Chapter 7
It took a long time to clear the house.
Someone had been sick in the back yard so
I sent Jake out to clear that, while I worked
on the kitchen, collecting all of the empty
cups and bottles. It seemed like the party
had gotten a bit out of hand when Liam and
I had gone to bed, and my drunken ass of a
brother hadn’t bothered to stop it.
“This is the reason why I stay sober,” Liam stated,
scrunching his face up in disgust at the vase full of urine on
the windowsill in the lounge.
“You stay sober to stop people from peeing in my
mom’s ornaments?” I asked, laughing hysterically.
He nodded. “Surprising, but true. There’s always
one who can’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom,” he
joked, making me laugh harder.
He smiled at me, making my heart melt, and Jake
walked in. “Wow, did I actually hear you two laughing at
something together in here? That’s a first,” he said, looking
at what Liam was holding and flinching.
“I’d better go sort this out,” Liam muttered, walking
off quickly. I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable lying to
Jake, but I was really sure that a couple of weeks would be
best, just to make sure this was what we both wanted.
“Jake, can Kate stay this weekend? Her parents are
out of town and she doesn’t want to stay in the house on her
own,” I asked, giving him my puppy dog face.
He grimaced. “Ugh! That girl does nothing but flirt
with me, I wouldn’t mind so much if she was older, but I
mean jeez, she’s my little sister’s age! Ew!” he said with a
fake shudder.
“So, you don’t think a sixteen year old should go out
with an eighteen year old?” I asked, trying to be casual.
He didn’t buy it, he looked at me sceptically. “You’re
not interested in any eighteen year olds, are you?” he
asked, narrowing his eyes at me. I saw Liam coming back
down the hall way from the corner of my eye.
“No, I was talking about Kate,” I lied.
He nodded, seeming satisfied. “No, I don’t think they
should. I mean, what sort of an eighteen year old would
even look at a sixteen year old that way?” he asked,
glancing at Liam as he walked past looking a little
“It’s only two years, Jake, no big deal. You’re only
freaked out because that’s the same age as me. Just
because you wouldn’t date someone who’s my age doesn’t
mean other guys feel the same way, right, Liam?” I
countered, still trying for casual even though my voice
cracked a little when I said Liam’s name.
“Right. I know a lot of hot ass sixteen year olds,”
Liam replied, winking at me behind my brothers back.
“Yeah, but you can’t date any of them!” Jake
growled, turning to look at him and slapping him on the
back of the head as he walked past. I met Liam’s gaze and
was a little shocked. Wow, Jake really did know he liked
me, and by the look of it, he was very opposed to the idea
of us being together. This could be even more complicated
than I first thought.
Kate let herself in about an hour later. “Hey, Jake.
Hey, Liam,” she purred as she walked in, giving them both
a flirty smile. I saw Liam chuckle under his breath as he
smiled back.
“Hi, Kate.” Jake smirked, giving her a flirty wink. He
really didn’t help himself, if he wanted her to leave him
alone, then why did he encourage her?
“Come on, let’s leave the man-whores alone,” I joked
as I grabbed her hand and dragged her to my bedroom. I
saw Liam smirk at me from the corner of my eye and I
stifled a laugh.
“I can’t believe I get to spend the whole weekend
here with you and your brother. Do you think Liam will stay
here too?” she asked, her eyes sparkling.
“I don’t know, maybe you should ask him.” I smiled a
little uncomfortably. I could just imagine her flirting with Liam
right in front of me; I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel
about it.She dumped her stuff on my floor and threw herself
down on my bed. Suddenly she rolled over and grabbed my
pillow off of my bed frowning at it, looking confused.
“Amber, why does your pillow smell like cologne?”
I could feel my nerves bubbling up. “Er…. well I….
er…. Oh! Liam borrowed it when he stayed here, so it must
smell like him,” I lied, stumbling over my words.
She buried her head in the pillow. “Mmm, I’m
sleeping with this one tonight,” she stated, holding the
pillow tight.
I choked on my laughter. “Whatever, Kate. Let’s go
eat I’m starved.” I pushed myself up off of the bed and
walked towards the door so we could get the food ordered.
“I got this!” she chirped, waving a DVD in front of my
face. Even the cover scared the heck out of me. I rolled my
eyes and stalked out of the room plopping down onto the
sofa next to Liam. He put his hand down onto the sofa next
to mine and discreetly rubbed his little finger across mine
when no one was looking.
“Have you ordered the food, Jake?” I asked, shifting
sideways on the seat so that my knee touched Liam’s thigh.
I saw a smile play at the corner of his mouth.
“Yep, done. It’ll be here in ten,” Jake said, shifting up
the other sofa a few inches because Kate had practically
sat herself on his lap.
“So, Liam, will your fine ass be staying here tonight
too? I’m more than happy to share my bed if you want. I
may be scared from the movie, maybe I’ll need someone to
make me feel better in the night,” Kate purred seductively.
I felt him shift his weight closer to me so my leg was
on top of his more. “Nope, I can’t. I'm busy tonight. You’ll just
have to manage without me.” He shrugged and looked
away to the TV.
“Oh well. It’ll have to just be you then Jake, if you’re
interested,” she purred.
I didn’t hear his reply; my ears had started to ring. I
actually started to feel jealous. It was the first time I had ever
felt anything like that before, I wanted to stand up and shout
at my best friend to leave Liam alone. I burst out laughing
and then bit my lip to stop.
Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. “What?”
Jake asked confused.
I shook my head, smiling. “Nothing, I just thought of a
funny joke that’s all,” I lied getting up. “Anyone want a
drink?” I offered, needing to change the subject. They all
said yes so I made my way to the fridge grabbing four cans
of Pepsi. As I shut the fridge door, Liam grabbed me from
behind and made me turn around to look at him. He was
standing so close I could feel his breath blow across my
“I’m missing you already,” he whispered, kissing me
lightly. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him to
me, deepening the kiss, tangling my hands in his hair. He
stepped forwards making me move back, so my back was
against the fridge as he pressed his body against mine. “I
think we should just talk to your brother now,” he murmured
as he pulled away a couple of minutes later.
I shook my head, looking at him pleadingly. “No, just
a couple of weeks that’s all I ask.”
He smiled a small smile. “OK, whatever you want.
But can you stop your friend flirting with me? Tell her I’m
My breath caught in my throat at his words. “Are you
taken?” I whispered shyly.
He kissed me again, making my body tingle and
yearn for more. “I’m definitely taken, if you’ll have me,” he
replied, looking me straight in the eye. My insides were
jumping for joy, my heart beating so fast that I could almost
hear it in my ears, but my head was still telling me to be
“I’ll have you, if you’ll have me,” I bargained.
He gave me a wicked grin. “Absolutely. Whenever
you’re ready, I’ll have you all the time,” he said suggestively,
waggling his eyebrows at me. I gasped and slapped his
shoulder, making him chuckle. “Oh come on, I’m allowed to
make slutty comments to you now, surely? I mean, you’re
my girlfriend so I have to use all my best moves on you,” he
said, faking hurt.
Did he just call me his girlfriend? My heart melted at
the sound of that word coming out of his mouth. “Say that
again,” I whispered, pulling him closer to me.
“I’m allowed to make slutty comments to you?” he
asked, looking a little confused.
I shook my head. “No, not that. The next bit,” I
murmured, putting my mouth inches from his.
“You’re my girlfriend?” he asked. I nodded, my
breath coming in small gasps, the sound of it made me feel
like I was flying, I honestly can’t remember the last time I
was this happy. He smiled. “You’re my girlfriend, Angel,” he
purred seductively, kissing my lips lightly. “My girl.” He
kissed me again. “The only one I want.” He kissed me
again, this time I didn’t let him pull back, I held his head to
mine and kissed him passionately, making him moan
slightly and grip me tighter to him. Suddenly, he jumped
away from me and moved to the side. I looked at him
confused, had I done something wrong?
Just then Jake came round the corner, giving me a
stern expression. “You need to have a word with your friend,
seriously, she just grabbed my dick!” he whisper yelled at
me. Liam and I burst out laughing at the same time. The
doorbell rang and I ran to get it, needing to be out of the
room, I didn’t really like being around the two of them
together, it was kind of awkward.
After the food, Kate put on the stupid scary
movie. I sat next to Liam. Which meant that
Jake had to sit next to Kate on the other
sofa - much to his obvious annoyance. The
movie was awful; Liam slung his arm
casually over the back of the sofa and was
playing with my hair discreetly which made
it slightly more bearable. About half way
through I was honestly so scared that I
scooted right up next to Liam and buried my
face in his chest. I could feel Jake shooting
daggers over at us but I couldn’t help it.
By the time it got to the end, I was almost on his lap,
much to his enjoyment. I could see the bulge forming in his
jeans even though he put his arm over it to cover it quickly. I
blushed slightly, knowing that I had caused that, because he
was attracted to me and I was jumping all over him. My
mind flashed to all the times that he’d been aroused near
me before, in bed or dancing, and I wondered how many of
them were caused by attraction as well. I bit my lip; maybe
I’d ask him another time.
Finally, the stupid ass zombie movie was over and I
breathed a sigh of relief.
“That was awesome,” Kate chirped, grinning.
“Yep, best movie I’ve seen in ages,” Liam agreed
with a smirk, I knew he meant because I was sitting on him.
“I hated it! How can you say that was good? I mean,
jeez, they’re dead people who eat live people and turn them
into flesh eating zombies too. And now I have to pee, and
I’m scared to go on my own!” I whined, standing up and
pouting. Why did I watch that stupid thing anyway? I knew it
would scare me!
All three of them laughed at me, but Liam stood up.
“I’ll come with you and check the bathroom for scary undead
before you go in, how’s that?” he offered, nodding his
head towards the bathroom in the hall, smiling.
“Will you check my bedroom too? And my en-suite?”
I asked hopefully. He laughed; he obviously thought I was
joking. “I’m not joking, Liam.”
“Whatever you want, Angel,” he agreed, smiling and
following me up the hall. I stopped outside the bathroom
door and waited for him to go in first. He came out a minute
later, chuckling to himself. “It’s a zombie free zone,” he said
shaking his head, grinning at me.
“Thanks,” I mumbled, blushing and feeling like a little
kid. I headed into the bathroom, leaving the door unlocked
in case I needed to get out of there quickly. I knew I was
being stupid but I just couldn't help myself. I washed my
hands and stepped out, to see him leaning against the wall
waiting for me, which made me smile.
“I thought I’d better wait for you. You never know what
could be lurking in a dark hallway,” he said, looking around
slowly with wide eyes. My heart jumped into my throat as I
threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around his waist
tightly, burying my face into the side of his neck. He
laughed. “Yep, best movie ever!” he stated, putting his arms
around me and walking down the hall to the lounge. Before
we turned the corner he pulled away and kissed me lightly
on the lips.
Jake laughed as we walked into the lounge.
“Seriously? You made him wait for you outside the door?
That’s low, Ambs. I hope you at least shut the door this
time,” he teased as I sat back down.
I nodded. “Yep I shut the door, didn’t think he’d want
to hear that,” I confirmed, grinning. “How about we play on
the Wii?” I suggested, trying to change the subject from my
zombie phobia. Everyone nodded so Jake set it up. They
decided on sports so Liam and Jake played boxing first.
Kate moved over to sit next to me; the two boys were
standing and playing in front of us.
“Hmm, I just can’t decide which one has the cutest
butt. Who do you think?” Kate said quietly but loud enough
for the guys to hear.
“Ew! Seriously, what’s wrong with you? That’s my
brother!” I cried, shuddering.
“Only one of them is your brother, Amber, the other
is seriously freaking hot. And I think he has a soft spot for
you,” she whispered too loud again, making me cringe. I
saw Jake shoot a death glare at Liam who looked like he
was pretending he couldn’t hear her.
“Right, yeah OK,” I replied sarcastically, rolling my
eyes. “Come on hurry up I want a turn,” I whined, trying to
change the subject. Kate really had no idea how close she
“Here, Angel, you can take my turn. I’d better get
going anyway, it’s almost midnight, my parents will be
wondering where I am,” Liam said holding the controller out
to me. Kate jumped up and grabbed it, smirking and
nodding towards my brother, signalling she wanted to play
with him.
“Liam, would you check my bedroom before you
go?” I asked, feeling pathetic and like a scared little kid.
He smiled but didn’t laugh at me, which I found
surprising. “Oh all right!” He forced a sigh, his eyes
amused. By the look of him he actually quite liked the fact
that I was asking him to do this, maybe he liked being all
protective or something, maybe it was making him feel
needed. He stalked off towards my room and I got up and
followed him after a couple of seconds. I closed my door
silently, and leant against it. I watched him as he actually
walked around my room, looking under the bed, and in the
closet, before heading into my en-suite. As he walked back
into the room, his eyes landed on me, he honestly didn’t
know I was there I could tell by his surprised face. Bless
him; my boyfriend had actually checked my whole bedroom
for zombies. My heart skipped a beat at the thought of him
being my boyfriend.
“Hi,” I purred seductively as I walked over to my bed
and sat down.
“Hi,” he replied with a small smile. He made no
moves to come towards me; I think he was trying not to rush
me. I patted the bed beside me and he eagerly trotted over
and sat down.
“Thanks for checking my room,” I whispered, playing
with the neck of his t-shirt, tracing my finger along the skin
“Anytime. I’m just sorry I won’t be here for you
tonight. Try not to have too many nightmares, OK?” He
looked at me with sad eyes; we both knew that I would have
nightmares without him here.
I got onto my knees and moved to him, throwing my
leg over his so I was sitting on his lap, straddling him. I
wrapped my arms around his neck and looked into his
beautiful blue eyes. He looked a little taken aback but his
eyes danced with excitement.
“I’m sorry that Kate’s staying over. I’m actually really
going to miss you half crushing me to death in the night,” I
teased. I said it as a joke but to be honest I really was going
to miss him tonight.
“Well, I’m really going to miss half crushing you to
death,” he joked, rubbing his hands on my back.
“Try and get some sleep tonight though, OK?” I
pleaded. I really hated it when he went without sleep, it
made me feel guilty because he only started sleeping here
in the first place to comfort me and now he was stuck with
“I’ll try.”
I suddenly had the urge to kiss him and maybe tease
him a little, but I was scared to do it. OK, just do it, Amber,
what’s the worst that could happen? It’s Liam; he’ll stop if
you ask him to.
“Maybe I could give you a little something to dream
about. Would that help do you think?” I asked, biting my lip
and raising my eyebrows. He looked at me, his expression
a little unsure; he obviously wasn’t expecting this much
physical contact so soon. I could tell by the bulge in his
jeans pressing between my legs that he wanted physical
contact, but I could also tell that he was letting me make the
first moves.
“It might help,” he said huskily, making my body
tingle and my skin to heat up.
I leant forward and kissed him passionately, he
made a small moaning sound as he slipped his tongue into
my mouth. I ran my hands through his hair, loving the soft
feel of it on my fingers. He didn’t make any other moves, he
just kissed me, but I wanted a little more so I pushed on his
shoulders, making him lay down so that I was on top of him.
I ran my hands down his chest and slipped my hand under
his t-shirt, tracing it over his sculpted abs, making him
shiver slightly.
He rolled me so I was under him, he broke out of the
kiss and looked at me, our eyes locked together trying to
slow our breathing. I gripped his t-shirt and pulled it up over
his head, making him seem to stop breathing altogether. I
looked down at his chest. He really was beautiful; I ran my
fingers down it marveling that this boy wanted to be with
me. He still hadn’t moved, he just hovered above me,
looking unsure what to do, so I put my hands back around
his neck and pulled him back down to kiss me. He kissed
me back eagerly. The kiss was getting hot; he broke it only
to kiss across my cheek and down my neck. His hand
moved slowly to my stomach and he slipped it under my
top, tracing his fingers across the skin there. He continued
to kiss downwards over my top until he got to my stomach
then he hitched up my top and started kissing my skin. I felt
his tongue trail across just under my belly button making me
moan. I was getting a feeling down in my core it was like a
burning ache but I tried not to think about it, the feeling
scared the life out of me.
He pushed my top slightly higher and I felt him
kissing the material at the bottom of my bra. I was still OK
with this; I was enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I
thought that this would just give him something to dream
about, but I had a feeling I would be revisiting this tonight
too. My top rose a little higher and I heard him make a soft
moaning noise as it completely exposed my bra. His hand
snaked up my stomach and he gently brushed his hand
over one of my breasts, just once, before moving it away as
if he was waiting for me to stop him. When I didn’t say
anything, he put his hand back there again and cupped my
breast. I moaned again. It felt so nice to have him touch me;
he brought his mouth back to mine and kissed me tenderly,
still massaging my breasts gently.
I could feel his erection pressing into my thigh and I
started to get a little panicky because this was getting too
hot, too fast. Oh God I need to stop! I broke the kiss.
“Liam,” I said breathlessly. His eyes snapped to mine
quickly and he took his hands off me, pushing himself up so
that he was hovering above me, not touching me apart from
our legs which were intertwined.
“Stop?” he asked, his voice sounding husky and full
of lust. I gulped and nodded. He immediately pushed
himself off of me completely and sat back on the edge of
the bed, pulling on his t-shirt.
I sat up, blushing, feeling stupid and like a little kid.
Jeez, I didn’t even let him get my top off! “Sorry,” I mumbled,
not looking at him.
“Angel, you don’t need to be sorry. We didn’t have to
do that. I told you, whatever you want. I’m not going to say
that I didn’t enjoy that though, because that would be a lie.
That was the hottest damn thing that has ever happened to
me,” he said, shrugging.
I giggled at that statement. “The hottest thing that’s
ever happened to you? Yeah right, you’ve probably slept
with over a hundred different girls and done goodness
knows what with them and to them, and you didn’t even get
my top off before I freaked out,” I said sarcastically, feeling
like an idiot. He didn’t need to lie to make me feel better.
“Angel, trust me that was the hottest thing that has
ever happened to me. It’s just you, you make me feel
different. Even kissing you is different, it’s a thousand times
better than anything I’ve ever felt before. You make my body
burn everywhere you touch me. I can’t explain it.” He
frowned and shook his head as if he was annoyed at
himself for not having the right words.
“I know what you mean.” I smiled, kissing him lightly
on the lips.
He grinned at me. “Now’s where you’re supposed to
tell me that that was the hottest for you too,” he joked,
knowing that I hadn’t kissed anyone but him and that jerk
that kissed me at the party.
I pretended to think about it for a few seconds. “I’ve
had better.”
He laughed. “Yeah, I bet you have,” he replied,
shaking his head in amusement. I grinned at him and he
sighed. “I guess I’d better go. Thanks for today; I had a
really good time with you. Sleep tight, OK. Oh and by the
way, that thing we just did that was supposed to help me
sleep, well, I don’t think that’s going to have the desired
effect. I think it’s actually going to keep me awake all night
thinking about it,” he said, tracing his finger across my
I giggled. “Me too,” I admitted, making him laugh too.
He stood up and held his hand out for me, I took it
and he helped me up, we walked down the hallway hand in
hand. He stopped at the corner and kissed my forehead
before he sighed and let go of my hand. “Right, guys, I’m
off. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Liam called as he walked
towards the front door.
“Yeah, see ya,” they both answered, still engrossed
in their game of tennis on the TV. Liam smiled at me from
the door but it was forced, I could tell it was almost hurting
him to go, I smiled back and he shut the door. The moment
the door closed my heart sank. The thought of having to
spend two nights in my bed without him made me feel a
little sick; it would have been horrendous even if we hadn’t
just got together, but now it actually felt like torture. I sighed
and went back to the couch to watch Jake whip Kate’s butt
on the Wii.
That night was awful. I went to bed terrified
of zombies, and even when I did go to
sleep, I started to dream about my father. I
hadn’t dreamt of him for over five months.
The last dreams I had were when Kate and
Sarah stayed over for Sarah’s birthday.
Because the girls were here, Liam had to
stay away, and I’d woken the whole house
up with my screaming.
My dream tonight was bad. Jake was eleven and I
was nine. We were playing in the yard to get out of the
house because my father wanted to watch some football
match on the TV. He’d been drinking all afternoon which
made him even more temperamental. Jake and I were
playing with his new soccer ball that he had got for his
birthday a couple of weeks before. We weren’t supposed
to play with it in the yard, only in the park, but Jake wanted
to show me this new trick he'd learnt.
He was kneeing the ball to keep it up in the air; I was
laughing and counting how many times he could do it, being
all proud of my big brother. He lost control of it, and instead
of letting it drop to the floor, he tried to save it by kicking it
back up with his foot. The ball flew through the air and hit
the window. Luckily, it didn’t smash, but it did make a loud
bang. We both turned and looked at the door, waiting.
About ten seconds later, the back door opened and
my father beckoned for us to come in. “Bring the ball,” he
hissed. His face was murderously angry, making me go
cold. Jake grabbed my hand and forced me behind him as
we walked in, picking up the ball in his other hand.
My father slammed the door, making me jump and
whimper. Jake gripped my hand tighter. “Who kicked the
ball?” my father asked nastily.
“I did. I’m sorry, Dad. It was an accident,” Jake
whispered, looking at him apologetically.
My father took the ball from his hands and put it on
the counter, and then punched Jake so hard in the stomach
that he actually lifted off the floor slightly. I put my hands over
my mouth to stifle the scream that was threatening to come
out of me. He raised his fist to hit him again, so I grabbed
his hand to stop him. He turned to me and slapped me,
hard, sending me flying into the wall, hitting my head. I could
feel something trickling down the side of my face; my vision
was a little blurry.
He turned back to Jake, hitting him again. He didn’t
just do it once, he punched him over and over, in the
stomach and thighs until Jake was on the floor crying. I was
begging for him to stop. He grabbed my arm and pulled me
back up, grabbing a knife off of the counter. I couldn’t
breathe. Jake screamed at him to leave me alone and got
up off the floor, pain stretched across his face from the
beating he’d just sustained.
My father punched him in the jaw, sending him to the
floor again. “It’s OK. Cut me, do it. Just please don’t hit
Jake anymore, please!” I begged, crying and looking at my
father pleadingly.
Surprisingly, he put the knife in my hand. I had the
urge to stab him with it, but he had hold of my wrist so I
couldn’t. He grabbed Jake’s ball from the counter and held
it still. “Burst it,” he ordered. I shook my head quickly. Jake
loved this ball, it was his birthday present from me, I had
saved my allowance for two months to buy it for him. “Burst
it,” he repeated in his cold voice. I could smell the alcohol
on his breath as it blew across my face; the smell of it
turned my stomach.
He gripped my wrist and made me shove the knife
deep into the leather ball. I sobbed. He let go of my hand,
taking the knife and throwing it roughly into the sink before
walking off into the living room to watch the rest of his game
as if nothing had happened. I looked over at Jake; he was
sitting on the floor barely able to breathe. He looked awful.
I ran to him and he sat up, grabbing a kitchen towel
and pressing it to my head where I had banged it, biting his
lip to stop his crying. “Ambs, I’m so sorry. Are you OK?” he
croaked, his voice barely above a whisper. The stupid boy
was struggling to draw breath and he was asking me if I
was alright? Jeez, I really did have the best brother in the
I jerked awake. I was crying, crying so hard
that I could barely breathe. I wiped my face
with shaky hands as I looked at the clock; it
was almost four thirty in the morning. I
reached over to hug Liam, but he wasn’t
there, he was at his own house. Oh God, I
needed him! I grabbed my cellphone and
snuck out of the room to the lounge.
‘R U Awake?’ I text him. Hopefully if he was asleep
he wouldn’t hear it, I didn’t want to wake him up if he had
actually managed to sleep tonight.
Almost immediately, my phone rang. “Angel, are you
OK?” he asked as soon as I answered. I was still crying, I
couldn’t slow my breathing, my hands were shaking
“No,” I croaked.
“I’m coming over. Can I come in the front?” I could
hear him sliding his window open and the wind blowing
down the phone.
“Yes,” I sobbed. I went to the front door and opened
it, standing there waiting for him. I was only there for a few
seconds before he ran round the corner and grabbed me
into a hug, lifting me off my feet as he stepped into the
house. I wrapped my legs around his waist and gripped
tight around his neck. He immediately pressed his lips to
my neck, breathing down my back and shoulders until my
body relaxed. He moved to the lounge and sat on the edge
of the sofa, still holding me tight with his mouth on my neck.
When I was calm I pulled back to look at his worried face.
“Zombies?” he asked, looking a little hopeful. I
shook my head and his face fell, he looked so sad but that
quickly changed to anger, he was so angry it looked like a
vein in his temple would burst. I just hugged him again
without speaking; he knew I’d dreamt of my father, he didn’t
need to ask. “You want to talk about it?” he asked a couple
of minutes later, stroking my back, soothingly.
“No.” My voice was husky from crying so much. He
nodded and continued to rub my back. “Did I wake you up,
Liam?” I asked, suddenly feeling guilty for making him
come all the way over here at half past four in the morning.
“No, Angel. I couldn’t sleep,” he said quietly.
I giggled. “The kiss didn’t help then?” I joked, feeling
better now that he was here.
“No, I knew that would have the opposite effect,” he
replied, grinning.
I smiled sadly at him. “Want to stay with me for a little
while? I could set my alarm on my phone. We could sleep
on the couch,” I suggested. He grinned and laid us down
side by side; I grabbed my cellphone and went through the
menu screen until I came to the alarm function. “What time
shall I set it for?” I asked, biting my lip, wondering what time
Jake would get up, probably not before ten on a Sunday.
“How about seven thirty?” he suggested, pulling me
towards him. I set the alarm and put the phone on the floor
where I could reach it easily. He draped his leg over mine
and wrapped his arms tightly around me, our noses were
almost touching.
I smiled and kissed him lightly. “Goodnight, Liam.” I
closed my eyes and sighed contentedly, feeling safe and
secure in his arms.
“Goodnight, my beautiful girlfriend,” he whispered,
kissing my nose. I smiled at how sweet that was, and fell
into a dreamless sleep within minutes.
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