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Alice's Story

Chapter 4

Alice awoke the next morning to the sound of the shower running. Jessica was back. She grabbed some pajamas, hoping Jessica wouldn't see she had slept naked, and made her way to the bathroom. She said hello to her friend, hoping that the water would temporarily scald her when she flushed.

Jessica didn't say anything in return. Alice shrugged and sat down to use the bathroom. She heard Jessica moan, Alice's eyes widening. "Do you bring that guy back here?" She asked.

Jessica moaned again, "No just replaying the events of last night in my head."

Alice sighed, flushed, and got out of there. Sadly, there was no change in water pressure or temperature.

Hardly speaking at breakfast, the ladies made their way back to the beach. "He wants to meet you tomorrow night," Jessica said breaking the ice.


"Ulysses. I put in a good word for you. He's working today on various photo shoots, but tomorrow night he's free."

"Ugh, Jessica, why'd you do that?" Alice shook her head, annoyed by her friend.

"Because you're my friend and I want you to enjoy yourself."

"Why couldn't just leave it alone?"

"He said you were gorgeous and was totally cool with meeting us at the club tomorrow night," Jessica said.

Alice covered her face with the magazine, trying to forget her temporary lack of judgment during her masturbation session the previous evening.

"Look, you really need to just relax and enjoy yourself. Alright? I may be far too young to be your mother, but I'm serious. If I was your mom, I would tell you that since you just got out of a long relationship, use this time to date and discover what you are truly interested in," the older Jessica lectured.

"Look at me," Jessica said. "He is a VERY nice guy. He is NOT a thug or stereotype. Ok? He's smart, sweet, and amazing."

"Why aren't YOU hanging out with him again?" Alice asked.

"Because on the way back to his room we discussed things. We agreed it would be a one night stand. He was a perfect gentleman and we had a lot of fun. Which is something YOU need to do," Jessica explained.

"Besides I'm sorta involved with someone," Jessica added.

"You mean you cheated?" Alice asked.

"No, not really. It's not cheating. I just need to call him while I'm here and I will tomorrow while you're out with Ulysses."

"I don't - " Alice said before being interrupted.

"It's complicated. I am involved with someone and we love each other very much. He knows I'm here to have fun. I won't go into it further, but that's my situation," Jessica said, grabbing another magazine.

"Whatever," Alice said again.

"So tomorrow night, we're meeting him. You two will hang out. If it leads to sex, then so be it."

"Fine," Alice agreed, not wanting to argue.

"Tonight, my friend, we are getting drunk. I'm getting you to let loose," Jessica informed Alice.
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