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Dark Chocolate

by roddymac99

Part I

"Chloe? I'm leaving for work."

Chloe opened her eyes and turned over, pulling the duvet up to her chin as she saw her mum standing in her open bedroom doorway.

"Please don't spend the whole day lying in your bed sweetheart," her mum said with a scowl on her face. "I know it's the holidays, but you should really try and get some kind of job to earn some money for college."

"Yeh yeh mum," Chloe huffed.

"I'm being serious Chloe. The first week of the holidays are already nearly over and you need to organise something quickly."

"Ok, ok." Chloe rolled her eyes. "I'll try." She'd just finished high school, and was going to a college in a nearby city in a couple of months' time. She was pretty sure her parents would bank roll her, as they always did, but for some reason they seemed determined that she should find summer work.

"Well. Please do," her mum sighed. "The boys have arrived to decorate the lounge by the way. It's not Mr Peters this time; he's got people working for him now, so don't be distracting them. They need to finish before tomorrow night as we've got the Davidson's coming for dinner on Saturday."

Chloe shrugged. "Yeh, whatever."

Her mum glared at her. "And I don't want that boy coming round here again all day, you understand? What time did he leave last night?"

Chloe exaggerated a sigh. "I dunno." She snuggled under the covers, signalling the conversation was over.

"I mean it Chloe," her mum continued. "He's a nice enough boy, but I really don't want you wasting your whole day with him doing...well...I don't even want to think about it."

"I'm eighteen you know," Chloe protested. "You were eighteen once weren't you?"

"Yes, yes I was. And I had a job in the summer before I went to university too. It's about time you grew up and..."

"Ok, ok!" Chloe interrupted, not wanting a repeat lecture. "I said I'd look for something. Jeez..."

"Don't you blaspheme in front of me young lady," her mum scolded. "Look, I'm running late...just...get out of your bed and make an effort. I'll be home at 6. Your dad won't be home until late."

Chloe opened one eye to see her mother look at her with a frustrated expression before pulling the door closed.

"Get out of bed. Get a job," Chloe mimicked her mother's voice. "Fuck's sake...gimme peace."

She rolled over and closed her eyes. She couldn't wait to get away to college. It's not that her parents were bad. Quite the contrary. As an only child, she got pretty much anything she wanted. Just that they were always on at her to study harder, get a job, get to uni. College, instead of uni, had been a controversial subject, and a career in beauty therapy was not what her mum had planned for her. Or perhaps, not a high enough profile career to boast about at one of their dinner parties.

Chloe sighed and stretched out her legs. "Don't want that boy coming round," she laughed out loud to herself. "After last night, I'm not sure I want him round again myself."

That boy, as her mum put it, was Dale. She'd been going out with him for just under a month. Like most of the people at the private school she'd attended, his parents were well off. The fact that he had a car was a big plus point, especially as it meant she could get out of the village she lived in. That his best friend was going out with her best friend made things even more convenient.

He'd chased her for most of their final year at school, though she'd played hard to get. She'd had to buckle down to get the grades she'd needed, so despite what her parents thought, she had actually studied hard. It was tough for her; she wasn't graced with natural intelligence. Well, not strictly true she had to admit; it was more down to application. Still, she'd got the grades she needed and had finally given in to Dale's advances.

Things had started quite slowly. They always seemed to be out in a group and it had only been in the last week or so that they'd got intimate. And although he was great looking, funny and generous, his skills in the bedroom were less impressive.

She sighed, letting her hand slide down her inner thigh. Last night had been a prime example.

They'd been out to the cinema, and he'd driven her home. Her parents were asleep so she'd snuck him into her bedroom. The first time they'd done it, about a week ago, they'd been in his car. He'd fingered her. She'd jerked him off, then pulled him over her on the passenger seat and guided his cock inside her. He'd lasted just a few strokes before ejaculating inside her, blaming the awkwardness of doing it in the car.

A couple of days later, they'd been at their friend's house and, in a spare bedroom, she'd gone down on him. He was clearly appreciative, instantly getting hard and she'd easily taken his slim 5 inch erection in her mouth. She'd been tingling, looking forward to straddling him on the bed, anticipating his cock inside her. But all to soon he'd groaned and released in her mouth, making her gag and spit his sperm inadvertently onto her denim skirt.

She'd lost her virginity the week after she'd turned the UK legal age of 16, with her boyfriend of two years. They'd had a decent sex life for a few months, but she'd dumped him when an older boy had taken an interest in her. She'd slept with him too, and another boy after a school disco, but in the six months up to going out with Dale, she'd been so consumed in her school work she hadn't slept with anyone.

Chloe curled her finger under her panties, feeling the bare skin on her freshly shaved mound. She'd shaved yesterday, planning to give Dale a nice surprise if she could encourage him to go down on her. He had done, and she'd enjoyed it. So much, she'd had to cover her face with her pillow to muffle her moans. She'd been close to an orgasm, and had demanded he finish her off with his cock. He climbed onto her and stuck his cock inside her, frantically prodding at her for less than a minute before he again ejaculated, leaving her agonisingly close to her own climax.

She'd been unable to contain her disappointment, and he'd been very sheepish as he'd dressed and sneaked out of her room. At least she was on the pill, although it crossed her mind that maybe a condom would help him last longer next time.

She rolled onto her side and groaned. Next time? They'd planned to meet that night. Maybe she'd give him a final chance.

She yawned. Her mouth was dry and she needed a drink. She threw back the covers and stumbled out of her bed, stretching her back. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was petite, standing at just 5ft 4. She had a slim body, with natural olive skin, her long dark brown hair highlighted with light brown strands falling over her shoulders. Her mascara was slightly smudged around her eyes, but with a petite nose, thin mouth and slender face she knew she was attractive. Vain? Stood in her bra and panties, she grinned at her reflection. "Maybe that's why Dale can't last very long," she giggled.

She picked up her dressing gown and wrapped it around herself. It was full length, covering her ankles with pictures of a black and white dog dotted around it. She told herself she'd need a new one before she moved into the student accommodation at the college; maybe something a little sexier.

She looked for the belt, but her room was a mess, so she just held it around her as she opened her bedroom door and walked out onto the landing.

She could hear voices in the lounge as she descended the staircase and kept her gown tightly drawn as she walked into the room.

Her eyes widened as she saw the two black men ripping off the hideously patterned wall paper on the far side of the lounge.

"Hello," one of them said, turning his head towards her.

"Hi," she replied, smiling. They were both huge.

"You alright?" the other said cheerily, stepping back and turning to face her. He was at least 6ft 4, with a large athletic frame, shaved head and large features.

"Yeh, good. You?" she replied.

"Yeh, sweet," he smiled. "Paper's coming off fine. Bit...ummm...flowery innit?"

Chloe giggled. "It's fucking minging. Dunno what my mum was thinking when she put that up."

The other black man turned around, dropping a sheet of wallpaper onto the sheeting on the floor. "Was all the rage 10 years ago."

She could feel his eyes looking her up and down. He was shorter, but still at least 6 feet tall. His head was shaved too, and she noticed that his hands were enormous.

"Fuck know's what she's replacing it with," Chloe said, rolling her eyes. "Probably something equally rank."

They both laughed. "I'm Jordan by the way," said the shorter of the two. "This is Nate."

"Chloe," she replied, smiling at them. "I need a drink," she added. She turned around and walked out the door, heading up the hallway and into the kitchen.

Wow. She hadn't expected them. The last time Mr Peters had done work in their house he'd had a middle aged man working with him. She wasn't used to black people; the middle class village she lived in being predominantly white, as was her school.

She opened the fridge and took out a bottle of orange juice. Her gown fell open as she took the lid off it and took and long gulp. She spotted the newspaper on the counter, open at the Situations Vacant page and groaned. She knew she'd have to make some phone calls today but really couldn't be bothered. She took another long gulp of juice.

"Couldn't bother you for a cup of coffee?" she heard a voice behind her.

She spun round to see Jordan standing in the door frame. He grinned at her, and she realised she was facing him with her gown partially open, enough for him to make out she was wearing nothing but slip panties and a bra.

She felt her cheeks flush as she fumbled to pull her gown closed. "What...ummm...c...coffee? Sure."

"Awesome. Milk and two in each, honey." He let his eyes linger on her for a second more than she was comfortable with then turned and walked away.

"Epic fail," she muttered to herself, embarrassed that he'd seen her with her gown open. She walked across the kitchen and switched on the kettle, taking out two cups from the cupboard.

As she made the coffees, her mind wandered to the two black guys in the next room. She couldn't place their ages, but guessed they were late twenties. They were both wearing overalls, and Nate had been wearing a vest top. She'd noticed the tattoos on his bulging arms. She thought of Dale. He was quite well built, at least she'd thought so, but in comparison to Jordan and Nate he was positively feeble.

She picked up the cups, but realised it meant she couldn't keep her gown closed. She laid the cups back down and decided just to go and tell them they were on the counter. A mischievous thought crossed her mind. Maybe she should just carry them in with her gown partially open. She was pretty sure Jordan would have already told Nate how he'd just seen her more or less flashing him. Was she ashamed of her body? No, she wasn't. Would it give them a little thrill? Most probably. She bit her lip. Would it give her a little thrill? To her own surprise, she decided it would.

Her eyes fixed on the newspaper. Boring. She picked up the cups and walked to the lounge.

She felt her heartbeat race as she pushed the door open with her foot, carefully holding the cups so that they wouldn't spill. Her long gown was parted as she walked through the door, and although there was enough material to prevent her offering them a full frontal, she could feel their eyes on her as she stepped forward and placed the coffees on the nearest table.

"There you go," she said. She straightened up and pulled her gown closed.

"Great. Thanks for that love," Nate said, grinning at her. "Much appreciated."

She felt her cheeks starting to burn so she just smiled and quickly left the room, pulling the door behind her. She stood in the hallway, heart pounding. Had she really just done that?

"Fuck that's fit," she heard one of them say from behind the closed door.

"Fucking right man. Tight as fuck huh?" She was sure that was Jordan.

She giggled. She felt butterflies in her stomach. They'd been impressed. She silently climbed the staircase and dived into her bedroom. She threw off the robe, letting it fall in a heap on the floor and clambered onto her bed. She pictured Dale with an angry expression on his face that she had so blatantly flirted with these two, enormous, black strangers.

She picked up a hairband and tied her hair into a ponytail. She really needed a shower. Her eyes fell on her netbook, and she stared at it for several moments as her brain dealt with a collection of thoughts. She'd heard stories that all black men had enormous cocks, though she didn't really believe it. A girl from school had dated a black guy and boasted about how amazing he was in bed. She reached over and picked up her netbook, kneeling on her bed as she opened it and launched the browser. Was it true?

Her fingers slowly typed the words 'black cocks' into the search engine. Her eyes scanned the results. 'Blackcocks videos, page 1...' 'chicks gangbanged by monster black cocks,' big black cock porno.'

She giggled, biting her lip as she clicked on a link titled 'pretty woman gangbanged by 3 big black dicks.'

She checked over her shoulders as the video launched. A tall, skinny dark haired lady in a tiny black dress walked down a street and into a building. Chloe's eyes widened as she watched her undress on the staircase, using her fingers on herself as she writhed up and down.

She lowered the volume, eyes fixed on the screen as the woman entered an apartment and surveyed the three naked black men. They were all incredibly well hung.

"Fuck," she muttered as she stared at the screen. She lowered her hand and pressed her fingers against her mound. The actress knelt in the middle of the floor and for two minutes, Chloe watched her suck and jerk the three huge cocks in turn.

Chloe realised she was rubbing herself more firmly. As she watched the woman lower her pussy onto a cock, she let her hand slip inside her panties, gasping as her fingers brushed her smooth skin. She wasn't in the habit of watching porn and her eyes were locked on the screen in fascination.

The woman soon had a guy standing next to her, his cock in her mouth. Chloe gulped as she ran her middle finger between her own pussy lips, jolting as she slipped it inside herself as the woman was moved onto her knees to be fucked rapidly from behind.

She watched the scene unfold, slowing fingering herself as each black man took the woman in turn.

"Fucking incredible," she whispered, contrasting the way they were treating the woman with what she'd experienced, not just with Dale, but in all her previous sexual encounters.

Chloe added her forefinger into her pussy, her eyes bulging at the screen as the woman was bent over and held still as one of the men put his cock into her ass. Chloe hadn't done anal, and the sight of the porn actress taking such an enormous member made her wince, then gasp as she was double penetrated.

She started to work her fingers more quickly. She was tight, and two fingers slightly splayed were enough to stretch her pussy. She was tingling, and could feel her wetness on her finger tips.

They were swapping around on the screen now and Chloe looked at the expression on the woman's face as they fucked her ass, pussy and mouth at the same time. The mixture of pain and ecstasy was evident; the woman clearly enjoying the brutal fucking. What must that feel like, Chloe wondered?

She watched, mouth open as in turn each man finished over the woman's face, covering her in sperm. As the video ended, she snapped shut the netbook and fell back onto the bed, drawing her fingers out of her pussy and gasping for breath.

"Wow. Fucking wow," she mumbled. She felt her panties, realising they were damp. Her fingers glistened. She was close to climaxing, but she wanted to savour the feelings inside her as she considered the video she'd just watched.

She thought about the woman, wondering what it must feel like to be fucked like that. She thought about Dale, and how polar opposite he was to those three black men. And then she thought about Jordan and Nate. Were they hung like that? Did they fuck their girlfriends, or wives, or whoever, with the same ferocity?

Her body shuddered. Would she ever experience that? Did she want to? She opened her netbook and clicked on the video, scrolling to the scene where the woman first took a cock in her ass. Chloe watched closely. The woman had closed her eyes, and clearly felt discomfort but it had seemed to subside quickly. She scrolled further, looking in a mixture of excitement and curiosity at the point the woman had been double penetrated.

She shuddered again. She was too small to have just one of those cocks inside her, let alone two!

She closed the screen again. She needed a shower. And a cold one at that. Though maybe she would finish herself off in the shower first. She hopped off her bed, put her gown back on and stepped out onto the landing. She was nearly at the bathroom door when she heard the house phone ringing in the hallway downstairs.

"If that's mum checking up on me," she huffed, careering down the stairs two at a time. She lifted the receiver. "Hello?"

"It's me, Dale," came the voice at the other end.

"Oh...ummmm...hi," she replied, feeling guilty for some strange reason.

"You ok?"


"Ummm....good. Look, about last night...you know...I'm sorry, not really sure what....ummmm...happened..."

"It's fine," she interrupted, not bothering to disguise the harshness in her tone. She didn't want to waste time on a pointless conversation with Dale. She wanted to get into the shower and let her fingers finish their work.

"Ok, cool. It's just...well, I'm not...ummm...usually like that...I just..."

"What?" she interrupted again. "You sayin' it's me?" She felt irritated.

"No, no...that's not what I meant," Dale protested. "I really dunno...I mean, when I was with Abby I didn't have...you know...I was..."

"Abby?" she said, increasing her voice. "What the fuck is anything to do with Abby?"

"Oh god, I didn't mean...what I'm saying..."

"What are you saying?" Chloe spoke over him. She was conscious her voice was raised, but didn't care. "You saying you could last longer than a couple of prods with Abby but not with me?"

She felt her face flush. Why was she being so confrontational with him? He was obviously phoning to apologise, which was a decent thing to do, but it was irritating her. Was it because she'd just watched a porn film that showed what she was missing?

"No, not at all. Look, what I'm saying...fuck..."

Chloe turned as she heard the lounge door click behind her. She pulled her gown closed as Nate smiled at her, mouthing 'everything ok?'

She smiled, and nodded at him.

"I'm trying to tell you," she heard Dale stutter, "that I really like you. Like, really like you."

Chloe looked at Nate. He was grinning, not masking that he was looking her up and down. She wasn't sure why, but she swapped the receiver from one hand to the other, letting her gown fall open. It amused her that Nate's eyes widened.

"Uh huh," she said down the phone, not really listening to him.

"I really like you, and I guess...well maybe, maybe that's why I...well, you know..."

Chloe locked eyes with Nate. An incredible sense of naughtiness washed over her, and she could barely believe herself as she finished her boyfriend's sentence.

"Why you keep spunking prematurely inside me?"

Nate's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. She felt her cheeks flush.

"Well...fuck, you don't have to put it like that," Dale said.

"Not sure how else to put it," Chloe replied, still holding Nate's gaze. "It's true innit? What, less than a minute last night?"
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