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Alice's Story

Chapter 9

When Ulysses walked Alice to her room the next morning, they giggled, hearing Jessica and Devin in the shower.

"So she's into girls then," Alice pointed out.

"She loves everyone," Ulysses chuckled.

"I think Jessica is like that too."

"Let's head to the beach and wait for them," Ulysses suggested.

An hour later, Devin and Jessica arrived, signaling the last full day the four would be together in Cancun. Alice and Jessica would leave the next morning. Ulysses staying behind while more of his family joined.

They traded contact information, they hinted at meeting up again when Ulysses is in Miami for work. He even suggested Alice come visit him.

Sucking his cock in the men's room after their lunch, Alice reminded herself that everything happens for a reason. She broke up with her ex, finished that horrible work project, went to Cancun and met an amazing man.

Later than evening, Alice was showering with Ulysses before dinner. All four of them were meeting at a restaurant on the resort's property.

Afterward, Ulysses and Alice went to the beach, having sex one last time before her return trip early the next morning. The moonlight reflected off their wet bodies as gentle waves crashed into them.

Ulysses walked her back to his room a little later, kissing her, promising to get up early the next morning to see her off. After Alice smiled at him, waving good night, she opened her door only to nearly collide with Devin.

"Sorry!" Devin said.

"It's ok. You headed to bed?"

"Yes, I know you two have an early flight tomorrow," Devin said, hugging Alice goodbye.

"I'll call you when I get home!" Jessica called to her new friend, while stripping down to take a shower.

Alice hugged Devin goodbye, closed the door, and then sat on the edge of her bed, happy, content, unable to stop smiling.

"Join me?" Jessica asked before heading into the bath room. Alice laughed and shook her head.

Laying back on the mattress, thoughts of Ulysses, their time here, and their time together in the future swam through Alice's head. She wasn't even paying attention to the moans of pleasure coming from Jessica's shower as she masturbated in there.

Alice was distracted by another sound - a loud vibrating cell phone on the bed side table. Someone was calling Jessica, several times.

Alice was annoyed, but also curious, wondering if it was an emergency. She figured she'd look and tell Jessica who was calling her so much.

"Mmmm," Jessica moaned. Alice rolled her eyes thinking how nasty her friend was. The nastiness of masturbating in the shower while her friend was in the other room, paled in comparison to what Alice saw on Jessica's phone.

There were nude photos, sexually explicit texts, photos of Jessica and Devin in sexual poses, replies from someone saying how hot she looked, how much he missed her, how he couldn't wait to fuck her when she returned. There were return texts Jessica sent, saying how much she missed the guy, asking if he liked the pictures of her and a woman. Alice assumed it must've been Jessica's secret lover. She scrolled to the end of the texts. Jessica let him know she was going to shower ending the message with an "I love you."

The guy replied with "I love you too, mom."

"No way!" Alice nearly screamed. She pulled up the contact info of the guy. It was a younger kid, about 18. His profile picture was him and his mother - Jessica.

"Ew! Ew! Ew!" Alice dropped the phone, grabbed her purse and room key, and made her way to Ulysses room for refuge. If that was indeed Jessica's kid and she was sending those pictures and texts to him, she didn't want to be around her. She's seen firsthand how wild Jessica can be, but this was too much.

Running down the hall as fast as she could, she arrived at his door, pausing before knocking. The latch was propping the door opened. Alice thought she heard soft moaning. She opened the door and more shock flooded over her.

She saw Ulysses behind Devin, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her. He was holding her against him, kissing her neck and shoulders. "I missed you," He said just above a whisper. Alice dropped her room key, quickly bending to pick it up. The movement was detected by Ulysses' peripheral vision.

When their eyes met, Alice quickly exited. "Alice!" Ulysses called to her, grabbing some gym shorts, chasing after her.
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