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Alice's Story

Chapter 5

Any suspicions Alice had about Jessica's sexuality were answered that evening. Jessica flirted relentlessly with her. Alice had to remove Jessica's hands from various areas on Alice's body several times.

Alice eventually gave up, the alcohol Jessica got for the two of them caused her to stop caring after awhile.

They stumbled into their room later that night, Jessica's arm around Alice's waist. Jessica pushed Alice to the nearest bed and straddled her. "Get off me!" She slurred.

Jessica chuckled and kissed Alice hard on the mouth. "I said get off!" Alice tried pushing her away, but the alcohol flowing through her veins made her too weak. Jessica kissed her again. Alice let her, closing her eyes in the process.

Jessica got off her after planting several more kisses on her lips, jaw and neck. "Ok, ok," She slurred. "I'll leave you alone." Jessica began removing her dress, then stumbled into Alice's bed in her thong and bra.

"You sleeping here?" Alice asked.

"Uh huh," Jessica replied, laying on her tummy. Alice burped, "Excuse me." She laughed and fell backward, looking up to the ceiling.

"Come here," Jessica said, turning to face Alice.


"I said come here, roll over," Jessica tried to guide Alice to roll on her side, facing her.

Jessica kissed her again. "Jess I'm not - "

"I know, I know, you're aren't into girls. I'm not either."

"Could've fooled me!"

"Hey," Jessica whispered. "I do think you are be, be you, beauti," Jessica hiccupped, "really really pretty."

"So are you," Alice said, her eye's getting heavier.

"I don't think you realize how much of a knock out you are! You need to. You need to let go and just have fun, you know?" Jessica hiccupped again.

"Uh huh."

"Please?" Jessica grabbed Alice's face. "Worked sucked the past several months, that shit is done! You know? We're here, look in the mirror, enjoy your prettiness while you can!" Jessica burped in Alice's face. She was too drunk to care.
"I'll, I'll try, for you."

"Take that man tomorrow, take him to bed, and enjoy that dick of his. Ok?"

"Uh huh, I will," Alice said, her eyes closed.

"Good. Now go to sleep," Jessica said, giving Alice one more sloppy kiss, before falling asleep, their foreheads touching.


They slept late the next morning, feeling the effects of their previous night. Alice got in the shower, her eyes widening with shock a moment later when Jessica entered.

"What did I say last night? Do you remember?" Jessica said.

"You kept going on about me needing to relax and enjoy life or something?"

"Yes, now let's bathe. Remember to calm down. I'm not going to rape you."

Alice smiled, letting her hands that covered her breasts fall. "See? It's all good. Think about how much fun you'll have tonight," Jessica said.

Alice took a deep breath and nodded. They two friends showered, got dressed, and ate some lunch.

Ulysses met them at the resort's dance club that evening at 9pm. Alice and Jessica were already there. Jessica introduced the two of them and they sat at a booth to chat. The two women didn't drink at all, thanks to them overdoing it the previous night. Ulysses had one beverage. It was fairly awkward, especially when Alice thought of that Fernanda woman going under the table to suck off Rodney. "Get that black cock," Alice replayed Rodney's words, cringing.

"Are you ok?" Ulysses asked, smiling politely, noticing her expression.

"Oh yeah I'm fine. Just thinking about drinking too much last night," Alice lied.

Ulysses chuckled, "I see. Yeah I try to only have one, maybe two, when I do drink. Which isn't very often."

Alice smiled back and nodded. The three continued talking, mostly Jessica leading the conversation about why they were in Cancun, about their jobs and so on.

At 10pm, Jessica whispered to Alice that she need to make her phone call to her secret lover and that she was leaving them alone. "No, wait!" Alice pleaded. Jessica shot her a stern look.

"Why don't you two go dance, I have a phone call to make," Jessica said, standing to take her leave. Ulysses stood, hugging her goodbye.

He shrugged and extending his hand to Alice, "Would you like to?"

Alice nodded her head, taking his hand, following to the dance floor. It was all very boring at first. They faced each other, her arms resting on his shoulders.

"So how long are you here in Cancun?" She asked.

"A couple more weeks. I have family coming down in a few days. My stepmom will be here first for awhile," He said.

"And I take you are a model of some sort?" Alice asked.

"Yeah. Fitness stuff. Magazines, ads, things like that," Ulysses played it off.

"I see. So you're close with your family?"

"Yes, you could say that. She's technically not my stepmom anymore, since her and my father divorced, but she's the only mother figure I've known. She's helped me with my career and many things."

Alice smiled softly, noticing how polite he was, glancing at his eyes, "That sounds nice."

"You're really tall. Are you 6 feet?" Ulysses said.

"Probably more than that with these shoes on. I'm 5'11" though"

"Wow. I don't recall seeing a woman as tall as you before," Ulysses chuckled. "You are very lovely."

Alice couldn't help but blush. There was no "you a fine ass bitch," "you got some nice tits girl," or "let me get some of dat ass." Ulysses was a perfect gentleman, nothing like Rodney. Alice felt guilt for assuming he was sleazy like that.

As they danced Alice wondered about Jessica the other night with Ulysses. "So you and Jessica hung out the other night?"

"Yeah. She sorta took control and I just followed," He laughed. "But she's nice and seems really cool."

Alice cleared her throat, as the song changed, "So you two had fun?"

"Oh, uh, yeah," Ulysses looked around, embarrassed. "She said you two are here on vacation and I just," he shrugged, "followed her lead. She's very beautiful, like you."

"Thank you," Alice blushed again. Ulysses hands never went to her butt, but stayed on her waist - like a gentleman.

Alice felt herself feeling more and more comfortable around him. She turned around, grinding against him similar to how Jessica did, though not nearly as sexual. It was all very subtle, but over the course of a couple songs, she felt it. That unmistakable budge slowly growing in size as her ass slid up and down its length. While Alice's heart was racing, she felt herself relaxing, enjoying everything. She turned around to face him.

Their eyes locked, her body pressed against his, feeling his erection against her mound. "May I grab your leg?" he asked. Alice nodded.

Grabbing her by her thigh, he pulled her right leg up to his waist. Alice bent it so it was locked around him. She grabbed his face and Ulysses continued dancing, grinding his bulge against her crotch - essentially dry humping her.

Alice was going to take Jessica's advice. She realized that in doing so she would be indulging her sister, Angela. However, Ulysses was different. He didn't fit the stereotypical mold that the men Angela associated with did. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly. "Let's go," she whispered in his ear.
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