Chapter 6
I got changed quickly and walked out to the
car. Liam was already there, leaning
casually against the car, chatting happily
with Justin and Spencer, another guy from
my crew.
“Hey,” I chirped as I walked up to them.
Liam smiled a beautiful smile at me. “That’s my cue
boys, gotta take the lady on our first real date. See you next
week,” he said, waving them away with a flick of his hand.
Justin’s mouth fell open and he looked from Liam to
me several times. “Date? But…. I mean…. what? I thought
he was your brother’s best friend! You don’t even like him;
you always say he’s a man-whore asshole. Whenever I’ve
said to you about how hot he was, you just said that you
wouldn’t touch his STD ass with a bargepole!” Justin said,
frowning, and looking at me confused.
I groaned and closed my eyes. I was literally so
embarrassed that I wished the ground would open up and
swallow me. How could he just say that right in front of
Liam? Not that I haven’t told him that to his face on more
than one occasion, but I still felt awful. I heard Liam start to
laugh so I risked a glance at him, he didn’t look angry or
“Thanks, Jus,” I muttered, giving him a look that
should be able to kill him on the spot.
Liam reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling me
to his side, still laughing. “It’s a lady’s prerogative to change
her mind,” he said to Justin with a wink, opening my car
door for me.
“I’ll see you next week, guys, and I promise I won’t be
late,” I vowed, kissing their cheeks before getting in the car.
Liam gave them both the typical man hug handshake thing,
and ran round to the driver’s side. When he started the car
he looked over at me with a smile. “Sorry,” I muttered,
blushing again.
“Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing I haven’t heard
before out of your beautiful mouth,” he replied with a grin.
I couldn’t help but smile, he was full of the
compliments today, but some part of me was worrying if he
had said that to all the other girls. Was he expecting me to
have sex with him after a couple of dates? Because if he
was, then he was going to be very disappointed. I decided
that we needed to talk about it. I mean, what was the point
in even trying, if he was just using me for sex, and I wasn’t
planning on giving it up anytime soon?
“So, where shall we go for lunch?” he asked,
snapping me out of my little internal discussion.
“Um…. I don’t mind, what do you fancy?” I asked. He
shot me a flirty look and a wicked smile. I rolled my eyes at
him; he really is a sex crazed player! “To eat, Liam,” I
added, crossing my arms over my chest, trying to look
He just laughed and started driving. “How about
Chinese? You like that, right?” he asked, glancing at me
from the corner of his eye.
“Yeah, I love Chinese food!” I chirped happily,
grinning like I’d won the lottery. Jake hated Chinese food so
we hardly ever had it; Liam smiled and drove us to the
restaurant on the high-street.
We were now sitting, eating our food. We
had been chatting happily for nearly an hour
and I was again surprised by how easy it
was to talk to him. I’d known him for twelve
years and I’d never really just spoken to
him properly about stuff. His leg brushed
mine under the table and made me jump, not
because of my fear, but because it sent a
little jolt through my system, making the
hairs on the back of my neck prick up and
my pulse quicken.
I decided now was the time to sort it out, there was
only one other couple in the restaurant so we could talk
freely, but I just didn’t know how to begin. “Liam, I think we
need to talk about something,” I said quietly.
He cocked his head to the side slightly and looked
at me curiously. “OK. What’s up?”
I took a deep breath, I just needed to get it out and
see what he thought about it. “I really don’t know what you
want from me; I mean, you can have any girl that you want.
I’m an emotional wreck for goodness sake… I mean…. I
flinch every time anyone touches me. I…. I can’t give you
what you want,” I rambled, frowning. Wow, that came out a
little different than I thought, but at least it got the point
“You’re worried about sex,” he stated, looking at me
knowingly, not seeming to be bothered by this conversation
at all.
I gulped and nodded. “I just…. I’m not ready for
anything like that, so if that’s what you want then there really
is no point in starting anything,” I said quietly, looking down
at my plate and wishing the ground would swallow me
He put his hand under my chin and lifted my face up
to look at his; he was smiling his beautiful smile. “I can wait
as long as you want. I really am crazy about you, it’s not
about sex,” he said tenderly, making my heart start to race.
Is he serious or is this a trick so I’ll give it up sooner?
“What if I said I didn’t believe in having sex before
marriage?” I asked, testing him.
His eyes showed his amusement, but he just kept
his face straight. “Then I’d say how about we get married as
soon as you’re old enough. Eighteen is the legal age,
right?” he replied, winking at me.
I laughed but was still unsure what he meant, I wasn’t
eighteen for another two years, is he saying that he’ll wait
two years for me? No sex until after marriage wasn’t
something that I believed in; I’d just wanted to see his
reaction. “I don’t believe in that, but I don’t know how long
it’ll be, Liam, honestly.” I chewed on my lip nervously.
“Angel, I said I can wait as long as you need. I want
to be with you.” He looked me right in the eyes as he
spoke. I didn’t see one ounce of doubt or trickery there and
I felt hope building up inside me. Was he really that into me
that he would wait for me?
“What about in three months’ time when you still
haven’t gotten any, and some random girl throws herself at
you, could you wait then?” I asked sceptically.
He laughed. “You really do think I’m some sex
crazed player, don’t you?” he asked. I nodded in
confirmation. I didn’t think it, I knew it, he slept around a lot!
“Do you know why I’ve been with all of those girls?” he
asked, suddenly looking uncomfortable and embarrassed.
“They give good head?” I asked sarcastically. Is he
really going to go into details about his sex life to a girl he’s
just told he’s crazy about and who is scared of having sex?
Does he actually not have a clue?
He choked on his laughter, and shook his head. “No,
Angel. The reason I went with all those girls was to try and
get over you. I wake up next to you every day. You send my
mind and body into a frenzy. I can smell your hair when I
close my eyes, or I can imagine how your hand feels when
you lay it on my chest. It kills me every day to be so close to
you, but be so far away,” he said, shaking his head and
taking a deep breath, looking at me hopefully. “I thought
maybe if I met someone else that I’d be able to stop
thinking about you, but it didn’t work. Nothing works. When
I’m with them, I wish it was you. When they laugh or talk, I
can’t help but compare it to your voice or your laugh. It’s
always been you; it’ll always be you, Angel.”
I couldn’t speak. What on earth do I say to that? I
mean, I know he’s a player, but I was killing him? That
speech was so freaking adorable! “Oh,” I choked out.
He burst out laughing. “Oh? That’s all you can say?”
I nodded and laughed too. I still had no words to
answer that little confession he’d just made. My head was
still spinning and I knew if I said something now I would just
make myself sound like an idiot. I leant across the table and
took his hand, he smiled happily at me and that seemed to
be all that was necessary.
My head was spinning with thoughts; I really didn’t
know what to believe. He just made that huge confession
about how he feels, but does that mean he’s not going to
cheat on me? Well actually, we weren’t even officially a
couple. Liam only ever did dates; he’s never had a
girlfriend, so technically I have no claim on him anyway. I
needed to be really careful, the more time I spent with this
nice Liam, the more I liked him. I was in real danger of
having my heart crushed.
My cellphone rang, saving us from the slightly weird
silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence though, just strange,
like he seemed perfectly content just to hold my hand and
look at me. The caller ID said it was Kate. “Hey, Kate,
what’s up?” I said cheerfully.
“Hey, Amber, want me to bring a movie for tonight?”
“Yeah sure. Nothing scary though.” I smiled and
slapped Liam’s hand lightly as he tried to steal one of my
spring rolls from my plate. ‘What?’ he mouthed to me
innocently. I rolled my eyes at him and passed him my
“I was thinking, Dawn of the Dead,” Kate replied.
I gasped; is she kidding me? “No way! I’m not
watching that, it’ll scare the crap out of me!” I cried, horrified
at the thought of watching a zombie movie. They made me
so scared that I couldn’t be alone for days afterwards; I had
to pee with the bathroom door open for goodness sake!
I could hear her chuckling. “Please, Amby? I really
want to see it,” she begged, I could imagine the puppy dog
look on her face right now.
Liam was giving me a quizzical expression so I put
my hand over the mouthpiece and whispered, “Dawn of the
He widened his eyes slightly before giving me his
smirk. “Don’t worry, Angel, I’ll protect you,” he whispered
confidently, making me smile.
“Amby, please?” Kate begged again.
“Oh jeez alright fine, bring that damn movie,” I
muttered, defeated.
At least Liam would be there, he always kept my
nightmares away. It would only be bad when I was on my
own, like in the shower or something. I guess I could always
make him stand outside the door and read to me or
something while I was in there, it’s not like he hasn’t done
that for me before. I looked at him a little shocked, actually
the more I thought about it, the more this sweet, funny Liam,
popped into my mind. He quite often did little things for me
that I never took any notice of before. Had he always been
sweet to me, but I was just too prejudice to see it?
“So, what do you think, is that OK?” Kate asked.
I snapped back to reality. Crap, I hadn’t been
listening to her at all! “Sorry, Kate, what? I didn’t hear you,
sorry. I was panicking about that stupid movie.” I winced just
at the thought of it.
She sighed. “I said that my mom and dad are going
away for the weekend so do you think it would be alright if I
just slept at yours tonight and tomorrow night? I don’t really
want to stay on my own,” she said in a small voice. I looked
at Liam and winced. If Kate stayed over that meant that he
couldn’t, because she slept in the camp bed on my floor.
“Um sure, Kate, you can stay over for the weekend.
Jake won’t mind,” I agreed reluctantly.
Liam shot his eyes up to mine, and he shook his
head. ‘NO!’ he mouthed to me pleadingly. I just gave him an
apologetic look and shrugged, I couldn’t say no to her, she
was my best friend.
“Great. Well I’ll come over at about seven then, OK?”
she chirped, sounding excited.
“Yeah, OK. See you.” I snapped my cellphone shut
and looked back at Liam.
“The whole weekend? I don’t get to sleep for the
whole weekend?” he whined, as soon as I had shut my
“Sorry, but I couldn’t say no. Her parents are going
away for the weekend and she doesn’t want to stay on her
own.” I looked at him apologetically.
He sighed looking defeated. “OK sure. But you do
know you’ve just agreed to watch a scary ass zombie flick
and I’m not going to be there for the next two nights,” he
stated with a cocky grin.
I gasped. I hadn’t thought about that! I didn’t sleep
very well without Liam there, I had nightmares, bad ones,
about my father, and now on top of that I would have zombie
dreams too? Since I was eight years old I had only ever
spent a few weeks away from Liam, like if one of us went
on vacation, or one time he had chicken pox and I had to
stay away from him for four days. Every time I was on my
own, my dreams would be so bad that I would wake up
screaming. I’d asked Jake to sleep in with me a few times
when I was younger, but he didn’t stop the dreams so I just
stopped asking him.
I knew that Liam didn’t sleep at all when he wasn’t
with me. He literally laid there awake, not being able to get
comfortable. He always said that his bed felt strange
because he hadn’t slept in it since he was ten years old. He
hated it when my friends came to stay and bitched about it
the whole of the next day, dropping not so subtle hints that
he wasn’t impressed at having to sleep in his own bed.
“Well, I don’t know why you’re looking so cocky
about it; you’re not going to sleep too brilliantly either.” I
grinned, sticking my tongue out at him.
“Hmm, is that an invitation?” he asked, raising an
eyebrow. I instantly realised what he was talking about, he
was asking if I wanted to kiss him again because I showed
him my tongue. I sure as heck did.
“Sure,” I purred, looking at him seductively, knowing
that he couldn’t reach me over the table so he would have
to wait until after we left the restaurant.
He immediately jumped out of his chair and bent
down next to me, taking my face in his hands and kissing
me, not seeming to care where we were or if people were
watching. I took the initiative this time and traced my tongue
along his bottom lip, he opened quickly and I slipped my
tongue in. He moaned into my mouth, pulling me closer to
him. The kiss was so good that it was making me slightly
dizzy. He didn’t once try to touch me other than holding my
face, which I was surprised about. Maybe he wasn’t just
using me for sex after all. I smiled against his lips and he
pulled away, smiling at me too.
“Thanks,” he whispered, kissing me again quickly
and then sitting back down opposite me as if nothing
happened. OK, I am so not used to this whole dating and
making out thing! “We’d better get going; I need to speak to
your brother.” He frowned, looking sad and a bit scared.
“You’re not going to tell him, are you?” I asked,
horrified at the thought of Jake knowing and going crazy.
He nodded. “Yeah, Angel. He’s known that I’ve liked
you all this time, but he didn’t think that you liked me, so I
need to talk to him about us actually dating.” He winced as
he spoke; I would imagine that he was thinking about the
ass kicking Jake would give him when he told him.
“Liam, why don’t we just leave that for a while, and
then maybe in a couple of weeks, if everything is going well,
then we can talk to him together. I mean, we don’t even
know if it’s going to work out, do we?” I asked with a shrug.
I didn’t really see the point in talking to Jake and upsetting
everything if this wasn’t going to work out. In reality, how
long would it last once he realised that I really wasn’t
planning on sleeping with him anytime soon? When he got
bored or desperate, he would run away from me to the
nearest easy lay, screaming as he went.
He looked a little scared. “You don’t think it’ll work
out?” he asked, his voice sounded hurt.
“Honestly? I just don’t think that you can wait, Liam.
How long is it going to be before you decide that you’ve
had enough and sleep with some bimbo?” I replied, hating
the hurt expression that crossed his face.
“I promise I will never cheat on you, ever. I’ve waited
too long for this chance; I’m not going to screw it up.” He
took my hand and I could see the honesty in his eyes, he
truly believed that he wouldn’t cheat, but he was a boy after
all and his body would say something else eventually.
“Let’s just wait a while, OK?” I suggested, pulling my
hand away and waving for the waiter. He came over
immediately. “Hi, can we get the check please?” I asked
with a smile, he nodded and walked off.
“I’m just going to go to the bathroom. If he comes
back before I’m back, then use this, OK?” Liam instructed,
handing me his wallet and walking quickly to the bathroom.
I winced; I think I really hurt his feelings saying that.
Damn it, I could be so stupid sometimes! I watched him as
he walked away, my eyes unconsciously focused on his
ass. Wow, he really does have a nice ass! Someone
cleared their throat next to me making me blush because I
had just got caught staring. I looked up and the waiter was
standing there with the check.
“Oh, sorry! I didn’t realise you were there,” I
muttered, embarrassed.
“Don’t worry about it.” He handed me the receipt and
bent down next to me so we were at the same level. He put
one hand on the back of my chair and one on the table so I
was trapped. My heart started to race. He was too close.
“So, I’ve not seen you around here before. I definitely would
have remembered a face as beautiful as yours,” he said,
his eyes were boring holes into me, as he looked like he
was imagining me naked.
I squirmed in my seat. “Er no, I’ve not been in here
before,” I muttered uncomfortably, looking at the amount
that was due and grabbing Liam’s wallet from my lap.
“I’m Simon.” He held out his hand for me to shake. I
looked at it and gulped; I really didn’t want to touch him so I
just fiddled with Liam’s wallet and pretended to be looking
at something. I felt him playing with my pony tail and I felt
sick. “So, what’s your name?” he asked, with a flirty smile.
“Her name’s touch her again and I’ l l break your
face,” Liam growled possessively from behind me. I
physically relaxed.
The guy stood up immediately. “Sorry, I was just
talking to your girlfriend that’s all. No harm done,” he said
“Right,” Liam replied, sounding really annoyed. He
reached out and took the receipt and his wallet out of my
hands, looked at it and then handed the guy the money still
glaring at him. My breathing still hadn’t returned to normal,
my heart was still racing. Liam held out his hand to me.
“You ready, Angel?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the
waiter. I took his hand and stood up, following him as he led
us out of the restaurant. Once he closed the door he turned
to me. “You alright? You look a bit pale.” He stepped closer
to me and put his lips on my neck. I wrapped my arms
around his waist and pressed myself against him, letting his
smell fill my lungs, his breath blew down my back and
shoulders, making everything in my body relax.
I pulled away after a couple of minutes. “I’m fine
now.” I smiled at him reassuringly and he stroked the side
of my face lightly. “Come on let’s get back. I need to help
Jake clear up so he’ll buy pizza tonight,” I teased.
He smiled and as we walked to his car, he slipped
his hand in mine. I couldn’t help but smile. It felt right for
some reason; his hand just seemed to fit mine perfectly. It
was so natural that it was almost too easy.
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