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Chapter 2

I was greeted that morning by two women: a tall blonde, maybe late 30s named Devin, and an even taller Latina woman named Fernanda. Both women were wearing sexy, tight cocktail dresses, showing off their legs, their curves, their cleavage - these were dresses I'd expect to see women wear at a nightclub, not to a workplace.

Both women were very polite. Fernanda seemed friendlier of the two, smiling more, not as serious and as down-to-business like Devin was.

They led me through the various offices and cubicles to a small conference room. Looking around I noticed the employees were all women. I found it curious that they were all white as well. I guess I wasn't going to be the only one there.

Fernanda, most likely of Latin American decent, was the only non-white woman there. I also discovered I was very overdressed! Of all the employees I saw on my way to the conference room, they were all wearing similar short dresses.

We walked by a small photo studio. I saw two blonde women with very large, muscular butts, wearing thongs, with a black man kneeling in between them. He was grinning smugly at the camera, his hands on each of their ass cheeks, just barely pulling them apart. A petite red head photographer was in front of the models a few feet away, taking their pictures.

"Have a seat," Devin smiled, gesturing to the conference table. I sat across from her and Fernanda.

Devin did most of the talking. She informed me I'd be working under her in the marketing department for June. In July I'd be working under Rob in talent relations, finally, in August I'd be working primarily under Fernanda in project management. Fernanda chimed in, saying that I'd be doing some traveling to Miami were she was based, to assist with various projects there. It all sounded very exciting. This would be experience outside of just marketing - which is what I got my degree in. I knew a broad range of skills may look enticing to employers. Hopefully, I would do a good enough job that Elite Magazine would hire me when my internship ended in August.

After another brief tour of the floor I'd be working on, Devin led me to my cubicle.

"Hi Jennifer," Devin said to the red head photographer from earlier. I nodded to her, walking pass her, following Devin to my cube.

"And here we are," Devin said. It was a small, temporary cube, employees from out of town used, but it was close to Devin's office. She went over some paper work with me and told me she'd come get me in an hour or so.

I sat, looking through the various forms I had to sign. I heard Devin run into Jennifer again about eight feet away.

"Hi again. The shoot go good?" Devin asked Jennifer.

"Very," she replied. "Jenna and Alexis always love working with Rodney."

"I don't blame them. Where are they now?" Devin asked.

"Oh, they're in the break room, getting out their frustrations - if you know what I mean," I heard Jennifer explain. "They were practically seducing him during the shoot."

My mouth dropped as I listened. "Oh really?" Devin asked. "You're joining in on the fun?"

"Nah. I have to do some touch ups on the photos before I head home. Besides, I'm still sore from the fucking Rodney gave me this morning," Jennifer answered.

I heard Devin reply, "Heh, yes he's quite a brute. I think I'll pay them a visit and join in though."

They parted ways, Jennifer sitting in the cube next to mine. I was trying to forget the little conversation I overheard, busily going about my paperwork. I don't think Jennifer knew I was in the cube next to hers, the walls were at least six feet tall.

I was almost done with the last form, still replaying the conversation in my head, when I heard Jennifer's phone vibrate.

"Hey there. How are you?" she said into the phone. "Awww, sorry to hear that. You still coming over tonight? I'll take care of you."

Take care of you? I wondered who she was talking to. I heard her moan into the phone. "Mmmm, yes I'd love to have that black dick inside me."

Jennifer wasn't even trying to be quiet; she wasn't whispering or trying to hide her conversation. "Yes. I love it when you do that. It's been awhile, TJ. When will you be over? Good, good. My son will be asleep by then. It's a school night."

A smile formed on my face, turning my head to listen better. "Yes, yes, he'll be asleep I promise. I told you I was a naughty mommy - fucking a black man while my son sleeps in his room down the hall. TJ, relax, I told you he sleeps like a rock."

There was laughter next, "He'll understand then. If I wake him up that is. He knows his mother has needs."

"Whoa," I whispered, listening in.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Yes, if it makes you feel better I'll do my best to be quiet so we don't wake him. Ok? Alright, I'll see you tonight. 11pm," Jennifer ended her call to this TJ guy.

I quickly finished my paper work just in time for Devin to return to my cube. Her hair was no longer in a ponytail; she looked a little flustered, but had a sly grin on her face. I can only assume she joined in on whatever was happing in the break room.
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