Chapter 13
I woke at six with my alarm going off. I
groaned because I'd forgotten to cancel it. I
guess I don’t need to kick him out of my bed
early anymore. I rolled over and hugged
Liam. He always slept through the alarm; I
swear he would sleep through an
earthquake. I nudged him gently, deciding to
play a joke on him.
“Six o’clock,” I said, nudging him again.
He groaned and slowly got up out of the bed, still half
asleep. “OK, Angel. I love you; I’ll see you later.” He kissed
my forehead and got out of the bed, his eyes only half open.
I couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing. He looked at me,
confused. “Shh! What are you laughing at?” he asked,
frowning, pulling on his jeans.
“You,” I teased, smiling happily.
“What about me? What have I done?” he whispered,
climbing back onto the bed and crawling on top of me. He
pressed every inch of his body to mine but still keeping all
of his weight off of me somehow. He looked into my eyes,
smiling happily for a little while, and then understanding
crossed his face. “Shit! Your brother knows! Then why the
hell did you wake me up, Angel? I don’t need to leave,” he
I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him
in for a long kiss. “I was just kidding around. I forgot to
cancel the alarm so I thought I’d use the extra time and we
could make out.”
He grinned. “You wanna make out?” he teased,
kissing down my neck. I gasped as he reached the
sensitive spot near my collarbone.
“Mmm,” I breathed, running my hands down his
back, scratching slightly with my nails, making him moan.
He climbed back under the covers, and kissed me tenderly
and softly, holding me close. He made no moves to take
things any further than that, which I loved. He really was
We walked out of my bedroom a little after
seven thirty. Liam pushed me onto one of
the kitchen stools, grinning to himself like
the cat that got the cream. “Hey, I get to
make you breakfast without getting shouted
at today,” he chirped.
I laughed and watched as he made me a bowl of
cereal; he smiled and put it in front of me, before making
some toast for himself. “You don’t eat cereal?” I asked,
watching him scoff four slices of toast.
He shook his head, turning his nose up. “I don’t like
cereal; it’s gross and all soggy.” He faked a shudder,
pretending to gag.
I laughed again. “You really are weird, Liam,” I
teased, smiling at him.
He grinned. “You know, it’s kind of weird, you being
all nice to me over breakfast.”
“I could be mean to you if you want,” I offered,
He laughed and shook his head. “No. I’ll get used to
it eventually.” He walked over to my side. I turned to look at
him and he brushed my hair behind my ear, his fingers
lingering on my cheek, making me blush. “You really are the
most beautiful thing in the world,” he murmured. My heart
skipped a beat at the honesty in his voice, his blue eyes
were burning into mine, making me feel like the only girl in
the world.
“Cut that crap out! I might have given my blessing
but I don’t need it shoved in my face over breakfast,” Jake
growled as he walked into the kitchen to make some
cereal. He slapped Liam on the back of the head on the
way past as usual.
We all laughed and Liam stepped behind me,
wrapping his arms around my waist, leaning his head on
my shoulder. “Thanks, Jake. I know you said stay away
but…” Liam trailed off, looking at my brother gratefully.
“Whatever, Liam. We’re fine. Just don’t make us
have a problem, OK,” Jake replied, smiling a friendly smile.
Liam’s arms tightened around me. “I won’t.” He
kissed my shoulder lightly and Jake fake gagged, making
me laugh.
“Well, come on then, lovebirds, I suppose you need
to get to school a little earlier so that you can announce
you’re together,” Jake stated, rolling his eyes.
Liam grinned and nodded. I gasped and shook my
head fiercely. “No way! We can’t do that,” I said, looking at
Liam. He looked really hurt for some reason.
“Why not?” he asked, taking my hand, and looking a
little confused.
I glanced at Jake; he really wasn't going to like this.
“Er, well, I sort of have a bet going on. The next one to sleep
with you will win the pot. I could really use that money.” I
looked at Liam uncomfortably, but he just started to laugh
Jake almost choked on his drink. “No way! You can’t
do that!” he cried, shaking his head violently. “I don’t want to
know that you two are having sex. I don’t!”
I laughed at his annoyed and disgusted face. “Jake,
we’re not having sex.” I shrugged, making his face relax a
little. “But when we do, I definitely want to win the pot. I won’t
if people know I’m his girlfriend already.” I looked at Liam,
unsure if he would go along with this or not.
“Angel, I don’t want you to want to be with me for
some bet.” He frowned, looking a little hurt.
I smiled seductively at him. “You think that’s the
reason I’m going to want to have sex with you? Trust me,
lover boy; it won’t be to do with the money, that’ll just a
He leant in and put his mouth to my ear. “So what will
be the reason?” he breathed, sending a shiver down my
I bit my lip. “Hmm, I’m not sure but it’ll have
something to do with you begging me on your knees,” I
teased, smirking at him.
He laughed and kissed me, pulling me close to his
body, sending ripples of desire racing through my
bloodstream. He pulled away to look at me, lust written
clear across his face. “I’d happily beg you right now you
I patted his chest and stepped away before I
dragged him back to my bedroom and ripped his sexy ass
jeans and black button down shirt off his flawless body. “Oh
I know, lover boy.” I laughed, trying to catch my breath.
I glanced at Jake who was staring at us eyes wide,
his mouth hanging open in shock. “Guys, I seriously can’t
take these PDA’s,” he said, grimacing and shaking his
“It’s OK, the PDA’s done. I just think we should keep
this quiet for a little while. Why not make a little money for
doing something that would happen eventually anyway?
That’s how I look at it,” I said, shrugging.
Liam and Jake looked at each other. “I guess. But
will you be able to win? I mean, was the bet to make me
break up with my girlfriend or something?” Liam asked,
I giggled and shook my head. “Nope, I made sure of
that. It’s definitely just the next one to nail you, as they so
eloquently put it.”
Liam shook his head, looking a little disgusted. “I
can’t believe girls do that sort of thing.”
Jake laughed. “You know what? I think I might
announce that I’ve got a girlfriend next. Then I can just pick
someone and we can split the money,” he said brightly, as
if he was serious.
Liam grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the
door. “Come on, let’s get to school before you brother has
any other bright ideas.” He laughed, shaking his head at
Liam winked at me in the mirror as we pulled into
the parking lot. There were more girls than usual waiting for
them. They all made a beeline for Liam as soon as his door
opened. Jessica, as usual, was at the front.
I laughed. “Good luck, boyfriend,” I teased, winking
at him as I walked off, swaying my ass on purpose. I knew
he was watching me. When I got to the door I glanced back
over my shoulder to see him pulling a girl’s arms off of him,
a distasteful expression on his face. He must have had
about twenty-five girls round him, he looked extremely
pissed off. I laughed and went to find my friends; as usual,
they were hanging out by our lockers.
“Hey, guys,” I chirped, as I got up to them.
“Wow, someone’s in a good mood today! Any
particular reason?” Sean asked, looking confused at my
happy face.
“Nope, no reason in particular. I just watched Liam
getting hounded by like twenty-five girls. He looks really
annoyed about it, that was pretty funny,” I explained,
grinning wildly. Just then he walked past me with Jake. He
had a girl flirting with him on either side, and about another
ten walking behind him. I burst out laughing and he shot me
a dark look, making me laugh harder.
“I’m not surprised he has all those girls after him. Do
you know how much the pot is now?” Kate asked, smirking
at me.
I nodded. “Yeah I know, Sarah told me it’s like
eighteen hundred dollars or something. I can’t believe it.” I
shook my head disapprovingly, and tried not to imagine
what it would feel like to win that much money.
Kate, Sarah and Sean exchanged a look, before
bursting into laughter. “No, that was yesterday’s total. Today
it’s up to four thousand two hundred,” Kate said. I felt the
colour drain from my face as my heart sank. Holy crap!
That’s like, oh God I can’t even work it out! Like two
hundred girls, all wanting to sleep with my boyfriend!
“Oh my God! Really?” I asked as I swallowed the
lump that was rapidly forming in my throat. The thought of all
those girls throwing themselves at my boy, literally made
me feel a little ill. Kate nodded and looked a little
sympathetic; as if she knew what I was thinking. Sarah and
Sean just looked excited because they obviously had no
idea I was with Liam. Luckily, the bell rang, so we all made
our way to class.
At lunchtime I decided I would start making
my play for Liam. People needed to at least
see that I was trying. I couldn’t just
announce that I had slept with him, so I
needed people to see me putting in the
effort. I hadn’t talked it through with Liam,
but a little harmless flirting over lunch
shouldn't be too hard. As I carried my tray
of food across the lunchroom to our usual
table, I turned to my friends.
“Guys, I’m going to go make my play for Liam for the
bet. Let’s go sit with my brother today, OK?”
Kate gave me a knowing look and winked at me and
we all walked over to the jock table. The jock table was
almost full of girls, all of them flirting shamelessly with Liam.
I smiled at his expression; he looked even more pissed off
now than earlier. I looked at the girl sitting next to Liam;
she’d finished her lunch and was staring at him intently, a
flirty expression on her face.
“Hey, Sally. I just heard that someone hit your car in
the parking lot, was there much damage?” I asked
She gasped and jumped up. “Shit! That’s my mom’s
car!” she cried, as she turned and ran off. I heard my friends
burst into laughter behind me as they took seats further
down the table.
“Hi, Liam.” I smiled at him as I plopped down in the
chair next to his.
“Hey, Angel,” he replied, grinning at me. I looked
around to see I was getting the death glares from all the
girls nearby, obviously because I had earned a smile
already. “Someone hit Sally’s car?” he asked, eating his
tuna sandwich.
I shrugged and shook my head. “Nah. I just said that
because I wanted to sit here.”
He burst into laughter. “I knew you wanted me,” he
teased, winking at me.
“Well, who doesn’t,” I answered, smirking and
looking around the table at the girls who were all trying to
kill me with their eyes. I grabbed my bottle of water and
pretended to try to open it. “Liam, can you open this for
me?” I asked, pouting slightly.
“Angel, if you keep pouting, the wind will change and
you’ll get stuck like that,” he joked, grinning and taking my
bottle from me. He opened it easily and passed it back.
“Thanks.” I smiled, ignoring his remark. “Wow, I
never realised how strong you are. You must work out a lot,
huh?” I purred, trailing my finger down his bicep, biting on
my lip seductively. He looked at me lustfully, his eyes fixed
on my mouth. Just from the pained expression on his face, I
could tell he wanted to kiss me. He didn’t answer. “So? Do
you work out a lot? Because you must do, I mean, your
body it's, mmm….” I trailed off, looking him over slowly.
He gulped. “Er, I guess, yeah a bit,” he muttered, still
looking at me a little shocked and bewildered.
I didn’t want this to go too far, I was only setting the
scene for my victory at the moment. I broke eye contact and
started to eat my food, slowly, letting the fork linger in my
mouth longer than necessary. “Oh God,” I moaned, closing
my eyes chewing slowly. “This is so good,” I breathed. I
heard him moan slightly next to me and I knew my sex
noises were getting to him. I looked over at him. “Liam, you
should try this,” I purred seductively. He had a pained look
across his face as he stared at me with his mouth slightly
open. He shook his head slightly, as if trying to push a
thought away and I swallowed my giggle. Oh crap, he is so
going to make me pay for this later.
“Er, OK yeah,” he said. I smiled and grabbed a
forkful of my pasta and guided it to his mouth to feed him.
A bit of the pasta fell off the fork onto his jeans.
“Oops, I’m so sorry!” I winced, looking at him apologetically.
“Don’t worry about it, Angel.” He smiled and brushed
it off with his hand.
OK, I could make this work to my advantage! I
grabbed a napkin and wiped his jeans with it. It was on his
mid-thigh so I made sure to wipe just a little higher, as I
looked up at him through my eyelashes. I heard him gulp
noisily as a slight bulge started to appear in his jeans which
he quickly covered with his arm.
“There. All done,” I flirted.
“Er…. thanks,” he muttered, closing his eyes and
I grinned triumphantly. Hah! Take that, girls! I looked
around the table to see they were all staring at me. Either a
shocked or angry expression was plastered on every
female face. I giggled, and winked at Jessica who had
turned red with annoyance.
“I’d better go. I’ve got to speak to Mrs Francis about
my science project,” I said, getting up and smiling broadly.
Liam grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the
seat. “What was that about?” he asked, looking slightly
I shrugged and grinned at him. “Am I not allowed to
be friendly to you, Liam? I mean, you are my brother’s best
friend after all. You’re always hanging out at my house so I
just thought I’d be civil.”
“Civil, right,” he replied, smirking at me.
I shot him a wink and got up to go to my friends. As I
walked past Jessica and the cheerleaders I bent down to
whisper in her ear. “Beat that,” I teased, laughing my ass
I grabbed Kate’s hand, making her walk a little in
front of Sarah and Sean who were chatting about some art
gallery that Sarah wanted to go to at the weekend. Sarah
was a bit of an art freak. “Kate, I think I need to go on the
pill. Do they still do the drop in family planning clinic on
Rose Street after school?” I asked. She nodded in
confirmation. I knew she would know, she had a little
accident about a month back with a broken condom and
went there for the morning after pill.
“Yeah, from four until eight,” she replied, glancing
over her shoulder to make sure no one could hear us. “So,
you’re going to take the plunge, huh? I think it’s great. You
should definitely go on the pill. You want me to come with
you?” she asked casually. I knew she meant it; she was the
best friend a girl could ask for.
“I’m not ready yet, but I don’t want to get caught short
or anything, I mean, it must take a while to get in your
system or something. You don’t mind coming with me
though? I’d really appreciate it,” I admitted, looking at her
gratefully. I was a little nervous about going on my own, and
I didn’t feel right asking Liam to come. It wasn’t exactly a
guy thing to do.
“Of course not! You’ve been there with me loads of
times.” She linked her arm through mine. “I have my car
today too, so we don’t even need to walk.”
I grinned. “Thanks, Kate.” I sighed happily and we
made our way to our lockers. I grabbed all the books that
we needed for the afternoon, shoving them into my bag. “I
just need to tell Jake that I’ll meet him at home. I’ll see you
in class,” I explained, turning in the direction of Jake’s
locker. I spotted Jake and Liam chatting to some of their
other friends from the team. “Hey, guys,” I chirped as I got
up to them. They all looked at me, I knew that some of the
guys on the team liked me; it was obvious in the way that
they stared at me. No one ever made a move though - that
was probably Jake’s doing.
“Hi, Amber. How are you?” Casey asked, looking
me over slowly.
“Good thanks, you?” I asked politely.
“All the better for seeing you,” he replied, smirking at
Jake punched him in the arm, making me laugh.
“Dude, little sister!” he cried angrily.
“Jake, I just wanted to tell you that I won’t be coming
home with you tonight. Kate needs me to go do something
with her after school. I’ll just see you at home later,” I said,
smiling. I could see Liam frowning looking slightly
“Well, I’m working tonight, so it would have been
Liam taking you home anyway,” Jake replied, shrugging
I glanced at Liam and smiled. “Right, yeah, I forgot.
Well I’m sorry I’ll miss that.” He smiled back and my heart
almost stopped because he was so handsome. I turned to
walk off before stopping again, an idea forming in my head.
I turned back to him and looked at him, teasingly. “Oh, and
by the way, Liam, the pot stands at over four thousand
bucks now. That’s over two hundred girls.”
His eyes went wide. “No shit?” he asked, looking
shocked, and quite frankly, a little scared. Jake was
laughing his ass off, and the other boys were looking
around like us three had gone crazy.
“No shit,” I confirmed, winking at Liam and walking
away, giggling at his disgusted face.
After school, Kate drove us to the family
planning clinic. I took a number and
because I hadn’t been there before, I had to
fill out a ton of forms about my personal
details, current sex life and my medical
history. After about an hour of waiting, I
was called through to a white sterile room
where a lady was waiting there for me.
“Hi, Amber. C ome on in,” she said, smiled and
pointed to a chair.
“Hi,” I croaked nervously, sitting down opposite her.
“You don’t have to be nervous. I’m not going to bite!”
she chuckled. I smiled nervously. “So, what can I do for you
today?” she asked, flipping through the forms that I’d filled
“Well, my boyfriend and I are getting pretty serious
and are talking about having sex, so I wanted to go on the
pill. Is that something I can do here, or do I need to go to my
own doctor?” I asked, playing with my hands, blushing.
She smiled kindly. “You can certainly do that here. It
says here that you’re a virgin,” she said, flipping through my
forms again.
“Er, yeah I am.” I blushed harder, wishing the ground
would open up and swallow me.
“You don’t need to be embarrassed, Amber. I th ink
it’s great that you’re here. I see so many young girls who
don’t think about going on the pill until it’s too late. It’s
refreshing to have a young girl being so responsible,” she
stated, patting my hand. I breathed a sigh of relief and
smiled. I thought I was going to get a lecture as to why I
shouldn’t be having sex at my age and how I should be
waiting. “OK, I just need to get some information, like blood
pressure and weight and such. Then we can talk about
which one will suit you best, alright?”
After I had done my blood pressure and weight and
worked out my BMI we were both sat back down near her
desk. “Right, well I recommend that you go for the
combination pill. You take it every day, at the same time
each day for three weeks, then you don’t take it for a week
which will be when you have your period. It’s very effective
and it’s what most young girls go for,” she explained,
I nodded and smiled because everything seemed to
be falling into place. “That sounds good.”
She grabbed her pad and scribbled a prescription.
“You can get this filled right next door. I’ve given you a three
month supply so I can check how you get on. Next time, if
all’s OK, then we’ll go for six months,” she explained.
“Yeah, thank you.” I smiled gratefully because she
had made this so much easier on me than I thought it would
“So, I’ll give you a leaflet to read, but the important
things to note are: you have to take it at the same time
every day, and you have to take it every day apart from your
week off.” She smiled and handed me the prescription.
“Make sure you read the leaflet about what you do if you
miss one, or if you vomit after you take it, because that can
stop it working. I’ll give you some of these to keep you safe
until you are into the swing of your pill, OK.” She grabbed a
handful of condoms and put them in a brown bag for me.
“Oh thanks,” I mumbled, taking them gratefully.
“Well, thanks for coming in, Amber. I’ll see you in
three months.” She stood up and held out her hand to me,
signalling the end of the appointment.
I shook it, smiling. “Thank you.” I walked out of the
door, grinning from ear to ear. Wow, that was easier than I
“Hey, how’d it go?” Kate asked, getting up from her
“Yeah great. I need to go fill my prescription, then I’m
all set.” I linked my arm through hers, pulling her towards the
“Wow, I can’t believe you’re going to have sex with
Liam James!” she squealed, excitedly.
“Not yet I’m not. I need to know he can wait for me.
I’m not ready for that yet,” I said honestly.
“He’ll wait for you. He looks like he’s crazy about
you.” Kate smiled happily and I sighed. I really hoped that
was true. I filled my prescription and Kate dropped me
home. Jake was still at work so I made myself sandwich
and sat at the table to do my homework. Once I had
finished, I glanced at the clock. It was only eight o’clock; I
had another hour until Jake came home.
I grinned and grabbed my phone, dialling Liam,
barely able to contain my excitement. “Hey, Angel,” he
answered, sounding ridiculously happy.
“Hi. Want to come over?” I asked, chewing on my lip
in excitement.
“Hell yeah. I’ll be right there,” he answered and hung
up. I ran to my room to quickly check my hair. I laughed to
myself when I realised that I had turned into one of those
girls that thought they had to look perfect for him. I walked
back to the lounge, just as he walked in the front door.
“Hi.” I grinned.
He swept me up into his arms and kissed me
passionately, making my heart race and my stomach flutter.
After a while he pulled back. “Hi,” he breathed, making me
shiver with happiness. “So, where were you? I missed you,”
he murmured, putting his face in my hair and breathing
I giggled and pulled away. “Wow, what are you some
kind of creepy hair smelling guy?” I joked, grabbing his
hand and pulling him to the couch and pushing him down.
He laughed and gripped my waist, and pulled me
onto his lap so I was straddling him. “I missed you so much
today. I hated seeing you and not being able to touch you.
Also, what the hell was that at lunchtime? Do you enjoy
teasing the crap out of me?” he asked, frowning.
I ran my hands through his silky brown hair and
giggled guiltily. “I have to set the scene for my victory. I can’t
just rock up to Jessica and be all like ‘yeah, I won the bet’,
can I?” I asked innocently.
He shook his head, still frowning. “But that was over
the top. I mean, do you know how hard that was for me not
to jump you?” he joked.
I nodded and bit my lip so I didn’t laugh. “Oh yeah, I
could tell that was hard for you,” I teased, raising my
eyebrows knowingly, making him chuckle.
“Mmm, whatever. Where did you go anyway? I was
hoping to spend some time with you tonight.” He pulled me
closer to him and kissed down my neck, making me bite
into my lip as my skin broke out in goosebumps.
I pulled away and stood up, walking over to my
school bag to get the brown bag from the clinic. I sat back
on his lap and held the bag out for him to take. He looked at
me, confused, and then looked in the bag. His face turned
from confusion, to understanding, to happiness, to being
annoyed. Wait, annoyed? Why on earth would he be
annoyed with me?
“You went to do this on your own?” he asked,
frowning at me angrily.
I shook my head, a little confused by his reaction. “I
didn’t go on my own, Kate came with me,” I amended,
wrapping my arms around his neck again.
“Why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve come with you,”
he said, pulling me closer to him, the annoyed expression
still on his face.
“Liam, I just thought that, you know….. it’s not really a
place where you take your boyfriend. I wanted to go on the
pill; Kate offered to come with me.” I shrugged; I didn’t really
see why he was so angry about it.
“Angel, I love you, I would’ve come with you. I wish
you would’ve told me,” he said, looking at me sadly.
“What difference does it make? I didn’t think you’d
want to go,” I muttered, confused. Why the heck is he being
all hurt and annoyed? I just went on the pill so I could have
sex with him! Shouldn’t he be happy about that fact?
“You didn’t think that I’d want to go? Angel, this is
about me too, I want us to do things together. We’re a
couple, a team. I feel a little hurt that you’d think I wouldn’t
want to go,” he explained, kissing my forehead.
“Liam, I’m sorry, honestly. I didn’t really think about it
like that. I just thought that most guys wouldn’t be interested.
I thought you’d be pleased that I took some initiative,” I said,
looking at him apologetically, begging him with my eyes to
understand that I didn’t mean to hurt him.
“I am pleased that you took the initiative, but I’m not
most guys. I love you. Most guys aren’t in love with their
girlfriends like I am. This was a big thing for you to do, and I
should have been there for you,” he explained, kissing me
I took in a deep breath feeling guilt settle in the pit of
my stomach. I didn’t think about it like that. “I’m sorry I didn’t
tell you or ask you to come with me. I have to go back in
three months for a check-up, want to come with me then?” I
asked, smiling and putting my forehead to his.
He laughed. “Nah, it’s not really my thing,” he teased,
turning his nose up and shrugging.
I laughed and slapped him playfully on the shoulder.
“Asshole,” I muttered jokingly, making him laugh harder. I
pushed him down onto the sofa and laid on top of him,
kissing him. By the time I pulled away, we were both
breathing heavy. He was staring at me lustfully and I could
feel he was aroused already. “Liam, just because I’m going
on the pill, doesn’t mean that I’m ready for anything more.
You know that, right?” I asked, grimacing, hoping I hadn’t
got his hopes up and now he was going to be expecting
He smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“Angel, I know that. It’s fine. We’ll go as slow as you want.
As long as I still get to do this.” He pulled my face back
down to his again. I smiled against his lips and felt happier
than I had been in years, he was just too sweet. I just prayed
I would be ready soon, before he got bored or desperate
and went chasing after that skank Jessica.
After making out and cuddling for about an hour we
heard a car pull up. “Damn it, that must be Jake’s ride,” I
whispered, trying to push myself away from Liam. I sat up,
smoothing down my hair, hoping that it didn’t look like we’d
been fooling around for the last hour.
Liam laughed and pulled me back down on the
couch with him. “Jake can handle this. Come on, he has to
get used to it eventually. He’s going to see us kiss from
time to time,” he said, chuckling against my neck. I smiled
as I weaved my fingers into his hair, I heard the front door
open and Liam snapped his head up to look, a small smile
playing on the edge of his lips. I actually think he was
enjoying teasing Jake.
“Oh come on, guys! Seriously, what did I say this
morning about PDA’s?” Jake whined, slinging his keys on
the table.
Liam groaned and rolled his eyes as he sat up,
pulling me up to sit next to him. “Better?” he asked, grinning
Jake sighed and rolled his eyes too. “I’ll get used to
it, I guess,” he grumbled. Liam grinned at me and I couldn’t
help but smile back. He threw his arm over my shoulder and
held my hand with his other arm, playing with my fingers.
Jake came in and plopped down on the sofa
opposite, looking at us grumpily. I laughed at his
disgruntled expression and stood up. “I’m going to go do
my homework. You boys can entertain yourselves for a
while, right?” I smirked at them both in turn. I had a feeling
that they needed a little ‘boy bonding time’ after the
revelations last night. Jake and Liam were best friends
after all.
“Yeah. Want to play Halo, Jake?” Liam asked
excitedly. Jake jumped up to set it up and I smiled to myself
happily. Yep, they were back to normal. I grabbed the
brown bag and made my way to my bedroom, giggling as
Liam slapped my ass and whistled at me. I’d already done
my homework, so I decided that a nice long soak in the
bath would be good. I ran a bath and added a lot of
bubbles, before grabbing a book and settling into the tub. I
lost myself in the story.
I was so engrossed in the story that I didn’t hear the
door open. “Now that’s sexy,” Liam purred from right next to
I screamed and almost dropped my book in the
water. “Shit! You scared the crap out of me , Liam!” I cried,
trying to slow my heart that was trying to break my ribs. I
brought my knees up to my chest and tried to cover myself
up so he couldn’t see anything inappropriate. Lucky for me,
there were still quite a few bubbles which helped.
He laughed. “Sorry. Hey, can I get in?” he teased as
he knelt down next to me and put his fingers in the bath. He
pulled them out quickly and shook his head. “Never mind.
That's freaking freezing!” He frowned and dried his hand on
the towel.
“Liam, will you get out of here? This isn’t funny!” I
cried, blushing.
He grinned his cocky little smile and bent over to
kiss my lips just for a split second before he turned and
walked back for the door. “I was kidding. I didn’t actually
realise you were in here. You should get out though, that
water is really cold. Have you been in there all this time?”
he asked, shaking his head.
“It is a bit cold,” I admitted. Now that I was out of the
story I didn’t even realise that the bath was stone cold and I
had goosebumps all over me. Liam smiled and turned to
go back to my bedroom, closing the door to give me some
privacy. I pulled the plug out and threw my book onto the
side as I stood up. Grabbing the towel off of the side and
wrapped it around myself tightly. I realised as I climbed out
of the tub that I didn’t bring any clothes in here to change
into. I was actually really cold now and my teeth were
chattering. I couldn’t stay in here all night, I’d just have to go
and get some pyjamas. It was no big deal; Liam had seen
me in a towel before.
As I walked into my bedroom I noticed that he was
lounging on my bed. “Hey,” I muttered, feeling a little
uncomfortable as I pulled on a pair of shorts under the
“Jeez, Angel, you could have got hypothermia or
something,” he scolded, looking at me worriedly. He
grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed, sitting me on
the edge as he went into the bathroom, coming back with
another towel. He rubbed my arms and shoulders, drying
me quickly.
I was glad I decided not to wash my hair, instead,
putting it in a messy bun, otherwise that would have made
me even colder. He wrapped his arm around me, putting
each of my prune like finger tips into his mouth, warming
them one at a time. Oh my God, that’s sexy! I bent my head
and kissed him, seeming to catch him by surprise. After a
second or two he responded, kissing me back. I sucked on
his lip softly and he opened his mouth, allowing me to slip
my tongue in. He moaned in the back of his throat and I
wrapped my arms around his neck, gripping his hair
roughly, tugging slightly. He pulled me closer to him,
deepening the kiss. After what seemed like forever, but still
wasn’t long enough, he pulled away breathing heavy. His
lips didn’t leave my skin though, instead, he kissed down
my neck, sucking on the skin near my collarbone, making
me gasp and squirm.
I was still freezing cold and my teeth started to
chatter again, ruining the moment. He pulled back,
laughing. “Let’s get you under the covers and you can get
warm.” He pulled off his t-shirt in one easy movement and I
couldn’t help but stare at his sculpted chest. I felt movement
and my vision went black for a few seconds, interrupting my
ogling. I smiled as I realised he’d pulled his t-shirt over my
“Liam, if you wanted to make me hot, all you need to
do is take your clothes off,” I purred, biting my lip and
looking over his chest and abs, wanting to run my tongue
over them.
He laughed and wrapped his arms around me.
“Angel, you couldn’t possibly be any hotter, trust me. That
would be illegal,” he replied, kissing me again. I pulled the
damp towel off and threw it on the floor as he picked me up.
I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me up to
the pillow end and pulled the covers back, climbing into the
bed with me still attached to his front like a baby monkey.
He pulled the covers completely up over our heads and
pulled back to talk to me in the semi darkness. “I missed
you tonight. Why didn’t you stay and play with us?” he
asked sulkily.
“I thought you and Jake needed a little time together.
You haven’t really spoken to him on your own since he
found out about us. He’s still your best friend, so you’re just
going to have to find a balance. You can’t spend all of your
time trying to get in my pants, you know,” I joked.
“But I love trying to get in your pants,” he whined
playfully, giving me the puppy dog face, making me giggle. I
was warming up now. His body heat pulsing into me and
our hot breaths tangling under the duvet, made it seem
almost steamy under there. Then again, that might have just
been the passion I felt burning inside me. “I guess you’re
right. Jake was fine tonight, he actually said it was nice to
see you happy, which I took all the credit for of course,” he
said cockily.
“All the credit? Wow, that’s an inflated ego you have
right there,” I teased, smiling at the double meaning, about
the bulge in his jeans that was pressing onto me. He
laughed and stroked the side of my face with the back of
his fingers.
“You’d better not be naked with my little sister,
James!” Jake growled warningly from near the door.
Liam pushed the cover back off of our heads,
grinning guiltily. “Jake, dude, a little more warning would be
“Oh, Jake, get a grip! What do you want? And have
you ever heard of knocking?” I asked, pushing the covers
back further so he could see I had a t-shirt on.
“I knocked. You just didn’t hear through all the
flirting,” he replied, smirking. We all laughed and Jake
shook his head. “Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, Ambs,
that Mom’s coming home on Sunday.”
I grinned; I hadn’t seen my mom in three weeks.
“Yeah? Awesome!” I cried happily.
Jake nodded, his smile matching mine. “Yeah. OK
well, I’m going to bed. Keep the noise down in here; I don’t
want to hear anything.”
I laughed and couldn’t resist teasing him some
more. “Jake, you might want to borrow my iPod, we’re
warming up for the bet,” I joked, winking at him.
Liam burst out laughing and Jake just glared at me,
shaking his head disapprovingly, closing the door behind
him. “Angel, you are just too funny,” Liam said, kissing
down my neck.
“Shut up, JAMES,” I replied, mimicking Jakes tone
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