a little vial. I glanced down
at my arm to see a little piece of white tape holding a cotton
wool ball to the inside of my elbow.
“Did you do it?” I asked, shocked. Wow, I didn’t even
feel it!
The doctor and Liam laughed. “Yep, all done. Ah, the
power of distraction,” the doctor mused, grinning. I smiled
at Liam; I’d have to take him with me for every shot I ever
get from now on.
“OK, so a nurse will be in to stitch your head in a few
minutes. You’ll probably be here for two or three hours,” he
said, heading over to the curtain.
I nodded. “Can my boyfriend stay with me?” I asked
hopefully as I clung to Liam’s hand. I didn’t want to be in this
sterile little place on my own.
“Sure, that’s fine. Just one visitor though, so you
might want to tell the crowd asking about you, to go home,”
he suggested, chuckling as he left and pulled the curtain
back around.
Crowd, what’s that about? I looked at Liam, he
smiled. “They all came. I literally had to push Jake out of the
ambulance when they said only one person could ride with
you,” he said, looking a little guilty about it.
I smiled and squeezed his hand. “Well I’m glad I
woke up to you instead of Jake. So thanks.”
He bent his head and kissed me lightly. “I’m glad
too.” He sighed. “I’d better go and tell them you’re fine, and
that they should go home,” he said, standing up.
“Hurry up though, OK?” I asked, giving him my
begging face.
He smiled. “I’ll be as quick as I can,” he promised,
kissing my forehead and leaving quickly. I closed my eyes
and listened to the noisy ward and waited for him to come
Liam was back within five minutes with a prepacked
sandwich and a drink. “Hey, I’m not sure if you’re
allowed these yet, so you’ll have to wait until the nurse
comes to stitch your head. I didn’t miss that, did I?” he
asked worriedly.
“No, you didn’t miss it.” I smiled at how thoughtful he
was all the time.
He sat down on the little chair and held my hand. The
nurse came in a few minutes later and stitched up my head,
apparently, I needed six stitches. I made Liam distract me
the whole time, he was actually the best painkiller known to
man. Maybe I should try to bottle him somehow, and then
sell it. I’d be rich!
Finally, after an hour and a half, the doctor
came back. “Hey, so I’ve got your blood
test results back and it appears it wasn’t
the lack of food that made you pass out,”
he said, looking at me seriously. Liam
tensed next to me, squeezing my hand,
leaning so far forward in his chair that it
wouldn’t surprise me if he fell off any
“OK, so what was it?” I asked curiously. It couldn’t be
anything bad. I was only sixteen for goodness sake, I didn’t
smoke, didn’t drink very much, I wasn’t overweight, I
exercised regularly. I mean, I shouldn’t be able to get ill,
should I?
“You’re pregnant,” he stated.
I burst out laughing. Damn, that was funny, he almost
had me there. I shook my head, still chuckling. “Seriously,
what was it?”
He looked from me to Liam. “You’re pregnant,” he
I stopped laughing immediately. I couldn’t be
pregnant. No, this was a mistake. “I can’t be, I’m on the pill.
I’ve taken it every day; I’ve not missed a single one. I take
them at exactly eight o’clock every morning,” I protested,
shaking my head, it had to be something else. I looked at
Liam; he was looking at the doctor, his mouth hanging
“Well, when was your last period?” the doctor asked.
I looked at Liam again. “Two weeks ago. I’m on the
pill where you stop taking it for a week, so it was definitely
two weeks ago. I’m due to have my next one the week after
next,” I said positively.
“And your period, what was it like? As heavy as
normal?” the doctor asked, scribbling on his pad again.
As heavy as normal? I thought about it. Actually, it
was really light, but that was because I was on the pill, Kate
said it made your periods lighter. “It was light but I definitely
had one, two weeks ago. I can’t be pregnant,” I said sternly.
“Sometimes you can still have very light periods
through pregnancy. It’s called spotting. How long have you
been on the pill?” he asked curiously.
“Six weeks,” I replied, quietly.
This couldn’t be right. Please tell me this is some
kind of huge mistake, or even one of those hidden camera
shows and people are going to jump out and shout ‘Gotcha’
any minute.
“And when you started taking it, did you take it on
the first day of your period?” he asked.
I shook my head. “It was a couple of weeks after my
period. What difference does that make?” I asked, starting
to get nervous.
“Right, well, when you start taking the pill you need to
start on the first day of your period and then it will be
effective straight away. If you take it within five days, it will
be effective after two weeks, but if you start on any other
day then you need to start your second packet before it
takes effect,” he explained softly.
So that means it didn’t even start to work until two
weeks ago when I started my second pack and we had
been having unprotected sex the whole time! Liam was still
staring at him. He hadn’t said anything at all, I wasn’t even
sure if he was breathing. He was sitting so still that it was
like he was a statue.
“I’m going to get a portable ultrasound machine and
we’ll have a little look, OK?” the doctor suggested, smiling
kindly as he disappeared out of the curtain.
“Liam?” I whispered. He was honestly scaring me a
little, I’d never seen anyone be so still in my life, it wasn’t
natural. He didn’t answer. The doctor came back and I
watched as he squirted some gel on my stomach and
pressed a little thing that looked like a small microphone to
my stomach, rolling it around.
Oh crap, please let this be a mistake.
He stopped, holding it still and nodded. “Yep,
definitely pregnant. I’d say from the sizes here, you’re about
four, maybe five weeks. You want to see?” he offered,
holding the little handset out to me.
“No,” I refused, pushing it away quickly.
I didn’t want to see because then I wouldn’t be able
to do what needed to be done. I couldn’t have a baby, we
were too young, it would ruin everything. We’d only just got
together; there was too much going on. Liam would be
leaving me for college soon, we couldn’t have a baby. I
wouldn’t ruin Liam’s dreams, he’d always wanted to play
hockey and I wouldn’t take that away from him. I couldn’t
look at the little handset; I couldn’t see the little baby in there
because I needed to stay strong.
“You don’t want to see?” the doctor asked, looking a
little confused.
I shook my head. “No. I want an abortion,” I said
Liam moved. Oh thank God, finally!
“An abortion? What? Why?” he cried, shocked.
I looked at him; he was looking at me, horrified, as if
I’d just suggested clubbing a seal or something. “Because
it needs to be done,” I said, looking away from his intense
stare. I turned to the doctor. “Can I get it done today? What
do I need to do?” I asked, nervously.
“Well, there’s two ways; a medical abortion, which is
a pill today and tomorrow, which would basically bring on a
period. Or there’s a surgical one which would need to be
done under general anaesthetic and we would basically
remove everything,” he explained in his business like tone.
I cringed. I hated the sound of both of those, but I
needed to do this. I couldn’t think of it as a baby, a tiny little
Liam, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it.
“Can you give us a minute?” Liam requested. The
doctor nodded and walked out quickly. “Angel, what the hell
are you doing?” Liam asked once we were alone. He took
my hands, looking at me like I had lost my mind or
“Liam, we can’t have a baby! I’m sixteen. You’re
going to college. We can’t,” I explained, shaking my head.
He shook his head. “Angel, think about this, please?
I love you, you love me. I want us to have kids one day. I
mean, shit, this is A LOT sooner than I thought.” He blew out
a big breath, running a hand through his hair, nervously.
“Liam, we can’t. You’re going to college in Boston
for goodness sake; I can’t raise a baby on my own. Don’t
be ridiculous!” I cried, shaking my head. He wasn’t thinking
this though properly.
He climbed onto the bed, laying next to me. “Angel,
just hear me out, OK?” he pleaded. I nodded and looked at
him, unable to see what he could say to make this right.
There was nothing he could suggest, there was no other
way. “I love you more than anything in the world. Before this
happened I was going to reject my scholarship and go to a
college here instead,” he started. I opened my mouth to tell
him he was being stupid, but he covered my mouth, looking
at me pleadingly. “I wanted to ask you to come with me to
Boston. But I can’t ask you to move away from your home
and Jake and your friends, so I decided to stay here with
you instead,” he said, shrugging.
Jeez, he is so damn adorable and sweet and
thoughtful. But how the hell does any of this relate to us
having a baby, meaning that he probably wouldn’t get to go
to college anyway as he’d have to drop out and get a job?
I’d have to drop out of school without even graduating.
He smiled as he continued to try and convince me.
“We could make this work; I know my mom would help out.
I’ll go to college and get a job in the evenings and
weekends to earn some money. You’d have to either finish
school by correspondence, or we could get a childminder
so you could go to school. Or maybe even my mom would
do it,” he suggested, looking at me hopefully. “That’s our
first baby in there, Angel. That’s a baby that we made
together. Can you just think about it, please? It’ll be hard for
a little while, but once I get signed by a team, I’ll be able to
give you anything you want. Both of you,” he cooed, rubbing
his hand over my stomach lightly.
“Liam, I don’t want to ruin your future,” I whispered.
He smiled and kissed me lightly. “Angel, you’re my
future,” he countered, slipping his hand under my top, and
placing his hand on my stomach.
I looked at his gorgeous face; his blue eyes were
sparkling with love as he stroked his hand across my
stomach. “I didn’t do this to trap you,” I said nervously.
He laughed and rolled his eyes. “You trapped me
when you were four years old. You were wearing a dark
blue dress with a bow on the back, and little white socks.
The first time I saw you I was trapped. This,” he drew a little
pattern on my stomach with one finger, "this is a bonus.
Sure, I wasn’t expecting it for about five or six years, but
still…. it’s a bonus,” he said, grinning.
Could we really do that? He would stay here with
me? “Would you really stay with me here and give up your
scholarship?” I asked a little shocked. He worked so damn
hard for that scholarship, it was such an awesome
opportunity, and he would give it up for me and a baby?
He smiled. “Angel, if you want to get rid of the baby
because you don’t want it, then I could understand, but don’t
do this for me. I want to stay here with you. If you weren’t
pregnant I’d still be turning down the offer,” he vowed,
scooting closer to me on the bed, wrapping his arms
around me.
I buried my face into his chest and closed my eyes; I
wanted to have kids with him one day too. I could see
myself holding a little baby that had Liam’s blue eyes and
messy hair. Granted, when I pictured it I was a lot older than
I am now, but I could still see it, and I liked it. Maybe we
could make this work. The baby wouldn’t be short on love,
and once people got over the shock of it, they’d
understand. I had no doubt in my mind that Liam’s mom
would help out too. And Jake, once he got over the initial
anger of everything, he’d be a great Uncle.
Liam pulled away from me slightly. “I swear I’d be the
best dad in the world,” he promised.
I smiled; I didn’t doubt that for a second. I kissed his
lips, wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him closer.
I loved him so much, more than anything. I knew we could
make it work, a little family. He pulled out of the kiss to look
at me with a hopeful expression on his face.
“OK,” I agreed.
He grinned and kissed me again, moving so he was
half on top of me. I noticed he put none of his weight on my
stomach, he was being super gentle. He kissed down my
neck, getting lower and lower. He hitched my top and
kissed all over my stomach before pulling up to smile at
“I love you,” he whispered.
I pulled him closer to me. “I love you too, baby
daddy,” I teased, making him laugh.
He wrapped his arms around me, laying close to my
side. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heart
beat flying as I slipped one hand down my body, resting it
on my tummy, rubbing my fingertips over it lightly.
I kissed Liam’s chest. How the hell could such an
adorable, gorgeous, sweet, kind, funny, talented and
responsible boy, want me? How could he love me as much
as I can see he does? I couldn’t help but smile. Laying in
Liam’s arms, I actually felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I
got to have a baby with the man I love.
After a couple of hours I was discharged.
Apparently, Liam was to wake me up every
hour to make sure I didn’t have concussion
or anything. We’d agreed not to tell anyone
about the baby yet. It was so early and we
were only just getting our heads around it -
we didn’t need any interference from
anyone else.
“Shall we call a cab or something?” I asked as Liam
walked me out of the hospital, holding me tightly to his side.
He grinned. He’d been doing that a lot for the last
couple of hours; I actually think he was really excited about
being a dad which I had never seen on an eighteen year old
“No. Jake left us his car. He went home with Johnny
and gave me his keys,” he explained, guiding me to the
parking lot. He helped me into the car, even putting on my
seatbelt for me. His hand lingered over my stomach as he
pulled it away.
My head was pounding; the painkillers they gave me
were starting to wear off. I rested my head back against the
headrest and closed my eyes. It was going to be hard lying
to Jake. I hated lying and was actually really terrible at it, but
it needed to be done for a few weeks. We just needed to let
the whole abusive father thing settle down first, that would
give us a chance to sort out everything in our own heads. I
still had the money from the bet, I hadn’t spent any of it yet
so that would help with all of the things we needed to buy for
having a baby.
When we pulled up at my house, I didn’t even get out
of the car before Jake attacked me into a hug. “Shit, you
scared the hell out of everyone, Amber!” he scolded.
I smiled and hugged him back. “Sorry, Jake. I didn’t
exactly plan to pass out in front of everyone and bang my
head, did I?” I replied sarcastically as I rolled my eyes. Why
the hell is he mad at me for getting sick?
He sighed and pulled back. “So, what did they say?
Why did you pass out in the first place?” he asked, looking
Oh crap, what do I say?
“Stress apparently. That, and she hadn’t eaten all
day,” Liam interjected, coming round to my side. I silently
thanked God that Liam was better liar than I was.
Jake looked at me, clearly annoyed again. “Why the
hell didn’t you eat all day?” he asked accusingly.
I smiled and let Liam lead me in to the house. “Let’s
just get her in and let her sit down, Jake, then you can shout
at her all you like,” Liam suggested, shaking his head with a
small smile.
Jake followed us in and sat next to me on the sofa,
Johnny and Ruby came and sat down too. Everyone was
looking at me worriedly. “Stop worrying, guys. It was lack of
food, apparently. Sugar low or something. I’m fine now,
honestly,” I assured them, nodding, trying not to look too
guilty. I just hoped that Jake didn’t go too crazy when he
found out, and that he didn’t beat the crap out of Liam or
something. Maybe I would tell him on my own, calm him
down a little before he saw Liam.
“The bang to her head needed stitches. I need to
wake her up every hour to make sure she’s OK, so I’ll be
staying over tonight,” Liam stated, more for Ruby’s benefit
than anyone else’s, Jake already knew he’d be there
I yawned. It was almost nine now and I just wanted to
go to bed, it had been a long stressful day. “I’m going to
bed, guys. Oh, and Ruby, it really is nice to meet you again.
I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you properly earlier,”
I said, smiling apologetically.
She chuckled slightly. “We’ll talk tomorrow, honey,
don’t worry. If you need anything in the night then let me
know. Jake said I could sleep in your mom’s room, just so
you know where I am, alright?” she asked kindly.
Wow, she really is nice!
“OK. G’night, guys. And you, lover boy, go get your
stuff if you’re staying here,” I instructed, smiling at Liam.
He stood up quickly. “OK. I’ll be back in a bit then.”
He kissed my forehead gently before heading for the front
door to tell his parents he was ‘officially’ staying over.
I went to my bedroom and looked at myself in the
mirror. My hair was a mess, I had a plaster thing stuck
behind my ear over the stitches, I looked tired but I couldn’t
help but smile. I didn’t bother with pyjamas as I slipped into
the bed; I wanted to feel Liam’s skin against mine. After
about fifteen minutes he came in, looking so handsome that
it made me want to cry. I rubbed my hand over my stomach
lightly under the sheets. I hoped I had a little boy in there,
and he would be just like his daddy.
Liam stripped down to his boxers and climbed in the
bed with me. He gasped suddenly and pulled back to look
at me. “Are you naked?” he asked, a little shocked.
I smiled. “Yep. I thought you should make the most of
me before I get all fat and ugly,” I teased.
He grinned and rolled on top of me, hovering above
me, barely touching me. “Angel, you will never be ugly,” he
whispered, looking at me adoringly. “And the bigger you
get, just means I have more of you to love,” he added,
slipping his hand down to my stomach. I smiled as I pulled
his mouth down to mine.
Having Johnny, Matt and Ruby stay with us
was actually awesome. Ruby made
pancakes on Saturday morning, and I spent
the day chatting to her and playing with my
gorgeous little brother. She was planning on
staying in town because Johnny didn’t want
to change schools again.
Kate came over in the afternoon, and Johnny finally
asked her to be exclusive - which she obviously jumped at.
They were so sweet, being all cuddly and flirty. Kate would
say stuff that would make Johnny blush. He was just too
innocent - but knowing Kate he wouldn’t be that way for too
long if she had her way. Liam kept shooting me little
knowing smiles and would touch my belly at every single
On Sunday, Ruby, Johnny, Kate and Matt went to the
zoo for the day. They wanted to get out and do something
to take Ruby’s mind off of the fact that my father was due
home from his business trip today. He would come home to
find the note that she left him, and that all of their stuff was
gone from his house. She had gotten rid of their phone
numbers and bought new sim cards for their cellphones so
he had no way of contacting them or knowing where they
were. But sitting around worrying about it wasn’t helping
anyone, so they wanted to do something to keep them
I was sat on the sofa, reading, with my legs on
Liam’s lap while he played PlayStation with Jake, when the
phone rang. I moved to get it but Jake got there first. As he
answered it his whole body tensed up. “What the hell do
you want?” he growled, jumping off of the sofa. I sat up so
fast that it almost made my head spin. “Are you fucking
drunk?” he almost screamed down the phone. I watched
him, feeling sick, knowing that my father was on the phone.
“Yeah, so what? What are you gonna do about it, old man?”
Jake spat, going red with anger. “We don’t want to see you,
so fuck off. No. She doesn’t want to see you. I swear, if you
come near her again I’ll kill you,” he growled, turning his
back to me. “Actually, you know what, screw it, come over,
come over right now. We’re home, come on over and let’s
talk about it,” Jake suggested.
What the hell is he doing? “Jake?” I cried, scared.
“Sure. You remember where the house is, right?
Absolutely. See you in a bit,” Jake said, hanging up and
throwing the phone across the room. Luckily it landed with a
thump on the other sofa and didn’t break. Did he just tell
him to come over?
“Jake, he’s not….” I trailed off, unable to finish the
Jake turned back to look at me, his face hard.
“Yeah. Go next door,” he instructed.
I looked at Liam for help. He was looking at Jake; he
had the same hard expression on his face. “Liam, tell him
this is stupid!” I whispered, with tears falling down my face.
Liam didn’t look at me; Jake and him were locked in some
sort of silent exchange with their eyes. I jumped off of the
sofa and grabbed the phone planning on calling him back
to cancel it. I couldn’t let him come here, not with those two
looking like that.
Jake pulled the phone out of my hands. “He’s not
going to stop harassing you, Ambs. He wants to see you.
He’s also really angry that Ruby’s left him. He knows that I
helped them; a neighbour saw my car in the drive. He’s
seriously pissed at me, so I just need to tell him to back the
fuck off,” he said, pulling me into a hug.
I shook my head, that wasn’t what he was planning
at all, they weren’t going to tell him anything, Jake and Liam
were going to beat him senseless and show him to back
the fuck off.
“Please don’t, you’ll get in trouble. Please?” I
whispered. My insides were squirming with dread.
“Not if he starts something first,” Jake replied,
fighting a smile.
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