Chapter 5
I woke in the morning with a pounding
headache. My cellphone was ringing
somewhere nearby. I stretched out my hand
to get it, but I couldn’t reach. I stretched a
little further and managed to knock it onto
the bed so I could answer it.
“Hello?” I yawned.
“Amber! Where the hell are you? We’re supposed to
be practicing,” an angry male voice shouted. I winced away
from the sound and tried to get up, but Liam was near
enough laying on top of me. He was pinning me on my
stomach, his arm and leg thrown over me, and he was
using my back as a pillow. It was actually surprisingly
“Justin?” I croaked, looking at my alarm clock, but
the numbers were all blurry, I couldn’t make it out. I
squeezed my eyes shut then opened them to see that the
time was now 8:42 a.m.
“Yeah. Who the hell else do you think it’s going be?
You were supposed to be here at eight thirty, Amber. Are
you coming or what?” he asked, clearly annoyed.
“Um, yeah, I’m on my way.”
Liam groaned. “Tell him it’s Saturday and I’m tired,
Angel,” he moaned into my back, making me giggle.
“Listen, Amber, kick that hot piece off ass out of your
bed and get over here! We have a new routine, and you
need to learn it,” Justin said, sounding amused now, he’d
obviously heard Liam. Justin was the only person that knew
that Liam stayed with me, he didn’t know the whole story as
to why, but he knew that he did.
Liam drove me to my dance practice every
Saturday, hung-over or not. His two stipulations were that I
buy lunch, and not tell my brother. Both of which were fine
with me. Jake knew I danced but he had never actually
seen me do it, I had a feeling he wouldn’t like it too much if
he did. Liam and Justin got on really well, which actually
really surprised me at first, because I wouldn’t have thought
that a macho ice hockey player could be friends with an
openly gay guy who likes to wear something pink every day.
Shows how much I know.
“I’ll be there in a bit and I’ll bring doughnuts to
apologise, OK?” I offered sweetly. I didn’t want him
annoyed with me all morning; he would work me twice as
He sighed. “Fine, just hurry up.”
I wriggled a little and pushed my cellphone back
onto the side. “Liam, Justin said I need to kick your hot ass
out of my bed and get there, fast.” I chuckled.
He groaned and buried his face into my back.
“Damn Saturdays are a pain in my ass,” he muttered, rolling
off of me onto his back. I turned my head to look at him; he
was giving me his trademark smirk. “Your t-shirt’s ridden up
a bit there. Want me to get that for you?” he asked, looking
down at my backside. I quickly shot my hands down to feel
that his t-shirt that I was wearing, was now up bunched up
around my waist, which meant he had a clear view of my
ass in my thong. I didn’t quite know where we stood after
last night, but I think I had the right to tease him a little. It’s
not like he’d never seen me in my underwear before, he
saw enough of me last night while I was being sick in just
my underwear!
“No thanks. I got it.” I climbed out of the bed and
stripped off his t-shirt, throwing it in his face so I was just
standing there in my bra and panties. “Thanks for the loan,”
I said with a smirk, walking seductively over to my closet,
trying to find some sweatpants or something I could wear to
dance in. I heard him gasp then moan quietly and I bit my lip
to stop the giggle escaping. The bedsprings creaked;
suddenly his hot breath was blowing down my neck, making
my whole body break out in goosebumps.
“So, am I allowed to touch you today?” he asked
Jeez, is he really asking for my permission? I turned
to face him; he was standing directly behind me in just his
boxers, looking like a Greek God.
“Um…. I don’t know…. do you want to?” I asked, a
little unsure of myself. He’d been with so many girls before,
all of them probably prettier than me, and that was my first
real kiss last night for goodness sake, I bet I sucked royally
at it! He nodded his head eagerly; his eyes were locked on
mine. He wasn’t even looking at my body even though I was
almost naked, which made my stomach do a flip for some
reason.I stiffened as he lifted his hands, slowly, giving me
the chance to stop him, he put them on my hips. His touch
sent a hot flush to my skin and butterflies to my stomach. He
pulled me forwards into his chest, and trailed his fingers
slowly around to my back, one hand going up to grip the
back of my neck lightly and the other hand tickling its way
downwards. He brushed his hand over my ass gently, just
once, before bringing it back up and putting it on the small
of my back. His eyes didn’t leave mine the whole time.
Nervous excitement was racing through my body and I just
stood there, frozen, not really knowing what I should do.
This was all so totally new to me and I was almost scared to
death, but in a good way somehow. He bent his head
slowly and I felt my eyes widen, waiting for his soft lips to
make contact with mine.
Just as they were about to connect, my cellphone
rang again, making us both jump. We both looked at the
phone, my heart was slowly returning to normal rate as I
started to come back to reality. Liam was glaring at it, and I
had the impression he was trying to shoot lasers out of his
eyes to make it stop ringing. I giggled at his exasperated
expression and pulled away from him to answer it. The
caller ID said Justin, again.
I sighed and flipped it open. “I said I’m on my way!” I
rolled my eyes even though I knew he couldn’t see me.
“Just making sure you and your hot ass friend didn’t
go back to sleep,” he said with a chuckle as he hung up. I
snapped the phone shut and looked back at Liam; he was
still watching me but was getting dressed at the same time.
I smiled at him and he smiled back, it was nice. Usually, he
changed into asshole daytime Liam in the morning,
teasing me almost as soon as I wake up, but today he
seems different. I couldn’t help but wonder how long it
would last. I went to my closet and grabbed a pair of black
leggings and a tight white top that just covered my ass; I
grabbed fresh underwear and went to the bathroom to
change.As I walked past him, he grabbed my hand, making
me stop. “You know you have the sexiest ass in the world,
right?” he whispered, just before he pressed his lips to
mine lightly, sending what felt like lightning bolts around my
When he let go, I just looked at him a little shocked.
“Yeah, I bet you say that to all the girls,” I mumbled, shaking
my head and walking into the bathroom closing the door
and taking a deep breath.
What’s wrong with me? Why was he making me feel
like this? That’s Liam for goodness sake! He’s going to
crush you and you’re going to end up like that damn slut
Jessica, begging for his attention once he’s finished and
got what he wanted.
But he wouldn’t do that to me. He’d spent every night
with me for the last eight years. I needed him to be able to
sleep, he kept my nightmares away. He wouldn’t hurt me,
would he? I trusted him to keep me safe, but could I trust
him with my heart? I knew the answer to that was no, I
couldn’t, but for some reason I wanted to.
When I came out of the bathroom he was gone, but
this wasn’t surprising. I walked over to my window to lock it
as usual and I saw a small white daisy on my window sill. I
looked out of the window and smiled, these flowers grew
just outside my window, he must have picked one for me
when he climbed out, and left it there knowing I would see it
when I locked the window. My heart skipped a beat and I
smiled, a little confused. That was so unlike Liam to do
something like that.
I sighed as I tucked the little flower into my pony tail
and then headed to the kitchen, grabbing two juice boxes. I
scribbled a note for Jake telling him that I had gone
dancing, and that I would help him clear up later if he would
let Kate and Sarah come over to watch a movie tonight. I
knew he would go for it, this was my usual bribe for helping
him clear up after his parties; they would come over to ours
in the evening and he would pay for pizza and a movie. All
he had to do was put up with two flirty girls hitting on him
and Liam all night, as usually he came over too, if he didn’t
have a date.
I skipped out of the front door into his car that was
already running outside my house. “Hey, got you this,” I
chirped, handing him the drink.
“Thanks. Got you this.” He smiled, handing me a
slice of toast.
I laughed. “That’s a pretty good exchange,” I said,
smiling at him and eating it. “Oh, I need to go to Benny’s
and get doughnuts, if that’s alright.” I looked at him hopefully
while we were driving down the high street. He nodded and
was still beaming. “Why so happy today?” I asked, curious
as to why he was smiling so much. He couldn’t have had
much sleep and I knew he was still tired, I could tell by his
“I had a good night last night that’s all. I finally scored
with some really hot chick that I’ve been after for a while.”
He winked at me, his genuine smile turning into his stupid
My insides felt like someone had shoved a
chainsaw into my stomach. He had hooked up with
someone, and then came on to me in the bed? That stupid
jerk! I’d kissed him, a proper kiss too, and he had used
some girl for sex before that! Ugh, the stupid man-whore, I
knew I shouldn’t have expected any different. I turned away
so he couldn’t see how hurt I was, and glared out of my
window, refusing to cry. Crying is for the weak. I hardly ever
let anyone see me cry, but some people we already behind
the defences I had built so I couldn’t help it. He pulled up
outside Benny’s and I jumped out, wanting to be away from
him. I ordered twenty assorted doughnuts, heavy on the
chocolate variety because they were my favourites.
When I got back in the car, Liam smiled. “Got
enough there?” he joked, looking at the two huge boxes I
had in my arms.
I just nodded and turned up the radio. “I like this
song,” I lied; I had no idea what it was but I just didn’t want
to talk to him.
He shot me a weird glance. “You hate rave music,”
he said, frowning and turning it down. Actually, he was right,
I did hate that stuff, but I would rather that than talk to him,
the lying slut.
We pulled up outside the studio where my crew
rehearsed every Saturday, we were a street dancing crew
and we were pretty good too. We had entered a dance
battle last week against ten other crews in the area and had
come second, winning over $1,000 in prize money. Not that
we ever saw any of the money, it went straight on studio
time and uniforms, music, and fliers or posters. I loved to
dance, street dance was my favourite and anything that
went with a hip hop beat got my vote. It had always been my
dream since I was a little girl to have my own dance studio,
maybe one day I’d get there, but it seemed highly unlikely.
“Hey, I’m so sorry guys, I overslept,” I said, looking at
them all apologetically as I walked in.
Justin pulled me into a big hug and I tried not to
flinch away from him; he was wearing his trademark piece
of pink in the form of a cap today. “That’s OK. I’d oversleep
too if I had that fine ass in my bed,” he teased with a grin as
he nodded over my shoulder towards Liam. I rolled my eyes
and put the doughnuts on the table, grabbing a chocolate
one quickly before they all went. I headed over to say hi to
the other guys. There were eight of us in our crew, four girls
and four guys. I was happily chatting with the guys, when
Justin called everyone to start. “Seeing as we are already
forty-five minutes late because someone couldn’t drag her
ass out of bed on time, we’d better get started,” he stated,
throwing me a mock glare and making me laugh.
We set to work on a new routine; it was hard and
complicated and even had some pretty scary lifts. The
worst one was where I was on Ricky’s shoulders and had to
flip off, turn in the air so I was facing backwards, then he
would catch me as I fell down his body. Almost instantly, I
had to wrap my legs around his waist before leaning all the
way back putting my arms on the floor and roll my body into
the floor. Luckily we had mats, because it took over an hour
for me to even land it once, and let me tell you, even landing
on your back or stomach on a padded mat, hurts,
especially if the muscled guy who is supposed to catch
you, lands on top of you.
After about the twentieth attempt, I pushed Ricky off
of me, laughing. I couldn’t even get up I was so tired, sweat
was running down my back. “OK, I officially give up on this
for the day. My head hurts, my back hurts, my butt hurts,
even my arms and legs hurt from holding on,” I whined,
laying like a starfish on the mat.
“Fine, it’s nearly one anyway so we’d better clear the
studio,” Justin said, holding out his hand to help me up.
I shook my head, laughing. “Can’t. I honestly can’t
move,” I muttered, closing my eyes, trying to catch my
breath. The next thing I know Liam was there, he grabbed
hold of me and picked me up, throwing me over his
shoulder as if I weighed nothing at all, and headed towards
the girls shower room, laughing. “What the hell are you
doing?” I cried, still annoyed at him for what he did to me
last night.
“Helping you,” he stated. I could tell he was smirking
by his stupid sexy voice.
“Put me down!” I ordered, trying to wriggle free, but
he just gripped me tighter.
I heard the shower turn on.
No! He wouldn’t!
He did.
He stepped into the shower, putting me down under
the spray, both of us getting completely soaked. I stood
there, shocked. I had a change of clothes with me so it
didn’t really matter, but I didn’t think that he did. Ha, stupid
idiot, now he has to sit in his car in wet clothes!
He was laughing at me so I cupped my hands
together and collected some water, throwing it at him; he
laughed harder and gripped my waist, pressing himself to
me under the shower. Water was running down his head,
plastering his hair to his face, he looked sexy as hell. His
clothes were slick to his body; I wanted to run my hands
down him to feel the lines of his muscles. He bent his head
forward and kissed me, wrapping his arms tightly around
me and pushing me against the wall. He sucked lightly on
my bottom lip and I gladly opened my mouth, eager to taste
him again. He tasted even better today, probably because I
was still half drunk when we kissed last night so I couldn’t
appreciate it as much. His kissing was beautiful and was
sending ripples of desire racing through my body.
Finally, he pulled away and we were both breathless.
I looked into his eyes and I could see that they were
dancing with excitement; I could also see something else
that scared the life out of me because I knew I wasn’t ready
for that. I saw lust, plain and simple. Liam wanted my body
badly. I gasped and pushed him back, stepping out of the
shower quickly.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. Too soon, right?”
he asked, coming out of the shower and taking hold of my
I turned back to look at him. I couldn’t give him what
he wanted; he could get that somewhere else. I mean, he
was Liam James for goodness sake, he could have any girl
he wanted, and he does! He already admitted he hooked
up with someone last night before he kissed me. He was a
player plain and simple and if I let him have my heart, he
would break it, no doubt about it.
“Liam, what do you want from me?” I asked quietly,
looking at my soaked sneakers.
He put his finger under my chin and lifted my face so
I had to look at him. “Everything,” he said simply.
My heart stopped, and then took off in a sprint at
how sweet that sounded. Wait, it’s just a line to get into your
pants, Amber, calm down! “I can’t give you that, not even
close. Go find the skank that you hooked up with last night,
I’m sure she’s more than willing to do everything with you,” I
growled nastily, doing air quotes around the word
everything, before storming off to get changed. My bag was
already in here, I assume one of the girls put it in after
seeing Liam and I in the shower making out. Damn it, that’s
He grabbed my wrist and made me stop and look at
him. “What skank are you talking about, Angel?” he asked,
looking at me confused.
“The skank you screwed before you kissed me in
bed! Damn it, Liam, you weren’t even drunk and you’ve
forgotten already? Wow, this one must have really meant
something to you,” I spat acidly.
He looked even more confused. “I didn’t screw
anyone last night, what are you talking about?” he asked,
trying to pull me to him, but I stood my ground and
wrenched my wrist out of his grasp, he didn’t resist he just
let me go; he knew I didn’t like being restrained.
I gave him my death glare and grabbed my towel out
of my bag, toweling off my dripping hair. I pulled the little
daisy out of my ponytail and threw it at his feet. “Liam, you
already told me in the car earlier that you fucked some
chick you wanted, that’s why you were so happy,” I growled.
Was he seriously going to lie to me about it now?
Understanding crossed his face, his body seeming
to visibly relax. “Actually, I never said I fucked anyone. What
I actually said was that I finally scored with a really hot chick
that I’d been after for a while,” he stated, shrugging and
smiling, as if this cleared everything up.
I shook my head, still angry. The wording didn’t
matter to me, it was all the same and I still felt betrayed and
used. “Whatever, fucked, scored, it’s all the same thing.
You’re a stupid freaking player and I can’t believe I let you
kiss me. Twice!” I cried. I could feel the tears threatening to
come out, so I turned my back on him.
“You’re misunderstanding what I meant!” he said
I span around to face him again. “Oh, I’m sorry!
Explain please,” I said sarcastically, waving my hand in a
go ahead gesture.
“I was talking about you,” he said quietly. I frowned,
me? “I’ve been crazy about you since the first time I saw
you, Angel, but your brother wouldn’t let me anywhere near
you. All this time it’s only ever been you.” He looked at the
floor like a little lost boy and I couldn’t breathe.
Did he really just say that? He liked me but Jake
wouldn’t let him near me? How could that be true? Anyway,
he’s a player who has sex with three or four different girls a
week. How could it only ever be me? He’s never even had
a girlfriend, he just has dates!
He looked at me pleadingly, he was hurting I could
tell by his face, but I didn’t know what to do. If I took a
chance I knew I would fall in love with him and there was a
good chance he would break my heart into a million pieces,
but I don’t think I could stand to lose him. He had been a
constant in my life and I needed him, probably more than I
needed Jake. He stepped forward and took my face in his
hands and bent his face to mine and kissed me, tenderly. I
knew the decision had been made; this really wasn’t
something I could think through and reason out the pros and
cons. When Liam kissed me, everything seemed right and
whole, just like it should be. I kissed him back, wrapping my
arms around him tightly, pressing into his chest.
He pulled away and grinned at me. “How about I buy
lunch today, and we call it a date?” he suggested, looking
at me shyly. I’d never seen Liam look shy or vulnerable in
his life. The tender, pleading expression on his face was
enough to set what felt like a hundred butterflies loose in my
I pretended to think about it for a few seconds and
his face fell. “OK,” I finally agreed, smiling. He grinned
happily before pulling me into another kiss that actually
made me feel a little giddy.
He pulled out of the kiss just as I was getting slightly
breathless. “I’d better go get some dry clothes from the car,
give you a chance to get changed,” he said looking me
over with a satisfied smile on his face. “Not that you don’t
look sexy as hell in what you’re wearing.”
I looked down at myself, to see that my white t-shirt
was now stuck to me and completely see through. I laughed
uncomfortably and wrapped my arms around myself,
blushing like crazy. He laughed too and bent to pick up the
flower that I had thrown at his feet. He held it back out to
me, smiling his beautiful smile.
“Thanks,” I whispered, biting my lip as my face
burned with embarrassment.
“Anytime,” he said as he walked out of the door.
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