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Gisele's Story

Chapter 10

The last two weeks of my internship were spent back in Atlanta. We were taking turns riding Fat Rob again, and, along with Devin, taking turns riding Ulysses and TJ at night.

The nights at Devin's were filled with orgasmic cries throughout her home. On Fernanda's last night, the night before my final day of my internship, I stepped into the shower. Washing semen off my skin, out of my hair, I knew I'd get an offer tomorrow. I knew what my future held - at least for the next day.

I didn't foresee Fernanda getting in the shower with me a few moments later. I nodded, smiling at her, feeling 100% comfortable around other nude women.

She pinned me against the shower wall, "Fernanda?" I asked, slightly nervous now.

"Quiet," she told me. "You are a part of Elite Magazine. We all know you'll be an employee tomorrow. With that, you know how the company works. You know who our target market for the magazine is and you know who we service."

I gulped and nodded my head. I felt something pressing in to my thigh.

"There's one final rule you must learn," she said.

"What's that?"

"When a black man is busy, or is with another woman, we take care of each other," she answered. "Devin is in there with Ulysses and TJ, we are not. We must fend for ourselves," a devious smile formed on her lips.

I looked down to see what was hitting my thigh. Once again shock washed over my face. Fernanda was wearing a very large and impressive strap-on.


Moments later, we barreled into Devin's bedroom, the two black men she was with pausing to watch us. Fernanda was behind me, pushing me to the carpet, her strap on cock embedded deep inside me. She fucked me from the shower, into the bathroom, me riding her on the toilet, into the hallway, rolling against the wall, finally landing in Devin's room.

I didn't care about anything at that moment. I didn't care she was a woman, I didn't care that we were being watched, I didn't care about Ian.

I just knew in that moment, on all fours, still wet from the shower, a woman was wearing a strap on and fucking me just as hard as any of the 100 different black men I slept with during the summer. I was cumming. When she pulled me back by my hair that clinched it. I cried out and trembled as waves of pleasure over took me.

When I stopped, Fernanda pulled out, unclipped her strap on, tossing it aside. She rolled me over to my back, pounced on me, and kissed and licked all the way down my body. It was happening so fast. When she swirled her tongue all around inside my quivering pussy, I started cumming again.

"My turn," she said, climbing on top of me, kissing me hard. I tasted so good on her mouth.

Sliding down my body, she went to her back, her legs wrapping around me, bringing my pussy to her own. Then she started grinding hers against mine. It felt incredible. I couldn't deny the pleasure. I couldn't deny the truth that when black men are occupied, women must take care of each other.

I turned, looking to my left, Devin was being double teamed again, oblivious to us.

I rose up on my hands, along with Fernanda, in a crab-like position. Staring into her eyes I nodded and we began scissoring right there on Devin's bedroom floor.

"Ahhh!" Fernanda cried out, our pussies vigorously sliding up and down against each other.

"That's it, cum for me, like I came for you," I thought. "I'll be glad to take care of you while the black men are busy."

I could do this, I could handle this lifestyle. For how long? I had no idea, but it's what I was doing, it was the path I was going down.

I started cumming again, my spine tingling, waves of pleasure washing over both Fernanda and I. We collapsed after climaxing together, out of breath, the sounds of Devin getting double teamed in the background. We'd join them in a moment, after catching our breath, taking a cock, perhaps one of us servicing Devin if the men were busy.


Black cock after black cock continued cumming on and in me on a daily basis. Usually it was Fat Rob's and his associates. But as my employment at Elite Magazine continued, I regularly serviced the models; sometimes, right along with Devin, Jennifer, Fernanda in wonderful group sessions. We were all a family of black cock crazed women.

Shortly after being hired, I moved out of Ian's. I was sad to leave, but I knew he and I could never be together. He said he was proud of me, wished me luck, and offered to help me move. He was sweet as usual; it made it hard for me to not tell him how I felt about him.

It was Labor Day weekend. I was in my new apartment, on my back, getting fucked, as usual. It was TJ I was with. Jennifer wanted him that night, but he declined her offer - something about how she loved having sex or sucking cock while her son was around. I guess TJ needed a break from that.

As I felt that big cock pulse inside me, knowing my pussy was about to get filled, I turned to my side, a look of pleasure on my face.

I thought of Ian. I would never, ever, stop loving him, but I had moved on. My dad would probably go berserk if he knew I was sleeping around with a bunch of black men. If things with Ian and I were different and we were together, my dad would no doubt kill me if he knew I was sleeping with his brother - Ian.

TJ pulled out of me, pumping his cock a few times, covering me with his cum.

I will always, deep down, be in love with my uncle. But this was my new life for now.

The end.
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