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Gisele's Story

Chapter 4

The days that followed were more of the same. I wore my new dresses and shoes. Fat Rob, when he was actually in the office, gave me compliments, always ending them with "Miss Gisele." He called every woman there "Miss" followed by their first name. It was cute and flirtatious, but I knew why he did it.

He was sleeping with, from what I could tell, every woman there. I saw a few wedding rings on a few fingers too. I saw one when I walked in on him and another woman in the bathroom, or witnessed a woman leaving his office, kissing his cheek, or saw two women going on and on about his big cock at the copy machine - both had rings on their left ring finger.

Devin had private meetings in her office with Fat Rob on occasion too. Walking by her closed door, I heard her grunting and moaning, followed by a loud slap of hand against butt cheek.

Fernanda headed back to Miami in the middle of June. On her last day in the Atlanta office, I heard a fairly loud orgasmic performance coming from Fat Rob's office. I was making copies for Devin and I saw her exit his office, turn, kiss him hard, and grab the bulge his pants were covering.

I was surrounded by sex. Every day I heard or saw people in the act. Even the fucking package delivery guy, black of course, was getting blown or ridden when making a stop. I nodded to him on my way out for lunch. Upon my return, the cute little receptionist, probably right out of high school, was wiping something off her mouth while the delivery guy smiled at me and zipped his pants up.

I sat in my cube, alone, desire building, pussy oozing, wanting to taste, to feel the black cock that was around me. But I did my best for Devin, hoping this could lead to a full-time position with the company.

I'd go home and spend most the evening masturbating, thinking less and less of Ian, and more and more of black men.

Curiosity was killing me. Unfortunately, Fat Rob wasn't in the office much. His time there was very sporadic. I figured I'd hardly see him during July when I switched to working under him.

When I wasn't witnessing or hearing sex, I was in meetings with Devin and other staff members, taking notes. Everything was fairly standard right up to the last week in June.

The break room was filled with black male and white female models. Jennifer was there, chatting with some of them, organizing some advertisements she was shooting. I handed her some information from Devin. She smiled, looking the papers over.

I scanned the room, my mouth dropping at what I saw. Sitting on the couch, a muscular black man was naked, a bikini clad brunette was on his side, sucking his tongue, and another brunette was on her knees in front of him. Her head was bobbing up and down. She was giving him a blow job. I couldn't see the man's cock, but judging by her moans, it must've been delicious.

There was another black man, his back to me, standing next to the couch. I saw two white hands from the woman standing in front of him reach around his muscular back; hook her fingers into his shorts, slowly pulling them down. I watched the shorts go to his knees, landing at his feet, his toned muscular ass exposed. "Wow," I thought, my mouth still hanging open. Part of me wanted to go to my knees and kiss all over his ass. It was amazing.

I saw those same two white hands belonging to the woman in front of him, grip his ass tightly, while she, I'm assuming, sucked his cock. The black man moaned and said "that's it, yes" when he looked to the ceiling.

"Here you go. Thanks Gisele," Jennifer handed me the papers to take back to Devin, shaking me out of my trance.

I was so flustered I got lost on my way back to Devin's office. I made a wrong turn, walking pass an office belonging to an editor, whose name I can't remember. Her door was open; she was straddling a black man in the chair in front of her desk. "Yes! Yes!" she was crying out, his dark hands squeezing her breasts.

I needed to cum. I wanted to finger myself silly in the women's bathroom, but I assumed I'd be interrupted by another employee having sex with Fat Rob or one of the black models.

I gathered my composure, quelled my curiosity of the black cock crazed staff, took a deep breath, and found Devin's office.

"Thank you so much," She smiled taking the signed papers. "Got any plans tonight?"

"Oh, no I sure don't," I replied.

"Well I have a late flight tonight to LA, to take care of some urgent business there. I'll be gone all next week. So I was wondering if you could take care of Ulysses for me while I'm gone," she said.

"Ulysses?" I asked. Was that her dog, cat, bird, or pet iguana?

"Yep," She flipped through the papers. "Once, twice, maybe even three times a day."

"Who is - " her phone rang, interrupting me.

Her brief call ended, she wrote down her address. "Be there tonight. It's Friday, no work tomorrow, stay the night," She said with a soft smile.

"Uh, sure, I guess," I said.

"Thanks. I really appreciate it," She said, packing up her laptop, getting ready to head to the airport. "I'll let him know you're coming."
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