Chapter 11
He pulled me into his house, holding my
hand, smiling excitedly. “Mom? Dad? You
home?” Liam shouted, looking into the
empty lounge.
I could hear voices in the kitchen. “Yeah, honey.
We’re in here,” Pat called.
Liam smiled happily and dragged me to the kitchen.
Pat was baking cookies and Rick was busy trying to eat the
cookie mix straight from the bowl, making her laugh and hit
his hand with the wooden spoon. I chuckled at the scene.
They were always like this, she was the perfect housewife
and mother, and he adored her and Liam, which was really
“Hey, Amber. Long time no see,” Rick said,
grabbing me into a hug, which made my heart race.
“Hey, Rick. Hi, Pat. How are you?” I asked cheerfully.
“We’re great! Amber, I would hug you but I’m
covered in cookies, honey.” Pat frowned, holding up her
hands in evidence.
“Yeah, I can see that! They smell so good,” I said,
eyeing the already baked ones on the plate on the counter.
She passed the plate to me and I happily took one, smiling.
“Hey! You said I couldn’t have one because they
were cooling,” Rick whined, pouting, making me laugh; she
picked up a cookie and tossed it at him with a wink.
“Um guys, I was wondering if you wanted to meet my
girlfriend. Maybe she could have dinner with us tonight?”
Liam suggested, putting his hand on the small of my back.
A grin spread across Pat’s face. She looked so
happy that I actually thought she was actually holding back
tears. “Oh, Liam! I’d love to meet her! I still can’t believe you
have a girlfriend. You spent all this time saying that there
was only one girl for you and now you’re finally able to move
on and actually date someone!” she cooed, practically
bursting with excitement and pride.
“Yeah OK, Mom, tone it down a bit, huh?” Liam
mumbled, rolling his eyes.
“So, what time is she coming? Have you met her,
Amber? Is she nice?” Pat asked, beaming at me. I looked
at Liam, unsure what to say. This whole situation was
laughable. And did she say that Liam had always said there
was only one girl for him?
“Actually, Mom, she’s here right now,” Liam said
proudly, rubbing my back gently and smiling at me. His
eyes bore into mine, making my whole body feel a little
hotter. Pat jumped and wiped her hands on a cloth, quickly
fixing her hair frantically, before she practically ran to the
hallway. OK, weird! “Mom, what are you doing?” Liam
asked, laughing; I noticed that Rick was staring at Liam’s
hand on my back, a wide grin on his face.
“Well, is she parking the car or something?” Pat
asked, looking back at Liam before glancing at the front
door again. He laughed harder and Rick and I chuckled too.
“Mom, this is my girlfriend. Her name is Amber
Walker.” Liam beamed proudly at me as I pressed myself
closer to him.
Pat’s face snapped to look at me, shocked. Slowly,
her face turned to happiness, then complete bliss, as she
laughed and ran to me, grabbing both me and Liam into a
big hug. “Oh my gosh! Finally, you two got together?
Finally!” she almost screamed, jumping up and down on the
Liam wrapped his arm round my waist and pulled
me impossibly closer to him. “Yeah, finally,” he confirmed,
rolling his eyes, but looking amused at the same time. Rick
put his hand out to Liam. They shook hands in a very grown
up gesture, before he pulled him into a bear hug.
After all of the excitement had died down, we had
dinner. It was really nice to be sat with Liam’s parents like
this, they honestly didn’t stop smiling. Every time Liam and I
touched each other, Pat would sigh happily, beaming at us.
“Right, you boys can clear the table!” Pat ordered,
grabbing my arm and pulling me to the lounge. “I am so
happy for you two. Liam’s told you he’s been in love with
you for years, right?” she beamed. My breath caught in my
throat at her choice of words. She thought that Liam was in
love with me? He wasn’t in love with me, was he? Did he
really whisper that he loved me last night before I fell
asleep? “Er, he told me he’s liked me for a long time, yeah,” I
mumbled, a little uncomfortably.
She rolled her eyes. “Liked, jeez that boy has been
smitten with you from the get go. I mean, he still calls you
Angel for goodness sake!” she laughed.
I looked at her, confused. “What does that have to
do with anything?” I asked, frowning. I really loved Pat, but
sometimes she can be a little crazy.
“He’s never told you why he calls you that?” she
asked, smirking at me. I shook my head, and she chuckled
darkly. “The first time we met you was at Liam’s sixth
birthday party. You’d not long moved in and we thought it
would be nice, you know, to invite the neighbours to the
party,” she started, nodding enthusiastically.
“Yeah, I remember. You had balloons everywhere,
and a clown that did magic tricks.” I smiled; the James’
always did throw the best parties, even kids parties.
“That’s right. So anyway, you and your brother came
to the party and as soon as you walked through the door,
Liam just stared at you. He literally couldn’t take his eyes off
of you. You smiled and said happy birthday to him, but he
couldn’t even speak to you, so you walked off to go dance.
He turned to me, and do you know what he said to me?”
she asked, her eyes tearing up. I shook my head. What the
heck is she going to say? This is freaking me out a little!
“He said in a deadly serious tone, ‘Momma, am I dead?’
And I said ‘no honey, you’re not dead’, and he shook his
head, looking all confused about something. Then he
pointed to you dancing and said, ‘if I’m not dead, then why
is there an Angel in our house?’” she stated, clasping her
hands together and beaming.
I gasped. Holy crap! That’s why he calls me Angel?
My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty. I think
Liam really is in love with me, but am I in love with him? I
don’t think so, at least, not yet. But I could easily see myself
falling in love with him.
“That’s why he calls me that? Are you serious?” I
asked, unsure if she was joking or not.
“Totally. Ask him if you don’t believe me, but from the
moment he saw you he was in love with you, it’s plain on the
look on his face. I’m surprised you never noticed.” She
shook her head, chuckling.
“I never noticed because he was always so mean to
me. He was always pushing me over, or pulling my hair,
calling me names.” I frowned. Why did he do all of that if he
was in love with me?
“Your brother made him stay away. He beat Liam up
after his birthday party that same year and told him to stay
away from you,” she said, laughing and shaking her head.
“That brother of yours sure is protective, bless him,” she
said, smiling fondly.
“Yeah, I know. Liam and I talked about it and we
decided to keep it from Jake for a couple of weeks, just
until things settle down. I’d really appreciate it if you’d not
say anything to him if you see him.” I winced at the thought
of Liam and Jake fighting. I definitely wanted to put that off
as long as possible.
“I won’t say anything, but I don’t think you should
leave it too long, otherwise it’ll only get harder.”
I smiled gratefully. “Yeah, just a couple of weeks.”
Suddenly, Liam jumped over the back of the couch
and landed next to me, wrapping his arm around my
shoulder and pulling me to him. When I turned to smile at
him, he kissed me, nibbling my lip, asking for entrance.
Jeez, did he forget his mom was sitting there watching us?
I pulled away quickly, making him groan. “Angel, I
haven’t seen you all day,” he whined, pouting like a little kid.
I laughed at the word Angel; did he really call me that
because he thought I was an Angel when he was six years
old? “What are you laughing at, beautiful?” he asked,
stroking the side of my face with the back of one finger.
I bit my lip to make me stop and shook my head.
“Nothing,” I lied, smiling at him. He bent his head forward
and kissed me again, asking for entrance and I pulled away
again. “Liam, seriously, your mom is watching us,” I
whispered to his puppy dog face. We both looked over at
Pat who was staring with a huge grin on her face, like she
was watching the cutest thing in the world.
Liam stood up and held out his hand to me. “Let’s
go listen to some music in my room.” He frowned a little at
his mom who was still watching us like some kind of crazy
happy woman.
I grabbed his hand and let him pull me up and into
his room. I hadn’t been in his bedroom for years. I think the
last time I was in here was probably about two years ago
when I came in to change my clothes after we had a huge
water fight and Jake and I had gotten locked out. His room
was much the same as it was then, but it now had more
stuff on the walls. Like his signed hockey shirt that he had
gotten for his birthday from his parents this year, and his
trophies that were all lined up on some shelves.
He put on some music quietly and I walked over to
the bookcase to see two framed photos. One was of Jake,
Liam and I at the park where we had gone for a picnic when
we were kids, I was probably eleven or twelve. The other
photo was of me and my dance crew, taken at one of the
competitions that we had entered. I picked it up and looked
at it curiously.
“I love that photo,” Liam said, smiling at it as he
stood next to me.
I held it out to him. “When did you take this?”
“About two months ago at the club on Richmond.
You won first prize and you were jumping all over the place,
excited.” He smiled and rubbed his thumb over the picture,
before putting it back down.
I walked over to his bed and sat down. “Wow, your
bed is uncomfortable! No wonder you like sleeping at
mine,” I joked, running my hand over his duvet. He laughed
and came and sat next to me. I couldn’t help but notice that
he looked so handsome when he laughs. I pushed him
down on the bed and moved so I was straddling him, I put
my forearms near his head and bent down so that our faces
were almost touching. “So, Liam, I want you to tell me
something,” I breathed, running my hands through his hair.
“Can I kiss you first? Then I’ll answer anything you
want.” His gaze flicked down to my lips for a split second,
before returning to my eyes.
I crashed my lips to his. His arms immediately went
around my waist, pulling me closer to him, one of his hands
tangling in my hair. He traced his tongue along my bottom
lip slowly and I didn’t refuse him this time, I opened my
mouth, eagerly. His taste exploded into my mouth as he
slipped his tongue in, massaging mine passionately,
making me moan. Kissing Liam seemed to get better and
better each time. I was burning with the need for him to
touch me, but I was also conscious that his parents were
just down the hall and knew that we were in here together. I
pulled back after a few minutes, we were both breathing
hard. He was running his hands slowly down my body from
the top of my head down to my waist and back up again,
looking at me lovingly.
I was a little startled by the look on his face. What his
mom said was true. He really was in love with me; I could
see it in his eyes.
“So, what is it you want to know, Angel?” he asked,
gripping both of his hands on my ass and squeezing gently.
I was almost distracted by his hands; I mean, if he just
moved them a bit further down and towards the centre
more, they would be exactly where my body was screaming
for him to be. I shook my head to clear away the lustful
thoughts, and smiled at his handsome face.
“I want to know why you call me Angel.”
He gasped and blushed slightly. I smiled
reassuringly at him. He groaned and shook his head
quickly. “No way. I’m not answering that,” he whined, giving
me the puppy dog face that I couldn’t resist.
“Come on, you said you’d answer anything I
wanted,” I encouraged. He frowned and shook his head.
OK, I’ll try another tactic. “Please?” I begged, pecking his
lips. “Please?” I whispered, kissing him again. “Please?”
He moaned and took a deep breath as I kissed
down his neck. “I call you Angel because, I honestly believe
that God put an Angel on this earth just for me,” he
admitted, cupping my face in his hands making me look at
him. I took in a shaky breath. So it was true what Pat said.
My heart was racing in my chest as he continued to speak.
“The first time I saw you I thought you were an Angel straight
from heaven. You were so beautiful that you took my breath
away. You still do, every day.”
“That has to be the sweetest thing I have ever heard,
Liam,” I murmured, kissing him tenderly. He kissed me
back and rolled so I was underneath him. “I could kiss you
all day,” I whispered, as he kissed down my neck, nibbling
gently on the skin and making me moan breathlessly.
“Mmm, that sounds like a good plan,” he mumbled
against my skin. I wrapped my legs around his waist and
pulled him closer to me, kissing him with everything I had.
He pinned my arms above my head and kissed me again
before trailing kisses across my cheek to my ear. “I love
you, Angel,” he whispered.
My heart stopped and my body began to tingle but I
didn’t know what to say. “I…. I…. Liam…. I….”
He kissed me again, stopping me from speaking. I
felt his grip loosen on my wrists, so I wrapped my arms
around his neck, pulling him closer to me. “You don’t have
to say anything. I’ve felt like this about you for years, but
you’ve only just stopped looking at me like your brothers
asshole best friend. I just wanted to say the words to you,
that’s all. I’ve been waiting to say them for a long time,” he
said, smoothing my hair away from my face. I wrapped my
arms around his neck tightly and kissed all over his face,
before finally kissing him long and hard on his perfect
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