Chapter 19
“Amber?” the lady repeated, looking
between him and me. “Your daughter,
Amber?” she asked, a smile tugging at her
lips. My father nodded, his eyes not leaving
mine. I felt like a deer trapped in the
headlights of an oncoming car, and all I
could do was brace myself for the impact.
“Well, it’s great to meet you at last. I’ve
heard so much about you from Stephen and
Johnny that I feel like I already know you,”
the lady chirped, smiling warmly at me. I
tried to smile back and pretend that
everything was fine, that I wasn’t about to
pass out any second, that I wasn’t about
five seconds from screaming the house
“You too, Ruby,” I replied quietly, dragging my eyes
away from him.
“What are you doing here, Amber?” my father
asked, raising his eyebrows and smiling a half smile. The
sound of his voice sent chills down my spine as I tried
desperately not to remember my childhood. I had
nightmares about his voice, his eyes, the way he stood so
straight, and how his fists were always clenched, just like
they were now.
“I….. I came with Johnny. He’s…. he’s getting
changed,” I stuttered. Immediately I was mentally scolding
myself because I was stuttering. His old rules were coming
back, stand tall, speak clearly, no mumbling.
Ruby smiled. “Well, it’s great that you’re here. Would
you like to stay for dinner? I think we’re getting a takeout
because there’s not much food in. We weren’t due back
until later tonight, but Matt’s been ill all weekend so we
came back early,” Ruby explained as she kissed the baby’s
head softly. She seemed really nice, too nice for this
abusive asshole. I shook my head, I couldn’t speak again.
My hands were shaking so I clasped them together tightly,
trying to remain in control and not slump into a pile on the
floor and sob. “You sure? It’s no trouble. We’d love to have
you stay for dinner, wouldn’t we, Stephen?” she continued,
smiling at him, completely oblivious that I was living my
worst nightmare right now. He nodded, his gaze travelling
the length of my body, making me go cold.
“I’m sure, thanks,” I said quietly, my voice breaking
at the end.
The little boy started crying again. Ruby’s eyes went
wide as she looked at Stephen. “I’ll just give him some
medicine and put him down for a sleep,” she said, heading
over to a cupboard pulling out a medicine bottle and spoon.
My father walked a couple of steps towards me and I
shrank back against the door, my breathing coming out in
shallow gasps. I thumbed my phone open and dialled
Johnny - he was the closest person, if I could just call him
and somehow tell him to get the hell downstairs, then we
could leave.
“How have you been, Amber? I’ve been trying to see
you for years but your brother wouldn’t let me,” he stated,
sneering on the word brother.
He’d been trying to see me and Jake didn’t tell me?
Why the hell wouldn’t he tell me something like that?
Knowing Jake, he probably thought he was protecting me. I
looked at Johnny’s mother for help; she was putting the
medicine bottle back now.
“I’ve been fine, thank you,” I answered. I glanced
down at my phone, it was still trying to connect, Johnny
wasn’t answering. Damn it!
“I’ll just put Matt to bed, then I’ll be back and make
some coffee or something,” Ruby suggested, smiling kindly
at me.
“OK, love,” my father replied, his eyes not leaving
I gulped; I couldn’t be here with him on my own! “Can
I come with you?” I asked desperately. Ruby looked at me a
little shocked. “I’d like to see Matt’s room, if that’s OK,” I
lied quickly. There was no way I was staying in here with
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Amber. Matt’s not
well. You can see his room another time,” my father
interjected before Ruby could answer.
Ruby smiled. “I’ll be right back.” She headed out of
the room with the little boy clinging around her neck.
I stepped to the side and almost ran out of the room
after her. Just as I passed him, he grabbed my wrist,
yanking me to a stop, almost making me fall. I felt the
scream trying to rip itself out of my throat but I swallowed it
back down, I couldn’t show him how much power he had
over me.
“You look beautiful, Amber. Just like your mother
when she was your age. You always were a fucking peach,”
he purred, licking his lips as he trailed his hand across my
I brought my knee up and kneed him as hard as I
could in the groin, yanking my arm from his hold and
streaking for the hallway as fast as my legs could carry me.
I had no idea where I should go though. I came here in
Johnny’s car so I didn’t want to just run out of the house with
nowhere to go. So instead, I ran up the stairs, streaking
down the hallway until I spotted a door with an ‘Enter at your
own risk’ hazard sign hanging on it. That one had to be
Johnny’s. I didn’t bother knocking as I burst through the
door, slamming it behind me and bursting into hysterical
sobs as I leant against it.
“Amber! What the hell?” Johnny gasped. I looked up
he was standing there in just a towel, his body wet from
getting out of the shower. I pushed myself away from the
door and threw myself at him, hugging him tightly, ignoring
the water dripping on me from his hair as I sobbed against
his neck. “What’s wrong? Amber, for goodness sake!
What’s happened?” he asked desperately as he rubbed his
hands up my back trying to soothe me.
“I need to go home. I need to go, right now!” I cried.
My legs were barely holding me up; he was supporting
most of my weight. I was probably hurting him because of
how tightly I was clutching at him, but he didn’t complain.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, pulling back to look at
“Johnny, please?” I choked out.
He nodded and pulled me over to the bed making
me sit down. “I need to get dressed,” he said, blushing. I
nodded and closed my eyes, trying to picture Liam, I
needed to calm down, I couldn’t go into meltdown here. I
could hear him moving around, getting dressed. Less than
a minute later he took my hand. “I’m ready. Let’s go,” he
stated, pulling me up gently. I clung to his hand tightly as he
led me across the room to his door; he stopped with his
hand on the handle. “You promise you’ll tell me what this is
about later?” he asked, looking at me pleadingly. I nodded.
I’d agree to anything he asked for if he would just get me
the hell out of here. He wrapped his arm around me, pulling
me close to his side as he opened the door, leading us
quickly down the stairs. I stiffened as his mother walked out
of the lounge. “Shit! What are you doing home?” he asked,
She smiled a little sadly. “Matt’s not well. He was
sick last night and he’s been grizzly all day, so we just came
home early,” she explained, holding her arms open for him.
He stepped away from me and I felt my breath catch in my
throat at being on my own. He hugged her quickly. “Missed
you,” she cooed, patting his back.
He smiled and kissed her cheek. “You too. Look,
Mom, I need to take Amber home, her brother needs her,”
he lied, moving back to me quickly.
She smiled sadly. “Are you sure you can’t stay for
dinner, Amber? Stephen would love to spend some time
with you.”
Spend some time with me? Is she freaking kidding
me? I shook my head. “I can’t,” I whispered.
My father walked around the corner and I shrank into
Johnny’s side, pressing against him so hard that it actually
hurt. His arm tightened around me even though he didn’t
know why I was acting like this. He really was a great
“Hi, Stephen,” Johnny greeted, stiffly.
“Hi, Johnny. Getting cosy with my daughter?”
Stephen asked, his voice hard making me flinch.
“I need to go,” I whispered desperately, digging my
fingers into his side.
“I’ll see you guys later,” Johnny said, turning and
pushing me in front of him putting himself between me and
my father as we walked to the door. I practically ran to his
car, watching the front door the whole time in case he came
after me. I knew he wouldn’t though. He needed to keep up
the act for his wife and Johnny, but that didn’t stop the panic
from rising in my chest.
Johnny was watching me worriedly as he sped down
the streets. “Are you alright, Amber? You look really pale,
you’re shaking,” he said, taking my hand.
I nodded. “I want to go home,” I choked out.
“OK, shh I’ll take you home.” He rubbed his thumb
over the back of my hand as he drove to my house. I
squeezed my eyes shut. He really hadn’t changed at all; the
way he looked at me turned my stomach. Oh God, I needed
After about ten minutes of trying to think of anything
other than my father, we pulled into my drive. I burst out of
the car and ran for the house, praying that Liam was still
over. I threw the door open and spotted him sitting on the
sofa playing PlayStation with Jake.
They both glanced up as I came in. Liam grinned at
me happily before his face fell. He jumped up from the sofa
as I ran to him. “What the hell?” he shouted angrily, glaring
at Johnny who came in behind me. I threw myself at him,
sobbing. Jeez, I needed him; he was the only thing that kept
me sane when my world started to fall apart. He wrapped
me tightly in his arms, turning me away from Johnny, his
whole body tense and stressed.
“What the hell is going on?” Jake shouted, stepping
towards Johnny, looking really angry.
“I don’t know. I was getting changed then she just
freaked out and started crying. Jake, I didn’t do anything!”
Johnny cried sounding a little scared.
Jake grabbed my arm, pulling me away from Liam.
“Has he hurt you, Amber?” he asked fiercely, pointing at
Johnny accusingly.
I shook my head, trying to speak. They thought
Johnny had hurt me? “I went to his house. He wasn’t
supposed to be there,” I sobbed, my legs gave out from
under me. Liam grabbed my waist before I slumped to the
floor and picked me up quickly, he sat down, pulling me
onto his lap, rubbing my hair away from my face and
kissing my cheek.
“Shh it’s alright, Angel. Everything’s OK,” he cooed.
“Who wasn’t supposed to be there? Someone
needs to tell me what the hell happened, RIGHT NOW!”
Jake shouted getting angrier and angrier.
“Dad,” I croaked.
Jakes eyes went wide his hands clenched into fists,
his jaw clamped tight. I felt Liam’s arms get tighter around
me. “You saw him?” Jake asked, his voice sounding truly
menacing. I nodded and watched him glare at Johnny again
as if this was somehow is fault. “You took her to your house
and let that asshole near her?” Jake growled, making
Johnny flinch.
“I didn’t know he was there! He wasn’t supposed to
be there. They came home early while I was in the shower,”
he protested, holding his hands up innocently as Jake
looked like he wanted to murder him there and then. If looks
could kill Johnny would be dead right now.
“What did he do, Angel?” Liam whispered, pulling
my face around to look at him. I shook my head. Could I tell
them? If they found out I had no doubt that they would be
going round there in the very, very near future, and then
they’d get in trouble. “Tell me,” Liam ordered.
I hugged him tightly, I couldn’t lie to him. “He….he
grabbed my arm. He said I… I looked beautiful, just like my
mom at my age, and that I was a f…fucking p…peach,” I
whispered, barely able to get the words out, my voice
hitching and catching through my sobs. Liam’s arms
tightened around me, so tight that it was actually starting to
hurt my ribs. “Liam, you’re hurting me,” I whined, gripping
my hands into his hair. His arms loosed instantly but his
whole body was so tense that he was probably giving
himself an ulcer.
Jake grabbed his keys off of the side. “I’m going.
You coming, Liam?” Jake asked, heading for the door. Oh
hell no! I couldn’t let them get in trouble!
Liam lifted me off of his lap and sat me on the sofa.
“Watch her,” he said to Johnny sternly, as he stood up to
“No!” I screamed, grabbing Liam’s hand. “Jake, no!”
I begged.
“I won’t let him hurt you again,” Jake growled.
“He won’t. He won’t come near me. It was my fault; I
shouldn’t have gone to Johnny’s. I shouldn’t have taken the
risk. Please, please don’t. I can’t see you get in trouble. I
need you. I need both of you. Please don’t leave me on my
own,” I begged. I squeezed Liam’s hand for emphasis.
“Please,” I begged pulling him closer to me again.
He sighed and looked at Jake. “She’s right, Jake.
We can’t go without him doing anything first. He’ll just get
away with everything, and we’ll be the ones in trouble,”
Liam reasoned.
I relaxed. Liam was seeing sense; he always thought
things through, not like Jake. “What do you mean by, hurt
her again?” Johnny asked quietly.
All three of us looked at him. Jake spoke first.
“Nothing. I think you should go, Johnny.” He nodded at the
door, signalling for him to leave.
Johnny shook his head. “No. Amber, you promised
you’d tell me what this was about,” he stated, looking at me
He’s right, I did say that. Jake looked at me, letting
me make the decision. “I did say that,” I confirmed, nodding
and closing my eyes, pressing myself to Liam again. Jeez,
this was going to be so damn hard!
~ Liam ~
I pulled her back onto my lap, wanting her
close to me. My heart still hadn’t returned to
normal from seeing her sobbing like that. I
was so angry that my jaw was aching
where I was clenching my teeth together so
tightly, trying to stay in control. I wanted to
go around there and beat him until there
was nothing left of him, but she was right,
we’d be the ones getting in trouble then and
she didn’t need any more stress right now.
Jake motioned for Johnny to sit on the couch
opposite us, and he sat down next to him. Both of them
looked stressed. Amber curled herself up into a ball on my
lap, pulling her knees up and tucking her face into the side
of my neck. I rocked her gently as I listened to Jake telling
Johnny about the abuse when they were kids, how their
father had tried to attack Amber, and how we’d kicked him
out three years ago. He left out the sexual abuse that no
one really knew very much about because she refused to
talk about it. The whole time Johnny just sat there, playing
with his hands. Why didn’t he look shocked at all of this? If
someone sat there and told me that their father had abused
them for years, I think I’d at least be a little shocked,
wouldn’t I?
After about ten minutes I glanced down at Amber to
see she was asleep in my arms. She looked so sad and
vulnerable; her face was still red from crying. I’d never let
anything hurt her again. I waved to Jake to get his attention.
“I’m going to put her to bed,” I whispered, standing up and
trying to keep her still as I carried her to her room, laying
her on her bed. She whimpered and snuggled closer to me,
so I laid down with her for a couple of minutes until she was
back in a deep sleep. I kissed her forehead and went back
to the lounge
Johnny had his head in his hands. Jake looked really
angry again. “What’s wrong?” I asked, looking between the
two of them. Jake looked at me, he looked really stressed
and worried. I didn’t see Jake like this very often, he was
always so strong and it actually made me feel a little sick to
see him like that now.
“He’s doing it again. He’s hit Johnny and his mom a
few times,” Jake growled, looking disgusted. Damn it! I told
Jake we should have called the police instead of just
kicking him out, but he insisted he didn’t want Amber to go
through that. And now he was doing it to someone else!
“My mom was talking about leaving him last year.
Then we moved here instead. She said it was a fresh start
and that we should all start over, but it hasn’t helped,”
Johnny said sadly. I knelt down next to him and put my hand
on his shoulder. I didn’t really know him that well, he was
more Angel’s friend than mine, but I knew he was a good
“Johnny, does your mom still want to leave him?” I
asked, looking at Jake, who looked like he was ready to
explode any minute. I’d have to keep a close eye on him. If
the time came then I’d be there at his side, but we couldn’t
go rushing into anything, it would need to look like selfdefence.
Johnny shrugged. “I haven’t spoken to her about it
since we moved here, so I don’t know. I know that she’s
scared for Matt. He hasn’t hit him yet, but he’s only a year
old,” he replied, his voice breaking.
I squeezed his shoulder supportively. That asshole
was a real sick piece of work. Jake sat down next to him
and patted his back awkwardly. As guys, we weren’t really
too good at support. Angel would be perfect for this; she
was so damn loving and kind.
“Johnny, you need to tell your mom that he’s done
this before. It could be the push that she needs to leave him
before he does anything to Matt,” Jake said kindly.
Johnny nodded, standing up. “I’ll go home and
speak to her when I can.”
“Johnny, if you ever need help you call me. Day or
night, understand? And if you need a place to stay for a few
days, your mom and brother too, then you can stay here,”
Jake said fiercely. He meant it, Jake was a great guy and
he would never let anyone hurt his family or friends, I guess
technically Johnny was his family too.
“Thanks. I’ll wait until he’s not there, and then I’ll talk
to her.” Johnny nodded, looking really sad, and a little
“Call me and let me know how it goes. And I’m
serious about the place to stay, my mom won’t mind, and
she’s not even due home for another two weeks,” Jake
stated, walking Johnny to the door. He put his arm around
his shoulder. “Everything’s going to be fine,” Jake assured
him. Johnny looked like a little lost boy, he didn’t look ready
for this at all, but I guess he’d need to man up quickly like
Jake did when he was younger.
“I don’t think you should tell Amber any of this stuff.
She doesn’t really need anything else to worry about, and I
don’t even know what my mom’s going to say about it all,”
Johnny muttered, frowning.
I nodded. That was probably a good idea. If Angel
knew any of this she would be getting herself all worked up,
worrying about Johnny and Matt, and for all we knew his
mom might not even want to leave him in the first place. We
could tell her when the time comes. “Yeah, good idea,” I
agreed, nodding.
“OK thanks. See ya.” He smiled sadly and headed
out of the house.
Jake shut the door and pressed his forehead
against it. “Liam, you need to give me one good reason
why I shouldn’t go round there and slit his throat,” he
growled, his whole body stiff.
“Because then you’d be in jail, and Angel wouldn’t
have her big brother here to protect her,” I said quickly,
knowing that Amber was the one thing that would keep him
calm and restrained.
Jake turned to me and did something I’d never seen
him do in his life; he slumped down against the door, pulled
his knees up to his chest, and cried. I felt my insides squirm
at the sight of it. I was so angry again that I needed to
remind myself of the exact same reason I couldn’t go
around there and slit his throat. I sat down next to Jake and
put my arm around his shoulder while he cried. I don’t think
he’d ever had a proper release before.
~ Amber ~
Things had been really strained for the last
week between me and Johnny. I knew that
he knew about what my father had done to
us, well, some of it anyway. Jake assured
me that he didn’t tell him too much about me
because he knew I wouldn't want people
knowing about it. I’d told Johnny that I didn’t
want to talk about any of it, which he
respected. He seemed to hang out with
Jake and Liam more than he did me and
Kate at the moment. They were always off
talking in hushed whispers, and would stop
whenever I went near them. I wondered if
they were talking about me, but to be
honest I really didn’t want to know. I didn’t
want to talk about that man ever again, so if
they were happy to talk about me and leave
me out of it, then good.
When I woke up on Friday morning, Liam was
already up and getting dressed quietly. “Hey, are you doing
the walk of shame?” I teased, wondering why he was
sneaking out of my room. He never woke up before me.
He laughed and pulled his t-shirt on before climbing
back in the bed. I hooked my fingers in his belt loops,
pulling him closer to me. “The only shame I have is that I
have to get out of your bed. I would happily stay in bed with
you forever, but I have something I need to do today so I’ve
got to go.” He kissed me softly, causing the usual little
flutters in my stomach that his kissing evoked in me.
Something he’s got to do? What’s that about? “What
have you got to do, lover boy?” I asked, pulling him closer to
me, stopping him from getting up.
He smiled and rolled onto his back, pulling me on
top of him. “Nothing interesting. I just need to sort
something out for college that’s all,” he replied, looking
uncomfortable. Was he lying to me? I looked at his face, his
eyes were a little tight, he was definitely looking
uncomfortable about something.
“Liam, is something wrong?” I asked worriedly. Oh
crap, is he seeing someone else or something?
He smiled and tangled his fingers into my hair.
“Nothing’s wrong. Don’t worry your pretty little head about
anything. It’s just a couple of scouts want to meet with me,
and this is the only time they could come,” he explained, still
looking uncomfortable.
I nodded, he obviously had something he was trying
to keep from me, he’d tell me eventually. I trusted him. I was
sure that he wouldn’t cheat on me - that had just been a
stupid spur of the moment thought. I knew he loved me. I
bent forward and kissed him, pulling away to bite his chin,
he loved it when I did that. His hands tightened on my waist
as his breathing started to speed; I smiled and bit his
earlobe. He groaned. “Angel, I need to go. Don’t tease me,”
he whined.
I smiled against his neck and sat up, pouting,
deciding to have some fun with him before he left. I sighed
dramatically. “OK, well I guess I’ll just have to shower alone
He groaned again. “Angel, don’t do that to me, it’s
not fair you know,” he grumbled, frowning.
I couldn’t help but laugh at his lustful expression as I
climbed off of him. “Well, have fun with your scouts. Go
impress them with your awesome talents, lover boy,” I
instructed, kissing him again softly.
He brushed my hair behind my ear. “I love you. I’ll
see you after school.”
I frowned. He wasn’t coming to school? “You’re not
coming to school after?” I asked, disappointed that I
wouldn’t get to see him much today.
He sighed and shook his head. “No, I’ll see you after
though,” he countered, kissing me again as he climbed out
of the bed.
“Liam?” I called just as he was about to walk out of
the door. He stopped and looked back at me, curiously. “I
love you too, and good luck with the scouts. Just remember,
they’ll be lucky to have you, not the other way around,” I said
honestly. Scouts were falling all over themselves for Liam,
he didn’t need to work too hard to impress people, his skills
spoke for themselves. He smiled and winked at me before
heading out of the door.
I showered and went out to get some breakfast;
Jake was sitting there in pyjamas even though it was
almost time to leave. “Hey, you’d better hurry or we’ll be
late,” I scolded, frowning at the thought of a detention.
He shook his head. “I’m not feeling well, so I’m not
going. I’ve asked Casey to drive you because Liam’s with
the scouts,” he said quietly.
Jake hardly ever got sick. I walked over to him a little
worried, and put my hand on his forehead. He didn’t feel hot
or anything. “I don’t think you have a temperature. What’s
wrong?” I asked, concerned.
“I feel sick that’s all. I’m going back to bed. Casey
will be here in fifteen minutes,” he replied, standing up and
heading towards the hallway.
“You want me to get you anything, Jake?” I asked.
He shook his head. “I’ll be fine, Ambs. See you
later.” He waved over his shoulder and disappeared into
his room.
Casey was funny on the drive to school, I
always liked him and he didn’t hit on me
once, which was great. The guys all
seemed to have stopped making their
comments to me since I’d been with Liam.
When we pulled up, I spotted Kate, Sarah
and Sean so I skipped over to them
“Hey,” I chirped, smiling.
“Hey, Amber. Where’s Jake and Liam?” Sean
asked, looking over my shoulder.
“Liam’s meeting some college scouts,” I said
proudly. “And Jake’s sick,” I added, turning my nose up. I
hope he doesn’t throw up anywhere and leave it for me to
clean up!
“Yeah? Johnny’s sick too. He called me this
morning,” Kate said, pouting. He still hadn’t asked her out
like he said he was going to. I hadn’t told her what he’d said
about her, I thought it would be better coming from him.
“Johnny’s sick too? I hope there’s nothing going
around.” I winced at the thought of being sick, I hated
throwing up.
“Me too. Come on, let’s go to class,” Kate
suggested, linking her arm through mine and pulling me
towards the building.
School passed unbelievably slowly because I didn’t
have seeing Liam at lunch time to look forward to. The
morning and afternoon just blurred into one long Liam-less
day, and on top of that I started to feel a little sick too. My
stomach felt queasy and I couldn’t even force anything
down for lunch.
Great, now I’m getting sick!
I tried calling Jake to see how he was feeling, but
there was no answer. He was probably asleep or
something. Kate was dropping me home because the boys
weren’t here today. She dropped me at the front and I
walked into the house, feeling exhausted, all I wanted to do
was go to sleep.
As I walked in through the front door I saw suitcases
and boxes and black trash bags full of stuff all piled up in
the hall. What the hell is all of this? “Jake?” I called.
I could hear voices in the kitchen so I made my way
in there, only to see Liam, Jake, Johnny, and Ruby who was
holding a little kid in her arms which I assume was my little
brother, Matt. I hadn’t officially seen him apart from the back
of his head last week. What the hell are they doing here?
Wait, I thought Kate said Johnny was sick - he didn’t look
“Hey. What’s all this? You guys having a
conference?” I teased. Ruby smiled at me weakly, her eyes
were slightly pink, like she’d been crying. I felt my back get
stiff at the sight of her sad face.
Liam came over and wrapped his arm around my
waist. “Angel, we’ve got something to tell you,” he said
softly. I gulped because of the tone of his voice; this was
going to be bad whatever it was.
Jake stepped forward. “He’s been doing it again,
Ambs. They’ve left him. I said they could stay here for a
while. Mom said it would be fine,” he explained.
Ruby started to cry again softly. I looked up at
Johnny. He’d been getting abused and he didn’t tell me? I
could feel myself getting angry with him. He knew what that
man had done to us; he should have known he could talk to
me! I opened my mouth, about to shout at him, but his
expression stopped me. He looked so sad, guilty, and
actually a little scared. I pulled out of Liam’s arms and
hugged Johnny tightly. God, he had been abused by the
man of my nightmares too, I shouldn’t be angry with him, he
didn’t need that on top of everything else.
Suddenly, everything made sense to me; he never
liked to talk about him either. When I asked him if he got on
well with him, he always looked really uncomfortable. He
was so tense when I was at his house last week when he
saw my father.
“You could have talked to me,” I whispered, feeling
the tears fall down my face slowly, grieving because I knew
exactly what he had been through and how he was feeling
right now. At least I had Jake and Liam to look after me
then; but Johnny was the eldest, he probably felt like he was
the one protecting his mom and brother.
Johnny hugged me back. “I didn’t want to upset you;
we’ve been planning all week. Jake and Liam helped us
pack up our stuff today while he was at work. He’s away for
the weekend. He’s not due back until Sunday morning.”
I pulled back and kissed his cheek. “Everything’s OK
now. Don’t worry, he can’t hurt you anymore,” I said sternly. I
turned and hugged Ruby even though I didn’t even know
her; she just looked like she needed a hug right now. The
baby in her arms was gorgeous; he looked just like her, but
with blond hair.
“You alright, Ambs?” Jake asked, concern colouring
his voice.
I gulped noisily. I was feeling sick actually. I guess I
was a little overwhelmed by everything. I couldn’t actually
take everything in. “Actually, I feel a little strange,” I
admitted, rubbing a hand over my face.
“Angel, you look a little pale. Do you want a drink or
something?” Liam asked, walking towards me.
Damn, I was so hot! My lips and fingers were
tingling; I started to feel a little dizzy.
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