Chapter 14
I woke in the morning with a huge smile on
my face. The sun was shining, the birds
were singing, and I had woken up next to
the world’s most sexy boy, who just so
happened to be in love with me. I smiled
against his arm that I was laying on and
pressed back into him, feeling his hard
chest press into my back where he was
spooning me.
“Liam?” I whispered, turning my head in his
His arms tightened around me as he slowly opened
his eyes. “Hey,” he mumbled, lifting his head so he could
kiss me. “Wow, I love waking up knowing that you’re finally
mine.” He laid his head back down and sighed contentedly.
“So, can we tell people we’re dating today?” he asked
happily, grinning from ear to ear.
“Um…. no. Not today. I still need to do a bit more
prep work on that,” I replied, running my hand down his
chest, tracing the bumps of his muscles.
He groaned. “By, ‘prep work’, you don’t mean you’re
going to flirt and make me horny as hell again like
yesterday, do you?” he asked, looking at me pleadingly.
“You’ll have to wait and see, won’t you? Oh, and I
give you my permission to touch me a little today if you
want,” I offered casually. I turned to face him, propping my
head up on my elbow so I could see him better.
“Mmm….. touch you, like this?” he purred. His
fingers trailed across my body slowly, from my face, down
my neck, across my breasts and stomach, finally settling
just on the inside of my thigh. His hand was so close to my
core that I couldn’t stop the little moan that escaped my lips.
He traced his fingertips across my leg, making me
whimper. Damn, I wanted him so badly but I just couldn’t,
not yet. “Don’t, Liam,” I begged. I said the words but I
moved my hips unconsciously, trying to get closer to his
He laughed, putting his lips so they are almost
touching mine. “Promise you won’t tease me too hard today
at school,” he murmured against my lips as he moved his
hand away to the outside of my thigh.
“I won’t tease you too much. I can’t promise you
won’t get hard,” I teased, twisting his words.
He crashed his lips to mine and I could feel he was
smiling. “You’re such a damn tease! I don’t even think you
realise what you’re doing to me,” he growled, kissing my
neck gently. Jeez, I knew exactly what I was doing to him, I
could feel it!
I kissed him back passionately and he pulled away
after a couple of minutes, just as I was getting really into it. “I
better go.” He kissed me again as he climbed out of the
“OK. I’ll see you in a bit,” I replied, watching as he
pulled on his clothes. He winked at me as he climbed out of
my window, heading back to his house. Even though Jake
knew, Liam still needed to keep up the pretense for his
parents. He couldn’t exactly been seen leaving through the
front door when he was supposed to be in his bed.
I climbed out of bed and skipped to the bathroom for
a shower. When I was dry, I stood there looking through my
closet for a long time. I needed something different to wear
today. I wanted Liam to look like her really wanted me in
front of everyone because I didn’t want to keep lying about
our relationship. I pulled out a denim mini skirt and a plain
black V-neck short sleeve top. I smiled as I looked at the
outfit. This would definitely work. I got dressed and looked
myself over in the mirror, the skirt was short but not too
short that I looked like one of the skanks, and the top was
fitted but not too much, just enough to hint at what was
underneath. I grinned and pulled on a pair of ballet flats,
completing the outfit.
I grabbed the little bag that I got from the family
planning clinic and pulled out my box of pills. Scanning the
packet, I found the first one and swallowed it quickly,
smiling to myself. I skipped to the kitchen. Liam was
chatting to Jake with his back to me; there was already a
bowl of cereal on the counter waiting for me. I felt my heart
melt a little at his thoughtfulness.
“Good morning,” I chirped. Liam was just drinking a
glass of water and as he turned around, he almost choked.
Jake slapped him on the back roughly and I just laughed.
Yep, that was the effect that I wanted! His eyes were wide
and hungry as they looked me over slowly; making me
blush as I imagined the thoughts he was having about my
body. He still hadn’t spoken. “Liam, you want to take a
picture? It’ll last longer,” I joked, eating my cereal.
That seemed to snap him out of the private fantasy
he was having. “You’re not wearing that today are you?” he
asked, frowning slightly.
I looked down at myself wondering what he meant by
that. I didn’t look that slutty. “Yeah, why?” I asked, confused.
I thought he liked the outfit; he certainly looked like he did!
He walked up and wrapped his arms around me
from behind. “Angel, how the hell am I supposed to
concentrate all day, knowing that my beautiful girlfriend
looks like a freaking sex goddess? Are you torturing me on
purpose?” he whined, kissing the side of my neck and
running his hands up my exposed thighs.
I giggled and elbowed him in the stomach. “Well
then you’ll just have to exercise some control won’t you,” I
teased, pulling away after grinding on his erection
He groaned and moved so that he was behind the
counter, probably so Jake couldn’t see he was so excited.
“You are so not playing fair,” he whined.
I just laughed and grabbed my bag. “Ready to go,
Jake?” I asked, smiling at my brother who looked like he
was trying to ignore our little exchange but was failing
“Yeah. I think Liam needs another minute to calm
down though,” he stated, laughing, making Liam roll his
eyes. I giggled at his warning expression. Jake grabbed my
shoulders and pushed me out of the door. I was still
laughing at Liam.
The morning flew by and finally lunchtime
was here. I was so excited to see Liam that
I couldn’t stop smiling. “What the hell’s
wrong with you?” Sean asked, looking at
me like I’d lost my mind.
“Nothing, just having a good day. Plus, I’m hungry
and we’re now going to eat,” I lied smoothly.
“You gonna make another move on Liam?” Kate
asked, smirking at me knowingly.
I laughed. “Oh heck yeah. Just watch Jessica’s face.
I’m going to make him want me today.” I grinned happily.
This was going to be great and Jessica was going to hate
every second of it.
“No doubt about it,” Kate agreed, laughing.
“Oh! So that’s what the skirt’s for!” Sean stated. A
look of understanding crossed his face.
I laughed and nodded. “Think it’ll work?” I asked him,
actually wanting his opinion.
He nodded. “Oh yeah it’ll work. All the guys in school
have been talking about your killer legs today. I must say
that even I, who am totally in love with my girlfriend, have
checked you out,” he admitted, shrugging.
I slapped him on the shoulder playfully. “Ew! That’s
gross, Sean. You’re one of my best friends! Best friends
don’t perv on each other!” I stated, faking a shudder.
“Actually, I’ve been checking you out too,” Kate
“Me too,” Sarah added, making us all laugh harder.
As we walked into the canteen, laughing, I could
actually feel some of the guys looking at me. Now that Sean
had said about it, I realised I did have a lot more male
attention than normal.
We bought our food. “I’ll be right back, guys,” I said,
grinning as I made my way over to the table where the jocks
sat. My friends all went to sit at our usual table, watching me
with curious eyes. I watched Liam as I approached. As
usual there were about ten girls hanging around him, flirting
shamelessly. He looked like he was really pissed off.
“Seriously, Rebecca, if you touch me one more time
I’m going to go speak to someone about it. This is
bordering on sexual harassment,” Liam growled, glaring at
her and knocking her hand off of his thigh. She looked
extremely put out as she stood up and stormed off. The rest
of the girls were smirking at her back. You could practically
read their thoughts on their faces: One less girl for
competition. I stifled a giggle and sat down at the table.
Jake wasn’t there, so I decided to make the most of it and
really push it today.
“Hi, Liam,” I purred, smiling at him seductively.
His face lit up as he saw me. “Hi. You had a good
morning?” he asked happily. I pouted and shook my head.
His face dropped and he put his arm around my shoulder,
looking at me concerned. “What’s wrong, Angel?”
I stood up and sat on the table in front of him,
propping one foot on the bench in-between his legs so my
foot was almost touching his crotch. He didn’t seem to
notice though; he was still watching my face, worriedly. “I
hurt my leg in gym class. It’s really sore. Do I have a
bruise?” I asked, opening my legs slightly and pointing to
my inner thigh. His eyes instantly dropped down to my legs.
I’m betting he had a clear view of my panties because a
pained, and hungry expression crossed his face. I felt a little
like a slut for doing this but at least no one else could see
what he was seeing otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.
He put his hand on my calf muscle and slid it slowly
all the way up my leg to my inner thigh, moaning quietly as
he did it. “Nope, no bruise,” he stated in his sexy voice,
making me burn in need as he massaged my thigh.
“Hmm, really? It’s so sore,” I lied, smiling at him. He
was smirking at me; his expression told me that he knew he
was driving me crazy. “How about you kiss it better for
me?” I suggested, raising my eyebrows, trying to look sexy.
I heard some of the guys groan as they were obviously
watching the exchange. Lust crossed Liam’s face as he
nodded with a little sexy smile and bent his head towards
my leg. Just before his lips touched my skin, I moved my leg
away. “Actually, you’d better not. I thought you had a
girlfriend,” I teased.
He laughed and shook his head at me, narrowing
his eyes, obviously disappointed he didn’t get to kiss my
leg in front of the whole school. “I do have a girlfriend. I love
her more than anything,” he said, his voice full of honesty.
I smiled as my heart melted. “Well, you shouldn’t be
doing this then, huh?” I teased, smirking at him and
climbing down from the table. I grabbed my lunch tray. “It
seems fine now anyway. Maybe if it starts hurting again
later, I’ll give you a call,” I flirted.
He groaned as I winked at him and walked off to my
table of friends. I could hear the boys all making slutty
comments behind me about how hot that was, and how they
would definitely ‘tap that’, and the girls all saying what a
whore I was. I giggled and plopped down at our table. Kate
grinned at me knowingly, and Sarah and Sean were
watching me with their mouths wide open.
“You were so in there! I really think you might win the
bet!” Sarah said, looking at me in awe.
I couldn’t help but laugh at her; she was looking at
me like I was some kind of goddess or something. “I could
use four thousand bucks,” I admitted, laughing. I just hoped
Jessica actually paid up once she realised I was his
girlfriend all along.
When we finished eating, I was walking
along with my group of friends, when
someone grabbed my hand and jerked me
to a stop. I squeaked, a little shocked, and
turned to see Liam grinning at me as he
dragged me to the nearest empty
classroom. I giggled as I watched my
friends walk off without me, not even
noticing I wasn’t behind them anymore. He
closed the door and looked at me, trying to
pretend he was annoyed with me but there
was no way I was falling for that, he
enjoyed himself I could tell.
“Angel, that was way too much,” he stated as he
stepped closer to me.
I stepped back and bumped into the wall. “Too
much? I thought it was pretty perfect,” I replied playfully.
He laughed and pressed his body to mine. “You’re
pretty perfect.” He brushed my hair away from my face
gently, looking at me tenderly. I put my arms around him
and pulled him closer, then moved my hands down to grip
his ass. He smiled that sexy little smile at me and pressed
his lips to mine gently; I whimpered slightly and pulled him
closer, wanting more.
He pulled away to kiss down my neck, his hands
roaming down my body, across my legs. One of his hands
slid under my skirt, tickling his fingers on my ass teasingly. I
felt him sucking gently on my neck. “Liam, are you giving
me a hicky?” I asked, giggling.
He stopped sucking for a second and pulled his
mouth away from my skin. “Mmm hmm, I’m branding you,”
he murmured, before sucking on the same spot again. After
a few more seconds he pulled away to look at it, inspecting
his handiwork. He looked extremely proud of himself and
was grinning from ear to ear.
“Right, and do I get to brand you?” I teased.
“Sure, if you want to,” he agreed, shrugging but
actually looking a little hopeful. Did he actually want me to
brand him? He pressed his lips to mine again, seeming to
set my body on fire. Jeez, how on earth did he do this to
me? He was the only guy I had kissed for goodness sake.
Yet here I am, letting him put his hand on my ass! I grinned
as he tipped his head to the side, giving me access to his
neck. Just as my lips touched his skin the bell rang.
He groaned and pulled away, looking at me with the
cute puppy dog face again. “Skip with me,” he pleaded,
pouting slightly.
Skip with him? Oh crap I hated skipping school, that
just wasn’t me at all! “Um, Liam, I can’t.” I was torn, I really
wanted to spend time with him, but I just couldn’t bear the
thought of my teachers knowing I missed class
“Please?” he begged, bending his knees so we
were at the same height.
His blue eyes were killing me. I couldn’t say no to
him. I sighed heavily. “If I get caught, then you’re in deep
trouble,” I warned. If I got detention, I would make sure he
got one too.
He laughed; a beautiful smile stretched across his
face as he pulled out his cellphone and called Jake to tell
him I wasn’t feeling well and that he was taking me home.
“Yeah, she’s fine. No she said she feels a little dizzy, that’s
all. No, no, I got it. OK great. See ya,” he said into the
phone, grinning and shooting me a wink. He slid his phone
back in his pocket and grabbed my hand, pulling me from
the classroom out to his car. “Jake’s going to get a lift to
work. So, as long as I get you home by nine, he won’t even
know we skipped,” he said happily.
I rolled my eyes at him. “Like Jake really believed
that I was sick! He knows we’re skipping.” I shook my head,
laughing. Jake wasn’t stupid, he just didn’t want to say
“Well then, Angel, what shall we do?” Liam asked,
pulling out of the parking lot quickly before anyone noticed
us leaving.
I shrugged easily. “I don’t mind. Whatever you want.”
As long as it involved spending more time with him, I would
do anything.
He grinned. “Want me to take you skating again?”
he offered.
“Sure, why not. I need to change first though; I’ll get
frost bite on my butt otherwise.” I laughed as his eyes
immediately shot down to my legs again. I text Kate to tell
her I was skipping and asked her to collect any work that I
missed. When we pulled outside my house, Liam went to his
house to get something he said he needed, and I ran in and
slipped on some jeans. I ran a brush through my hair and
added a quick sweep of mascara. As I left my room, I
grabbed a sweater so I didn’t get cold.
I ran back to the car, excited for some alone time
with him. He smiled as I climbed in. “Hey, brought you this,”
he said, handing me one of his hoodies.
I frowned at it, knowing I had one of my own. Why
would he bring me this? “Er…. thanks?”
“It’s for your peachy little ass. I told you I’d bring one
so you didn’t get wet and cold like last time. Although, I
have every confidence that you’ll be skating on your own by
the end of the lesson,” he boasted, grinning.
“Well, I’m not sure I want to skate if you’re not
touching me,” I purred suggestively.
He smiled. “Hmm, I never thought of that. Hopefully
you won’t catch on too quickly then.” He waggled his
eyebrows at me, making me laugh.
Skating was fun. He was right, I was a lot
better this time. It was probably due to the
fact that he was such a good teacher, and
because we spent almost all day here last
time. He was so much fun to be around. He
skated backwards just like he did before,
holding both my hands, making jokes, and
chatting. I only fell a few times and each
time he would break my fall or catch me and
pull me up. I looked at him as we skated, he
was smiling broadly and my heart skipped a
beat. He was so handsome, kind and
patient. I could feel myself falling for him. I
knew it wouldn’t be long before I was head
over heels for him.
“Hey, how about you show off a little? I love to watch
you skate,” I suggested, gripping onto the side for dear life
so he could let go of me.
He kissed me before skating off backwards, he
turned sharply and skated forwards so fast that it actually
scared me. My heart was hammering in my chest at the
sight of it. If he fell while skating like that, he would be
seriously hurt. The thought of him being hurt terrified me. He
did a few laps, showing me his skills like jumping and
skating on one foot. I’d always loved to watch him skate. It
looked so beautiful and graceful, but I never really lusted
after him for it, until now. He looked so sexy when he was
skating, so powerful and masterful.
Liam wanted to play hockey professionally, he had
already been scouted for a really good team but needed to
be in college before they could sign him. He’d been offered
a full athletic scholarship to a really great school in Boston,
which would mean that he would have to move away when
school finished in a few months. The time apart was going
to kill me. I was going to have nightmares every night when
he wasn’t there, not to mention the heartache I’d feel
watching him leave. I hated the fact that he’d be so far away
and that girls would be falling all over him. I sighed, refusing
to think about it. I needed to trust him. And I did, I trusted
him completely, I believed that he loved me and that he
didn’t want to hurt me.
When he came back to me, he skidded to a stop,
sending an ice spray off over the side. “Is that showing off
enough for you?” he asked, wrapping his arms around my
waist and kissing me tenderly.
“Oh yeah. My man can skate alright,” I confirmed,
grinning at him.
“Mmm, say that again. I like that,” he growled, in a
husky sexy voice that made my insides tremble.
I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and
pulled him in close. “My man can skate,” I purred
seductively, looking into his eyes. I could feel the burning
passion sizzling between us. He bent his knees so we were
on the same level, held me tight and then stood back up,
lifting me off my feet. He started to skate gently around the
rink. I wrapped my legs around his waist while he skated
around, occasionally doing small spins and changing to
skate backwards. His eyes never left mine. It was the most
erotic and sexy thing that had ever happened to me, and
my whole body was yearning for him.
“I love you so much, Angel,” he whispered.
I smiled. My insides were bubbling with happiness
and passion. He was driving me crazy; I wanted him and
needed him. As I looked into his beautiful blue eyes, I could
see all of his love for me shining through and it made my
heart beat way too fast. Suddenly, it hit me like a truck, I
loved him too. Maybe I’d always loved him, I wasn’t sure.
He had kind of crept behind my defences and wormed his
way into my heart, but I had always refused to look at him
that way. He made me feel safe, wanted, needed and
special; I didn’t ever want to let him go. I loved him like
crazy, more than anything, he was the one thing I needed
out of life.
I opened my mouth to tell him I loved him too, but he
spoke first cutting me off. “Let’s go for dinner,” he
suggested, skating off the ice rink and sitting me down on
the bench. He got down on his knees and took my skates
off for me. I just watched him as he did it, unable to keep
the smile off of my face. Was this boy really mine? How did
I get so lucky?
After we got our shoes back on, we drove to a little
Italian restaurant that he said made the second best
lasagne in the world. “Second best?” I asked, laughing.
“Yeah. Your lasagne kicks ass,” he stated, holding
my hand tightly as we followed the waiter to the table.
“You do know that you’ve got me now, you can stop
with the compliments,” I teased, laughing. He grinned and
shook his head, rolling his eyes like I was being stupid.
The food was good and the restaurant was
really cute, it had candles on each table
and was really quite romantic, he was so
much fun to be around there wasn’t one
awkward silence. I couldn’t help but wonder
how I didn’t know anything about him before
we got together. I guess it was because the
only personality he ever showed me was
the asshole side, which actually, didn’t
seem to be a part of his character at all.
“Liam, can I ask you something?” I asked, too
curious not to ask.
“Sure. Whatever you want.” He shrugged, taking a
mouthful of his drink, watching me curiously.
“Why were you always such a jerk to me? If you’ve
liked me all this time, why were you always pushing me
over when we were kids and being such an ass to me? You
do know that I used to hate you, right?” I asked, raising my
eyebrows, looking at him apologetically.
He laughed. “You know, there’s a thin line between
love and hate. Maybe you loved me and didn’t realise,” he
suggested, grinning. I smiled because that was exactly
what I was thinking earlier.
“No, Liam. You were a complete ass to me. But
most of it was an act, right? So why did you do it?” I asked,
needing the answer, it was killing me because I just didn’t
“Jake.” He shrugged.
“Jake? I don’t get it.” I gave him my best ‘what the
hell’ face.
He smiled sadly. “Jake really didn’t want me near
you. He beat the crap out of me a couple of times when we
were kids for it. He’s really protective of you. It was just
easier to keep myself away from you if you didn’t actually
want to be with me. I thought that if I made you want to stay
away from me, then I wouldn’t have to try as hard,” he said,
frowning. Wait, he pretended to be an asshole so I wouldn’t
want to be with him because of Jake? Damn that boy!
“All those years, Liam, it just seems like a waste.” I
sighed and shook my head; if he’d have told me then
maybe we could have been together for longer. “You know, I
always thought you had a split personality,” I told him,
He laughed too. “You did? Why?”
“Well, I always thought of you as daytime Liam, who
was an asshole, jerk and a man-whore, flirt. Then there was
night-time Liam, who was adorable and sweet and caring.
I’ve always liked night-time Liam,” I said honestly.
He smiled happily. “Well, the night was when I would
stop trying to push you away. I decided that since Jake
didn’t know about it, that I could be myself and enjoy my
time with you. Just so you know though, both of my
personalities have loved you forever,” he said, shrugging
and grinning at me.
Aww, he’s so freaking sweet! I reached out and held
his hand tightly. “I wish you’d told me sooner, I really did
hate you at times,” I admitted sheepishly, making him laugh.
“Yeah? Like the time I cut your stuffed bear’s head
off and threw him in the trash?” he asked, laughing. I
gasped at the memory of it, I’d forgotten about that! Jake
had got my bear out of the trash and put him back on my
bed for me and fixed his head.
“Yeah, you jerk!” I scolded, fighting a smile.
“You know I never really did that, right? I pretended
to cut his head off and I hid it up my sweater and put him
back on your bed a couple of hours later,” he said, still
“No way! Jake told me he got him back for me!” I
laughed. He shook his head. “No. That was one of the times
he kicked my ass. He caught me sneaking into your room
that day. I’d told him I was going to the bathroom,” he said,
laughing and shaking his head.
“I can’t believe my brother kicked your ass. That’s
just too funny.”
“I’m just glad he didn’t kill me for dating you. I can
hold my own in a fight, but Jake’s a damn psycho when it
comes to you.” Liam frowned, shaking his head slightly, a
smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.
“Yeah, well, you better make sure you don’t hurt me
then, huh?” I teased.
He nodded. “I would never hurt you, ever.” He
squeezed my hand gently, looking right into my eyes, his
whole demeanor showing me the truth of his words.
I believed him, I didn’t think he would ever hurt me on
purpose, but I knew he would break my heart sooner or
later. When he went to college and we were apart, even if
he didn’t cheat, that was going to hurt badly. Even if we
weren’t dating it would be awful being without him, but now
it would be like torture. I pushed the thoughts out of my
mind. I couldn’t think about it, not until it happened and even
then we could get through it. I loved him enough to wait for
him. I just hoped that he would feel the same in four months’
time when all the college skanks were throwing themselves
at him and I was a three hour drive away.
“Right then, you ready to go?” Liam asked after I had
eaten a massive piece of chocolate cake all to myself. I
nodded and he threw some money on the table, holding out
a hand to help me up.
I grinned. “You know you’re shaping up to be the
best boyfriend in the world,” I said happily.
“I love it when you call me that.” He grinned and
wrapped his sweater around my shoulders as we walked
out into the cold.
I gripped hold of his hand, not wanting to let go. As
we got to the car he even opened my door for me. “Such a
gentleman, Liam,” I teased.
I watched him walk round to the driver’s side. He
was just so handsome, and he was mine, I couldn’t help but
smile at that knowledge. I’d never dreamed I would ever
have anything like this with a guy. When I used to think
about dating it would scare the life out of me because I
couldn’t let people touch me, and all the time I had the
perfect guy who was in love with me, who held me and kept
me safe every night, and I didn’t even know. How could I
have been so stupid?
When we got back to my place, it was only eight
o’clock. Jake wouldn’t be home for another hour so we had
the house to ourselves. “Come here, I want to talk to you,” I
said, pulling him towards the sofa. He looked a little worried
and nervous. I pulled him down next to me, sitting close to
him. I could feel the passion building and I knew it wouldn’t
be long before I would be ready to take things further with
him. I’d never felt like this before and although we had only
been together for five days, I’d known him forever. I trusted
him like no one else and I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I
wasn’t worried about him not being able to wait for me, I
could see in his eyes he would wait as long as I wanted,
and that knowledge was pushing me forwards. If I doubted
he would wait for me, then there would be no way that I
would feel like this. I gripped his hand tightly as I just looked
at him, trying to find the right words to express my feelings
for him.
“What’s wrong, Angel?” he asked quietly, frowning
rubbing circles in the back of my hand.
Oh crap, could I say it? I was so embarrassed; I’d
never said anything like this to anyone before.
I took a deep breath and willed my voice not to show
the nerves I felt inside. “I love you, Liam,” I said honestly. He
looked at me, shock clear across his face. His mouth was
hanging open, his eyes wide as he took in what I said. I
couldn’t help but laugh. “OK, that’s not how I imagined your
reaction.” I winced, waiting for him to say something.
He pushed me down onto my back, rolling on top of
me. “You love me? Seriously?” he asked, the shock leaving
his face to be replaced by excitement.
I nodded, feeling my cheeks heat up slightly. “Yes, I
love you.”
He laughed and kissed me passionately. When he
pulled away his eyes were sparkling with happiness.
“Thank God! I thought you were going to dump me or
something. You looked so serious that I thought you didn’t
want to be with me,” he said, shaking his head, grinning.
I laughed. “You did? That’s why you were looking
nervous?” I asked, giggling.
“Say it again,” he whispered.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him
closer to me, his mouth about an inch away from mine. “I
love you, Liam James,” I whispered.
“I love you too, Amber Walker.” He kissed me , hard,
and I couldn’t help but kiss him back with the same
intensity. I ran my hands down his back and gripped the
bottom of his t-shirt, pulling it up over his head, trailing my
fingers down his chest, just marveling at how flawless he
was. His hands were roaming all over my body hungrily; he
gripped the bottom of my top and started pulling it up
slowly, as if he was waiting for some sort of reaction. I felt
my love for him bump up another gear because of how
thoughtful and patient he was with me. I smiled against his
lips and he pulled away, looking at me curiously.
“OK?” he asked, concern colouring his voice.
I nodded and pushed him off of me so I could sit up. I
gripped my top and yanked it off over my head, throwing it
to the floor. He was just watching me in shock. I pulled him
back to me, kissing him deeply. His hands were
everywhere while we made out but he didn’t do anything I
didn’t want him to. It was perfect and sweet. An incredible
end to an incredible date. After a while he pulled away and
laid next to me, we talked happily for awhile.
At nine, he sighed. “Jake’s going to be home soon,
maybe we should get dressed,” he suggested, looking a
little reluctant as his fingers trailed over my bra and
I nodded. “Yeah. I don’t think he’d be best pleased if
he came home and found out that you’d seen me with no
top on, James,” I said with mock horror. He laughed and sat
up, grabbing my shirt from the floor and passing it to me,
kissing me again tenderly.
When we were both fully dressed again, we sat
watching TV until Jake came home. I couldn’t keep the
smile off of my face, Liam loved me and I loved him and
everything was perfect. Jake came home and they played
on the Wii while I did my homework, trying unsuccessfully,
not to watch Liam’s ass as he stood in front of me. At ten
he went home to change his clothes and see his parents for
half an hour before he would sneak through my window
tonight. I could barely contain my excitement at being with
him again.
“So, how are you two getting on?” Jake asked
curiously, when we were on our own.
I grinned happily. “Really good actually. Thanks for
not freaking out and hurting him or anything,” I said,
grimacing at the thought.
He smiled sadly. “That’s OK. Just be careful, he’s a
player, I don’t want you to get hurt.” He looked at me
worriedly. He always was overprotective, but I guess
growing up the way we did he always felt he needed to
protect me from our father. I guess that urge never left, even
after my father did.
I smiled and shook my head. “He won’t hurt me,” I
stated confidently.
He laughed. “Such confidence in a guy who’s never
managed to hold down a girlfriend before,” he mused,
shaking his head.
“Jake, Liam’s a great guy, he won’t hurt me. He
loves me.”
He sighed and nodded. “I know he does.” He
frowned disapprovingly as he said it. I don’t think that Jake
would ever approve of anyone I brought home; he was just
so damn overprotective. He’d always been the best brother
a girl could ask for. “So, do you need to talk to me about
Dad or anything?” he asked, wincing slightly as he said the
word dad.
I closed my eyes; I had been putting off even thinking
about that man coming back. “I don’t want to see him,” I
said quietly.
He pulled me into a hug. “OK, then we won’t see
him.” He rubbed my back soothingly, looking at me
worriedly, as if he thought I was going to have another panic
attack like the last time we spoke about him.
“You can see him if you want to,” I said, feeling a little
guilty. I didn’t want to stop Jake from seeing him if he
wanted to.
He laughed humourlessly. “Actually, I need to see
him.” He shrugged, and my heart sank, I didn’t want Jake
anywhere near that asshole.
“OK, well if that’s what you want….” I trailed off, trying
not to cry.
Jake pulled out of the hug and looked at me sadly. “I
don’t want to see him, Amber, I want to kill him,” he stated,
shrugging casually, making me laugh. I slapped his
shoulder making him laugh too. “I promise I won’t let him
hurt you, never again.” He kissed the side of my head
gently, his whole body tense. I knew Jake always felt guilty
that he didn’t do something sooner. I don’t think he’d ever
forgive himself for it, but it was an irrational belief, none of it
was his fault, yet he took all the blame for it not ending
before it did. I think he forgets that he went through it too; he
only ever worries about me. He never really talks about the
fact that he probably got hurt twice as much as I did
because he was always protecting me. He always seems
to forget that he was a child at the time too, that he couldn’t
have done anything about it anyway because he wasn’t
strong enough.
“You know you’re the best brother in the world,
right?” I told him, smiling happily.
He nodded, smirking at me. “Yeah, I know,” he
replied cockily, making us both laugh again.
I sighed, feeling exhaustion creep in. “I’m going to
bed. Night, Jake.” I kissed the top of his head as I went to
my room, locking the door behind me out of habit.
I put on my pyjamas and just as I was about to fall
asleep, I heard my window open. I smiled happily as Liam
climbed in the bed behind me, wrapping his arms around
me. “Hey, you,” I mumbled sleepily.
He kissed the back of my head gently. “Hey,
yourself,” he replied, as I snuggled back against him.
“I love you, Liam.” I grinned as I said the words; it just
got easier and easier to say each time.
“I love you more, Angel.” I sighed and closed my
eyes, drifting off to sleep, safe and warm, wrapped in his
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