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Gisele's Story

Chapter 9

The rest of the week consisted of Devin, Fernanda, and I servicing Fat Rob at the office - when he was there, and Ulysses and TJ back at Devin's.

I was more and more comfortable with my own nudity in front of women, plus comfortable with Devin and Fernanda's nudity.

We took turns sucking cock; I'd taste their mouths on it. I tasted another woman's pussy, Fernanda's, after she climaxed on a cock.

By the end of Fernanda's week, I was more than comfortable working black dick with her and Devin. So much so, that I was excited to go to Miami for two weeks with Fernanda. I was wondering what sort of adventures we'd have.

When we arrived at Fernanda's house, it was dark outside, the lights were out. "Come in, make yourself at home," she gestured me to enter.

"My son is at summer camp for a couple weeks. So we'll have lots of fun," Fernanda said, undressing. I watched her, not sure what was going on. "Undress and follow me."

I complied, wondering if she was going to use her strap-on on me, though kind of hoping she wouldn't.

In her dark bedroom, she turned on the lights. I jumped when I saw a huge black man with a bodybuilder frame, lying on her Fernanda's bed. He was nude of course, and erect. I recognized him.

"Rodney?" I asked.

"Yes that's him. Now then, mount him, you'll be in here for the night," Fernanda said.

I nodded, making my way toward the silent man. I slid his cock in deep, so big, so juicy. I closed my eyes, smiling, straddling him.

That's when I heard a chain. Then I felt a chain go around my waist. "What?"

"Shhh. I have to keep reminding you to relax," Fernanda said, getting a second large chain from my left side, wrapping it around my waist too. Both chains were connected to sockets built into her walls. I wondered what kind of freaky stuff Fernanda was into.

She handed the chains to Rodney. He took them in both hands, tugging gently. "Rodney owns you tonight. If he wants you to go faster, he'll tug the chains. You are to ride his cock until he is done with you."

I never came so hard in my life than that night. Chained to a black man, impaled on his cock, used like the white slut I was - I was indeed owned by Rodney.

He'd pulled the chains harder, I'd go faster. I'd slack off due to exhaustion, he'd pull the chains, and I'd get to riding and grinding on that big dick. Oh fuck.

After a few hours the chains were hurting, making marks on my hips and waist, but I didn't care. I wanted it to hurt, I wanted to be owned, I wanted to keep bouncing up and down on that big black cock, cumming non-stop.

I wondered what Ian was up to. I pushed those thoughts aside - he would never love me like I love him. Did I still love him? I knew the answer.

Fernanda returned eventually, nude, I barely noticed her sitting in the corner, fingering herself.

I wondered what I my father would do if he knew what I was doing. He'd kill me. Screw him, I kept bouncing, cumming, riding Rodney's cock all night.

"Beautiful," Fernanda spoke up after another hour. "His cock is covered in your cream, Gisele."

I looked over my shoulder, Rodney's cock popping out of me. She gathered up my vaginal fluids with her index finger.

"Lick," she told me, holding her cream covered finger to my mouth. Without hesitation I cleaned her finger of my juices.

She guided Rodney back in, smacked my ass several times, "Keep going!" she ordered me.

I slept late the next morning. Joining Fernanda at her small kitchen table, she smiled at me. "Rodney said you were great. You will please him and his brother very well."

"Brother?" I asked.


"Ah yes! Yes! Fuck me!" I screamed later that night. Two black men were taking me at once, Rodney and his older brother Ronnie. Rodney was in my ass, Ronnie was in my pussy. They were standing, holding me up, slamming me up and down on their cocks. It was paradise.

The huge, hulking, big, black brothers, mercilessly mangled me.

Afterward, Fernanda and I took turns, riding each man to orgasm - ours, then switching. Finally they came, finally they spewed their hot semen all over me, delivering two big cum shots to my face. I was so out of it, so orgasmed-out, I barely noticed or cared when Fernanda licked my face clean of their semen.

I worked at her office, some, not much. Most of my time was at Ronnie's luxurious apartment. He had a stable of white and Latina women - Fernanda and her sisters.

I'd go to work in the morning, learn from Fernanda about her job, go to Ronnie's, undress and join the other women that worshiped him and Rodney's bodies.

My last evening in Miami was very special. Rodney was at Ronnie's but they weren't alone. I came home from work with Fernanda, finding the apartment empty of all women, except the two of us.

What I did find, along with Rodney and Ronnie was 17 other black men, standing around, chatting. They all turned to look at me when Fernanda and I arrived. My mouth dropped.

They smiled and started undressing.

"Fernanda?" I asked, my heart rate soaring.

"Yes. They're all for you. You're last night here will be one you'll never forget," she answered.

I was passed around all night. I always had a cock in both my hands, my mouth, my pussy and my ass. They would rotate five men at a time the entire evening. It was another orgasmic blur.

I was jacking two cocks, sucking another, bouncing up and down on one in my pussy and ass until they changed up after 30 minutes or so. Fernanda kept the men that weren't using me satisfied when I was busy. She was beautiful. I loved watching the lovely Latina work black dick.

Near 4am, everyone was tired. I could barely stay awake. Rodney picked me up and gently placed me in the bathtub. I sat up on my knees, wondering was what going on. A moment later I knew the answer.

One by one, each of the 19 in total, black men entered the bathroom. They jacked their big cocks in my direction and blew their load all over me. I was covered in cum.

I loved the warm, delicious liquid covering me. I loved how they took turns, blowing it all over me. I loved how it dripped off my tits. I loved how it ran down my tummy in a river. I loved how it covered my face. I loved how on that night, the amount of different black men I had sex with since my internship started, was 100.
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