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Alice's Story

Chapter 10

"Alice wait!" Ulysses called after her, running down the hall. "Wait!"

Alice made it to the exit that led to a stairwell, the same stairs Ulysses fucked her on. "Alice please!"

Ulysses caught up to her on the first floor, due to Alice nearly tripping down the steps.

"Alice! Wait!" He grabbed her arm.

Alice attempted to jerk away, "Leave me alone!" Ulysses caught her other arm, nearly pinning her against the wall.

"Please, just let me explain," He pleaded; Alice shut her eyes, tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry, this is my fault," Ulysses calmly explained.

"Jessica and I discussed what we wanted and what we didn't want. We only wanted a night of fun, that's it. No committed relationship," Ulysses loosened his grip on her arms.

"Since you and her are on vacation together, I assumed you were of the same mindset - just here to have fun," Ulysses let her go. Alice remained still, wiping her face, still not looking at Ulysses.

"I'm so sorry. I never should've assumed anything. I should've brought it up anyway. I should've told you upfront that I'm not looking for a girlfriend, a friend, yes, but not a committed relationship. I thought we could even extend our friendship after this trip, possibly visiting each other for fun," Ulysses sighed, his head low with shame.

"I'm an idiot, I hope you can forgive me," He glanced at her still crying face. Alice sniffed a few times and nodded her head.

"I'm the one who's an idiot. I assumed you wanted me and you and I had a connection that was more than friends," She said. "But you are with your stepmother, or whatever she is now."

"We're not together in a committed sense, but she and I love each other and we make love whenever we can get a chance," Ulysses explained. "She's everything to me."

Alice sniffed again, trying not to sob, thoroughly embarrassed. She fell for this guy. She felt like a stupid teenage girl who met some other kid on vacation.

"I never should've assumed anything. I should've told you everything," Ulysses said again. Alice gulped and nodded, glancing at his eyes, quickly looking away.

"You're a beautiful, sweet girl, I hope you can forgive me," Ulysses said, backing away. He turned to make his way up the stairs.

"Ulysses," Alice called out to him. "I do."

He smiled warmly, "Thank you, Alice. If I'm in Miami again for work, maybe we could - "

"No," Alice smiled back. She as far too embarrassed with herself to hang out with him again. "If we run into each other, just smile and wave."

Ulysses nodded, "It was great meeting you. Take care, Alice."

She smiled and nodded back, "Take care."

She watched him make his way up the steps, and then sunk to the floor, sitting against the wall. She cried a bit, chastising herself for her own foolishness. Several minutes later, she gathered the composure to ascend the stairs to her floor.

When she entered her room, Jessica was in the corner, grinning mischievously on the phone. Alice figured she was sending texts to her son.

Alice ignored her, not bothering to change, collapsing on the bed. "Where were you?" Jessica asked.

"Saying goodbye to Ulysses."

"Cool. Well I'm heading to bed a little early, unless you wanted to go do something."

"No, I'm fine, I'm exhausted," Alice replied. She rolled over and tried to go to sleep, her mind spinning through the events of the past week.

The next morning Alice said goodbye to Jessica at the airport. She never mentioned or questioned those texts and images she saw on her phone. Jessica told her she'd see her on the chat program their company uses in a few days. Alice smiled politely and made her way to her gate.


It was a week after Alice returned home. It was raining in Miami and she was watching the downpour from the couch in her living room. Angela had been calling her several times over the past few days. Alice ignored each call. Finally, she caved, deciding that her sister may start to worry.

Angela rose up, naked, stretching and yawning. She looked around Rodney's apartment living room, seeing him and his brother - a black man of equally huge stature - lying in the middle surrounded by eight other white women. All were naked; all were cuddled up to the two black men, or with each other.

Angela stepped over the sleeping bodies of black men and white women, grabbed her phone and called her sister.

"How was the trip?" Angela asked.


"You meet any hot guys?"

"Nope. It was pretty boring," Alice answered.

"Well, if you're bored, you should come out with us tonight. We need a tenth."

"A tenth?"

"Yeah there are nine white women for two black men. If we had one more woman, each guy would get five women as their dates," Angela said.

Alice paused, closing her eyes, shaking her head. "I think I'll pass."

"Please? We'll all have fun."

"No thanks."

"Well if you change your mind, give me, or Rodney a call. You still have his number?" Angela asked.

Alice had forgotten all about it, "Yeah. But I'm - "

"Well give him a call! He thought you were hot!" Angela interrupted Alice.

"I gotta go. We'll talk later," Alice said, quickly ending the call.

Sitting on the edge of the couch, reaching for her purse, rummaging through it, she found Rodney's number on a small piece of paper.

Alice thought about the dreams she had. She saw herself choking on Rodney's cock, looking up to his smug grin. She saw herself bouncing up and down on it, while Rodney looked on, occasionally slapping her ass, encouraging her to "ride that black dick." Alice picture herself going off of birth control and Rodney's semen filling her womb making her pregnant. She saw a future child, raising it on her own, with zero help from the father - Rodney. Her career would suffer, her dating life would suffer, and she would struggle to provide for the child.

She remembered the dream where Ulysses proposed to her. Alice smiled, thinking about what could've been with him but wasn't meant to be. She thought about how amazing he was, not just for a black man, but for a man in general. She knew that if she met someone like Ulysses again, black or white, she would pace herself - not fall head over heels for him. Whatever race he was, they would take it slow, getting to know one another. Alice told herself she would never date the type of men Angela hung out with.

Making her way to her bedroom, she wondered how to deal with the loneliness in the meantime. She thought, removing her t-shirt and shorts. "Maybe. Maybe I'll call Rodney, just once. Just one time."

She opened her top drawer, pulling out a dildo, "Maybe it'll be fun."

Tossing the dildo to her bed, she picked up the piece of paper once more; running her thumb over Rodney's number, smiling.

Alice tore the paper into several small pieces and threw it away. She joined her dildo on the bed.

The end.
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