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Alice's Story

Chapter 3

"Get that hand off my butt!" Alice scolded her friend, Jessica. They were dancing at one of the night clubs a few hours later.

"Relax, Alice! I'm just having fun. You need to loosen up," Jessica said.

Alice sighed, talking into her friend's ear over the loud music, "If that guy sees us, he may think you and I are together."

"No he won't. Because if I see him, I will talk to him, and I will dance with him instead of you!" Jessica replied. "And if he doesn't show up, well then, I guess I'll be taking you back to my room," She added grabbing Alice again.

"We're in the same room anyway, remember?"

"Uh huh," Jessica winked. "Oh look, you're off the hook. There he is. Wish me luck," Jessica said, slapping Alice's butt again as she walked past her.

Alice sighed, going to the bar, to buy another drink. She chatted with another American there, he reminded her of Dan in some ways. He was far sleazier though, immediately making it clear what he was after. After the guy droned on a bit, Alice, barely paying attention to his compliments of her long dark hair, she turned around and saw Jessica several yards away.

She wasn't alone. She was dancing with the black man from the beach. Jessica's hands were above her head, clasping together behind his neck, his dreads in a pony tail. His hands were on her stomach, slowly going up and down over her beige cocktail dress. Jessica was grinding her butt against his crotch.

Alice rolled her eyes and sipped more of her drink while the guy that approached her talked. She talked back out of politeness, but was hoping the guy could see she wasn't interested. Several songs later, Alice felt a tap on her shoulder, it was Jessica.

"His name is Ulysses. That woman was his coworker. I'll see you tomorrow," Jessica kissed Alice's cheek.

"Wow, you work fast," She wiped the kiss away. The sexy single mom, Jessica, blew Alice another kiss, making her way to the exit where Ulysses was waiting.


Alice slammed their room door shut, sitting on the edge of the bed. She was annoyed at Jessica and in some ways at herself. Perhaps she did need to loosen up. If she did, she might be the one with Ulysses that evening. "No," she told herself, "he's black, I'm not giving Angela the satisfaction."

"He is gorgeous though," Alice sighed, standing to look in the mirror. "Maybe I could just see what it's like." In her mind she thought of Rodney and the way he was speaking in the background of that phone call. She thought about the previous night of going out with her sister and her group of friends. Rodney seemed so cocky, so full of himself, commanding the white girls in the group to get him another drink.

Alice remembered seeing one of the women in the group that night, Fernanda, sneak under the table they all were sitting. Alice rolled her eyes, realizing Fernanda was sucking Rodney's cock under the table, when Rodney moaned and leaned his head back.

Alice wondered how big it was. She wondered if Ulysses' was large. She wondered if Jessica was sucking it at that very moment at Ulysses' room.

She was. Jessica flipped her long hair back over her shoulder after guiding a nude Ulysses onto his back on his bed. She grabbed his cock by the base with one hand, the other roaming over his toned stomach. She moaned, sucking the top, bobbing and weaving her head back and forth.

A few doors down in Alice's room she was picturing dark chocolate skin of Ulysses mixing with hers. "Maybe I'm just a little curious," She thought, standing to remove her short, eye-matching, green dress. "Maybe. Maybe I'll call Rodney, just once. Just one time."

"Or maybe," She said, guiding her fingers into her dripping snatch, "maybe I'll get to experience Ulysses." She drove two fingers deep inside her.

In that same moment, something else was driven deep inside Jessica. She let out a soulful moan when she guided Ulysses' cock all the way in, stretching her lips, touching bottom. "Fuck me," she whispered, bending down to Ulysses' face.

He pulled her in for a kiss, then pushed her away to bring his mouth to her nipple, "As you wish," he grinned and started his onslaught.

In Alice's room, she was on her back, thrusting her own fingers in and out, the other hand rubbing her clitoris. "Ahh, just once, just once. A black cock in me, just once." She rolled onto her front; propped herself up on her knees and continued sliding her fingers in and out.

"Yes! Yes! Harder!" Jessica cried out. She was her knees now too. Ulysses was behind, gripping her waist, slamming into her. "Cumming!" She yelled.

Ulysses kept thrusting in and out, pummeling her from behind, throughout Jessica's orgasm. When it was over, she collapsed on the bed, her ass still high in the air, Ulysses balls deep in her pussy. "That's, that's a good cock," she said, out of breath, over her shoulder. "Moooore," she moaned.

Ulysses smiled at her and nodded, "You're a gorgeous woman, I'll be glad to. All night, if you like."

Jessica nearly came again at his words. She sat up, turning around, pulling his face into hers for another kiss, "I would LOVE that."

At that same moment, Alice, alone in her room, came down from her own self-induced orgasm. She caught her breath and rolled over onto her back, staring to the ceiling. She sighed heavily, getting under the covers, hoping sleep would come easily.
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