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Author's Note: If you are looking to read a story where a white girl has sex with a black man and becomes a black cock queen, then you might not want to read this one. If you have an issue with a black man being portrayed in a non-stereotypical/positive way, then you might not want to read this one.

Yes, he is sexually active, but he's not a sleazeball/womanizer.

There is evidence one of the characters is involved sexually with her son, but there is no actual incest in this story.

Editing thanks go to Todger65.


Chapter 1

"I'm not 'going black' as you put it, Angela. You're an idiot," Alice told her sister, Angela, on the phone.

"I'm just trying to help, to give you some options," Angela replied into her cell phone. "Rodney really liked you last night," She added, referring to her huge, African-American friend with a bodybuilder-like frame.

"I don't need your help," Alice rolled her eyes.

"Well come hang out with us again tonight," Angela suggested. She, Alice, Rodney and a few other white females went to dinner and clubbing the previous night. Alice was the only one that did not go back to Rodney's apartment afterward.

"No thanks. I have my flight tomorrow morning," Alice reminded her sister. She was going to Cancun for a week. The company she worked for completed a huge project and was sending a few of the employees on week-long vacation starting Labor Day weekend. Only Alice and her coworker, Jessica, based in Los Angeles, could go.

"Look, you just broke up with what's-his-name, and since you're single now, it'd be a great time to experiment and have fun," Angela suggested, climbing out of Rodney's bed, still nude. "You're 24, live a little."

"I am living and I'm just fine, thank you," Alice rolled her eyes again. She should've known Angela would try to set her up with her friends as soon as she arrived in Miami. She had been there a week, barely getting her remote office set up, when Angela was busy planning Alice's social and dating life. Alice regretted telling Angela she ended things with Dan, a guy she dated since she was 18. She moved to Los Angeles, and for two years their long distance relationship worked, but it wasn't strong enough to last. It was stressful to end the relationship, plus the stress of the work she was doing was adding to it.

"Give me that white pussy, girl," Alice heard a booming, deep voice in the background.

"Uh, was that Rodney?" Alice asked. "Was he talking to you like that?"

"Huh? Oh no, it's one of the other girls here. I already had my turn," Angela replied. She and several other girls spent the night with Rodney, all taking turns riding and cumming on his cock.

"I'm not even going to ask," Alice sighed.

"You sure you don't want to come over? We could use another girl. Fernanda has to go home soon," Angela said.

"No! I mean, no thanks," Alice immediately replied.

"Alright, you're missing out on the fun. If I don't see you today, have a safe trip and think about my suggestion! I gave you Rodney's number, use it!" Angela said.

"Ahhh!" A girl in the background was climaxing. "Yeah, ride that black dick!" Alice heard Rodney say, followed by the sound of a hand slapping an ass. Alice shook her head, ending the call.

Alice remembered Angela giving her Rodney's phone number the previous night, whispering that he told Angela he liked Alice' tits. She tucked his number into her purse, so her sister would get off her case about it.

The rest of the day was spent packing for her trip. Alice was looking forward to this vacation, she and her coworker and friend, Jessica were going to have a great time, relaxing by the pool and working on their tans - and more importantly, not working. She found relaxing to be difficult, but knew deep down she needed it.

Alice tried on a few bikinis, none of them fitting how she wanted. She looked at her reflection. She was 5'11", hourglass frame, large breasts, and nearly black, long hair. Her breasts were spilling out of the bikini and she didn't like the way it hugged her hips. She went shopping later on and bought a new red bikini that fit much better. She had a quiet dinner alone, watching a few movies before going to sleep.

It was 4am, 30 minutes before she had to wake up and head to the airport. Alice was dreaming. In her dream she was at Rodney's, in his bedroom, riding his cock. It was stretching her. She was moaning. Angela was in the corner, watching, nodding in approval.

"Cum on my cock, bitch!" Rodney sneered at her. Alice obeyed, shaking and convulsing on it. "Yes! Take my black dick!" Rodney added, sitting up, slamming her down on his bed. "I'm going to get this white slut pregnant," he told Angela.

Angela stood, blurry at first, but getting clearer as she approached. Alice's head was hanging off the side of the bed, so Angela was upside down from her vantage point. She watched her nude sister come into clear view, kissing Rodney. Alice's face was covered by a large pregnant belly. In her dream, Angela was pregnant.

"Good, Alice and I want to carry your black babies, Rodney," Angela moaned. "After all, we're black cock queens. Aren't we sis?"

Alice woke up, gasping for air, sitting up in bed. "No!" she said, catching her breath.
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