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Chapter 8

August arrived, and with it, the end of my time under Fat Rob. I was still under him of course, but in a more literal sense. He was regularly on top of me, slamming away into my black cock obsessed pussy, whenever he felt like it.

Fernanda also arrived in August. I hadn't seen the tall, exotic-looking, Latina since June.

I smiled to myself overhearing her in Fat Rob's office. Damn, he was going to town on her - just like he had done to me so many times over the month of July.

Emerging from his office, flustered, tired, but satisfied, Fernanda smiled to me, motioning me to follow.

"Don't spend that extra money in one spot!" She joked in her thick accent. I'm guessing she knew Fat Rob put me to work at his clubs during the past month. I wondered if all the interns experienced this too.

I followed her to an office setup for out of town and remote workers. We went over some paperwork. She explained to me what she did. Fernanda was fairly high up in the company, managing many different projects, photo-shoots, and events for the magazine. Like Devin, she seemed like a smart woman - I could even admit, sexy as well.

Finally back at the office, after a month having continuous sex with Fat Rob, his boys, and many of his clients, I found it nice to back doing legitimate intern work.

"Hey," she cornered me after leaving the restroom, before heading home.

"Hi," I said a little startled.

"What are you doing tonight?"

"I,I don't know," I smiled.

She leaned in, whispering in my ear, "I'm looking to have fun while I'm here this week. Come out with me and Devin."

"Oh, uh, sure."

Fernanda winked at me, kissed my cheek, causing me to blush and left after giving me her phone number and the address of a club to meet her and Devin at.


I smiled getting out of my car, seeing a beautiful Adonis of a black man, standing outside waiting for me. I knew him.

"Ulysses!" I ran to his arms.

"Hi Gisele," he smiled, lifting me up.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, happy to see the first black man I slept with.

"Devin dragged me out here with her and Fernanda," he said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sure you won't mind hanging with a few nice white women, though, right?"

"Nah. My bro TJ is here," he said.

"TJ?" I asked, wondering if it was the same one Jennifer, the photographer was sleeping with.

"Yeah, well half-brother, actually," he answered.

"I see."

I followed him into the club. There was a dance floor, bar, tables for eating. I noticed all the men were black. Was it a coincidence? I wasn't sure.

My question was answered when I saw only white women, mixed with a few Latina's - like Fernanda, in the crowd. It wasn't a coincidence. I even saw a few Elite Magazine employees; including some of the various models I'd witnessed servicing black men during my first week there.

I then saw Fernanda and Devin, sitting in a booth, taking turns tongue kissing a bald, huge, black man. Ulysses cleared his throat.

"Oh hey," Devin said, letting him slid in. Fernanda introduced me to TJ. I sat next to Ulysses.

The waiter took our order. I struggled to give mine, because I was distracted by Devin and Fernanda rubbing and squeezing a large bulge in TJ's pants. This would be a wild night.

After some chit chat over dinner, the two older women flirting, grabbing, groping at the two black men at our table, Fernanda whispered to TJ.

A moment later I followed him through the crowded dance floor after he asked me to dance with him. Looking over my shoulder I saw Devin and Fernanda trading deep kisses with Ulysses at the table.

All around me people were lost in their own worlds. To my right, a white woman was grinding against a black man, his hand in her skirt, the other grabbing a breast. To my left a younger, short-haired brunette, who looked somewhat familiar, was dancing with a black man. I wondered if I knew her from school, I shrugged and turned my attention to the tall, muscular TJ in front of me.

He smelled so good. He looked so good. I wanted to slide his black dick deep inside me, feeling it all the way in, pulsing, pumping cum. I turned around, grinding my butt against his crotch. Yes, he was hard. I wanted him right there.

I scanned the room and saw the same short-haired, brunette, doing something that made me gasp. From what I could tell, through the crowds, the dancing people, she was on her knees. Then I saw a long, dark object; she was bobbing her head around. What kind of club was this?

Before I could think more on the matter, Fernanda startled me, appearing in front of me, grabbing my face, pulling it to hers. "We're leaving soon. Take care of TJ first though. We'll be with Ulysses in the car."


Fernanda grinned, reached behind me, slowly pulling up my dress. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Relax," she said. "Take care of him first before we leave."

She revealed my thong-covered butt to TJ's bulge. I knew what she meant. I smiled and nodded my head.


Five minutes later, TJ and I slammed open the back door of the club, kissing, groping our way into an alley. I wanted his dick. I wanted to milk it dry.

He hoisted me up, causing me to squeal, I was upside down. "I want to taste you," he said in his deep voice.

He slid my skirt up, well, down actually - since I was upside down. The man tore my thong away. It hurt a bit, but I didn't care. When he buried his tongue in my pussy, holding me up by my hips, my legs wrapped around his shoulders, I forgot any discomfort or fear of getting caught I might've had.

He was slathering, slurping all over and in my pussy, I forgot about TJ, it felt so good.

I reached for his zipper and button, and while upside down, did my best to pull them down - or up. Anyway, seeing he wasn't wearing underwear, I grinned when that big, long dick smacked me on my forehead. Clinching my thighs tight around TJ's shoulders, I grabbed the base of his cock and begin licking, sucking, kissing all over it, still upside down.

Several minutes later, after cumming several times all over TJ's tongue and face, he flipped me to upright position, moving my legs around him, straddling him. I was light-headed from the blood rushing away from my head, but I didn't care, I knew what was coming next.

I almost came again when he entered me. I grimaced with pleasure when my pussy slid over his length.

Then he began bouncing me.

There I was - a 22-year-old, college graduate and intern, having had sex with 80 different black men in the course of a couple months, having sex in an alley behind a club with the 81st.

I felt like such a whore, a black cock addicted whore. I loved every second of TJ thrusting up into me in that alley. I loved how my cries of pleasure echoed off the walls around us. I loved how TJ asked me if I was on the pill right before he came inside me. I loved feeling my pussy overflow with his semen.

Fernanda drove the way back to Devin's house. Devin sat in the front seat. I was in the back seat in between two hunky black men. TJ was fingering me and kissing at my neck. Ulysses was grabbing my breasts and kissing my mouth. I was in heaven.

Later at Devin's house, I stood in her bedroom looking at TJ and Ulysses lying on her bed, nude. Fernanda startled me once again, appearing behind me.

"Devin and I have some business to tend to. They're all yours for now," she said.

I was startled once again when Fernanda began removing my dress. "What are you - "

"Relax," she whispered. "I'm undressing you for them."

I had never been fully nude in front of a woman before - wearing towels or underwear in the dorm room after a shower, yes, but never fully naked. "Shhhh," Fernanda comforted me, slowly removing my dress. "It's ok."

I nodded, letting her unhook my bra, stepping out of my dress. "All yours," she whispered again. I watched her leave and turned my attention back to the two black men on the bed.

I had no idea where to begin. I felt weak in the knees when I approached them. They were all mine, both of them, maybe all night.

I grabbed a cock in each hand, smiled softly at them, made my way in between them on the bed. They rolled to their side, facing me, grabbed my breasts, and kissed all over my body.

The three-way, my first, lasted for hours. Every hole of me was stuffed with cock. The three of us were sweaty, exhausted and sore - at least I was.

We decided I'd swallow their cum this time. Ulysses went first, then TJ, injecting their seed into my throat. It was so good, so very good. The three of us became one.

Devin had a large, body length, mirror in the corner of the room. At one point in the night, I glanced to it. I saw myself, Ulysses behind me, TJ in front of me, both holding me up. My mouth hung open while TJ kissed at my neck and Ulysses kissed behind my ear. We looked so sexy; dark brown skin mixing with light colored skin. I watched myself cum. I never wanted it to end.

Eventually it did. I collapsed in their arms, lying on top of them, drifting off to sleep. I was woken an hour later by a strange sound.

Climbing off the bed, making my way down the hall, leaving the two studs sleeping soundly, I searched for the source of the noise.

I arrived at the last room on the left, a guest bedroom. I heard the noise again, a woman moaning. There was some slapping sounds too. I wondered if another black man was here having sex with Devin or Fernanda.

That wasn't it. The door was cracked, affording me a look inside. My eyes widened when I saw Fernanda behind Devin, gripping her blond hair, pulling her head back, slamming into her. Fernanda was wearing something around her waist and hips.

When Devin let out another soulful moan, Fernanda pulled back from her. I saw what she was wearing - a large, black, strap-on.

"Holy shit," I whispered, making my way back to Devin's room, sliding in bed with TJ and Ulysses. I stifled a giggle and snuggled up to their dark chocolate bodies.
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