Chapter 22
~ Amber ~
I sat up quickly. “What the hell?”
Liam put his hand on my shoulder. “Don’t get up,” he
said sternly. Jeez, the damn silly boy was being arrested
and he was still worried about me?
“This is stupid! You can’t arrest him, it wasn’t his
fault!” I cried desperately, looking at the two men who were
watching Liam put on his shoes. Why the hell is he being so
calm about this? Did he expect something like this to
“There’s been a serious complaint, Ma’am. We
need to investigate,” the man stated, not even bothering to
look at me.
“Angel, everything’s fine. Don’t worry,” Liam assured
me. Fine? How is this fine? He turned to look at the guy
holding his arm. “Can I kiss my girlfriend goodbye? She’s
just had a miscarriage,” he pleaded. The guy’s face
softened slightly and he let go of his arm. Liam bent over
and kissed me softly on the lips. “I love you, Angel. Don’t
start to stress about me. You need to rest,” he instructed,
stroking my face gently.
As he went to pull back, I panicked. I couldn’t let him
go, I needed him. I threw my arms around his neck and
refused to let go. “Please don’t take him, please? This
wasn’t his fault, this was my fault, everything was my fault. I
should have just stayed at his house. I shouldn’t have gone
home, please?” I begged, gripping my hands into Liam’s
hair, sobbing on his shoulder.
“Ma’am, you need to let go now,” the same guy
stated. I tightened my grip on Liam, probably hurting him
but he didn’t complain. “Ma’am!” the guy barked.
Liam rubbed his hands up my arms gently,
unclasping my hands from his hair. When he was free of my
arms, he pulled back to look at me. He was stressed and
worried, I could tell by his eyes. “I love you,” he vowed,
kissing me gently on the lips again.
“I love you too,” I whispered, not trusting my voice to
speak again.
Liam stood up and the guy immediately pulled his
hands behind his back, putting on handcuffs. Liam’s eyes
didn’t leave mine as I felt my heart breaking all over again. I
thought after losing the baby that nothing could be more
painful. I was wrong.
I watched as they led him out of the room leaving me
on my own. I felt sick. I couldn’t let them do this, this wasn’t
his fault. I could press charges as well, then they would see
that my father hit me first, and then Liam would get let off
because he was defending me. But they wouldn’t let him off
for that, would they? Defending me is one thing, but he went
crazy, they’ll never believe that what he did was selfdefence.
I put my hands over my face, trying to think of
something. Either way, Liam was getting in trouble for this
because my father had pressed charges, even if I pressed
charges against my father, Liam’s charges would still
stand. Self-defence or not, he was still going to be charged
with GBH because he did do it even though he was
provoked. I couldn’t take the risk that he would be let off.
What if he wasn’t? What if he got sent to jail for this, and I
lost him?
The only thing I could think of was getting my father
to drop the charges. I grabbed my phone and called Jake.
He answered on the second ring. “Jake, Liam’s been
arrested,” I said simply.
“What the hell? No way!” he shouted, making me
wince away from the phone slightly.
“Jake, look I’m due out of here this afternoon, so can
you bring me some clothes ready for that?” I asked, trying
to stay calm.
“Yeah, I’ll be there in like twenty minutes,” he agreed.
I could hear him crashing around in the background,
probably throwing all of my stuff in a bag or something.
“Thanks.” I snapped my phone shut, pressing it
against my forehead, thinking. Was there any other way? I
just couldn’t see another option.
My hands were shaking, I was scared as hell, but I
dialled my father’s house number. It rang for a long time.
Just as I was about to give up, he answered. His voice was
thick with sleep; it sent a shiver down my spine. I squeezed
my eyes shut. “Hello?” He somehow managed to sound
terrifying with one word.
“It’s Amber,” I said, swallowing the lump in my throat.
He laughed. “And what can I do for you, Amber?”
“I want you to drop the charges against Liam,” I
answered, trying to sound confident.
He laughed again. “I’m not dropping the charges,
that fucker broke my nose! You should see what he did to
my face,” he shouted, making me flinch. How is it that he
still scared the life out of me, and he was only on the
“Please, please don’t do this, please?” I begged,
trying not to cry.
He sighed. “You want me to drop the charges?”
“Yes,” I answered, wiping the tears off of my face.
“Come to my house and we’ll talk about it,” he
stated, sounding amused.
Go to his house? Oh my God, is he kidding me?
“Please drop the charges. You know you hit me first,
please?” I begged, feeling the bile rise in my throat, he
liked holding this over my head I could tell.
“Come to my house and we’ll talk about it,” he
I looked up at the clock; Jake would be here in about
ten minutes. “Can I bring Jake?” I asked, knowing that was
the stupidest question I’d ever asked in my life. Why on
earth would I be allowed to take Jake? If he was anywhere
near him then we wouldn’t need to worry about charges,
because he would be buried by the side of some road
“No. Leave that fucker out of it!” he growled.
Oh God, can I do this? Can I really go there and talk
to him? Was I strong enough? I knew the answer to that
question. I would do anything for Liam, even if I had to kill
my father myself to stop him pressing charges. No victim,
no crime.
I swallowed my fear. “OK, I’ll be there within the
hour,” I said quietly as I snapped my phone shut, trying
desperately not to have a panic attack. I needed to be
strong now.
I laid back down in the bed and tried to calm myself.
I couldn’t be too freaked out when Jake came, otherwise he
wouldn’t want to leave me on my own. I laid there, counting
the foam tiles on the ceiling, trying not to think about
anything else. I got to 867 before Jake ran into the room.
He looked really tired and stressed. I would bet my bottom
dollar that he didn’t sleep too well last night. He pulled me
into a hug gently and I tried not to wince as it hurt my
stomach and hips.
“Shit, Ambs, this is bad.” He shook his head, looking
both angry and worried at the same time.
I nodded; I needed to get him out of here quickly.
“Jake, I need you to go to the police station and see if
there’s anything you can do for Liam. I’m not going to be
released from here until this afternoon, so I can’t go,” I
instructed, squeezing his hand.
He nodded, looking concerned. “You sure you don’t
need me to stay with you for a bit? Are you alright?”
I nodded and smiled weakly. “I just need Liam to be
OK. So if you could do that for me, Jake,” I requested,
nodding towards the door.
He hugged me again. “OK. I’ll call you if I hear
anything.” He kissed the top of my head and put a bag of
my clothes onto the floor next to my bed. “If they let you out,
call me and I’ll come and get you and take you home,” he
said sternly.
I nodded and pulled him into another hug so I
wouldn’t have to lie to his face. “OK. Please go see if you
can do anything,” I pleaded.
“Right. See you in a bit.” He smiled reassuringly
before turning and running from the room.
I gave him a minute to leave before I pressed the call
button on the wall. A nurse came in within a minute. “Hi, how
are you feeling today? You need some more painkillers?”
she asked, smiling kindly.
I shook my head. “No, I want to discharge myself. My
brother’s gone to get the car. My mom’s had an accident. I
need to go,” I lied, swinging my legs off of the bed.
“Amber, you can’t just leave, you had surgery
yesterday,” she scolded.
“The doctor said I could go home this afternoon. It’s
only a few hours early,” I countered, grabbing the bag that
Jake brought and starting to pull on my clothes, wincing
slightly as I moved.
“Amber, you shouldn’t be out of your bed yet! Even
when you get released this afternoon it will still be for bed
rest for a couple of days,” she explained, frowning at me.
“Look, I appreciate your concern, but I’m leaving this
hospital right now. You can’t keep me here against my will. I
know my rights. I can discharge myself early as long as I
sign a form to say I’m leaving against doctor’s orders so
that I can’t sue you later,” I said sternly. She was starting to
piss me off; I didn’t have time for this.
She looked at me a little shocked before she
nodded. “I’ll go find a doctor,” she muttered, heading
towards the door.
“Tell him to bring the forms with him, I don’t have
time to wait,” I requested, biting my lip. I was anxious to get
this done; I needed Liam out of trouble, now. I finished
getting dressed and packing up my stuff and sat on the
bed, impatiently watching the second hand on the clock tick
round. Finally, after what felt like forever but was probably
about three minutes, a doctor came in looking at me
“Amber, I don’t recommend that you leave the
hospital yet,” he stated.
I shook my head. “My mom’s had an accident; I need
to get there with my brother. He’s waiting in the car for me, I
need to go now. Just show me where to sign.” I nodded
towards the clipboard in his hand.
He sighed and passed me the form pointing at the
bottom. “This is basically a waiver, saying that I’ve
recommended you stay in the hospital and you’re leaving
against my orders,” he explained as I signed my name in
the three places he pointed. I nodded and passed it back to
him, grabbing my bag. “You need to take it easy, Amber. If
you start to feel dizzy or weak, then come back in. If you
start to bleed heavy or get any strong pains, stronger than
normal menstrual cramps, then you need to come back
immediately,” he instructed, looking at me worriedly.
I nodded in confirmation. “I will. I need to go. Thanks
for looking after me,” I replied, already making my way to
the door. I didn’t stop to look back; I walked as fast as I
could over to the taxi rank and jumped in the first available
cab, giving them my father’s address.
I grabbed my phone and checked the battery, setting
up a new family group with Jake, Liam, Johnny, Ruby, and
my mom’s numbers in it.
I typed a message to Jake, ready to send it when I
got there. I guessed it was about fifteen minutes of fast
driving from the police station to my father’s house - that
would be plenty long enough to get my father to drop the
charges and for Jake to get there before anything
happened. At least, I hoped it was.
When the cab pulled up outside his house I was so
nervous that my hands were shaking. “You OK there,
sweetheart?” the driver asked, looking at me concerned.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks,” I mumbled, handing him the
money, taking deep breaths to try and calm down.
I shut the door of the cab and sent Jake the
message that I had pre-typed:
‘I’m at Dad’s. Please come and get me, right now.
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