Chapter 17
~ Amber ~
When I woke up in the morning my head
was pounding. I groaned. I really didn’t need
a headache on top of everything else that
was going to go wrong today. Liam was still
asleep so I crept out of the bed, trying not
to wake him. I headed to my bathroom for a
shower. I stood under the spray, trying
desperately not to cry as I thought about
my father and his ‘new family’. What on
earth was I going to say to this Johnny
guy? I sighed and got out of the shower,
wrapping myself in a towel.
Silently, I tried to convince myself that this boy
Johnny probably won’t even want to talk to me today and
that I was getting myself all worked up over nothing. It
wasn’t this boy’s fault that my father married his mother and
made him move here. Hell, he probably needed a friend
right now because he would have just left everything and
everyone he knows behind.
Walking over to the bed, I looked down at Liam. He
looked so peaceful that I almost didn’t want to wake him up.
I sat on the edge of the bed and took his hand, knowing we
needed to get ready for school. “Liam?” I whispered. He
woke up almost straight away, which was unlike him, he
usually took forever to wake up in the morning.
“Hey.” He sat up and looked at me sadly.
I smiled reassuringly; he was worried about me I
could tell. “Hi,” I replied, moving onto the bed with him and
pulling him back down with me. “I’m fine. Stop stressing,” I
promised, smoothing out the frown lines on his forehead.
He sighed and shook his head. “I’m here if you want
to talk to me. You know that, right?” he asked, looking at me
He really was just too adorable to me sometimes, I
really didn't deserve it. “I know, Liam, but I’m fine. Let’s just
get this over with and see what this guy says today,” I
suggested, shrugging. He bent his head and kissed every
inch of my face, making me giggle before he pulled away to
go in the shower.
When we pulled into the school parking lot
an hour later, Kate came bouncing up to the
side of the car with a huge grin on her face.
She wrenched open my door. “I’m officially
in love!” she announced to me proudly.
I laughed. “Really? OK, well…. congratulations,” I
replied sarcastically, whilst rolling my eyes.
She laughed. “I’m serious. There’s a new guy started
today, and he is hot!” She fanned her face dramatically. I
stopped dead in my tracks; I bet that was him, my new
stepbrother. Well that’s just perfect, now Kate’s going to be
falling all over him and I’ll be forced to hang out with him.
Great, just freaking great.
“New guy?” I asked quietly. Liam rubbed his hand
down my back gently.
“Oh, heck yeah! You should see him, he’s yummy.
But you’ve got Liam so I’ve called dibs,” she said, grinning
and skipping along beside me. “I don’t know his name yet,
Hottie McTottie suits him though.” She waggled her
eyebrows at me and I couldn’t help but laugh at her.
Jake threw his arm around her shoulder. “You know,
I’m not used to you not wanting me, Kate. I’m not sure I like
this new behaviour,” he stated, giving her his flirty smile.
She sighed dreamily. “I’ll always want you, Jake,
there’s just some fresh meat to drool over. I guess you’ll
have to work harder for my attention from now on,” she
teased, winking at him as she shrugged off his arm. He
actually looked genuinely shocked and a little pissed off.
“So, I need to find out everything about him, want to help
me?” she asked, linking her arm through mine.
Hell no I didn’t.
“His name’s Johnny,” I told her, shrugging and trying
to go for the casual approach.
She laughed. “Psychic much? You’ve only just pulled
up, how do you know his name’s Johnny?” she asked,
shaking her head, looking amused.
“He’s my stepbrother.”
She stopped walking and looked at me, shocked.
“You’re kidding me,” she gasped, with wide eyes.
I shook my head. “Apparently, my father remarried,
and his wife already had a son. If it is him that you saw, then
he’s seventeen and his name’s Johnny,” I said, shrugging
as though it was no big deal.
She squealed and linked her arm through mine
excitedly. “This is awesome! You can introduce me and I’ll
have the advantage over the skanks.” She was grinning
from ear to ear.
“I don’t know him. I can’t introduce you,” I replied
quietly. I really didn’t want her falling all over him; I wanted to
keep my distance from anything even remotely connected
to my father.
“You are so damn greedy, Amber! Seriously, the
hottest guy as your boyfriend, the second hottest as your
brother and a very close third is your damn stepbrother?”
she cried, looking at me with mock anger.
I was just about to answer when Jessica and three of
her little clones came over, all of them looking at Liam
hungrily. I couldn’t help but smile as Liam’s arm snaked
around my waist. “Hey, Jessica. Have you got my money?” I
asked, grinning.
She sneered at me. “Yeah right. As if, emo girl.” She
turned to Liam and smiled seductively, making his arm
tighten on my waist. “You didn’t sleep with her, did you,
baby?” she purred confidently.
I heard Jake groan behind me. “I can’t hear this! I’m
going to my locker. Ambs, if you need me today then call
me, I’ll leave my cellphone turned on,” he said, as he
walked off quickly.
“Well, baby?” Jessica asked, putting her hand on
Liam’s arm.
He grinned and shrugged. “A gentleman never tells,”
he stated, kissing the side of my head.
I laughed. “Well that doesn’t really help with the
whole claiming the money thing, lover boy,” I teased, rolling
my eyes.
He sighed dramatically. “Fine. Jessica, you owe
Angel four thousand dollars,” he said, looking at me
lovingly.She stamped her foot on the ground and I couldn’t
help but laugh. “How the hell could you do this to me?” she
almost screamed at Liam. “You were supposed to be with
me! You can’t sleep with some little whore!” People were
stopping to watch now as her face got redder and redder.
Maybe she’d forgotten to breathe.
“Jessica, we went out like twice,” Liam countered,
looking uncomfortable.
“I don’t care how many times we went out! I’m head
cheerleader! We’re supposed to be together. You’re not
supposed to be with some brown haired, grey eyed, little
freak,” she screeched, waving her hand at me distastefully.
I couldn’t help but laugh. Brown haired, grey eyed,
little freak? Where the heck did that come from? “Wow,
Jessica, be careful, we’ll have a pack of dogs here if your
voice gets any higher,” I joked, laughing.
She turned her anger to me. “You! You stole my
boyfriend! I was the secret girlfriend and you slept with my
man,” she shouted, pointing at me accusingly.
Kate burst out laughing next to me. Oh no, she did
not just go there!
I stepped closer to Jessica, looking at her warningly.
“Yeah I did, and wow he was good. I take cash, or a cheque
with a bank guarantee card, whatever’s easier for you. Oh,
and Jessica, if you ever scream like that at me again I’m
going to break your face. You understand?” I growled,
She flinched away from me slightly; I grabbed
Liam’s hand and dragged him away into the school, with
Kate skipping along behind me, laughing her ass off. “You
should have bitch slapped her. I would love to see that,”
Kate chirped happily.
Sarah and Sean came running up then. “You won the
bet?” Sarah cried with wide eyes.
Wow, news travels fast in this school!
Liam laughed and kissed me, tangling his fingers
into my hair. “I’d better go. It’ll give you some time to gossip
about me before class,” he said, smirking at me cockily. “I
love you, Angel.” He kissed me again gently, before
walking off quickly in the direction of his locker.
I stood around, filling in my friends about how we
were secretly dating, and yes I had won the bet. I had my
doubts as to whether I would get the money though. Kate
opened her big mouth and told them that the ‘hot new guy’
was my stepbrother. I was secretly glad when the bell rang
so I could escape to class. I didn’t want to keep talking
about Johnny. I hadn’t even met the guy yet and he was
already too big a part of my life.
I made my way to English and sat in my usual seat,
next to Kate. A few minutes later he came in. I knew it was
him without even looking, I could tell by the way Kate
gripped my arm way too tight. I glanced up and looked. He
was totally hot; I could see what she was talking about. He
wasn’t as tall as Liam or as well built. In fact, he was a little
lanky, but he totally pulled it off. He had on ripped jeans and
a black t-shirt with a black hoodie over the top. He had
brown eyes, his brown hair was a lot longer than Liam’s
and was messy and a little shaggy. He looked a little shy,
his shoulders hunched a slightly as if he was nervous. I
could definitely see the appeal he held, and so could every
girl in the class who was now staring at him lustfully. I
laughed; the poor kid didn’t know what he was in for. Once
Jessica got her claws into him he’d be done for.
Kate nudged me with her elbow, making me look at
her. She mouthed the word ‘hot’ and fanned her face,
nodding excitedly, making me laugh harder. That boy really
was in some big trouble.
“Class, this is my new student, Johnny Brice,” Mrs
Stewart said, smiling at him warmly. He turned to the class
and smiled uncomfortably.
“Told you! Seriously hot,” Kate whispered.
Sure he was hot, but he had nothing on my Liam.
“He’s cute,” I confirmed, nodding in agreement.
“Johnny, tell us a little about yourself,” Mrs Stewart
He shifted uncomfortably on his feet as he looked
around the class nervously. “Er….. well, I’ve just moved to
Timberfield with my mom and stepfather. I have a little
brother who’s one. And I like to skate?” he said, making it
sound more like a question.
“OK, well I’m sure you’ll be very happy here. How
about I pair you with someone for my class then they can
show you to your next class after?” Mrs Stewart offered. I
groaned. There was no way she would pick me, that’s the
kind of thing that just happens in cheesy stories. I sank
down in my seat, looking at my book, praying for a break.
“Jessica, are you volunteering?” Mrs Stewart asked. My
head snapped up and I breathed a sigh of relief. Kate
cursed under her breath and put her hand back down, she
was obviously volunteering too.
Johnny made his way across the class to sit next to
Jessica, who was busy undoing another button on her
already slutty shirt. He smiled at me as he walked past my
desk. “Hi, Amber,” he said quietly.
“Hi, Johnny,” I replied, a little shocked. How the hell
did he know my name? I watched him sit next to Jessica,
she immediately starting flirting her ass off with him, while
he just seemed to be nodding politely, looking
Kate looked at me with wide eyes. “I thought you
didn’t know him,” she whispered, frowning at me, looking a
little confused.
I shook my head. “I don’t. How the hell did he know
who I was? I’ve never seen him before,” I replied.
The teacher cleared her throat. “Right then, if we’re
all done talking, how about we start the lesson?” she asked
sarcastically. I grabbed my book and sunk further into my
seat, trying not to look in his direction.
As soon as the bell rang I jumped out of my seat and
practically ran from the room, not wanting to chance another
meeting. I silently prayed over and over in my head that he
wasn’t in anymore of my classes. Thankfully, the rest of the
morning went past with no more run-ins with my new
People were talking to me a lot today; everyone was
asking if Liam and I were an item, they wanted to know how
long we’d been together. Blah, blah, blah, it was the same
thing over and over and I was already bored of it.
“Hey, Angel,” Liam purred, grabbing me from behind
as I stood in the lunch line with Kate and Sean.
“Hi.” I smiled, feeling instantly happier now that he
was near me.
“How’s your day been?” he asked, kissing my neck,
making me squirm.
I sighed. “Well, I’ve been answering the same
questions over and over. It was so bad that I’m actually
considering getting: ‘Yes, I am dating Liam. Yes, I have
won the bet. Yes, he is a good boyfriend. No, my brother
didn’t go crazy,’ tattooed across my forehead so I don’t
need to keep repeating myself,” I joked, shrugging. He
laughed and held me tighter. “Aside from the repeating
myself, I had a class with my stepbrother. He knew who I
was. And oh yeah, he’s walking in right now with that skank
Jessica, who by the way, looks like she wants to kill me. So
my day’s not going too good, boyfriend,” I stated, discreetly
nodding towards Johnny.
“He knew who you were?” Liam asked, turning me
slightly so he was hiding me from Johnny’s view.
“Yeah. He said hello to me as he walked past,” I
replied, frowning, still not understanding how he recognised
Liam laughed and looked at me as if I said
something stupid. “He probably didn’t know who you were,
Angel, he probably thought you were hot. Can’t blame him
there,” he purred, grinning at me as his hand moved down
to cup my ass.
I rolled my eyes. “Liam, he walked past and said ‘hi,
Amber’ so I think he knew who I was,” I stated sarcastically.
He frowned and looked over his shoulder before
chuckling wickedly. “He doesn’t look too comfortable with
“Well who the hell would look comfortable near
Jessica? Oh yeah, you didn’t look too stressed when you
were hanging all over her,” I teased, smirking at him.
He turned his nose up, faking a shudder. “Don’t
remind me about my former life without you, Angel. I’ll have
nightmares,” he said with mock horror, making me laugh.
I grabbed a couple of sandwiches and drinks. Liam
insisted on paying and carrying the tray as usual. I headed
over to his table and sat down next to him. Jake was
already there with some of his boys from the team, my
friends all sat down too, taking the last seats. I ripped open
my sandwich and was just about to take a bite when a
shadow fell over me.
“Hi,” Johnny said smiling, he was blushing slightly.
I gulped, feeling my stomach sink a little. “Er, hi.”
“You mind if I sit with you?” he asked, looking at me
I saw Jake tense from the corner of my eye. I looked
around at the full table. “Um….” I trailed off, biting my lip.
“Never mind, don’t worry. I just thought I should
introduce myself.” He shrugged, blushing harder, shifting on
his feet uncomfortably.
Kate kicked me under the table. “Ouch! What the
hell was that for?” I asked, rubbing my leg. She glared at
me. I knew exactly what it was for, I had to ask him to sit
with us for her sake or I wouldn’t hear the end of it this
afternoon. Oh God, kill me now! “It’s fine, Johnny. Grab a
chair, you can sit on the end here,” I suggested, moving my
tray over so he could put down his plate and drink.
He grinned and relaxed. “Thanks, Amber,” he said,
smiling gratefully as he walked off to get a chair from a
couple of tables away.
I turned to Kate, frowning. “That freaking hurt, Kate!
Seriously, he’s not that hot!” I whisper yelled at her.
“Yeah he is.” She nodded enthusiastically, laughing
and I ended up laughing along with her. Damn slutty girl.
Johnny sat down on the end of the table. “So, this is
weird, huh?” he stated, grinning sheepishly.
I laughed uncomfortably. “Wow, that’s an
understatement and a half. You think it’s weird, try unnerving
and awkward,” I joked, making him laugh.
“I’m not that bad,” he whined, faking hurt.
I decided to just get it out there and ask what had
been bothering me all morning. “How do you know who I
am?” I asked quietly.
He smiled. “Stephen showed me a photo of you. I
haven’t seen one of your brother though, so I have no idea
who he is,” he explained, shrugging.
My dad had a photo of me? I wasn’t really sure how
to feel about that. Why the hell would he have a photo of
me, and not Jake? I didn’t even want to think about that
question too much in case I came up with an answer I didn’t
I pointed at Jake. “He’s right there. Jake, Johnny.
Johnny, Jake,” I said, waving a hand between them in
“Hey, how’s it going?” Jake growled, his face was
hard and not at all friendly. Johnny squirmed in his seat a
little - Jake could be quite intimidating if he wanted to be.
“Yeah, good thanks. It’s good to meet you,” he
replied nervously.
Kate kicked me again under the table in the exact
same spot as before, making me wince. I glared at her
warningly; she obviously wanted an introduction too.
“Johnny, these are my friends, Sean, Sarah and Kate. This
is my boyfriend, Liam,” I stated, introducing everyone that
was at our end of the table.
Johnny smiled warmly. “Hey, sorry, I’m bad with
names. I’ll probably forget in like half an hour,” he admitted,
wincing slightly.
Kate turned on her flirt mode, tossing her hair over
her shoulder, smiling seductively. “I’m terrible with names
too. We have something in common,” she purred, looking
him over slowly. He laughed, looking uncomfortable. It didn’t
look like he was used to female attention at all.
“So, what school did you go to before here?” I
asked, trying to help him out slightly.
He smiled at me gratefully. “I actually went to an allboys
school in Mersey,” he answered, shrugging. OK, that
explains the blushing and being uncomfortable. I could
almost see Kate’s brain ticking over thinking about
teaching him new tricks and breaking him in. I couldn’t help
but feel sorry for the poor boy.
“An all-boys school? Well that’s no fun,” Kate smiled,
eating a potato chip, obviously trying to look sexy.
Liam burst out laughing next to me. “Kate, leave the
poor guy alone, it’s his first day,” he teased.
Jake looked at Kate with a slightly annoyed
expression on his face. It suddenly dawned on me what
was happening. Jake was totally crushing on Kate! “I saw
that, Jake,” I stated, grinning at him knowingly. He flinched
and tried to look innocent. Yep, totally jealous! “So, what
classes do you have this afternoon?” I asked, turning back
to Johnny, trying to keep the conversation going. I felt a little
sorry for him; he was obviously like a fish out of water here.
He pulled out his schedule and handed it to me. I glanced
over it and almost choked on my sandwich - he had every
single afternoon class with me. “I have the same ones,” I
said quietly, handing it back. Liam rubbed his hand on my
leg gently and I leant against him for support. Johnny
seemed like a nice guy but I didn’t want him near me all the
time. The occasional conversation I could probably deal
with, but what if he went home and my father asked about
me? He would know way too much stuff about me for my
“Yeah? Awesome! You think you could show me the
way and stuff?” he asked hopefully. I nodded slowly, I
couldn’t exactly say no.
Jessica came strutting over; she now had only two
buttons done up on her shirt. “Hey, Johnny. Want to come
and sit with me?” she asked, twirling her hair around her
“Jessica, you missed a few buttons there, sweetie,” I
said innocently.
She glared at me. “It’s supposed to look like this,
Emo freak,” she spat nastily.
“Actually, yeah I think you’re right. I saw that shirt
worn exactly like that on the hooker on the corner last night,”
I replied, smiling kindly.
“You hang out on street corners?” she asked,
grinning, obviously thinking she had won.
“When I’m meeting with your mom I do.” I shrugged.
Liam and Johnny burst out laughing. “Bitch,” she
mumbled as she stormed off. Kate and Sarah slapped a
high five, giggling like mad girls on crack.
“You’re funny,” Johnny said, grinning at me.
“Yeah, I think maybe I just ruined your chances of
nailing her today. She’ll give you another chance tomorrow
though so don’t worry,” I teased as I started eating again.
He turned his nose up. “She’s been driving me crazy
all morning; she’s bitching about some girl who stole her
boyfriend. What kind of guy would go out with someone like
her anyway? He must be a right ass,” he scoffed,
The whole table, apart from Liam, burst out laughing.
“Er, that ass would be me. But we weren’t going out,” Liam
stated, shaking his head.
Johnny blushed like crazy. “Oh sorry,” he mumbled,
wincing slightly.
I wrapped my arm around Liam. “Don’t worry, lover
boy, your taste has improved since then,” I cooed, pulling
him closer to me.
“Angel, my taste has always been the same.
Forbidden fruit.” He leant in quickly, biting my neck, making
me giggle. Jake cleared his throat and Liam pulled away
with a sigh and rolled his eyes. I let Kate talk to Johnny for
the rest of lunch, adding in the occasional question or
answer when I needed to. He was actually a nice guy. It
would have been easier if he was an jerk, then that way I
would be able to brush him off and not feel like a piece of
crap about it after. I showed him to his classes and he sat
next to me when he could. When the bell rang for the end of
the day I breathed a sigh of relief.
“So are you headed straight home?” Johnny asked,
smiling, as we walked to my locker.
I shook my head. “No. I need to wait for Jake and
Liam to be finished with their practice.”
“Yeah, what does Jake play?” he asked curiously.
“Ice hockey.”
“Cool. You know, I could give you a ride if you want,”
he offered. “My mom and Stephen bought me a wicked car
for my birthday,” he added, smiling broadly. I felt my heart
sink at the sound of his name again, the way he used it in
casual conversation scared the crap out of me.
“Um, thanks for the offer, but I’ll wait for them. Liam
usually comes over after because Jake goes to work,” I
said quickly.
“Where does Jake work?” he asked, leaning against
the lockers.
“Benny’s gym.” I rammed my books into my bag with
way too much force bending all the pages, because I was
getting uncomfortable.
“Jake doesn’t seem to like me much,” Johnny
muttered, looking a little sad.
I smiled reassuringly. “He doesn’t know you. It’s just
weird for us that’s all. We haven’t seen our father in three
years, then all of a sudden he turns up here and bang, we
have another brother and a stepbrother. Jake doesn’t like
change,” I explained, trying to skirt around the issue a little.
He nodded, looking thoughtful. “Yeah, I guess it’s
hard. So, do you think maybe I could wait with you until their
practice ends and we could get to know each other a bit
more? I mean, I don’t want this to carry on being awkward
for either of us, I’m here now so I think we need to make the
best of it,” he asked, looking at me hopefully.
Holy shit buckets! I didn’t know what to say, so I said
nothing, I nodded and shut my locker.
“You want to sit out front? I usually sit under the tree
and wait,” I said as we walked out of the building.
“Sounds good,” he agreed, following me with a little
smile. I walked to the big oak tree where I usually sit and do
my homework and sat down leaning against it. He plopped
down in front of me, picking a couple of blades of grass,
playing with them nervously. There was a little daisy next to
my foot, so I picked it and tucked it into the back of my
ponytail because it reminded me of the one that Liam
picked for me before dance practice after that first night we
I was so uncomfortable that I squirmed on the spot,
trying to think of something to say. “So, your little brother,
Matt…. Well, I guess he’s my brother now too, anyway what
I was going to say is, what’s he like?” I asked curiously.
He grinned. “He’s cute. He’s a pain in the butt,
especially when he cries in the night, but he’s cute. I have a
picture if you want to see,” he offered, pulling his wallet out
and handing it to me. I smiled and eagerly flicked it open,
wanting to see the little baby. My breath caught in my throat
as I looked at the picture, it wasn’t just the baby, it was a
family picture. I looked at my father; he was smiling proudly
with one arm around his new wife and the other around
Johnny who was holding a little blond boy. My father looked
older, his hair had changed and gone a little greyer, but his
eyes were the thing that caught me. I remember his eyes
being hard and cold and always angry, but he was different
here, smiling and warm, he looked friendly and kind.
“Cute, huh?” Johnny said.
I tore my eyes away from my father and looked at the
little baby; he was cute, chubby, blond hair, brown eyes and
a big smile. I looked at the lady in the picture; she had
brown hair and grey eyes just like my mom and me. She
looked nice. “Is this your mom?” I asked, pointing at her.
He smiled and nodded. “Yeah. Her name’s Ruby,”
he said, taking his wallet back when I was done.
I couldn’t get the image out of my brain of my father
smiling. Had he changed? I looked Johnny over, he looked
happy, no bruises or cuts, no telltale limp or wincing or
anything. “So, do you get on with him then?” I asked
curiously, watching his face for his reaction.
“Matt? Yeah he’s OK. It’ll be better when he’s older
and he can do more stuff,” he answered, shrugging.
I gulped. “No, I meant my father,” I clarified, trying not
to flinch at the thought of him. Johnny shrugged and
nodded, but didn’t say anything. “It must be hard having a
guy come along though after years of it just being you and
your mom,” I stated, trying to push for an answer. Was my
father hurting him too, or maybe the baby, or his mom? I
was immediately thankful that he didn't have another girl
living with him. The physical abuse was bad; Jake got the
brunt of it, but the sexual abuse, that left mental scars that I
knew I still wasn't over. Memories of those Sunday's flashed
through my mind and I bit the inside of my cheek to stop
from crying.
He nodded and looked at the floor. “It was a little
hard, but they’ve been together for over two years now,
so…” he trailed off, shrugging. I opened my mouth to push
the issue further but he cut me off. “So how long have you
and Liam been together?” he asked, pulling out some more
grass and rolling it in his hand to make a ball.
I smiled at the thought of Liam. “A week and a half.”
“He’s your brother’s friend, right?” he asked.
“Yeah. I’ve known him since I was four,” I confirmed,
loving talking about Liam. I was actually really missing him, I
gotten used to seeing him all day over the weekend so it
was hard going back to only seeing him at lunchtime. “So,
tell me some more about you,” I suggested, laying down on
my belly and propping my head on my hands, watching him.
He laid down too and chatted about his life, his likes
and dislikes. He was a keen skateboarder and entered
competitions and stuff at the weekends and did stunts and
tricks. He missed his friends. He’d never had a girlfriend.
His favourite food was chicken curry. I’d just started to tell
him mine when I spotted Liam jogging towards me across
the parking lot, looking so handsome that he was almost
painful to look at. I jumped up and grinned as he wrapped
his arms around me, lifting me off of my feet and crashed
his lips to mine. I kissed him back hungrily.
He pulled back after a few seconds. “I need to have
some alone time with you,” he whispered as he kissed me
again, gentler this time.
I smiled. “What, right now? Can’t you wait until we
get home?” I joked.
He shook his head. “No, but I can wait until the
parking lot at the back of the gym after we’ve dropped Jake
off,” he suggested, grinning wickedly.
“In your dreams, Liam,” I said, laughing and rolling
my eyes.
“Probably,” he agreed as he put me down, holding
me close to his side, laughing at my horrified expression.
Johnny pushed himself up and was standing there
awkwardly. “Thanks for looking after my girl for me,” Liam
said, smiling a friendly smile.
“Yeah, no problem,” Johnny muttered nervously,
kicking his shoes in the grass. Jake walked over, looking
between me and Johnny with a confused expression. “Well I
guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for letting me
hang with you, Amber,” Johnny said, smiling.
“Yeah, it was fun. Hey, let’s see this car of yours
before you go,” I suggested, nodding back towards the
parking lot. He grinned proudly.
“What car have you got?” Jake asked curiously as
we all started walking. I knew that would catch Jakes
interest. I smiled and pulled Liam a little bit behind, letting
Jake and Johnny go ahead, giving them a little time. Jake
needed to see for himself that Johnny was OK before he
would stop scowling at him. By the time we caught up with
them, Jake was sitting behind the wheel of a midnight blue
BMW Z4, rubbing his hands on the dashboard lovingly.
“Oh shit, this is a nice car,” Liam purred, tracing his
hand over the roof with wide eyes. He grabbed my hand
and pulled me close to him. “When I’m a millionaire hockey
player, I’ll buy you one of these,” he stated, tangling his
hand in my hair, looking into my eyes making me feel
slightly weightless.
I pressed myself to him and bit his chin gently. “I’d
rather have a Ferrari,” I joked.
He sighed dramatically. “Wow, OK, I hope I get
signed to a good team if you’re going to be this
demanding,” he replied, as he kissed me, making me
yearn for him to run his hands down my body. After another
ten minutes of drooling over Johnny’s car we finally left and
went to drop Jake at work. I jumped into the front seat and
held Liam’s hand all the way home, excited for some
private time. Not that it would be easy with my mom home
for the week, but I’m pretty sure we’d manage. Even just a
cuddle on the sofa sounded like heaven right about now.
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