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Dark Chocolate

by roddymac99

Part IV

She pushed down onto him and he drove his hips upwards.

"Ahhh fuck," she squealed.

"Fuck yes," he groaned. He grabbed her hips again, holding her on her toes as he rapidly pumped his cock into her for several strokes before pulling her down firmly so his full length was back inside her.

He pulled her forwards and she gasped again as his cock stretched her pussy. He pushed her head to the side and she realised it was for Nate's benefit. Nate moved forward and held his cock up, Chloe opening wide to take it in her mouth. Jordan shifted slightly and held her waist, quickly building up his rhythm as he pumped her. She sucked the tip of Nate's cock, tasting her own juices. She flicked her tongue against it, concentrating on Nate's cock rather than Jordan's rapid prods.

She felt Jordan's fingers on her bum, pulling her cheeks apart. He was groaning, gradually increasing his pace until after a couple of minutes he lifted her straight of his cock and grunted.

"Shit that's tight."

She stood in front of him, her legs shaking. He hadn't cum. Nate immediately jumped up and stepped behind her. He placed one hand on her back and the other on her waist, bending her forwards.

Jordan held his cock upwards and placed her mouth over it. She gagged as Nate drove his cock straight into her pussy, pulling her waist backwards so she didn't fall onto her knees. He wasted no time in working into a quick pace, gripping her bum cheeks with his fingers.

She bobbed her head on Jordan's cock, pushing her hands against his stomach to stay in position. God it felt good! She felt Nate's thighs against her bum as he fucked her from behind. She figured her pussy must be so stretched now that it was, relatively at least, taking his full length with ease. She thought about Dale again. He was coming round that night. Would she fuck him too? Would the black cocks leave her with a gaping pussy? Would Dale notice? Would she notice Dale?

She lifted her mouth off Jordan's cock and smiled. She was really enjoying this.

"Mmmm you're loving this aren't ya?" Jordan grinned.

"Ohhh fuck yes," she replied. "Fuck it's good." She turned her head back towards Nate. "Yeh that's it. Fuck me."

Nate narrowed his eyes and gripped her more firmly. He bucked his hips powerfully, his cock like a jackhammer in her pussy.

"Oh god!" she gasped. "Fuck yes, fuck me. Fuck my pussy."

"Mmmmm yeh, fuck your dirty little pussy," Nate growled. "Little bitch, fucking take my black cock."

Chloe lowered her mouth over Jordan's cock, taking as much as she could before shaking her head back and forth, lifting herself free and purring, "oh yeh, fuck my little cunt."

Jordan nodded, a smile breaking out on his face. "Sexy little girl, aren't ya?"

"Sexy little whore," she replied, feeling a surge of excitement at describing herself as such.

She squealed as Nate slapped her bum.

"Fuck yeh, you're a little whore huh?" he grunted.

Jordan grabbed her head and pulled her mouth over him again as Nate spanked her again. He gripped her head and worked it up and down, ignoring her gagging. Her eyes were watering. She felt Nate's fingers between her bum cheeks, pushing them apart.

"Yeh, dirty little whore," he hissed, spanking her again. She gasped as his thumb stroked against her asshole.

Her thighs ached as Nate pummelled into her, only the necessity of stopping Jordan's cock from choking her preventing her from falling forwards. She bent her knees, arching her back with her mouth still full of cock, until they came to rest on the edge of the sofa. Nate slid his hands to the top of her legs, pushing them together, helping her to kneel against the sofa, making her squeal as her pussy tightened on his shaft. With her legs pressed together, his cock felt even bigger.

"Fuck that's sooo tight," he groaned, spanking her again firmly.

She tried to part her legs, but he held her firmly, his long cock spearing in and out of her in powerful strokes. She adjusted her head so she had just the tip of Jordan's cock between her lips, sucking as hard as she could. She felt Jordan's hands on her bum, pulling her cheeks apart and then shivered as she felt his thumb press against her asshole.

"Mmmmm, tight little butt too," he said, pushing forward and holding his cock deep inside her. He pressed his thumb more firmly and her body tensed. He slowly circled his thumb. "This aint never seen a cock, has it?"

Chloe lifted her head, gulping in air. She realised she was holding Jordan's cock at the base with both hands, yet still more than half of it was visible.

"Eh, no!" she replied flatly. "And there's no fucking chance one of these is gonna be the first." She moaned again as Nate somehow seemed to push his cock even deeper inside her.

"Heh heh." Jordan chuckled, stretching out his hand and placing it on the back of her head. "Finding these dicks a bit big then huh?"

She rolled her eyes at him, not feeling it necessary to answer.

"You ok though?" he said quietly.

Chloe nodded, surprised at the sudden care he was showing, in contradiction to the language and power displayed by Nate.

"Good girl," he smiled. "It's all just a bit of fun. Just relax and enjoy." He winked at her then pulled her head back down, signalling she was to take him in her mouth again.

Nate had reduced his pace, now slowly sliding his cock back and forth inside her. She moved her knees apart, instantly feeling relief and then realisation that her pussy now must be stretched wide open. She wondered if that would be a lasting effect.

Nate continued to circle his thumb, and she was momentarily startled when she heard, then felt, him spit onto her ass crack. She felt him rub his saliva against her hole and she closed her eyes. She knew he was going to penetrate her and she was pretty sure it would hurt. But then, when her pussy had been entered by his cock earlier it had hurt like hell, but the pain had now subsided. Perhaps it would be the same with his thumb, or finger? She pictured the porn actress; the brutal pleasure she seemed to have got from having both holes penetrated. How would it feel to have a cock in her pussy, another in her mouth and a finger in her ass? She felt a tingle of nervous excitement. 'I feel dirty,' she told herself.

She lifted her head free and twisted her neck to look at Nate. "Just your finger, yeh?"

Nate grinned at her. "Sure."

He spat again and she placed her mouth over Jordan's cock. Were it not for her mouth being full, the scream would have pierced all their ears. Jordan must have known, for he was holding her head firmly to prevent her breaking free. She felt like her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets as a bolt of pain seared through her. Instinctively she wriggled her hips, inadvertently helping Nate as his index finger slowly, but firmly, penetrated her hole.

"Jesus Christ," she heard him say. "Fuck man, she's squeezing my thumb like a vice!"

"Just relax," Jordan said, loosening his hold on her head.

She looked up at him, tip of his cock in her mouth, with wide eyes. She tried to breathe out, expanding her body. She felt Nate gently push his finger forward and she screamed again.

"Owwwwww....fuck...owwwwww!" she gasped, lifting her head clear. She was gripping Jordan's cock tightly, her knuckles white with tension, not that he seemed to notice.

"Mmmmm yeh, this virgin ass is fucking tight," Nate grinned.

"You've never...not even a finger?" Jordan quizzed her.

"Owwwwwww....fuck." She shook her head. "Shit...no..." Nate pushed his finger forward again. "Fucking hell! Stop! Stop! That fucking hurts!" She slapped her hand down on the sofa.

Jordan nodded at Nate.

"Ohhh christ!" she sighed, feeling relief as Nate pulled his cock out of her pussy. She felt her body relax, then tense again as she realised his finger was still in her ass. She breathed sharply. "Fuck...that fucking hurts!"

"It'll pass," Nate grunted, gently twitching his finger. "It's barely even inside you yet, girl," he added laughing.

Chloe closed her eyes and let her head fall onto Jordan's thigh. The pain was telling her to make him stop, but something inside her wanted to see it through. Maybe it would pass. Maybe she would get to a point where she could have a finger in her ass and cocks in her pussy and mouth. She pictured the porn actress again. She'd taken cocks in all three holes at once. Surely she could take a finger?

"Take your time Nate," Jordan advised, taking hold of his cock and slapping it gently against her cheek. She ignored it, not feeling capable of having it in her mouth at that moment.

Nate used his free hand to pull her ass cheeks apart. Again, he pushed forward just a few millimetres, making her groan. "Nice and easy does it," he chuckled, working his finger backwards and forwards in tiny motions.

Jordan slapped his cock against her face again. As Nate pushed forwards again, she let her head fall to the side and opened her mouth. He smiled, and guided his cock between her lips, his other hand sliding down to massage her tits.

"You're doing good," he nodded. "Just relax and let Nate work that little ass."

She regulated her breathing through her nose, letting Jordan prod her mouth with his cock. She could feel Nate push his finger further inside her, the pain still there but less shocking.

It took a couple of minutes for Nate, aided by repeated amounts of saliva and circling motions, to finally announce triumphantly that his finger was fully in her ass. She could scarcely believe it. The sharp pain had subsided, though she was far from comfortable. Her legs ached, her neck was sore and her jaw was starting to hurt from being constantly stretched open. She was almost relieved when Jordan said he wanted to fuck her.

She winced as Nate extracted his finger. She felt her anus close tightly, relieved that he hadn't left her with a gaping hole. Jordan pulled her onto him, guiding his cock back into her pussy as she straddled him. She felt like she took him easier this time, and she was in no doubt that her pussy was now loosened.

Jordan wasted little time working into a rapid motion, driving his hip upwards as he pulled her tight against him.

"Mmmmm fuck," he moaned. "That little pussy is taking it easy now."

She smiled meekly.

"Yeh bro," laughed Nate, sitting on the settee beside Jordan. "She's loving that."

Jordan grinned. "You gonna take it all again?"

She nodded, closing her eyes as she straightened her back and pushed herself down on him, her mouth falling open as she again impaled herself on his huge cock. She figured Nate's fingers must have somehow loosened up her whole pelvis as within a few moments she could feel his thighs on her buttocks.

"Oh god," she moaned. "Fuck...fuck that's good."

Jordan beamed a smile at her. "That's it...fucking ride me."

Nate angled himself towards her. "Shit yeh, look at you now. Fuck man, she's taking it all. Little white girl sitting on a big black cock!"

She gritted her teeth. It felt enormous inside her, but more than that, she was feeling those tingles again. It felt good. Fucking good.

Jordan suddenly gripped her waist, holding her firmly on his cock. His hands slid round to her buttocks, prizing them apart as he lifted her up and down his shaft. She felt his fingers brush her anus and she closed her eyes, knowing what he was going to do. She tensed as the tip of his index finger pressed against her hole. His hands were so big and strong he was controlling her whole body, letting her drop to the point her anus pushed against his finger. She waited, ready for the pain as he entered her, but she still screamed when, after several moments, he pushed his finger up to meet her. It instantly penetrated her, and she shook her head as she moaned loudly.

"Oh fuck man," Jordan grunted. "You're right Nate...fucking tight."

Nate laughed as she look at him wide eyed. Jordan drove his hips and finger upwards at the same time and she screamed again. Her upper body flopped forwards, her head landing heavily on Jordan's chest. He kept driving his hips upwards, his cock punching deep into her pussy while he worked the full length of his finger into her ass.

Nate lifted himself and knelt, angling his body towards her. "Suck my dick," he demanded.

She turned her head and stretched out her neck, opening her mouth wide. He forced it in, making her gag. She could feel Jordan circling his finger then pump it back and forth in time with his cock. Nate rocked his hips back and forth, at the same time groping and squeezing her tits. It felt incredible.

"Fuck this is a tight little ass," Jordan grinned. Her eyes widened as she felt his forefinger press against her hole. "Mmmmm, tight little ass, tight little pussy."

She pulled her mouth away just in time to scream again as Jordan tensed his forefinger and pushed it in alongside his index finger.

"Fuck, that's it girl," he grunted. "Let's stretch this little ass."

Her vision blurred as his fingers splayed inside her. She'd never experienced a sensation anywhere near as intense. She didn't know if she was in pain or in ecstasy. He locked his hips, his cock 7 or 8 inches inside her and concentrated on working his fingers, sliding them back and forth then side to side.

"Oh my god," was all she could gasp.

He shifted his body forwards slightly, shoving his fingers upwards until she could feel the palm of his hand push firmly against her buttocks, then with his spare hand he pulled her roughly downwards. She felt her body twitch, and she realised she was close to another orgasm.

"Oh yeh!" he exclaimed. "You like both holes filled?"

She nodded, her mouth wide open in astonishment and to gasp much need oxygen.

"Mmmm fuck, little white whore likes it in her ass and cunt," Nate grinned, sliding off the settee.

She placed her hands on Jordan's chest, struggling to summon the energy to lift her body upwards.

"You like that?" Jordan smiled.

"Oh fuck. Fuck yes," she panted.

Jordan nodded. He locked his hips again, holding his cock halfway inside her as he pulled his fingers out, making her gasp as they popped free. She sighed, partly in relief but partly in disappointment. She was sure she would've orgasmed soon if he'd continued.

Her relief was short lived. She turned her head as she felt Nate tap his cock against her buttock.

"What...what are you doing?" she gasped. She felt Jordan grip her waist tightly, holding her still. "No...no way...no way you can put your cock in...in my ass!"

Nate grinned. "Give her here bro."

Jordan lifted her straight up off his cock, pushing her backwards until her feet planted on the ground. Nate grabbed her hips, bending her forwards. Her head fell down and Jordan held up his cock, once again guiding it into her open mouth. She felt Nate's hand part her bum cheeks, her eyes widening as his cock head pressed her anus. He slid a finger into her, quickly adding another. Like Jordan a few moments earlier, he splayed them apart, making her scream on Jordan's shaft. She felt herself panic, but it was too late. As Nate pulled his fingers free, he pushed his cock forwards, the thick head penetrating her hole.

"Mmmmmm fuck." Nate's tone was guttural. "That's it bitch, take my cock." He held her firmly, pushing forwards again. She felt like she was tearing apart. She wanted to scream, to push him away, but Jordan was holding her head on his cock.

"Fuck. Fuck it's tight," Nate grunted. He pushed again and Chloe felt her head spin. If they'd thought their fingers had prepared her, they were wrong. Her legs buckled from under her, forcing Nate to cradle his arm around her waist, holding her up. Again, he pushed forwards, three inches of his cock in her ass.

"Shit!" he gasped. "She's gripping my cock like a fucking vice now!"

Chloe gagged. Jordan released his grip and she lifted her head. "Ohhhhh godddddddd," she moaned.

Nate pulled back an inch, then pushed forward again. He started to gently buck his hips, working back and forth in small motions. Jordan pressed her head down, making her take the tip of his cock in her mouth.

"Yeh that's good," Nate muttered, gradually increasing his pace. Slowly, he edged his cock further into her.

Chloe closed her eyes. She couldn't believe he was actually in her ass.

"It...it's ripping...ripping me apart," she squealed.

"It's fine," Nate responded. "You're doing fine. Fuck...your ass is fucking wicked!" He pushed forwards again.

Somehow, she managed to summon the strength to plant her feet again. She could feel her anal passage grip Nate's cock tightly, but he wasn't for stopping. Onwards he pushed, rhythmically rocking his hips as he gradually stretched her out. 'It's just like his finger,' she told herself. 'Only bigger.'

A minute or so passed, Nate expertly working his cock in her ass. Jordan made sure she kept his cock in her mouth, guiding her head to slide up and down his shaft. She felt helpless. Her anal virginity was gone, and the searing pain was now replaced with a dull sensation that was, to her own surprise, actually bearable. She felt herself relax. Nate seemed to sense it, and within another minute he was sliding back and forth inside with relative ease.

"Oh yeh girl, your ass is taking me good," he snorted.

Chloe opened her eyes and looked up at Jordan. He nodded and winked at her. She smiled meekly. Nate upped his pace. Jordan's cock bulged in her cheek and she muffled a scream as Nate drove forward, almost 8 inches of his cock deep in her ass. He let his hand slide around, and she moaned softly as his fingers teased her pussy lips.

"Bitch still wet," he chuckled, working his fingers back and forth. "Think she wants her pussy played with."

She moaned again, feeling the vibrations on Jordan's shaft. She managed to shuffle her feet a little wider apart, and her eyes rolled in her head as Nate's fingers slipped easily into her pussy.

"Mmm yeh, you like that don't ya," Nate purred. "You like having those holes stuffed, don't ya?" He splayed his fingers and jabbed them up and down inside her, simultaneously smoothly fucking her ass.

Jordan took hold of his cock, pulling it out of her mouth and slapping it on either side of her chin.

"Answer him then," he grinned wickedly.

"Yeh," she panted. "Yeh I like it." She was tingling again. "Fuck, I love it," she gasped. "Oh god, make me cum. Please make me cum."

"Ha ha," Nate laughed. "You wanna cum again huh? You wanna cum with my cock in your asshole?"

Chloe circled her hips, feeling her ass widen even more and those fingers stretch her pussy. "Oh god yes," she pleaded. "Oh fuck, make me cum. Fucking make me cum."

"Mmmm shit," Nate growled, plunging his cock forwards. "Dirty little whore wants to cum." He pulled his fingers sharply out of her, sliding his hand up to her tits and pulling her upwards. As her back straightened, she squealed, his cock driving even further up her rectum. "Little whore needs a cock in there."

She took deep breaths. He was right. It was an incredible sensation having a cock, and a huge cock at that, up her arse. But what she really needed, wanted, now was one of them, she didn't care which, to fuck her pussy with all their might.

"Fuck yes," she exclaimed, the words pouring out of her without restraint. "Fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard." She tried to step forward, expecting Nate to pull out of her but instead, he lifted her up off the ground, cupping his arms under her thighs to spread her legs apart.

She squealed as he let her weight bear down on his cock, impaling her ass to almost it's full length. She stared in horror as Jordan spread his legs and held his cock upwards.

"Good girl," he grinned. "You wanna be fucked hard? We're gonna fuck you REAL hard."

"What?" she gasped. "No...no way..."
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