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Chapter 7

"So that's when I graduated from UCLA," Ulysses explained. "If I were younger or if you were older, we might've been classmates."

"Yeah, I could've met you earlier," Alice said, still lying in his arms an hour after they made love. "But if we were classmates, I have to admit, my focus wouldn't be on class as much."

"Yes, that could be an issue," Ulysses joked. "I was really focused on excelling in school too, so perhaps it's for the best we didn't meet there!"

"Sounds like you had a great upbringing," Alice said.

"Yeah. It was difficult at times."

"How so?"

"I was picked on in my early teen years."

"You were picked on?" Alice couldn't imagine. "Were you really overweight?"

Ulysses chuckled, "No not that. I was picked because, how shall I put this? I wasn't 'black' enough."

"What do you mean?"

"I think you know what I mean. I didn't fit into a stereotypical mold of how many young black people are expected to, and choose to act. I loved Lacrosse, not basketball. I wasn't into rap music. I was focused on school and doing my best instead of being in gangs or dealing weed."

"I see. I'm sorry," Alice replied, kissing his chest.

"You're sweet," He smiled. "But it was a long time ago. By college, most people had matured some to look beyond stereotypes and look at the person on the inside."

"Well I see a wonderful person on the inside. It makes your outside look even better!" Alice smiled, snuggling close against him.

"Mmm, your hair smells great," Ulysses said, breathing in her scent.

"Well all of you does!" She chuckled.

"You like your work?" He asked.

"Sometimes. We just finished a huge project and the client was a nightmare. But some of us were rewarded with this trip," Alice replied.

"Seems like a nice company to do that for its employees."

"It is. What about you, do you like modeling?"

"Sometimes. I don't like telling people what I do. I don't want to come across as arrogant or pretentious. But I don't want to lie either," Ulysses said. Alice smiled in response, closing her eyes, enjoying his hand caressing her back.

"It's been really nice meeting you," She said, kissing his chest again.

"Yeah It has, I'm glad we met."

"I just got out of a very long relationship. It's hard, you know? To end it after so long, but it had to be done," Alice said.

"I'm sure it was very difficult. But not everything that's right is easy to do, you know?"

"Yes," she replied, rising to her elbow, kissing him several times. "Things happen for a reason."


The made love several more times until dawn. Ulysses walked her to her room. They said they'll meet up for lunch, after napping, and showering.

Alice awoke from her nap to the sound of the shower running. Jessica was startled when Alice, nude, threw open the shower curtain and stepped in. "Alice? You ok?" she asked.

"I'm wonderful!" Alice threw her arms around her friend and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good! So you had a great night?"

"It was perfect. Ulysses is perfect!"

"Yeah he's pretty good."

"Pretty good?"

"Yeah he fucked me pretty hard. It was nice," Jessica said rinsing her hair.

"Well he made sweet, sweet love to me."

"Huh weird, maybe he has feelings for you," Jessica shrugged.

"Maybe!" Alice giggled, hoping that was the case.

"Sounds like you followed my request to loosen up and let go," Jessica said.

"I did! He was amazing, like you said."

"You are beaming ear to ear!" Jessica hugged Alice. She got out of the shower, only to have her ass slapped by a giggling Alice.

The two of them met Ulysses for lunch. Afterward, Alice and Ulysses spent time together on their own. Alice couldn't help but feel like they were a couple. Holding hands, kissing, hugging, romantic walks - it was wonderful. She checked in with Jessica, letting her know she was staying in Ulysses room that night. It was a repeat of the previous night, staying up till dawn, making love.

The next day was the same again. That evening Alice was in Ulysses' room, standing against the wall. He was clutching her waist, one of her legs wrapped around him, similar to when they danced. He was sliding in and out of her, staring into her eyes.

"Cum for me, Alice," He said. She couldn't resist, she had never had sex standing up, her ex, while at the perfect height, never brought it up. Ulysses did.

She gripped his shoulders, letting go, letting her body succumb to his desires, and came all over his cock. Her vaginal fluids mixing with his semen coated his dark brown cock, turning it white with their juices.

He guided her to the bed, kissing all over her body once more, gearing up for round two, three, four and so on until the sun rose.


Alice was dreaming again. She was in Ulysses arms in his bed, having dozed off as dawn approached. In her dream, Ulysses was in her mother's back yard, playing catch with her high school age brother. It was Thanksgiving.

Alice and her mother were watching them throw a football. She complimented her daughter, telling her he was very attractive inside and out.

Angela approached them. "Yeah, Alice, he's hot. I'm glad you finally decided to go black like me," she said.

Alice turned to her sister, gritting her teeth angrily, her eyes glowing red, "Don't think for a second he's like the garbage you hang out with. Now leave me alone!" Alice bared her sharp teeth, causing Angela to run away, crying. Her teeth and eyes returned to normal, watching Ulysses throw the ball to her brother, pausing to wave at her and her mom.

Later than night, in her dream, Alice was cumming again. Ulysses holding her, burying his cock in her, "I love you, Alice."

"I love you too, darling!" She caressed his face, when her orgasm subsided.

"Alice. Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?" Ulysses asked.

Alice woke up, gasping for air, sitting up in bed. "Yes!" she said, catching her breath. She looked over at a still sleeping Ulysses, remembering she was still in Cancun, she giggled at herself, curling back into his arms.

They had breakfast with Jessica, chatting about their day. Alice asked if Jessica had called her secret lover any more. She assured them she had every night, except their first night, winking at Ulysses. Alice rubbed his thigh under the table. Sure he had a one night stand with a cool chick, Jessica, but he was her man now.

"So your stepmom is arriving today. Think I could meet her?" Alice asked.

"Uh, sure, I was thinking we could all hang out," Ulysses answered.

Ulysses' stepmother, Devin, was a tall blonde, around 40, an inch shorter than Alice and absolutely stunning. He explained his father married a younger woman, roughly ten years older than Ulysses. Alice could tell they got along great still.

They sat in various pools and hot tubs the rest of the day, drinking, chatting, and laughing. Everyone got along great with the new addition to their little vacation crew. Alice sat on Ulysses' lap, he caressed her thigh. She couldn't wait to spend the night in her lover's arms. She wondered where Devin would sleep, but that night at the resort's dance club, she learned of the answer.


"It was great meeting you today," Jessica told Devin as they danced together. "You've been a joy to hang out with."

"Yes it was," She agreed, playfully grabbing Jessica's ass.

Jessica gasped, "You naughty woman!"

"You have no idea."

"Ooh, what do you mean by that?"

Devin didn't answer with words, instead guiding Jessica's hands to her own impressive backside.

"So you have a son?" Devin asked.

"I do. He's 18,"Jessica replied.

"Get out! Well you certainly look amazing."

Jessica, like she danced with Ulysses, turned around and ground her butt hard into Devin's crotch. Jessica's hands went above her head, finding Devin's thick blonde hair. Devin rested her hands on Jessica's stomach, just like Ulysses had.
"Does your son have a naughty mommy?" Devin whispered in her ear.

"You have no idea," Jessica answered.

Devin moaned, peppering her neck with kisses, "I'd like to find out."

Ulysses was lost in him and Alice's own world, making out to the beat of the dance music. He felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around to see his stepmother with her arm around Jessica. "I'm going to hang out with her for the night, ok?" Devin told him.

"Sure, have a good time," he replied. Alice watched the two women exit together, a hand on each other's ass.

"They going to your room?" She asked Ulysses.

"No, you'll be coming to my room; they are going to yours and Jessica's."

Chapter 8

"Ulysses, Jessica said you fucked her really hard that first night we arrived," Alice said, holding his hand on the way back to his room.

"Heh, yeah," he replied, embarrassed.

"Why her and not me?"

"Well she's different. When I look at you I see a goddess who needs to be made love to."

"Ulysses," Alice stopped him before they entered the building. "We leave the day after tomorrow. I want you fuck me tonight as hard as you can. Don't hold back. We don't have much time left here."

"As you wish," he said with a sneaky grin.


When they arrived at Ulysses room, down the hall a bit from Alice's, leaving the door unlocked, a flurry of clothes and kisses began. They tore each other's clothes off, kissing and grunting. He picked her up and slammed her on the bed, quickly entering her.

"Oh yes! Yes! Harder!" She screamed, locking him in place with her legs. She was cumming in minutes; the bed was slamming against the wall.

After her first orgasm, she rose, pushing him off her, tackling him down. They fell off the bed, rolling around, until Ulysses was against the wall. Alice was squatting on him now, bouncing wildly on his cock, "Yes!" she grunted. "I love, I love it!"

Just as she was tiring from the squats, Ulysses stood, taking her with him, rapidly thrusting upward. As she was cumming again, he pulled her off his cock, letting her juices squirt onto it, then impaled her again.

Out of breath, "Do you trust me?" he asked her.

"Yes!" She came again.

Ulysses opened the balcony door, Alice still wrapped around him, and he peeped over the edge down into the swimming pool. Ulysses walked back into his room, Alice still bucking away on his cock. He got a running start, held her tightly and jumped over the edge into the pool, Alice screaming the whole until they splashed in the deep end.

"Ow!" she cried out, surfacing, still grinding against him.

"Don't stop. Don't stop baby," Ulysses said, swimming to shallow end.

"Nice!" A few people said, walking past Ulysses slamming Alice down on his cock.

"I wished you fucked me like that," One woman said to her husband.

Alice looked around, seeing the people gather, "Don't stop! Let them watch!"

Ulysses made his way back to the building, opening the door with one hand, people cheering behind him. He sat Alice down, spun her around, and proceeded to fuck her all the way up the stairs to the third floor. Each one of his powerful thrusts pushed her up a step.

Finally at the third floor, Alice spun around to face him, pulling him to the floor; they rolled and kissed and fucked their way to his door, several people cheering them on. One person tried to take a photo but Alice and Ulysses were in their room by that time.

Ulysses pushed her on the bed, his cock coming out of her, jacked it a few times and sprayed his load all over her face, "Alice yesssss," he moaned.

She rubbed it into her skin, "Mmmm, I love it, I love you!"

When he was done, he grabbed her, led her to the shower and sprayed her face clean. They calmed down, embracing, kissing, and moaning until the water turned cold.

Leading her back to bed, Ulysses was ready once again. He reverted back to his default love making mode, worshiping her body all night.
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