Chapter 21
~ Liam ~
Crap, this was bad. The first thing that shot
through my brain was that I needed to keep
Jake under control. Sure, I wanted to kill
that asshole as much as he did, but we
seriously needed to be careful. If we
literally jumped him as soon as he walked
in, we’d be liable, and I’d promised his mom
I wouldn’t let him do that. I wouldn’t let Jake
go to jail for that asshole, Angel needed her
big brother, especially now with the baby
coming. The second thing that sprung to
mind was that I needed to get my girl and
my baby the hell out of here, now.
“Angel, let’s go, I’ll take you to mine,” I stated,
grabbing her hand and pulling her away from Jake.
She wrenched her hand out of mine and glared at
me. “I’m not going anywhere! I won’t let you do this, either of
you. You can’t beat the crap out of him, you’ll get in trouble.
You’re being freaking stupid!” she shouted. Tears rolled
down her face as she spoke.
“Angel, you need to leave, now,” I ordered. She
wasn’t staying here near that man, no way, because if he
even looked at her the wrong way I wouldn’t be able to
restrain myself, let alone keeping Jake under control.
She shook her head fiercely. She always had been
stubborn, usually I loved that about her - but not right now I
didn’t. Fine, if she wants it that way then screw it. I grabbed
her, wrapping her in my arms, lifting her bridal style. “Liam,
don’t you dare!” she shouted, her face getting red with
anger as she struggled to get down. I shook my head, I’d
deal with her anger later, she wouldn’t stay mad at me for
long and a night of the silent treatment would be totally
worth it, just so I knew she was completely safe. She
started sobbing and wrapped her arms around my neck as
I carried her out of the house. Damn it, she was killing me! I
hated to see her cry.
I kissed the side of her head. “Shh, everything’s
going to be fine, I promise. I just need to you safe so I can
concentrate on keeping Jake calm, OK?” I said honestly.
We reached my house and I opened the door
quickly, heading over to the sofa. I sat down and held her on
my lap, rocking her gently. “Please don’t get in trouble,
Liam, please,” she begged, hugging me tighter.
“I won’t. I need to go next door now. You stay here;
don’t come over until I come to get you. You understand?
Can you do that for me?” I asked desperately.
She sniffed and pulled away without looking at me.
“Just go then,” she snapped angrily, moving off of my lap to
sit on the sofa. She really didn’t like this at all.
I groaned, hating her angry expression.
“I love you, Angel. I just need you and our baby safe,”
I explained as I kissed her cheek, rubbing my hand over her
flat stomach. I fought the urge to smile thinking of my baby
growing inside her, that lucky little baby gets to be closer to
her than anyone for the next eight months. She nodded and
closed her eyes; silent tears were still falling down her face.
I stood up and turned to leave. “Liam?” she called
just as I got to the door. I turned back, hoping for a smile. “I
love you too. If you get sent to jail for murder then I’ll wait for
you,” she stated with no emotion in her voice at all. It wasn’t
a joke; she really thought I was going to jail.
I didn’t answer, I just left. There was no answer for
that. She was seriously annoyed with me and I would have
a lot to make up for after this. I’d never done anything that
she didn’t want before and I hated doing it now.
I ran back to Jake’s. He was pacing in the lounge,
looking murderously angry. “Jake, you need to listen to me,”
I said, grabbing his shoulder and making him face me.
“I know, I know. I can’t do anything unless he starts
anything. I just want to talk to him and tell him to get the fuck
out of our lives, but if he comes near me, I swear….” He
gritted his teeth. He didn’t need to finish the sentence, I
already knew what he would do and it wouldn’t be painless
After about ten minutes a car pulled up outside. I
grabbed Jake’s arm as he jumped up from the sofa. “Calm
the fuck down, Jake. Understand?” I ordered. He nodded
and I headed to the door. I opened it and the asshole stood
there looking at me angrily. My hands were itching to choke
the life out of him. I hadn't seen him since we threw him out
of the door followed by all of his stuff, three years ago, but
he looked exactly the same as I remembered.
“Liam James, you’ve grown a bit, huh?” he stated,
sneering as he looked me over.
“Stephen Walker, you stopped molesting young
girls?” I countered, my hand squeezing the door handle so
tightly that my fingers were hurting.
He glared at me and pushed past into the house.
“Where the fuck are Jake and Amber?” he asked angrily.
“I’m here. And Amber’s out,” Jake said calmly.
Maybe he was going to be calm after all.
“You little shit! You always were fucking trouble!
Where the fuck is my wife and son? And I’m taking Amber
with me too,” Stephen shouted, heading towards the
hallway at the back. I could feel my anger rising every time
he said my Angel’s name. I took a couple of deep breaths; I
needed to be the strong one.
Jake started to laugh. “Yeah, OK,” he said
sarcastically. I think he was trying to goad his father into
starting something. I think he was planning on letting him
get a couple of hits in first so he could say it was selfdefence.
“Where are they?” Stephen practically screamed.
He always did have a bad temper.
“I’m telling you now, old man, that if you ever come
near my sister again, I’ll kill you,” Jake growled. “Do you
understand me? You need to leave town. Now. There ’s
nothing left here for you now. Ruby doesn’t want you either,
no one wants you,” he spat.
He smiled slightly as Stephen stepped closer to him
with his fists clenched. “This is all your fucking fault! You
and Amber had to open your filthy mouths and tell Johnny
about what happened. You’ve ruined everything for me,
everything, you worthless piece of shit. I should have
fucking pushed your mother down the stairs or something
when she told me she was pregnant with you,” Stephen
shouted angrily.
Damn it, he was an asshole!
Jake grabbed him and slammed him against the
wall, knocking his breath out of him.
Crap! I grabbed Jake just as he was about to punch
him and pulled him away. “Not like this! Jake, not like this,” I
shouted, trying to restrain him.
“Let me go! I’m gonna fucking kill him. Liam, let me
go!” Jake screamed, trying to throw me off of him.
“Jake, calm down!” I heard Amber say.
My blood went cold at the sound of her voice. What
the hell was she doing here? We all turned to see her
standing in the doorway. I let go of Jake quickly and went to
go to her, but that asshole was between me and her. He
grabbed her wrist. She flinched and tried to pull her arm out
of his hold.
“You! You fucking ruined everything! ” he screamed
at her.
“Let her go, now!” I growled through my gritted teeth,
barely able to contain my anger. I could hear my heart beat
drumming in my ears; I was so angry that my hands were
shaking. I was going to kill him in three seconds if he didn’t
let her go.
He turned to look at me, hate clear across his face.
“Fuck you! She’s my daughter,” he shouted, yanking her
roughly closer to him. She turned and tried to push him
away. His face turned hard. I lunged forward at the same
time he slapped her hard across the face.
I grabbed his shirt and punched him full in the face,
enjoying the satisfying crack his nose made as my fist
connected with it. I pulled back my arm and punched him
again and again, ignoring the pain each blow caused in my
hand. After the fourth or fifth punch his body was going a
little limp so I shoved him against the wall so I didn’t have to
hold him up, and punched him over and over. I put all of my
hate into it, all the anger and hurt and helplessness that I’d
ever felt when I would watch my girl cry herself to sleep. I
would never let this man hurt her again. He slumped to the
floor, wrapping his arms around his head, but I didn’t stop, I
couldn’t stop. So I started kicking him instead.
Suddenly, Jake grabbed me from behind and
slammed me face first into the wall. What the hell is he
“No! I’m not done! Get the hell off me. Jake, get off!”
I shouted, trying desperately to get him off of me so I could
kill the man that made my Angel’s life a misery. I shoved
myself away from the wall trying to get free.
“Amber’s hurt, Liam,” Jake said, shoving me back
against the wall again, his arm across the back of my neck.
“Just get off me. Let me finish it!” I cried, still
struggling against his hold.
“LIAM, AMBER’S HURT!” Jake shouted.
Wait, what did he say? Amber? Oh my God.
“What? Where? Where is she?” I asked
desperately. I didn’t see her get hurt, he slapped her and
she fell and all I could see was him. Shit! He let go of me
and I turned to look for her, she was laying on her side,
curled into a ball, her eyes squeezed shut, her jaw tight, her
whole face was the picture of pain. I felt sick as I ran to her
side, bending over her quickly. “Angel?” I whispered,
bending over and stroking her red cheek where he had
slapped her.
She whimpered and tried to move, making a
strangled gasping noise. “It hurts, Liam. Please, it hurts so
much,” she cried, looking at me desperately. She looked
terrified; she looked so scared that I felt like my heart would
stop beating at the sight of it.
“What hurts, Angel?” I asked, trying to sooth her as I
bent and kissed her sore cheek. I needed to get her some
ice or something then it would be alright, she’d have a
wicked bruise for a week or so but it’d be alright.
“My stomach,” she croaked, sobbing, turning her
face into the floor, crying hysterically.
Her stomach hurts? I looked down at her stomach,
she was cradling it protectively. I could see blood seeping
down the leg of her jeans. My heart stopped, I couldn’t
breathe. All I could see was the blood, all I could hear was
her sobbing and whimpering.
~ Amber ~
I heard the car pull up so I jumped up and
ran to the window. I flinched as I saw him
get out of the car and stalk angrily towards
the house. I felt sick. I couldn’t let them do
this; they were going to get in so much
trouble. I couldn’t bear to lose either of
them. I didn’t want Jake to get in trouble,
but it seriously would kill me if Liam was in
trouble for this.
I bit my lip, thinking. Maybe I could just go over and
be another witness, then that way when he starts something
first I could say it was self-defence too. Another witness
would definitely help their case. Oh crap, Liam is going to
kill me for this! I ran out of his house towards mine. I could
hear shouting coming from inside and I stopped, I felt the
familiar fear that I always felt when I was a child. I couldn’t
move from the spot, it was like I was frozen. I could hear his
voice, shouting, and my blood ran cold - but that was Jake
and Liam in there, they were always looking out for me,
always. I could do this for them, all I had to do was witness
him throwing the first punch.
I crept to the door; it wasn’t shut, just pushed to.
“This is all your fucking fault! You and Amber had to open
your filthy mouths and tell Johnny about what happened.
You’ve ruined everything for me, everything, you worthless
piece of shit. I should have fucking pushed your mother
down the stairs or something when she told me she was
pregnant with you!” my father shouted angrily.
I whimpered because of the horrible words he’d just
spoken to my brother. My father always was a nasty piece
of work, but that was low even for him.
I heard a bang and a groan, so I pushed open the
door, to see Liam holding Jake, trying desperately to keep
Jake away from my father who was standing up against the
wall looking at them angrily. “Not like this! Jake, not like
this!” Liam shouted, at Jake as he thrashed in his arms.
Jake wasn’t calming down. His face was red with
anger, the only thing that could stop him when he was like
that, was me. He hated to see me upset or anything, he
was so overprotective.
“Jake, calm down!” I pleaded desperately.
He stopped moving, and Liam pushed him away,
looking at me shocked and a little scared. He moved
towards me and I saw my father move at the same time, he
was so much closer to me than Liam, and he was blocking
Liam’s path. I didn’t even have time to move away before
he grabbed my wrist, squeezing hard, his face angry and
red. I flinched as he squeezed harder making pain shoot up
my arm. I tried to pull my arm away quickly, but he wouldn’t
let go.
“You! You fucking ruined everything! ” he screamed
at me, digging his fingernails into my skin. I couldn’t
“Let her go, now,” Liam ordered, looking so angry
that it actually scared me.
My father turned to face him, still holding me tightly.
“Fuck you! She’s my daughter,” he spat, pulling on my arm,
making me lose my footing and stumble closer to him. I
could smell the alcohol on his breath, making me feel sick. I
twisted and pulled on my arm, trying to get free. He still
didn’t let go so I put my hand on his chest and shoved him
as hard as I could. He didn’t budge an inch. I saw his hand
move and I closed my eyes knowing he was going to hit
His hand connected with my face, making me feel
like my whole head had exploded. I fell back and crashed
into the sideboard. Pain like I had never felt in my life shot
up through my stomach and lower back. It was like
someone had stabbed me. I clutched onto the sideboard,
trying to stay on my feet as I hissed through my teeth. Jake
ran over and grabbed me pulling me down onto the floor,
sitting us down, leaning against the sideboard.
“Shit. Ambs, are you OK?” he asked desperately,
cradling my head to his chest.
I wrapped my arms around my stomach, trying to
breathe through the pain. “No,” I croaked. Oh no, I was
losing the baby! “Liam? Where’s Liam?” I asked, opening
my eyes and looking round for him, but I could barely see
anything because my eyes were filled with tears. I could
hear a grunting and groaning noise. Oh God, he’s not……
Please tell me he not doing that! I blinked and looked over
to see Liam punching my father over and over; his face was
the picture of rage. He wasn’t going to stop until he was no
longer breathing. This was it. Liam was going to be taken
away from me and I was losing his baby. I felt my heart
breaking into a million pieces.
“Go stop him,” I whispered, barely able to talk.
“No. Let him kill him,” Jake growled angrily.
I shook my head. Oh God, please! “Jake, go stop
him! For me, please? I need him. Tell him I’m hurt. I need
him,” I gasped as a wave of nausea washed over me,
making me retch. “Liam?” I called desperately, but it was
barely above a whisper.
Jake moved. “I’ll get him,” he said quickly as he
jumped up. I rolled onto my side, pulling my knees up to my
chest, holding my stomach. Oh please don’t let me lose this
baby! I squeezed my eyes shut against the pain; a couple
of seconds later Liam stroked my cheek making it sting
“Angel?” he whispered, sounding so concerned it
was breaking my heart all over again. How could I tell him I
was losing the baby? He was so happy about it, how the
hell could I say the words? I wanted to wrap my arms
around him and have him hold me and make all this go
away. Liam could make this OK, he could make everything
I moved to get up but a fresh wave of pain hit me,
making me gasp. “It hurts, Liam. Please, it hurts so much,” I
mumbled, looking up at this perfect face. He looked so
worried about me. I was losing everything. He was going to
be in jail and I would be on my own. How was I going to live
without him?
“What hurts, Angel?” he asked, as he bent his head
and kissed my cheek.
“My stomach.” I couldn’t look at his face when he
realised I was losing the baby, I didn’t want to see the hurt
and devastation there. I turned my face into the carpet and
sobbed. This was entirely my fault. I should have just stayed
at his house like he told me to. If I was there now then baby
would be safe, and Liam wouldn’t be facing jail. He had
only hit my father because I was there, he wouldn’t have
done that if I had just stayed. Why couldn’t I have just stayed
there like he told me?
“Jake! Call an ambulance!” Liam shouted
desperately. He was stroking the back of my head gently.
“Shh, everything’s OK. It’s OK, Angel,” he cooed. I felt his
arm wrap around me, so I turned my head back towards
him. He was laying next to me. How the hell is he still
comforting me? This is all my fault - why is he not shouting
at me?
“I’m so sorry,” I said honestly. This was going ruin
everything; he wouldn’t want me now that I’d killed our baby.
He bent his head and kissed my forehead. “Angel,
you have nothing to be sorry for,” he whispered, moving
closer to me. His hand rubbed circles on my stomach, so
softly that I could barely even feel it.
“This is my fault,” I cried, sobbing again. He shook
his head fiercely and pushed himself away from me. I felt
my heart breaking. I knew it; he was going to leave me now.
He got up and moved over to my father who was trying to
get up off of the floor and started punching him again,
shouting a string of expletives.
Jake tackled him to the floor. “Stop it! Go to Amber,
now!” he ordered, looking at him angrily.
Liam nodded and ran back to me. “I’m gonna pick
you up, OK?” he said softly.
I shook my head, I didn’t want to move. “No, don’t.
Please don’t,” I whispered. The pain was so bad that I felt
sick. He looked like he was in pain too as he fussed over
me, brushing my hair away from my face, kissing me gently,
murmuring soothing words.
“Where’s the freaking ambulance?” he screamed at
“On its way. What’s wrong with her?” Jake asked,
kneeling at my side. I squeezed Liam’s hand, not wanting to
see them fighting about it if Jake freaked out about the
“She’s pregnant, Jake,” Liam explained, kissing my
“P…. pregnant?” Jake stuttered. Liam nodded,
looking at me worriedly.
“I’m gonna make you pay for this, you little shit!” my
father shouted from the door. Jake and Liam both moved to
get up but I grabbed Liam’s hand, I didn’t want to be on my
own again.
“Get the fuck out before I kill you myself, and if she
loses her baby I swear to God, you’re dead,” Jake growled
“Jake, please,” I whispered, not wanting anymore
“Baby? She’s pregnant? The little slut,” my father
Liam was so angry that his whole face was red as
he moved to get up again. Just then I could hear sirens
getting louder. Liam’s face snapped to mine, he smiled
weakly. “It’s alright now, Angel, helps here. Everything’s
going to be fine,” he said softly. I looked up to see that my
father had gone; Jake was standing at the door waiting for
the ambulance.
Liam was looking at me, his gorgeous blue eyes
tight with worry. I loved him so much, how am I going to
cope when he leaves me and go to college, and all I have
left is what could have been?
The paramedic came over with Jake. “What’s
happened?” he asked Liam.
“She’s pregnant. Angel, did you hit your stomach or
something?” Liam asked, holding my hand tightly. I nodded,
scared to move in case the pain got any worse, I couldn’t
cope with much more.
“How far along is the pregnancy?” the paramedic
“Five weeks,” Liam answered, looking at him
“OK. Well let’s get you to the hospital; I’ll check you
over in the ambulance. Does it hurt anywhere else,
Amber?” the paramedic asked.
“My back’s hurting, and my hips.” I winced as he
guided me to move onto my back.
He nodded. “That can sometimes happen. It looks
like you might be having a miscarriage,” he said,
apologetically. I nodded in agreement. I knew that already,
there was no way I wasn’t having a miscarriage, this was
just too damn painful to be anything else. Liam held my
hand the whole time on the way there, just watching me, not
speaking. His face was the picture of grief. He was hurting
badly; I could see the pain on his features as he looked at
me. He wasn’t going to forgive me.
When we got there I was wheeled into a little cubicle
and a doctor came in almost immediately. “OK, Amber, I’m
going to have to have a look and see if your cervix is open,”
he explained, pulling on some gloves.
I looked at Liam, horrified, gripping his hand tighter.
“Shh, everything’s OK. I’m here. Everything’s fine,” he
soothed, rubbing his free hand over my face gently. I cried
out as pain shot through me, making fresh tears fall as the
doctor did his examination. Liam kissed them away softly,
looking at me, heartbroken.
“I’m sorry, your cervix is open, you’re miscarrying.
We need to do a procedure to speed things along. You’re
only five weeks so this is that safest and easiest way,” the
doctor said, throwing his blood smeared gloves away.
“What procedure?” Liam asked.
“It’s called an ERPC. It’s a surgical procedure. It will
need to be done under general anaesthetic and we’ll
remove all traces of the pregnancy,” he explained, looking
at me a little sadly.
Surgical procedure?
“That’s safe?” Liam asked, gripping my hand tighter.
The doctor nodded. “It’s the safest way. We could
leave it to expel itself over the next week or so, but that
would come with a higher risk of infection. It’s best for
Amber if we remove it all quickly.”
I nodded. I wanted this over; I didn’t want to be
bleeding heavily for a week, especially if it was as painful
as this the whole time. Liam looked at me, waiting for me to
make the decision. “OK,” I muttered, closing my eyes.
“Right, well, I’ll go and make sure there’s an
operating room free. It’s a very quick procedure. You’ll
come back down here after,” the doctor stated, nodding at
Liam as he left quickly.
I sniffed and turned to Liam. “I’m so sorry, Liam, this
is all my fault.”
He gasped, and shook his head fiercely. “Will you
stop saying that! This isn’t your fault, Angel. Stop blaming
yourself. That asshole did this, not you.” He bent over me
and kissed my forehead softly.
“No. I shouldn’t have left your house. You told me to
stay there. I should have listened to you, and now I’ve killed
our baby,” I sobbed, feeling my heart break all over again.
He climbed onto the bed carefully and wrapped his
arms around me, trying not to move me. “None of this is
your fault; you didn’t kill the baby, Angel. It’s just one of
those things. You know I’m a firm believer of everything
happens for a reason; we weren’t supposed to have this
baby. You’re not to blame. If anything, this is my fault, if I
hadn’t told him to get off of you he might not have hit you,”
he said quietly. I shook my head and buried my face in his
chest, clinging to him tightly, this wasn’t his fault, none of it
was his fault. “I love you,” he whispered over and over in my
ear, until the doctor came back and took me off to the
operating room.
Liam walked along the side of my bed until I got to
the room and he wasn’t allowed any further. He kissed me
softly, his eyes bright with sadness and pain. “I’ll be right
here when you wake up. I love you more than anything,” he
I smiled at his words. He still loved me, he still
wanted me. I just hoped that he wasn’t just saying these
things because I was upset and in pain. I prayed that he
really did still want me after what I’d done.
~ Liam ~
As soon as she was through the doors and
out of my sight, I slumped onto the floor and
put my head in my hands. My whole body
was hurting. She was in so much pain and
there was nothing I could do. We’d lost the
baby, and for some idiotic reason she was
blaming herself for that asshole doing this. I
squeezed my hands into fists, pressing
them against my eyes, trying not to think
about him. The more I thought about him,
the more I wanted to get the hell out of here
and rip his head off - but I couldn’t do that. I
needed to be here for my girl when she
woke up. She didn’t need anything else to
worry about right now.
I believed what I had told her earlier. If we were
meant to have this baby, then we would have. She wouldn’t
have lost it if it was meant to be. I’d always believed that
everything happens for a reason - but that didn’t stop it
hurting like hell to lose this baby. A perfect little baby that I
imagined would be just like its momma in every way. I
closed my eyes and rested my head back against the wall,
waiting for her to come out. I barely even noticed when
Jake came and sat next to me, wrapping his arm around
my shoulder.
“She lost it,” I mumbled.
Jake’s arm tightened around my shoulders. “Yeah.
She’ll be OK, Liam,” he assured, squeezing my shoulder.
I was actually surprised that he wasn’t kicking the
crap out of me for getting his little sister pregnant, but to be
honest, I just couldn’t care less. He couldn’t cause me any
more pain than I already felt, the only one that could hurt me
more than this was my Angel. She was the only one that
had the power to kill me.
After about forty minutes they wheeled her out of
surgery, she was still asleep from the anaesthetic. I jumped
up quickly, looking her over. “Is she alright?” I asked
desperately, skipping along beside the bed as they pushed
her down the hallway.
“Everything went well. We removed everything. She’ll
be fine. She should start to come around from the
anaesthetic within the hour. We’ll keep her in overnight, and
let her go tomorrow afternoon sometime. She’ll have to
take it easy for a day or so,” the doctor confirmed. I nodded
and followed her into her room, sitting beside her bed,
holding her hand tightly. Jake and I sat silently next to her
bed, there was nothing to say, nothing could make this any
After about half an hour, she moved her
hand in mine. I jumped up quickly as her
eyes fluttered. This was the second time in
three days that she’d woken up to me like
this and I just prayed to God that she never
did it again, because I couldn’t take any
more of this.
“Hey, Angel,” I murmured, stroking her face lightly, it
was sore looking and was already starting to bruise where
he’d slapped her.
She turned her head in my direction but didn’t open
her eyes. “You stayed,” she breathed, a small smile playing
on the corner of her mouth.
She honestly thought I would leave her?
“Of course I stayed.” I kissed her gently. She
whimpered and gripped the front of my shirt weakly as she
kissed me back.
“I love you so much, Liam,” she whispered.
“I know you do, but I still love you more,” I countered.
No one ever loved anyone as much as I loved her.
Jake cleared his throat so I pulled away, still holding
her hand tightly. He leant over and hugged her. “I’m sorry
you lost your baby, Ambs,” he said, looking like he
genuinely meant it.
She nodded and smiled sadly. “Yeah, me too,” she
replied, her voice breaking as she spoke.
“I’m gonna go and call Ruby and Johnny. I’ll call your
parents too, Liam,” Jake said, kissing her cheek before
disappearing out of the curtain, giving us some privacy.
“Will you lay with me?” she croaked.
I nodded and climbed carefully onto the bed with her.
“Are you in pain or anything?” I asked as I wrapped my arm
over her gently.
“Not really. It’s sore, but nowhere near as bad as it
was.” She winced as she moved on the bed.
I closed my eyes and buried my face in the side of
her neck. “You need to stop scaring the shit out of me.
You’re seriously going to give me a heart attack soon,” I
teased, trying to lighten the mood.
She laughed humourlessly. “I’m so tired, Liam.” She
turned her head, nuzzling against mine.
“Go to sleep then, Angel,” I cooed, pulling the sheets
up higher around her to keep her warm.
She drifted in and out of sleep for a few hours. They
gave her some more pain meds, but she said she was OK.
After a couple of hours they let her get out of the bed to go
to the bathroom as long as she was accompanied by two
nurses - which she didn't appreciate at all.
At nine o’clock the nurse came in, smiling sadly at
me. “I’m sorry but visiting hours are over now. I’m going to
have to ask you to leave,” she said apologetically as she
settled Amber back into her bed.
“Seriously? Can’t I stay? I won’t be any trouble,
please? I’ll sleep in the chair, you won’t even know I’m
here,” I begged, giving her the face that seemed to work so
well on Amber.
She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Fine. But if anyone
asks, you snuck in here. Understand?” she asked, smiling
and shaking her head.
I grinned. “Thanks.” Wow, that face worked on other
people too.
Jake said his goodbyes, promising to be back first
thing in the morning, and bring me and Amber a change of
clothes. Once he was gone, she scooted over on the bed,
wincing slightly but trying not to show me it hurt.
“I’ll sleep in the chair, Angel,” I protested, grimacing
at the thought of rolling on her or something.
“Please, Liam?” she begged.
Damn it, why can’t I say no to this girl? I sighed and
kicked off my sneakers, climbing onto the bed with her. She
snuggled into my chest and cried herself to sleep.
I woke really early in the morning to
someone shaking my arm. I looked up to
see two men standing there, both of them
were looking at me sternly. What the hell?
Oh crap, I’m going to get in trouble for
sleeping in here!
“Liam James?” one of them asked.
I nodded and sat up quietly. “Yeah,” I whispered,
trying not to wake Amber. Too late, she stirred and jumped
as she saw the two guys standing there.
“Liam James, I’m arresting you on suspicion of
Grievous Bodily Harm. You do not have to say anything, but
anything you do say may be used against you in a court of
law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an
attorney, one will be appointed to you,” he stated, as he
took hold of my arm.
GBH? That asshole is pressing charges?
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