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Dark Chocolate

by roddymac99
Part III

Chloe nodded, then walked the few paces to the settee and sat down. Jordan and Nate stepped forwards, towering above her, making her feel even smaller.

"Ok, let's see," said Jordan. "Ummm...lay back, so you are flat."

Chloe felt her heat thump in her chest again as she reclined herself on the settee.

"Slide your bum forward a bit," Jordan advised.

She did as asked, shifting herself until her back was flat on the cushion, her neck craned against the back rest.

"Ok, that's good," Jordan said quietly as he stepped forward, placing his legs either side of her.

She looked up at his imposing frame; the thick muscles on his thighs straining as he squatted down, his hand holding his thick cock horizontally. She was still incredulous at it's length and girth.

"No, hang on." He took a step back. "Sorry, easier if you...ummm...spread your legs."

Chloe took a breath. Her pussy was tingling again. She slowly spread her legs out, feeling the material of her panties tightening against her crotch. It still felt damp, though she was beyond being embarrassed by that now.

"That's better," he nodded, lowering himself to kneel on the floor. He was tall enough that his waistline was still several inches higher than the edge of the settee. "Ok, let's see."

Chloe gasped as she felt him place his cock against her stomach. She felt his ball sac resting against the crotch of her panties and she craned her neck to see the enormous member lying on her, the tip of it covering her belly button.

"Fuck man!" Nate laughed. "Shit, that'd be in her stomach!"

She flicked her eyes up to see Nate shaking his head, a wide smile on his face. His cock was rock hard now.

"Wow," grinned Jordan. He shifted his head to look down at her panties. She felt him adjust his position, his balls pressing more firmly against her. "That would be a long way in."

Chloe bit her lip. When Dale was inside her, she never felt like she wasn't being filled. She thought about the boys she'd slept with. All had been around Dale's size. The feeling of Jordan's cock resting on her stomach, extending to her belly button made her shiver.

"Fucking tight belly too," she heard Nate mutter.

"Yeh man," Jordan replied. "Gettin' me kinda hard," he chuckled.

Chloe refocussed on his cock. It was stiffening, growing in thickness as he pressed it against her.

"Seriously, that's fucking wider than my arm," she repeated.

"Heh heh. Too wide for you too huh?" Jordan chuckled.

"Ummm...yeh!" Chloe laughed.

Jordan let go of his cock, leaving it lying on her bare tummy. He ran his fingers along the bottom of her panties, making her shiver.

"See by how much?" he said softly. "Same thing, I'll just lay it on you."

She nodded. Jordan pulled himself back, using his hands to bring her legs together. She looked at him quizzically again, then gasped with surprise as he hooked his fingers under the waistband of her panties and pulled them sharply down her legs.

"W...what you doing?" she instinctively covered her now bare pussy with her hands.

"Oh, sorry!" he replied. "It's just I can't see through your panties y'know." He grinned at her.

"Oh...Oh right. I see." She bit her lip again. She felt her pussy tingle beneath her hands. She didn't know how she would react if she felt him directly against her bare pussy.

He repositioned himself, laying his cock on the back of her hands. She felt her stomach tighten.

"Just to see," he said quietly, looking at her with raised eyebrows.

She took a deep breath and nodded, slowly peeling her hands away. She couldn't contain a soft moan as she felt him place his cock against her again, feeling his ball sac press against her pussy lips.

"Oh fuck, shaved bare," Nate announced approvingly.

She craned her neck again, watching Jordan carefully pull his cock back down until about 6 inches of it lay on her. He gently pushed her right leg and she complied by spreading her legs wider. Her pussy tingled again.

Nate bent down and grinned. "Fuck...that's tight man."

She gasped as she felt Jordan's fingers brush against her as he assessed the position of his cock.

"Yep, it's a little wider than I think you are babe," Jordan laughed. "You are pretty, ummm, tight huh?"

Chloe nodded. She was biting her lip firmly. She desperately wanted to writhe her hips, feel something inside her. Her eyes were fixed on the cock staring at her from her belly. What would that feel like inside her? Surely it would hurt? Did she care?

Jordan shifted slightly to his left, his fingers resting gently against her pussy lips. He looked at her, a faint smile on his lips.

"You could take a finger though, huh babe?" he said softly.

She held her breath and nodded.

Jordan gently rubbed his finger against her pussy lips, and her body tensed. She let out a low gasp as he straightened his fingers and slipped it inside her.

"Mmmmmm...someone's wet," he muttered, circling his finger inside her.

"Oooooh fuckkkk," she groaned, sighing as her body relaxed. She closed her eyes, writhing her hips lightly as he started to finger her.

"Fuck man," Nate exclaimed. "Little honey's loving that."

Jordan smoothly fingered her, resting his thumb on her clitoris. She instantly reacted by bucking her hips.

"She's very wet," Jordan murmured. "You didn't finish yourself off earlier then huh?"

She shook her head.

"Were you watching porn?" he asked, adding his forefinger alongside his middle finger.

She groaned again, feeling him splay his fingers inside her. She didn't care if they knew she'd been watching porn. The feeling of his fingers and of his cock still resting across her hip bone was making her head spin. She nodded.

"Good girl," Jordan chuckled. He rubbed his thumb firmly on her clit, making her gasp loudly.

"What were you watching?" he asked.

She looked at him. Why did he want to know that? Had he already guessed? Her body was tingling as his fingers expertly worked her. She couldn't think of a lie.

"A gang...gangbang," she moaned, closing her eyes. She moaned again as Jordan pushed his fingers deeper inside her.

"With black guys?" she heard Nate ask. She nodded.

"Oh fuck," Nate exhaled. "Mmmmm, dirty little girl aren't ya?"

She winced at his words, but he was right. She'd been intrigued from the moment she'd seen them. And now she was naked, with black fingers making her wet and excited.

"Why don't you see if Nate's cock fits in that little mouth of yours, huh?"

She opened her eyes to see Jordan nodding at her. She turned her head towards Nate. He was stroking his long black cock, the cut head glistening. Before she could reply, Nate was already stepping out of his overalls. It struck her again that it was as wide as her mouth. Within seconds, Nate was stripped of his jeans.

He knelt on the settee and guided his cock towards her. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and closed her eyes as Nate pushed it between her lips. It stretched her jaw as it filled her mouth; fully erect, he was, like Jordan, at least two inches wide. He started to gently buck his hips. She raised her left hand and gripped his shaft, her little fingers unable to wrap around it. She tugged him, struggling to suck with her mouth so widely opened.

"Mmmmmm, mouth's as tight as that pussy," groaned Nate. He pulled back a little, giving himself space to gently prod his cock back and forth in her mouth.

"Gotta be very tight then dude," Jordan laughed. "This is the tightest cunt I've seen in years man."

He splayed his fingers wider, making her groan and gag on Nate's cock.

"You gonna taste it bro?" Nate grinned.

Chloe opened her eyes, flicking them to the right to make out Jordan's head lowering. She moaned as she felt his tongue flick roughly against her clit.

"Mmmmm, you like a big black cock in your mouth don't ya?" Nate groaned, pushing forwards and making her gag.

She squeezed his shaft, pushing his cock out, gasping for breath. She was about to tell him to be more gentle but instead she squealed loudly as Jordan's tongue fully entered her pussy. She bucked her hips, and her cheeks bulged as Nate slid his cock back into her mouth. She grabbed his shaft again, jerking him as best she could despite being unable to fully wrap her fingers around it. Her jaw was already starting to ache, but her attention was fully on the tongue in her pussy.

She moaned on Nate's cock, making him mutter in satisfaction as Jordan extended his tongue deep inside her. He rubbed her clit firmly with his thumb, making her squirm. She felt a finger join his tongue, stretching her out. Her body was tingling and she couldn't stop herself from bucking her hips, pushing herself against Jordan's tongue.

"Mmmmmggghhhfffff," she moaned, before gagging on the tip of Nate's cock as it prodded the back of her throat. Her eyes were watering; her writhing disabling her control of the cock in her mouth.

"Fuck girl! You suck good," Nate grunted. He cupped his hand round the back of her head and pulled her towards him.

Her eyes widened in shock as she started to choke. He held her there for a few seconds before pulling clean out of her. She again gasped for air. Jordan added a second finger, splaying them apart to allow his tongue a clear channel between them, extending his tongue then withdrew it to flick against her clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuckkkkk," she squealed. She could feel her orgasm building quickly.

Nate gripped his cock and slapped it against her nose. "Open wide again honey."

"I...I can't..." she panted. "Fuck, fuck I'm gonna cum!" She tensed her body, readying herself for her climax.

Jordan pulled his fingers and tongue out of her and sat back.

"W...what? What are you doing? Why did you stop?" she gasped. She was so close.

"I know you are babe," Jordan grinned. "But I don't want you cumming on my fingers. You need a cock in there."

Chloe wiped her lips with her hand. "Please...I'm so close," she begged.

Jordan glanced at Nate and nodded. Nate clambered off the sofa and as Jordan moved away Nate positioned himself in front of her.

"Oh shit," she uttered. "It...it's too big."

"Heh heh, my man here has loosened you up a bit," Nate chuckled, rubbing his cock against her pussy lips. He rested it against her opening, freeing up his hands to push her legs apart.

She craned her neck, eyes wide. His cockhead looked huge against her. She felt her body tense. This was all happening so quickly. Was she really about to let a stranger stick his cock into her?

Nate took hold of his shaft and gently rubbed it against her. She squealed loudly as he pushed forward, the tip of his cock entering her.

"Mmmmm fuck," he grunted. "Shit that's tight." He pushed forward again, two inches now inside her.

"Ohhhhh god...fuck...fuck!" she screamed. She could feel his cock stretch her pussy.

"Doing good girl," Nate muttered, slowly pushing forwards.

Chloe's head fell back and she closed her eyes, mouth open. God it felt huge. He pushed forwards again, her vaginal walls stretching as his thick cock slowly extended inside her.

"How's it feel?" she heard Jordan say.

"Tight man. Fucking tight," Nate laughed. "She's wet though." He started to gently buck his hips, making her gasp with each motion.

"You good Chloe?" Jordan asked.

She opened her eyes, and he grinned.

"You look shocked babe!" he added.

"F...fuck," was all she could reply.

"Just relax," Nate said, pushing forwards again. "Mmmmmm, take it in there." He increased his pace slightly.

She craned her neck again. He had more than half his cock inside her, so already more than she'd ever had before.

"That's good," Nate groaned. "You're doin' good." He started to increase the length of his strokes, each time pushing further forwards, gradually adding more cock to her pussy.

At 8 inches, she screamed. "Ahhhh fuck! Fuck fuck! Shit. God!" She slapped her hands on the settee. "Fuck, you're gonna rip me apart!"

Nate chuckled, lifting himself upwards and placing his hands by her thighs. "You full now huh?" He didn't wait for a reply, instead just sliding his cock back then forwards again with increased pace. He quickly built up a consistent rhythm, long powerful strokes of his cock in her pussy.

"Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, oooooh, ahhhhh." Chloe was moaning constantly.

He had stopped at pushing his entire length inside her, for which she was grateful, but his girth was stretching her more than she could have imagined. He kept his pace, smoothly fucking her. Jordan knelt on the settee beside her and she didn't resist when he guided his cock into her mouth.

She knew for sure Jordan's cock was thicker than Nate's as soon as it entered her mouth. She opened as wide as she could, unable to suck as his huge member filled her. He prodded his cock back and forth between her lips and she felt Nate increasing his pace.

She felt helpless, unable to move, trapped by those two huge cocks. She closed her eyes, and seemed to float out of her own body, looking down on herself. Little white girl, mouth and pussy filled with 20 plus inches of black cock. What a whore, she thought. She'd watched that porn film intently, jealous at the woman being fucked so hard. She thought of Dale; how pathetic he was in comparison. Did she care? No, she was lying there helpless, being stretched, stuffed and filled by cock. These strangers that she'd flaunted herself in front of, sensing she was hungry for their cocks, had cleverly played her so she'd let herself get into this situation. But she didn't care. She looked down on her tight little body being used by big black cocks.

She moaned again on Jordan's shaft as Nate seemed to increase his pace again. What a whore indeed! And then her orgasm hit her.

She opened her eyes with a jolt. Her body started to tense. Nate was grunting, rapidly jabbing his hips, driving his cock into her. She grabbed Jordan's cock, trying to push it away but he was too strong. Her vision blurred and she felt like she was going to explode. Nate seemed to sense it, and he upped his pace again. She was breathing rapidly though her nose, and she bucked her hips upwards.

"Ooooh fuck yes!" Nate grunted, her change in position enabling him to grind forwards until his ball sac pushed against her pussy lips. "Shit yeh, take it all!"

Chloe ripped her head away, taking in a lungful of air before she screamed. "FUUUUCCKKKK!"

Nate's cock was spearing her. She felt it was going to rip through her stomach. "Yeh bitch, you cum now!" he yelled. He grabbed her legs, hooked his arms under her knees and pulled her towards him.

Chloe screamed again.

"Yeh fuck," he grunted. "That's it bitch, take it all. Take...it....fucking...all."

"Fuu...fuu..." Chloe gasped. Her body tensed, then as her climax rushed through her, she started to jerk violently.

Nate gripped her tightly, powerfully thrusting his full length as her pussy contracted then spasmed.

Her vision blurred again. Her head was spinning and she screamed again. "Fuck! Fuck fuck fuuuuckkkk!"

"Yehhhh, you cum hard little bitch," Nate grunted, jabbing into her.

Chloe opened her mouth but no words came out. Her body jerked again and she felt light headed.

Nate suddenly whipped his cock out of her and she gasped again as she spasmed uncontrollably.

"Mmmm fuck...so fucking wet!" Nate exclaimed.

Chloe twitched, breathing rapidly as her orgasm subsided. Her vision returned, and she looked at Nate with large, shocked eyes.

"Shit...you came hard there girl," he grinned, holding his cock in front of her. She could see it glistening with her pussy juices.

"You better not have drained her man," Jordan laughed, sitting himself beside her.

"Fuck that's tight," Nate smiled. "You liked your first black cock huh?"

Chloe took deep breaths. She felt like her heart was going to explode through her chest. She nodded.

Nate stroked his cock. "Look at his J...got her cum on ma dick."

Jordan snorted a laugh. "She took it well." He leant across, tucking his right arm behind her back. Before she could react, he slid his left arm across her stomach and grabbed her hip, using his strength to lift her up and pull her onto his lap. She felt his cock beneath her. "Ready for another one?"

"Fuck, I dunno," she replied meekly, but Jordan ignored her. With one hand, her lifted her up, using his other hand to position to his cock between her legs.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head. Her legs were shaking, and she couldn't summon the strength to stop herself from dropping onto his cock.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," she groaned as he pulled her down, his cock entering her in a single movement. He drove his hips upwards and she screamed. He was already halfway inside her.

"No...fuck..." she gasped, pressing her hands on his shoulders to hold herself up.

Jordan grinned, jabbing his hips upwards. "Shit man, still tight!"

Chloe's eyes widened. "J...Jordan...oh god...fuck...too big..." Jordan narrowed his eyes and moved his hands, placing them on her waist. He pulled her downwards and she screamed again.

"You can take it bitch," Nate laughed, standing next to her. His expression had changed. He looked serious, hungry. She instantly realised that he wasn't finished with her. Neither of them were. They would both have to cum, and they would use her until they were ready. She recalled the video again. The ferociousness the black men had shown. The language they had used with the woman. Nate was calling her a bitch now. That's exactly what she was. A little bitch. A little white bitch at the disposal of two hungry black men.

Jordan settled into a rapid pace, fucking his cock up inside her. He leaned forwards and wrapped his arms around her. Her head fell against his chest and she moaned as he worked himself deeper inside her. She felt Nate's large hand reach in and smother her tits, groping at them roughly. With her upper body bent, Jordan held her waist firmly and bucked his hips rapidly.

"Ahhhhhh yesss. that feels good," he hissed. "That little pussy's stretching nicely."

Chloe didn't feel like that. Yes, Jordan had got more inside her much more easily than Nate had, but it still felt like her pussy was stretching to bursting point. She forced herself to relax her body. They were both going to fuck her as they pleased, and not only was she unable to stop them, she realised that it was actually what she wanted. She wished Dale could see her. Could see how deep they got inside her, how much control they had. How small she was against their muscular, dark bodies.

Jordan pushed her away, her back straightening as she sat up. He pulled her down sharply and her mouth opened in shock as she felt her bum cheeks rest on his thighs. He stopped moving and grinned at her.

"Mmmmm, that's 12 inches inside you," he whispered.

She looked down. She felt like she was impaled. She tensed involuntarily then gasped. "No, no way!"

He teased his thumb across her belly button. "Uh huh."

"Shit man, you fucking her stomach!" Nate laughed.

"You like it?" Jordan asked.

She nodded.

"I didn't hear you," he said firmly.

"I...I like it," she whispered.

He lifted her up and then pulled her back down again, her pussy gripping his shaft.

"Let me hear you say it again."

"I like it," she said, glancing at Nate as he sat on the sofa beside him.

"Like what?" Jordan grunted, lifting her up and down on his cock.

"Y...your cock," she panted.

"Mmmm, you like my black cock," he grinned.

She nodded.

He let his hands fall to his sides. "Ride it then," he demanded.

She placed her hands on his chest and used her feet to raise herself up. Her thighs burned as she rode him, knowing that if she fell back to her knees his full length would impale her again.

"That's it, ride my cock, ride it good," Jordan growled. His expression had changed too. Where earlier he'd had a friendly face, he now looked hard, his eyes boring into her.
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