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Chapter 6

"Mmmph," Ulysses attempted to speak but was met with another kiss from Alice. They had kissed all the way from the night club to his room door.

"Alice, are you sure," He pushed her away. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean Jessica took charge and - "

"Which is what I'm doing," Alice replied, kissing him again, her tongue swirling around his.

"We don't have to, it's ok," Ulysses managed to say in between kisses.

"I want to," Alice replied, kissing him back. Ulysses managed to swipe his key card behind him and open his door. The two of them stumbled into his room, kissing frantically.

"Alice wait, wait," He pushed her off. "Hold on, ok?" He smiled.

Alice nodded, catching her breath. She watched Ulysses turn on the lights, adjust the air conditioner, and make his way back to Alice. He caressed her face, his thumb going over her full lips. "Are you staying the night?" he asked.

Alice nodded once more. Ulysses moved behind her, kissing her shoulder and neck, running his fingers through her long hair, feeling its softness. Alice felt weak in the knees. Doing a complete circle Ulysses arrived in front of her, bringing her lips slowly against his for a long tender kiss.

He took a step back and undid the buttons on his shirt. One by one they were removed. He took his shirt off, placing it on the nearby chair. His eyes still focused on Alice, he removed his belt, unzipped his pants, slid them off and was left standing in his boxers. Alice watched intently, nodding her head.

Her eyes lit up, her mouth hung open, when she saw him, standing completely nude before her, fully erect. He was huge. She never once thought that she was going to have sex with a black man. She only thought she was going to have sex with a gorgeous man.

Ulysses moved forward, his hand holding her face, his lips covering hers. She slowly kissed him back, sucking at his long tongue. "Let's get this dress off, Alice," Ulysses whispered after the kiss.

He helped her out of it, unzipping the back. He undid her bra, kissing along her neck as he did. Going to his knees, behind her, he pulled down her thong, kissing at her butt cheeks and thighs.

"Ready?" He asked, standing in front of her once more. Alice nodded. Barely unable to walk at this point, she was grateful Ulysses bent down and picked her up with ease. He took her to his bed, kissing her after he laid her gently on her back.

"You're beautiful," He said.

"So are you," she squeaked out. Ulysses smiled, hovering over her, kissing at her jaw line, then neck. Alice was tingling, forgetting where she was, what she was doing. As Ulysses kissed his way down her chest, in between each breast, she remembered him, his muscular, perfect body. Her hands went to his developed shoulders, massaging them as he kissed his way to her stomach, licking against her navel, and finally landing at her clitoris.

She came several times as he kissed, licked, and sucked her clit for what seemed like an hour. His fingers going in and out while servicing her clit, Alice was a trembling, whimpering mess of orgasmic moans when Ulysses finally drove his tongue deep into her vagina.

She couldn't could help but cry out with pleasure, grabbing his head, holding him there. His tongue swirled around her inner walls, lapping up her juices, making her cum again and again.

When Ulysses jaw and tongue hurt from use, he went to his knees, and then hovered over her again. "Is it ok if I kiss you with your juices on my mouth?"

Alice didn't answer verbally. She grabbed his face, bringing it to her own, her tongue invading his mouth, tasting herself. Ulysses cockhead rested against her clit as they kissed. A moment later he broke the kiss and sat back up. His hands trailed over her body while his throbbing cock rested on her clitoris. He gently squeezed her breasts, caressed her stomach, and smiled appreciatively at her body.

"Shall we?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

"Please!" Alice pleaded for him to begin.

Ulysses took his cock by the base and gently guided it into Alice's waiting pussy. She nearly came when he slid himself in. He kept going and going, until he touched bottom, his cock resting against her cervix. Ulysses once again, hovered over her face. They shared several more kisses before he began thrusting.

Slowly, methodically, in and out, he rolled his hips into her. Looking into her dark green eyes, Ulysses' winced with pleasure, "You feel so good."

Alice couldn't reply, another orgasm approaching. Ulysses' kissed along her neck again, Alice holding him tightly against her. She brought her legs up, locking them around his butt as he worked. Moaning with each slow thrust, she knew she wouldn't last longer.

Ulysses stopped kissing her neck, resting his forehead on top of hers. Their mouths open, they felt each other's hot breath. Ulysses nibbled at her bottom lip, pulling it away, releasing it, letting go back to its original position. He then kissed her again, kissing her hard as he made love to her. She began tensing up, shaking, moaning through it.

Alice broke the kiss; Ulysses looked upon her face as her orgasm washed over her. "Yes," he said, watching her cum.

"Ahhh, uhnn," Alice moaned, looking into his eyes.

Ulysses drove himself in hard, causing her to moan again, and then held himself there, resuming his kisses. "May I?" he asked, Alice knowing exactly what he wanted. She nodded and Ulysses started his thrusts again.

Alice stopped him, telling him to get on his back. He rolled over in the bed, taking Alice with him. She was on top now. Caressing his face now, he sucked her thumb, watching her grind against him. He grabbed her breasts, sucking them, causing Alice to arch her back, throwing her head back. Another orgasm coursed through her. "Ahhh!" she shook, Ulysses held her tightly.

She pushed him back down on the mattress. Alice was now squatting up and down on his cock. It felt so good; it was so deep, so long and thick in her. Up and down she went, just as slowly as he thrust in and out of her while he was on top.

Ulysses moaned, grabbing her ass with one hand, running his other up and down her torso and over her breasts. Alice grabbed that hand and began sucking each finger.

"Alice! Alice," Ulysses moaned.

"Yes!" she replied and kept replied and kept riding him.

"Alice! Ahhhh! Mmmmm," Ulysses climaxed, grabbing her face, pulling her down, inches from own, staring into her eyes as his cock erupted with semen, filling her, overflowing out of her pussy.

They kissed once more, his cock still spurting, his seed dribbling down to his testicles. When it was over, they kissed again. After awhile, Alice slid off him, lying against his side, his arm holding her tightly against his, dark chocolate, splendid body. She ran her hand over his six pack abs.

It was the best sex she had ever had.
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