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Chapter 6

I took it slow. I licked at his neck, down to his chest, flicking my tongue, kissing, sucking at his dark nipple. I licked down to his abs, kissing and sucking each one, dragging my tongue over them. Going to my knees, my hands reached around him, squeezing his muscular ass.

I cradled his black balls in my hands, massaging them, playing with them. I took one in my mouth, sucking it while I stroked the powerful cock they were attached to. They tasted delicious. Covering his hanging, cum-filled nuts with saliva, I licked my way back to his shaft.

It was so long and straight. I kissed it, licked it, nibbled it, sucking along the shaft like a lamprey on a shark.

After covering his cock in my spit, I grabbed the base with both hands, slowly jacking. I smiled seductively at Ulysses, "This is quite a lovely dick you have here."

"Thank you," He said, running his fingers through my blonde locks.

"Are women constantly sucking or riding this thing?"

Ulysses didn't say a word, only nodding and smiling.

"Are they all white?" I asked.

"They are."

I moaned, wondering how many white women gave themselves to him, bowing down to his body, in awe of his chocolate perfection.

I devoured his dick, one hand on his abs, the other on his ass, squeezing it, holding him in place while I pushed his cock further and further back into my throat. There was no way I could deep throat it, not yet at least, but I figured by the end of the week I may be able to.

I gagged on it, my drool forming bubbles on it. I took it out of my mouth panting heavily. I wanted it in me.

Guiding Ulysses to his couch, I straddled him, kissing him hard, letting him taste what I tasted - the taste of his cock on my breath. Grabbing the base of it, preparing to slide it inside my dripping pussy, he stopped me.

"All night," He said. "Can you handle it?"

"We'll find out," I replied. I squatted down, impaling myself on his dick, driving it as deep as it could go.

The past month of pent up lust and desire, wanting but not having Ian, everything came out right then. I came on that black dick as soon as it slid all the way in my pussy, landing and pressing against my cervix.

Ulysses held me as I shook, the orgasm coursing through me. My hands rested on his huge shoulders. "The first of many," he told me. I nodded, kissing him again.

Ending the kiss, I knew I had a lot of work to do. I would ride his black cock on the couch until I couldn't walk anymore.

That's exactly what I did. I came over and over on it, crying out in his living room. He'd suck my tits, kiss my neck, ran his finger over my ass crack. I kept bouncing, I kept riding, I kept grinding against him over and over, losing count of how many orgasms I had.

Ulysses never came once. "Are you going to cum for me?" I said, collapsing in his arms, a couple hours later.

"Eventually. It doesn't take long sometimes, but tonight, I feel like going all night," He answered.

He stood up, taking me with him, going to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed, climbed on top, and fucked me. The bed was slamming against the wall; I was moaning over and over, I was cumming again and again.

I rose up; I ran my hands up and down his chest and stomach. He pulled his cock out. It was covered in creamy vaginal juices. I nearly climaxed again when I watched him gather a bit of my fluid up with his index finger and lick it.

He drove his cock back inside me. Another hour passed and we were covered in sweat. He was sitting on his knees, holding me up by my ass, bouncing me up and down on him. When my eyes weren't rolled into the back of my head, I glanced at his face. He was smiling, watching me cum over and over, sweat dripping off his chin, showing no end in sight.

"You're beautiful," he said.

"So are you," I replied.

The amount of pussy this guy gets, white pussy, must be insane. He was able to control his stamina so well. As he bounced me I wondered if cocks could become desensitized from having so much sex. Or perhaps he was thinking about something else, something unsexy, controlling his stamina that way.

He laid me on my back, pulling out, licking my tummy, making my spine tingle again. "Let's take a break. Want some water?" Ulysses asked.

"Uh huh," I breathlessly answered.

Minutes later, he was see-sawing his cock in and out of me, his hand resting on my tummy. My legs spread, wrapped around him, I was writhing around as he worked. He'd pull out, offer his cock to me, I cleaned it of my juices, and he'd continue on, playfully tapping that big cock against my belly before sliding it back in.

On and on we went. I was a shaking, quivering mess of sweat and pussy juices as the night went on. He held my limp body in his arms, thrusting hard up in me. It was so very good; his black rod pistoning in and out of me, stretching me, making me cum, fucking me. So perfect.

Later, Ulysses was standing behind me holding my wrists, slamming into me. I could tell he was getting tired. His thrusts were slower and labored. I loved the sound of my butt flesh slapping against his hips.

"Gisele, look," He spoke up; I opened my eyes from my comatose orgasmic state. Looking out his balcony window, I saw it, the dark purple mixed with a touch orange in the sky. The sun was rising.

Ulysses pulled out, gently turned me around, and guided me to my knees. I took his cock, knowing what was going to happen, stroking it, milking it.

To hear him moan with pleasure was music to my ears. He went all night, just like he said. He was now, finally, letting himself cum. And cum he did. That big juicy black dick erupted in my open mouth, my lips closing around the spurting cockhead, sucking the semen out of it. He filled my mouth, I'd swallow, I'd suck some more, then swallow again. So delicious.

When he was done, he picked me up, carried me to bed and collapsed in my arms. I held this black man, this exhausted, sweaty man who I was to care for an entire week, in my arms. He kissed at my nipples, I held him close, we went to sleep.

A few hours later, we were in the shower, his fingers curled inside me as he kissed along the back of my neck.

Ulysses picked me up, slamming me against the shower wall, bouncing me, once again, on his cock as the shower steam enveloped us. I drank from him again, swallowing every drop of cum I could.

We had a late breakfast, took another nap, followed by, what seemed like hours, of a beautiful 69 on his bed. I loved his tongue inside me.

Devin called later that night, reminding me to stay with Ulysses until she returned. I did as was told. I spent the rest of the week in that apartment, servicing her black lover in her absence, making sure his succulent black balls were emptied daily, making sure his long dark cock was slick with my pussy juices or saliva.

Had I gone black? I had no idea. It seemed like it. I knew one thing; July would be here when Devin returned from LA. July was the month I'd be working with Fat Rob.
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