Chapter 4
After dinner Jake and Liam went out and
got some drink for the party as usual. So I
took the opportunity and had a nice long
bath, making myself feel relaxed and
refreshed. I groaned at the thought of
another party. They didn’t get too wild or
anything like that, but they would last until
two or three in the morning. On top of lack
of sleep, there would always be a huge
mess to clean up in the morning, both inside
and out.
I sighed and wrapped myself in a towel. As I
stepped out of the bathroom I walked straight into Liam. His
hands shot out to steady me, grabbing my waist so I didn’t
fall over. I clutched the towel tighter around myself as I tried
to calm my shocked heart.
“Wow, I like the outfit,” he teased, looking me up and
down, slowly. I slapped his hands away and stormed into
my bedroom, slamming the door behind me.
As soon as the door closed, he knocked. “What,
Liam?” I asked angrily, through the door.
“Angel, open the door please,” he requested, trying
the handle.
“Liam, will you just go away? Seriously, I’m not
dressed!” I frowned and stomped my foot, then immediately
blushed and thanked God that he was outside the door, so
he hadn’t seen that.
“Angel, please?” he begged.
I sighed; I hated it when he used that voice. That was
his night-time voice and the one that I had trouble saying no
to. I wrenched the door open and he smirked at me as he
walked past me into my room. “Well, what the hell do you
want?” I asked, going to my closet and pulling out my
favourite t-shirt of Liam's that I'd found in the wash. I pulled it
on, being careful to keep the towel wrapped tightly around
me too.
“Hey, I was wondering where that shirt went,” he
said, nodding at my t-shirt.
I gasped immediately thinking he was going to ask
for it back. This was my favourite t-shirt. I put it on whenever
I felt like being a slob and lounging around the house.
“You’re not getting it back, I love this shirt,” I stated, waving
my hand in a dismissive gesture.
“Fair enough. It looks better on you than it does me
anyway,” he replied, with a grin, looking at my legs.
I sighed in exasperation. Why does he have to be
such a flirt? “Seriously, what do you want?” I repeated,
walking over to the door and putting my hand on the handle,
ready to kick his butt out if he makes anymore of his flirty
“I just wanted to drop off my stuff. A change of
clothes and things for tomorrow seeing as I’ll be here
tonight.” He shrugged, dropping his bag onto my bed.
“And you couldn’t just pass it to me, instead of
coming in here?” I asked angrily. Why did he have to make
everything so freaking difficult?
“I could have done, but then I would have missed the
pleasure of seeing your hot ass in my t-shirt. I think it’s very
sexy when a girl wears her man’s clothes,” he purred,
raking his eyes over me again, making me squirm.
I wrenched the door open and glared at him. “You’re
not my man, so get the hell out!” I shouted.
“Whatever you say, Angel.” He chuckled and left, but
not before shooting me his flirty wink.
I dried my hair off, straightening it and applied my
make-up. Again, I hardly ever wear any make up, even to
parties, so I just added a little silver eye shadow and some
mascara, switching my clear lip gloss, for pink. I pulled on
my midnight blue lacy bra and thong and looked through my
closet. Parties at our house were always incredibly hot.
Jake and Liam practically invited the whole school and
everyone crammed in, making everyone sweaty and hot so
I didn't want to go for too many layers. I pulled out a pair of
black fairly short shorts and a tank top, then slipped on my
silver long necklaces and my silver strappy sandals with a
little heel. I looked myself over in the mirror. I had a nice
figure, toned, not too skinny and curvy in all the right places.
I took after my mom and had long legs and curvy hips, a
small waist and slightly bigger than average breasts. I
wasn’t the most attractive girl around, but I was happy with
myself and that was all that mattered to me.
Jake wouldn’t like this outfit though. It probably
showed way too much skin for his liking, even though I was
completely covered - and compared to the skanks he and
Liam were used to hanging around with, I looked like a nun.
I briefly considered changing before deciding against it, no
it was hot and I wasn’t going to get all sweaty and wear
jeans just because he doesn’t like guys to look his little
I waited until the party was in full swing, that way
Jake wouldn’t tell me to go change like some little kid, in
front of everyone. After about forty minutes, I made my way
down the hall. There were people everywhere, some
people were staggering around already. They must have
only been drinking for an hour - it was pathetic. Jake
spotted me and gave me the death glare that ran in the
family, and pointed for me to go back to my room, mouthing
the word ‘change’ to me. I shook my head and smiled
sweetly, mingling in with the party people, quickly heading
to the other end of the lounge so he wouldn’t know where I
“Hey, Sean,” I chirped, as I spotted one of my best
“Hey, girl. Wow, you are looking hot tonight,” he said
looking me over, but not in the usual perverted way guys
had. Sean and I had been friends for a long time; he had
been dating the same girl for the last two years and was
completely besotted with her, which was really sweet.
“Thanks. You look good too,” I replied, smiling and
looking round for my other friends. “Where’s Kate and
Sarah?” I asked with a frown. They never missed these
parties, for them it was just an excuse to drool over all the
hot guys at school, mostly Jake and Liam.
“They’re trying for your brother,” he stated, pointing
to the kitchen, and laughing.
I looked where he was pointing, to see Kate and
Sarah both giggling uncontrollably at something that Jake
had said. Kate had her hand on his arm, and Sarah was
pressed against his side. Jake looked completely
uninterested but he was enjoying the attention, the same as
always. He was used to the two of them hanging on his
every word, whenever they came to my house they would
flirt with him shamelessly, and he would walk around
topless, chuckling at their lustful expressions.
I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to
Sean. “No Terri tonight?” I asked, scanning the room for
Just then someone grabbed me from behind. I let
out a little squeal before they spoke and I realised it was
Liam. “You look incredible, but I definitely preferred the
towel,” he whispered seductively in my ear. His hot breath
tickled down my neck, making me shiver. I could smell the
beer on his breath but he never got drunk, Jake did, but
Liam always seemed to remain the one in control in case
things got out of hand.
“Get bent,” I growled, turning to walk away to the
kitchen. I still hadn’t even had a drink.
“Hey, Angel, wait for me!” he called, grabbing my
hand as I continued to weave through the crowd of people
making out and grinding against each other.
When I got to the kitchen I was greeted by the sight
of a girl laying across my kitchen counter, and two boys
doing shots off of her body. I recognised the girl easily by
her red hair and lack of clothing. Jessica.
She let out an excited screech as we walked in.
“Liam! Come on, baby, do a body shot,” she purred
Liam gripped my hand tighter and gave me his
puppy dog face, asking for help. I just laughed and pushed
him towards her. “Go on, Liam, give the girl what she wants,
you know you want to do a body shot,” I teased, laughing
hysterically at his horrified expression, which quickly turned
to a smirk.
He gripped my hips and lifted me onto the counter,
stepping between my legs so that our faces were inches
apart. “Actually, I do. Lay down for me then, Angel.” He
gave me a wicked grin but I knew he was only messing
“Liam James, get your filthy man-whore hands off of
me, now!” I whisper yelled at him, which made him chuckle
again. He just shook his head, looking amused, and
stepped back; pulling me easily from the counter and
setting me back down onto my feet.
I grabbed a cup and poured myself three quarters of
a cup of Vodka and added a splash of orange juice,
downing a shot of vodka whist I was still pouring.
“Angel, take it easy there, alright?” He frowned at my
drink shaking his head worriedly.
“No way. I’m getting wasted tonight, and there is no
way I’m tidying up tomorrow.” I patted his chest as I walked
back to my friends.
After a couple of hours I was pretty drunk. I didn’t
really feel very steady on my feet, but I carried on dancing
with my friends anyway. Liam was chatting to some of his
team mates not too far away, and kept glancing at me.
“Seriously, Liam is checking you out!” Kate
squealed in my ear for the fifth time.
“He is not! Don’t be so stupid, Kate, he’s probably
just making sure I don’t throw up, he’s tidying up tomorrow.”
I finished my drink and dropped my cup on the carpet. Ha,
let them clean that in the morning because I’m not! I started
laughing hysterically, which made Kate giggle too. “I’m
going to get another drink,” I shouted over the music.
The song changed to ‘She’s like a star’, by ‘Taio
Cruz’ which is Liam’s favourite song. I felt someone grab
my hand and looked back to see Liam giving me a smile,
one of the real ones, and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“Dance with me, Angel,” he said, wrapping his arms around
my waist.
I was so drunk at this point that I didn’t even care that
I was dancing with Liam; I wrapped my arms around him
and tucked my face into his neck. He smelled amazing and
I wondered what he would taste like if I licked him. Wait, did
I just think about licking Liam like he was a Popsicle or
something? I burst out laughing at my own idiocy. Liam
pulled back and gave me a ‘what the heck’ face, which just
made it funnier. He rolled his eyes and shook his head,
looking amused, as he pressed his body back to mine. The
song wasn’t really a slow song so we were swaying quite
fast and half grinding against each other. I loved dancing,
and he was really good at it, our bodies seemed to fit
together perfectly.
I could feel him getting aroused but this didn’t bother
me. Liam has been pressing his erections on me since I
was twelve and he was fourteen. He wakes up with one
every day, and most of the time falls asleep with one too. I
just ignore it. It was weird the first time it happened and
really freaked me out. He had gone home that morning, so
embarrassed that he’d almost cried, he’d spoken to his
dad about it and then came back the next night and
explained that it was normal for boys to have it happen
because he was growing and it was all to do with
hormones. I didn’t know whether it was true or not, but I
didn’t have any reason to doubt him. It was embarrassing
for us both for a month or so, then it was a joke for a while,
now we just ignore it completely. He pulled back to look at
me and gave me one of his nice smiles and my mouth
pulled up into a smile in return. He actually looked really
cute when he smiled like that, funny how I’d only just noticed
and I’d known him forever.
Jake came out of nowhere. “Dude, what the fuck?
That’s my little sister!” he shouted at Liam, grabbing his
shoulder and jerking him away from me.
“Jake man, seriously I was just dancing with her,
that’s her song!” Liam cried, looking really annoyed.
“Liam, you need to stay away from my sister, she’s
sixteen for fuck sake. You know what she’s been through.
She doesn’t need guys like you chasing her around!” Jake
shouted back, stepping forwards and getting in Liam’s
face. I could tell he was drunk by the slight touch of red to
his ears, they were always the giveaway.
“I would never hurt her!” Liam growled, their chests
almost touching.
“I don’t give a shit! I said stay away!” Jake shouted.
I just shrugged and left them to it, I don’t need to
witness their fight, they’ll be making up in a couple of
minutes anyway, they always do. As I rounded the corner to
the kitchen, I walked smack into a guy I didn’t know. He was
maybe a little older than me, probably Jake’s age, he was
really cute. He had black hair that was quite shaggy; it
flicked across his forehead, and almost covered one of his
brown eyes. He smiled and grabbed my waist steadying
me as I swayed. I immediately flinched because he was
touching me, but not too bad because the drink had
numbed some of my brain.
“Well hello,” he purred with his sexy voice.
“Hi.” I smiled; he hadn’t taken his hands from my
waist so I took a step back to get some personal space.
“I’m Trent.” He grinned; I noticed that when he smiled
he had really cute little dimples.
“Amber,” I replied, not looking away from his face,
he really was handsome. I didn’t recognise him from
school. “You go to Penn State?” I asked, curious as to why I
didn’t know him if he was at the party.
He shook his head and smiled. “No. I’m actually just
here to pick up my little sister, but I can’t find her.”
“Oh yeah? Who’s your sister?” I asked frowning;
someone has got one hot ass brother I can tell you!
“Jessica Sanders,” he stated. I couldn’t help my
body’s natural reaction; I turned my nose up a little, which
made him laugh. “Not a big fan, huh?” he asked, still
“Oh…. er…. sorry,” I mumbled, looking at him
apologetically and blushing like crazy. I can’t believe I just
made that face at his sister! What an idiot!
“Don’t worry about it; I know she can be a pain in the
“So, do you want me to help you find her?” I offered,
looking round the kitchen for her. Nope, not in here. I
giggled as I remembered that he’d just walked out of that
room, so of course she wasn’t there!
“Nah, she’ll turn up. How about we get a drink
instead?” he suggested, nodding towards the drinks
“Yeah OK, sure.” I smiled as he grabbed two cups
and a bottle of Jack Daniels.
We did a couple of shots of it and I was really
trashed now. I leant against him heavily as we chatted and
laughed about random stuff that didn’t even really seem to
make sense to me. Suddenly, he pushed me against the
kitchen counter and pressed his body against mine. The
familiar panic was starting to rise as my heart increased,
he was inching his head forward towards mine. I felt my
mouth go dry. Holy crap, he was going to kiss me! Did I
want that? What if he puts his hands on me or something?
My mind was spinning through the thoughts so fast that I
couldn’t even keep up with them all.
I gasped and pulled my head back, banging it on the
cupboard behind me, hard enough to make my eyes water.
He shook his head, looking at me a little bewildered and
then crashed his lips to mine. I whimpered and pushed on
his chest, trying to get him off, his hands went to the back of
my neck holding me still and I felt him lick along my bottom
lip. I clamped my mouth shut and pushed him as hard as I
could, but he didn’t budge. I started to freak out; I could
literally feel the panic attack taking over as my heartbeat
crashed in my ears.
The next thing I know, he was gone. I looked up,
puzzled, to see Liam pinning him against the wall, his arm
across the guys throat. He looked so angry that I actually
started to feel sorry for the guy, who was now starting to turn
a little red from not being able to breathe.
“You don’t fucking touch her! What, you think you can
just waltz in here and kiss her even though she plainly didn’t
want it?” Liam growled angrily.
I started to feel sick, literally, stared to feel sick. I
jumped off the counter and staggered for my en-suite,
where I threw up what felt like several liters of vodka. I
groaned and flushed and moved back to sit down when I
leant against someone’s legs. I didn’t freak out though, I
could smell his aftershave, I knew it was Liam.
“You alright?” he asked, his voice sympathetic. But I
couldn’t answer; I just leant over the toilet and threw up
another bottle of vodka. Wow, that’s a waste of money!
Liam, bless him, was rubbing my back in small circles and
holding my hair up for me. After a few minutes I felt a lot
better. “You want to go to bed?” he asked, looking at me
I nodded. “Yeah, I just want to brush my teeth.” I
struggled to get up off of the bathroom floor, but I was so
uncoordinated that it didn’t work out too well. Liam smiled
and bent down, slipping his arms under me and picking me
up easily as if I weighed nothing at all. He sat me on the unit
next to the sink, grabbed my toothbrush and put on the
toothpaste for me. I smiled weakly and brushed my teeth,
making sure all of the alcohol taste was gone.
“Bed?” he asked, when I was done. I nodded and he
picked me up bridal style and carried me back to my
bedroom. He had pulled back the covers and was just
about to put me in when I remembered I was still in my party
“Wait! I don’t want to go to bed like this,” I mumbled,
looking down at my shorts and tank top, I still had my
jewellery and shoes on too.
He nodded and set me down on my feet, but I could
barely stand and I felt myself sway as my legs threatened to
give out on me. Liam wrapped one arm around my waist,
holding me up, and pulled my necklaces off. I got hold of the
bottom of my top and pulled it over my head, getting
tangled in the process and starting to laugh. I heard him
sigh as he pushed me to make me sit on the bed and
pulled my top off for me. When I looked up at him I saw he
had an amused expression on his face. I laid back on the
bed and unbuttoned my shorts, raising my hips as I pulled
them down over my ass; he grabbed them and pulled them
down slowly so I was laying there in my bra and thong. He
held my legs up in the air as he took my sandals off one at
a time.
“Nice,” he purred, looking me over with his
trademark smirk, but I didn’t care, I just laid there, giggling,
until my stomach lurched again.
“Oh no!” I gasped, trying to sit up, clamping a hand
over my mouth. Quick as lightening, he picked me up again
and carried me back to the bathroom, holding my hair
again and rubbing my back while I emptied my stomach.
After I had brushed my teeth again, he slipped off his
t-shirt and pulled it over my head. “There’s another one to
add to your t-shirt collection,” he said with an easy smile, as
he picked me up and carried me into my bed. He walked
off towards the door. I thought he was going to leave and go
back to the party, but he didn’t, he just locked the door and
slipped off his jeans, climbing into the bed next to me. I
could still hear the party going on outside. Liam wrapped
his arms around me and pulled me into his chest. I couldn’t
stop thinking about the guy kissing me in the kitchen.
Before I knew what had happened, I’d started to cry.
“What’s wrong, Angel?” he asked, looking at me
“That asshole stole my first kiss!” I wailed. Liam
burst out laughing and I felt even worse because of it. I can’t
believe he’s laughing at me! “It’s not funny, Liam! A girl’s
first kiss is important to her. Just because you’re some kind
of super slut who doesn’t care, and probably doesn’t
remember his first kiss, doesn’t mean that the little things
aren’t important!” I said angrily, slapping on his chest.
“Angel, calm down. He didn’t steal your first kiss,” he
said sternly, looking right into my eyes making me feel
weightless with his stupid bottomless, blue, man-whore
“What are you talking about? He did! He just kissed
me and stole it,” I croaked, a tear falling from my eye. He
wiped it away with his thumb and shook his head.
“Yeah, he did just kiss you, but that wasn’t your first
kiss. I had that a long time ago,” he explained, with a halfsmile
that made his face look beautiful. What the hell was
he talking about? I’d never kissed him. I frowned, thinking
back, trying to remember. “Remember when I hurt myself
when I fell out of that tree in my front garden? I was thirteen
and my freaking leg hurt so badly, and you asked what you
could do to make the pain go away.” He closed his eyes
and shook his head at the memory, with a small smile
playing at the corners of his lips.
I gasped. Oh my gosh, that’s right! He’d asked me
to kiss him and I did, well, twice actually. He said that it was
still hurting and asked me to kiss him again. Right after that,
Jake came out of the house and caught us; he punched
Liam in the face for it. Oh crap, Liam had my first kiss! I
wasn’t sure how to feel about that, it was actually nice at the
time. He was being really sweet that day; he was climbing
the tree to get my ball that got stuck up there. I guess, that
was a good thing, at least if Liam had my first kiss then it
wasn’t stolen by some asshole when I was drunk at a party.
I smiled at him and he smiled back. “That was my
first kiss too, and I do remember it,” he said softly, winking
at me teasingly.
“Well you’ve had plenty more since then, and then
some,” I stated, meaning all of the girls that he had slept
“Yeah, but that was still the first and the best,” he
whispered, kissing the top of my head and pulling his arms
tighter around me, tucking my head in the crook of his neck.
We just laid there in silence; I didn’t know what to say, so I
just kept quiet.
After a little while I was still awake because of the
noise coming from the party, it was only one o’clock so it
would probably go on for at least another hour. I rolled over
to see Liam watching me. “You can’t sleep though that
either, huh?” he asked, smiling.
I shook my head. “Why don’t you go back out and
make the most of it. There’s no point in us both laying here
awake.” I pulled away from him so he could get out of the
He shook his head and pulled me back to his chest.
“I’m fine where I am.”
After about half an hour, I raised my head and
looked at him, he was asleep and looked really peaceful
and sweet, and not to mention hot. I’d never really looked at
him that way. I knew he was gorgeous and had an
awesome body, but it just never occurred to me to look at
him in that way. My eyes moved to his chest. He really was
incredible and had a perfect six pack. I reached out one
finger and traced the lines of his muscles on his stomach,
just wondering what they would feel like.
He shivered. “I’m feeling a little violated,” he stated,
making me jump and pull my hand away quickly.
I giggled because I’d gotten caught. “Welcome to my
world, you make me feel like that all the time.” I shrugged.
“I suppose I do, sorry,” he said casually. Immediately
I wondered why he wasn't like this all the time, if he was
then I would probably be in love with him like every other girl
was. “Hey, seeing as we can’t get to sleep…. how about
we play a game?” he suggested, sounding excited about it
- which was probably a bad sign.
I rolled my eyes, trying not to imagine the stupid
games that he would come up with. “I’m not playing a game
with you, it’ll be something like a strip game, or something
else crude that’s going to involve you seeing me naked,” I
said, frowning and pouting.
He laughed and gripped hold of my pouty bottom lip
between his thumb and forefinger. “Don’t pout, Angel. If the
wind changes you’ll get stuck like that,” he joked, running
his thumb along my lip. The movement made my mouth
water for some reason. I stuck out my tongue and licked his
thumb jokingly, expecting him to pull away and say it was
disgusting. He didn’t. Instead, he made a little moan in the
back of his throat. The sound made something deep inside
me tingle and throb.
He moved his head closer to mine and then
stopped, his lips were a few millimeters away from mine. I
couldn’t breathe, my heart was racing, but it wasn’t the
usual fear I had, it was because I wanted him to kiss me. He
seemed to be waiting for me to give him a sign to say it
was OK. I gulped and closed the distance, pressing my lips
to his lightly. It felt like he gave me a shock, my body started
to tingle and throb with the need for him to touch me. A
thousand butterflies seemed to take flight in my stomach,
but I knew it wasn’t because of the alcohol.
He responded immediately, pulling me closer to him
and running his hands down my back. I raised my arms and
put them around his neck, tangling my fingers into his silky
brown hair. His lips were soft and fit perfectly with mine. He
sucked lightly on my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, not
really knowing what to expect from my first proper kiss. He
slipped his tongue in my mouth and massaged mine slowly,
tenderly. The taste of him was amazing as he explored my
entire mouth; my whole body was burning, wanting more.
Suddenly, he pulled away making me whimper and
wonder what I’d done wrong. He snapped his head up to
my door, clamping his hand over my mouth to keep me
quiet. “Shout that you’re fine,” he whispered. I looked at him
“Amber! Open the door!” Jake shouted, banging
loudly, making the door rattle.
Liam nodded at me and took his hand off of my
mouth. I cleared my throat quickly. “Jake, I’m fine. I’m tired
so go away!” I shouted, trying to make my voice sound
“Ambs, have you seen Liam?” Jake asked through
the door. I looked at Liam, horrified. What on earth was I
supposed to say to that? Yeah, actually he’s in the bed
with me, half naked, and I’ve just had my tongue down his
throat. Now can you go away, you’re interrupting? Yeah, I
don’t think that will go down too well with my brother!
“I went home,” Liam whispered, nodding
“He said he was going home, Jake. Now go away,” I
shouted, biting my lip and hoping he’d buy it. Liam bent his
head back down and touched his soft lips back to mine
again, pulling away with a sigh when Jake shouted again.
“Amber, are you OK? You sound a little strange.”
I giggled. “Yeah. I got sick so I came to bed, but I’m
fine now. I’ll see you in the morning. Oh and by the way, I’m
not cleaning up, so you need to do it all,” I teased, smiling at
the thought of him cleaning the house on his own.
“Whatever, Ambs, we both know you’ll help me
anyway,” Jake replied, laughing.
I looked back to Liam who smiled his beautiful smile
at me and pressed his lips back to mine again, making the
tingle come back instantly. His hand slid down my side
slowly as he slipped his tongue back into my mouth, his
taste exploding onto my taste buds. He reached the bottom
of his t-shirt that I was wearing and slipped his hand
underneath, running his hand up my thigh and touching my
hip. His fingers traced along the material of my thong, so
that his hand was on my ass. My skin seemed to be burning
wherever he touched me.
It was at that point that I snapped back into myself.
This is way too fast. I pulled my head back and put my hand
on top of his to stop him from moving it any further up my
“Oh sorry. Too fast, right?” he asked, looking a little
guilty. I nodded, trying to get my breath back and calm my
body down. “That’s OK, Angel. Let’s just get some sleep
then,” he suggested, with a huge smile. He moved away
from me slightly and laid on his back, pulling me tightly to
his side.
I put my head on his chest and slung my leg over his
and my arm across his waist; he reached down and took
hold of my hand, intertwining out fingers. His lips grazed the
top of my head and I closed my eyes, feeling happier than I
had done for a long time. Just before I fell asleep I had a
horrible feeling that this was a mistake that I would end up
paying for tomorrow. I mean, I’d just made out with my
brother’s best friend, who is a total man-whore, and who
only cares about himself.
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