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Alice's Story

Chapter 2

Alice gave Jessica a huge hug after seeing her in the airport in Mexico. They had gone through customs and met each other at baggage claim, Jessica already having her bags. They chatted about how great it was to see each other again so shortly after Alice's move, they chatted about how great this vacation will be, and they chatted about being happy to finish the huge, stressful project they were working on.

Jessica was a web designer on the project, where Alice served more of a client liaison role. Jessica was very easy to work with and a great friend. She was several inches shorter than Alice, had black dyed hair, and was a 36-year-old single mother.

After they arrived, they put on their bikinis, Jessica whistling at Alice. "Thanks," Alice chuckled. "You look great too, actually."

"Thank you! I gotta stay in shape!" Jessica slapped Alice's ass, making her way out onto their balcony. Alice thought it was odd, but assumed they were there to relax and be silly.

"Hey look! We should jump into the pool from here," Jessica joked. Their second story room was right next to the pool, if they got a good running start, they could easily jump into it off the balcony.

"You go right ahead, I think I'll take the stairs," Alice said.

"I will tonight after we've had some drinks. Let's go to the beach first," Jessica suggested.

The two women made their way to the beach area owned by the resort. They sat in silence for awhile, after spraying on sun tan lotion.

"So, have you spoken with Dan since the breakup?" Jessica asked.

"Yes, he was very upset and I felt horrible, but it had to be done," Alice replied. "Great guy; just didn't seem interested in marriage."

"Have you considered dating someone new?" Jessica asked, flipping through a magazine.

"Not really."

"No? Nothing? You haven't thought about going in an amazing sexual adventure now that you're free?" Jessica joked.


"Well I'm sorry to hear that," Jessica sighed. "This vacation would be a great opportunity to do that. What's the wildest thing you've ever done?"

"Um, well, I guess I can tell you, since it doesn't matter anymore, but I tried anal once," Alice said.

"Just once?" Jessica pouted.

"Yeah, it wasn't that great," Alice said. "What about you?"

"I can't tell you," Jessica answered, resuming her magazine flipping.

"Wait, I told you, but you can't tell me?"

"What I've done is far, far more wild and crazy than experimenting with anal sex," Jessica said, closing her magazine, pulling her sun glasses down and laying back on the lounge chair.

"Whatever," Alice chuckled. "Let's change the subject. My sister is already hassling me about dating."

"How so? Maybe she just wants you to loosen up."

"Well," Alice looked around, "She wants me to date some black guy she hangs out with. Or 'go black' as she puts it."

Jessica erupted in laughter, "You going to try it?"

"No, she's being ridiculous. I've met her friend. I've heard how he talks down to girls," Alice said.

"You should try it, at least once," Jessica suggested.

"Ugh, not you too. Have you ever been with a black man?" Alice asked.

"No, I haven't. But," Jessica looked over to her right, "I think I'll talk to him later on."

"Who?" Alice looked in the same direction, then realizing who Jessica was referring to. "Oh my."

Alice watched a black man throwing a frisbee with a woman on the beach. He was all muscle, extremely toned, and had dread locks. Alice's eyes widen, seeing the man's six pack abs. The woman he was playing with was also similar in body tone. She had long dark hair, coming down to her toned butt, and her own set of abs. Her lighter brown skin tone made Alice think she was of Latin decent.

"Um, I think he's with that woman," Alice noted.

"You don't know that. Look at the group of photographers over there. Maybe they are models doing a shoot here," Jessica pointed out.

Jessica was right. Alice saw the photographers talking amongst themselves, adjusting equipment, pointing to other locations on the beach. One of them waved at the black man and Latina woman to follow them to another area of the beach.

"Ok, go ahead," Alice shrugged, picking up a magazine.

"If I run into him again, I will," Jessica smiled.

"Fine," Alice flipped through the magazine, too fast to look or read anything. She couldn't deny that man was stunning.
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