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Dark Chocolate

by roddymac99

 Part V

Nate stepped forward, lowering her down towards his friend.

"Guys no!" she protested.

Nate crouched down, his powerful legs barely straining.

"Forward a little," Jordan directed, guiding his cock against her pussy lips as Nate positioned her carefully. "That's it, down a little...little more...fuckkkkkk."

"OH...SHHHHIITTTT" Chloe screamed. She felt dizzy. Her vision blurred and her body seemed to tighten to bursting point as Nate lowered her down onto Jordan's cock.

"Oh that's good...that's fucking good," Jordan groaned, pushing his hips upwards.

Chloe couldn't breathe. She felt her pussy expand as inch after inch she was dropped onto Jordan. How could they both be inside her? She screamed again. Nate let go of her thighs, sliding his hands around to spread her buttocks. She couldn't move; locked still by the cocks in her ass and pussy.

"Now we're talking," Nate grinned. He spanked her bum firmly. "How do you feel now, whore?"

She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. She could feel her eyes water. Once again, she thought about the porn movie. She was the star now. A skinny little white girl double penetrated by two big black guys. She pictured those words as a hyperlink on a web search.

She looked down. About half of Jordan's cock was inside her, and as Nate started to rock his hips back and forth she realised most of his was in her ass. It took less than thirty seconds for her to feel his hips bump against her bum, signalling that his full 10 inches was inserted in her ass. Her eyes rolled in her head. Surely that was impossible?

Jordan started to buck his hips, getting into a rhythm with Nate. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them tightly.

"Mmmm these little titties feel good,"

"Not as good as her ass," Nate grunted, driving back and forth with increasing force.

Chloe closed her eyes, letting herself focus on what she was feeling. It was painful, but dulled by an amazing feeling of ecstasy and excitement. She felt dirty, but it felt good. She could barely move, and these two black men were using her brutally, but still she knew she liked it. Her ass felt like it was as wide as a tunnel. Would it ever be normal again? She didn't care. The feeling of Jordan's huge cock in her pussy made her tingle. She looked down again. He was getting deeper. She felt like she was going to rip apart. Explode. 'Mmmmmm explode,' she thought. 'Yes, I want to cum like this.'

She gasped moans constantly as Nate repeated his jackhammer fucking, only this time in her ass. He squeezed her buttocks against his shaft, ploughing deep into her, pushing her down further on Jordan's cock. She could feel her orgasm start to build.

"Yes...yes...fuck yes..." she panted. "Oh god...oh fuck..."

Nate groaned loudly, holding his body still with his cock buried deep in her ass. "Shit she's gonna drain me like this. You wanna shot of this sweet little ass bro?"

Jordan grinned and nodded. "Fuck yeh."

Chloe gasped as Nate ripped his cock out of her. She felt the cool air of the room breeze around her hole.

"Oh fuck," Nate exclaimed. "Bitch is gaping!"

She felt her legs tremble as Jordan lifted her off him onto her feet. He turned her around and spread her cheeks apart, pressing the small of her back so she bent over.

"Shit!" he laughed. "Fucking hell. Look at that hole!" He pushed two fingers easily into her wide open ass, and Chloe realised the damage that Nate had done.

Jordan gripped her hips and pulled her backwards. She closed her eyes and groaned as her knees bent and he positioned her hole against his cock. With a firm pull, he was in her ass, and within a few seconds she was laying backwards on him with her legs apart, his cock rapidly plunging deeper into her ass.

Her groped her tits again as he drove his hips upwards. Without thinking, she lowered her hand and started to rub her pussy lips.

"Wow, she's fucking loving it in the ass bro!" Nate laughed. "Fuck...rub that pussy girl. Rub it hard."

Chloe glared at him. Her pussy was tingling, and despite the extra girth in her ass, she wanted it fucked again. "Am I gonna rub it, or are you gonna fuck it?" she hissed.

Nate grinned. "You want me to fuck you?"

She nodded.

"Ask me nicely then," he winked.

"Ohhhh fuck," she gasped as Jordan increased his pace. "Oh jesus. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it please." She narrowed her eyes. "Come on, stick that black cock in my cunt."

Nate knelt in front of her, stroking his cock. "Little white girl wants my cock in her cunt huh?"

"Little white whore wants your big black cock in my cunt," she said slowly, barely believing how she was talking about herself.

Jordan stopped for a moment, allowing Nate to position his cock and drive it deep into her pussy. Chloe screamed again, gasping "Oh shit yes! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass!" It was all she wanted now; those big black cocks impaling her until she climaxed.

They quickly fell into a combined rhythm again. With her laying more or less on her back, Nate had little issue burying his full length inside her. Within a minute, she was panting uncontrollably, squealing and gasping, constantly moaning "yes, fuck yes, make me cum, make me cum."

She was amazed at their stamina. Nate pounded into her, each stroke feeling like it would burst out through her belly button. It took just a few more seconds before she felt her body tensing.

"That's it," she screamed. "Fuck...I'm gonna cum!"

Nate ground his hips into her, pushing her downwards forcibly and she screamed as she felt her bum cheeks press against Jordan's stomach. Jordan was fully inside her! All 12 inches of that huge cock was in her ass. Her eyes widened in shock. She had them both fully inside her. Over 20 inches of cock splitting her ass and pussy!

Her orgasm exploded through her. Her body tensed then shuddered violently. She screamed and started to spasm, her body jerking on the cocks impaling her.

"FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK" she yelled, her voice piercing the room. Nate pulled his cock out then drove it straight back into her. "FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK" she screamed again.

The room spun and she spasmed again. Nate ripped his cock free and she jerked.

"Fuck, bitch is squirting!" he exclaimed, bending down and slapping her pussy with the palm of his hand.

"Ohhhhhh god!" she gasped, her body shuddering again as her orgasm continued, her juices spraying out over Nate's hand as he slapped her.

"Fuck...stop...stop...oh god please stop!" she cried. She spasmed again, then gasped desperately for air.

Nate stood up and laughed heartily. "Fuck yeh! Shit you came hard!"

Chloe panted, trying to catch her breath. Jordan lay still, moaning with satisfaction as she contracted tightly on his cock. They lay still for about thirty seconds. She felt the room spinning around her. Her body was still tingling, her mind blown by the intense orgasm she'd just experienced.

Jordan lifted her up, helping her off his cock. She collapsed onto the settee, still panting for breath.

"I need a bit more," Jordan said quietly, rolling on top of her.

"No," she gasped. "I...I can't..."

He ignored her, curling his arms under her knees and pulling her forwards. With her back flat on the cushion, he pushed her legs back and plunged his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" she wailed.

He pushed her legs again, her knees almost by her ears. He planted his hands on the cushion and started to fuck her. She looked up to see Nate jerking his cock. Of course, they both had to cum. She closed her eyes, her ears filled with Jordan's heavy breathing as he upped his pace. His ball sac bashed her asshole and she realised it was still gaping open. He took no mercy. The full length of his enormous cock drove relentlessly into her. She could hear squelching and realised it was the juices in her pussy being pounded.

He fucked her solidly for three minutes, never once slowing or pausing. Her vision blurred again. She tensed and jerked, gasping for breath. She was climaxing again. Somehow, he seemed to increase pace again, only an increasing volume of grunting giving her a sign he was getting close. She imagined him cumming inside her, a huge powerful spurt filling her cunt. It was enough to tip her over the edge.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming again!" she shrieked. Her body tensed.

"Fuck she's squeezing me tight!" Jordan groaned.

"Ohhhhhhhhh godddddddddd," she cried, jerking and shuddering as she orgasmed. It was a smaller one this time, but still enough to make her dizzy.

Jordan pumped into her twice more, then pulled his cock free. She sighed, feeling her body loosen.

"On your knees," she heard Nate demand.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. She stumbled onto her knees, her legs shaking as she looked up at him.

"Let's cover that pretty little face huh?" Nate grinned. He was jerking his cock rapidly, pointing it straight at her.

She pictured the porn film again. She knew they were going to cum on her, and she couldn't complain. They'd given her three orgasms. She deserved it. She nodded.

"Tell me you want it," Nate hissed.

"I fucking want it!" she yelled. "Fuck, I want your cum all over my face." She let her hand slide down her back and she felt the gaping hole that had previously been her tightly closed ass. "Come on you black fucker," she muttered. "You fucked my dirty little ass, now cum all over my face."

"Fuck yes!" Nate grunted, his hand in a blur as he jerked his cock. "Dirty little white bitch wants a load of cum!"

She closed her eyes and extended her neck, offering her face to him. She pursed her lips.

"Shit...that's it," Nate groaned. "Fuck...take it all! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he grunted.

Chloe squealed as she felt a stream of cum hit her face. It landed on the bridge of her nose, splashing across her right eye and upper cheekbone. She heard him groan again and another stream covered her lips.

"Oh fu..." she gasped, before gagging as a third stream filled her mouth and choked in her throat.

"Dirty..." he jerked his cock and another spurt covered her lips. "Little..." he stepped forward and squeezed his cock, dripping cum onto her hair. "Whore!" he exclaimed triumphantly, wiping his cock on her forehead.

She sat still, feeling his cum on her face. She couldn't believe how much there was. More than she'd ever experienced before. She tried to open her eyes, but immediately felt the cum in her right one. She opened her left eye to see Jordan step into position. His huge cock filled her limited vision and she closed her eye again.

She heard a deep guttural groan then felt her face splashed in sperm. It sprayed across her nose and cheeks, then a second stream hit her forehead, immediately dripping over her eyes. He groaned again and another stream of cum splattered across her left cheek and her ear. She jolted as yet more erupted from his cock, hitting her chin and cleavage. She heard him growl, then felt another load cover her tits. She shuddered as she felt him squeeze the remaining drops onto her hair, grabbing her pony tail and using it unceremoniously to wipe himself clean.

"Oh yeh," Nate chuckled. "Little whore got what she wanted!"

She sat motionless. Her face was covered. After a few seconds, she used her fingers to wipe her eyes. The cum was thick and sticky. She looked at her chest, her boobs splattered with cum.

"Oh my god," she whispered. "Fuck...that...you..." She shook her head. "That's like...loads!"

Jordan grinned. "You drained us babe. That tight little ass and cunt got very drop out."

She wiped her hands on her belly. "I'm soaked," she mumbled. She tried to move, but her limbs ached.

"Fuck, that was awesome," Nate grinned as he picked up his clothes. "Shit you look good like that babe!"

"Yeh," chuckled Jordan. "You enjoyed that Chloe?"

"Yeh. Yeh I did," she replied, slowly nodding. "I can't believe I did it. And fuck, I'm gonna hurt for days."

"Yeh, sorry 'bout that," Jordan shrugged. "But you did well. Really fucking well."

She smiled meekly. "Thanks. I think...ummm...I really need a shower."

"Make yourself pretty for that boyfriend of yours huh?" Nate laughed.

She rolled her eyes. Cum dripped from her chin onto her knees. "You've broken me boys," she giggled. "He'll not be getting anywhere near me for a few days I reckon."

It took a concerted effort for Chloe to stand up. Every muscle was sore. She stepped forwards gingerly, thanking Jordan as he handed over her bra and panties to save her bending down.

"I...I'd better go shower," she said.

"Yeh, and we're a good bit behind schedule now," he smiled. "Ummm...thanks though babe. Fucking awesome."

She nodded, flashing a smile at Nate before leaving the room, her ass stinging as she walked.

It took even more effort to climb the stairs. She walked into her bedroom and picked up her phone. There was a message from Dale.

'hi gorgeous...ok if i come round about 7? i'll bring ice cream...what flavour you want? x'

She stared at her phone, then in her full length mirror. Her face was still glistening with cum. She could see it on her chest and clumped in her hair. "You dirty whore," she grinned to herself.

She would have to break it off with Dale. There was no question about that. Sex would never be the same for her again. She'd experienced something she had never in her wildest dreams imagined, and although she was a mess, sore, and tired, she'd loved every second of it. Her first black cock experience. Her first anal experience. Her first threesome. She resolved they would not be her last.

'Dark chocolate please, it's my new fav' she typed, grinning as she pressed send.

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