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Nineteen Years

by WilliamShakespear

It all started on a day that will be ever etched on my mind..........

"My God," I sighed to myself, "Is it really nineteen years ago that I gave birth to him? I was 41 but felt, and was told, I looked, much younger. I had tried to keep my figure and appearance despite what the world threw at me.

I was looking at my tall good looking (even I say so myself) son leave the house and drive off in his birthday present, a nice Ford Ka. Where had those years gone?

It was his 19th birthday and he was going to pick up his girlfriend and go away for the weekend. She was a relative new comer on the scene. He certainly seemed to be enjoying his teenage years with a never ending succession of girls becoming conquests. I would imagine that sightseeing and exploring old relics would not be part of their agenda this weekend. If he was anything like his father he would spend some considerable time exploring the nooks and crannies of Sue, his new squeeze.

If his father had managed to confine his exploring to me, we would still be the ideal family; unfortunately he wanted to explore what his secretary had to offer. But that was five years ago and now there was just Tony, me and Kay, my daughter who lived either at Uni, with me or her father.

I started busying myself cleaning our relatively small but comfortable house thinking about the past. As I got to my bed room I started thinking about the lack of activity the room had seen since my marriage broke down. There had been a couple of meaningless relationships; I had not wanted to expose my new found romantic interests to my children. The logistics had always been difficult. The bed had only been used for anything other than sleeping in if both the kids were away. I had also had a few sordid one night stands which invariable had been nothing more than a fumble in the back of a car like a love struck teenager or in a cheap hotel.

I opened the bed side drawer and saw my toy and the bottle of baby oil. The vibrator and the oil, and my fingers, were used on a fairly regular basis. I still wanted that physical release that sex brings even if it was a poor second to having a proper sexual relationship with someone.

I felt a tingle develop between my legs; maybe a quick fiddle would be required.

I lay on the bed and felt myself get wetter at just the thought of having some form of release.

I lifted my bum off the bed and undid my jeans, lowering them and my panties to just below my knees. My hand wondered down and through my neatly trimmed bush and felt my lips; moist in anticipation. I ran my finger down and slowly entered myself before withdrawing it and gently touched my now hard clit.

"Oh yes!" I sighed, this is going to be good. Removing my inquisitive hand, I reached into the drawer and picked up the vibrator. I turned it on, mentally anticipating the feeling of it doing its tricks deep inside my cunt.


Damn, fuck! The doorbell.

I quickly turned the vibrator off, threw it back in the drawer and hurriedly pulled my panties and jeans up.


"I'm coming" I shouted as I ran down the stairs, aware of the irony of the comment.

I opened the door to find Billy, one of Tony's mates standing there. Another fine looking 6 foot something 19 year old.

"Hi Billy."

"Hi Mrs S. Is Tony there or have I missed him?"

"Sorry Billy, he left about 15 minutes ago to pick up Sue."

"Oh damn, I just wanted to see his new car."

"Oh well, he'll be back late on Sunday. Why don't you agree a time to come over then?"

"Yeah, thanks, I might do that."

There was a pause, he didn't seem to want to move.

"You OK Billy?"

"Yes, Mrs S. Are you?"

"Yes," I laughed, "Why do you ask?"

He coughed and looked at me, "It's just you seem a bit flushed..."

"I was just running downstairs to answer the door."

"And your clothes eh seem a bit eh, dishevelled. And your zip is undone," he said pointing to the zip on my jeans.

"Oh, I was just getting changed when the door bell rang, I didn't think you would want me to answer the door in my bra and panties!" I said with a nervous laugh and went down to do up the zip.

"Actually, that would have been very nice Mrs S."

"Billy, I am your friends Mum!"

"And a very nice one too Mrs S."

"Billy, behave. I have known you since you were a toddler. What would Tony think or say if he knew you were talking to his Mum like that!"

I was starting to feel very uncomfortable at this stage, yet there was something also very arousing about having a young man making an awkward advance to me, albeit it was so wrong on so many counts.

"Tony knows I have always liked you," he replied.

"Yes Billy, but liking someone and what you are saying is a bit different!"

"What am I saying?" he smiled.

He had caught me.

I hesitated.

"That you would have liked to see me in my bra and panties. That is a bit more than just liking someone's Mum!"

"Can't deny that Mrs S."

"Billy, I think you should go and we should both forget this conversation."

"Do you really want me to go?"

"Yes Billy. I do. This is very difficult and awkward."

"Not for me it isn't," he replied in an instance.

"Billy, please."

"Can't I come in, just for a bit?"

"No, that would definitely not be a good idea!" I exclaimed.

"Frightened of your feelings Mrs S?"

"Billy! You are not short in self confidence are you?" I laughed out.

"No. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

I was mad at myself for not shutting the door on him, but he was my sons' friend and I didn't want to cause any angst between him and Tony. But then again we were already on dangerous ground and I should have stopped it. The tingle between my legs had not gone away unfortunately. I had this momentary thought of maybe letting him come in and see what happened, but I quickly dismissed that.

My God it would be almost like a paedophile or worst incest. He was nearly my son; I had known him so long.

I decided to try and call his bluff.

"So Billy, Mr Big Man, if I were to let you in, what do you think would happen?"

"Well," he responded immediately, "why don't you let me in and we could find out."

I laughed out loud.

"Billy, you really have a good line of chat. Why don't you try it on girls of your own age, not your friends Mum who by default could be old enough to be your own Mum! What am called? A MILF?"

"Yes, Mrs S, or can I call you Mary?"

"Oh for Gods sake Billy," I sighed, "Call me Mary and come in but to talk this through. Ok?"

"Ok," he said as he stepped in and I shut the door, immediately regretting my decision to let him in.

He had been in my house 100's of times so knew the lay out and immediately headed for the kitchen / breakfast room where he knew we did most of our living.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked

He nodded as he looked me up and down in a most lustful way, which despite myself I found arousing and hoped my nipples were not giving the game away. I tried to say to myself we needed to chat, understand what his issue was, and then get him the hell out of the house with, hopefully no hard feelings.

"Hot or cold?" I asked.

"What?" his eyes now focussed on my boobs.

"Hot or cold drink?"

"Oh cold please. Do you have a beer?"

"I am sure Tony wouldn't mind you having one of his!" I laughed as I opened the fridge. I took the can and walked across to where Billy was sitting and handed it to him.

He caught hold of my wrist. "Thank you Mary."

The grip was tight. Not hard enough to hurt, but tight enough that I couldn't move easily.

"Billy, behave, let me go!"

"What if I don't want to?"

"We have been here before, please let go Billy."

He let go and smiled at me. "Sorry Mary, I didn't want to hurt or frighten you."

"You didn't Billy but I was a bit surprised, that's all."

"Being touched by me?" he said with a wicked grin.

I ignored him and returned to fridge. Retrieving an open bottle of wine I poured myself a large glass and sipped it as I sat down the other side of the table from Billy, whose eyes seemed to be mentally undressing me.

I then said something that I immediately regretted; of all the things to say it was the worst. If I wanted to diffuse the situation I couldn't have said anything more wrong. If I wanted to get this brief conversation out of the way and him out of the house, I couldn't have said anything more inappropriate.

"Like what you see Billy?"

"Yes and you know I do and you should know that I have fancied you for ages Mary."

"Billy! Stop it."

"And Mary do you want to know something else?"

"Oh God I don't suppose so but I have that feeling you are going to tell me anyway."

"At night, when I am on my own, when I masturbate, it's you I think of!"

"Wow, Billy, too much information! This has to stop!"

I took a big gulp of my wine and stood up.

"You really have to go, please Billy," I pleaded.

"No Mary, I want to tell you something else."

I groaned. "I am not sure that I can take anymore Billy."

"I know what you have inside your bedside drawer, I have seen it. Felt it, smelt it and even licked it. I wanted to think that somehow my tongue had been inside you!"

I suddenly felt sick, but also the damn tingle between my legs wouldn't go away and I felt myself get wetter and wetter.

"How do you know?"

I realised there was no point denying it, but as I said it I wondered if it was a bluff.

"I assumed that as a woman on her own, you may have a toy. So one day when Tony was in the garden and you were out I sneaked a look. Sorry."

I didn't know what to say or do.

"Have you told anyone?" I asked quietly.

"No Mary, I am not like that. Same as no one knows my feelings for you."

I took a pensive sip of my wine. This was beginning to spiral out of control. If only I had not let him in. Damn.

Billy then stood up and stood alongside me and the next thing I knew he had his arms around me and held me tight.

"Sorry Mary, I should have respected your privacy."

"Yes you should."

"Stand up Mary."

He released me from his hug and like a damn fool; I did as he said and stood up and faced him.

The next thing I knew I was engulfed in his hug and he again held me tightly, his face nuzzling my neck.

I felt short quick kisses and, as if he knew this was one of my sensitive spots, he moved up towards my ear.

Stupidly I let him know what this was doing to me as I let out a quiet moan.

"You like that Mary?" he whispered as his hands roamed over my back, holding me tight against his hard youthful body.

"Billy, please stop," I said without any conviction.

"You don't mean that do you?" he said as he nibbled my ear lobe.

I pushed myself away from him.

"Billy, this has to stop, now go before I ..."

"Before you what Mary? They tell me you were enjoying it," he said smiling and pointing at my hard nipples showing through my thin tee shirt.

"Billy, that's not the point. You are the same age as my Son for fuck's sake. I can't be what you want me to be. It's just so wrong."

"And what do you think I want you to be?"

"You know damn well," I said crossly. "A conquest, a one night stand, something that you can brag to your mates about, tell them how you fucked Tony's Mum."

"Hell No Mary, I would never. I know that we will never fall in love and get married and that shit, but we could both have some fun!"

"Well thank God for that Billy. Marriage was never in my thought process!" I laughed

"You know what I mean!" he sighed looking a bit hurt and dejected.

"Look Billy, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, but just suppose, in theory, we did go to bed together, it would give rise to all sorts of complications. If anyone ever found out we would both be, God I don't know, treated like lepers. Also, imagine what Tony would think. And your Mum! It would be so unfair on them for what, a few minutes of pleasure and fun? Also there is the moral dilemma. I know in the eyes of the law you are a man, but...."

"Mary, I agree with nearly all of that. We would have to be careful or people would be hurt. But if we were careful, we could both enjoy each other. I have fancied you for ages. I know you like me.."

"Not like that Billy!"

"Hear me out Mary. Please."


"Tell me, have you ever had an affair Mary?"

"Shit!" I cried out. "That's a personal question."

"Well, have you?"

"Ok, yes I have."

"And you didn't tell anyone and let me guess, you enjoyed the naughtiness and the fact you had to keep it quiet?"

I nodded, thinking back to the occasion where I had an affair with a married man before I met Tony's father.

"Yes, yes I did."

"So we could do the same!"

"Billy that was over 20 years ago and what makes you think I want to be with you?"

"For the best sex you have had for ages!" he replied matter of factly.

"Oh really?" I said mocking him.

"Look Mary, let's be honest. We will not go out on dates, we won't have candle lit dinners and we won't go on holidays together. We will meet when we can and have the best sex possible."

"You have it all thought out don't you?" I said draining my glass of wine and grabbing the bottle to top it up.

Billy drained his beer.

"I am going to regret this, but want another?"

He nodded. "Why will you regret it?"

"Because I should throw you out of this house!" I said smiling as I handed him another can.

I sat down but Billy continued to stand close to me. I could smell him and I had that awful thought and wondered if he could smell my arousal. An arousal that wouldn't go away. I knew as soon as I got rid of him I would have the most amazing orgasm with my fingers or vibrator deep inside me.

"So, as you haven't thrown me out and you have given me another beer, you are thinking about it?"

"No Billy, I am not. We can't, wont and that's the end of it," I snapped, but somehow I think he could tell I was considering it.

Why was I considering it? I was sipping the wine and wishing my sensible brain would kick in rather than my lustful brain.

Billy had been right; the affair with the married man had been fun. The secrecy and clandestine nature of it had been part of the attraction. That and the fact that he was much older and more experienced than me. Hell the age difference was virtually the same as between Billy and me. I smiled as I thought back to that crazy summer.

"Why are you smiling Mary?"

"Thinking about the past Billy."

"The affair?"

I nodded.

"See it can work. If we are careful."

"What's in it for me Billy?" I sighed.

"I have told you, the best sex with a young stud! I imagine if you go on dates now they are guys of your age or older. They need Viagra probably and will be a once a session expert won't they?"

I laughed. "Billy you are funny, but sadly true!"

"Well Mary?"

Silence filled the room.

"You are thinking about it aren't you?" he said quietly.

I drained my wine and without saying anything, grabbed his hand and walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs and into my bedroom.

"I swear Billy Jones, if anyone was to find out, I will cut your balls off and then shove them down your throat. Now get those clothes off and let me see if it's worth my while."

His shirt was soon in a crumpled mess on the floor, his shoes and socks were swiftly removed and he undid his belt and took off his jeans.

I could see a very promising hard on in his boxers.

"And them Billy, don't be bashful."

He slowly lowered his boxers and stood facing me. His cock was hard, a nice length and thickness and stood proud of his flat stomach.

I was impressed. And turned on.

"Your turn Mary."

I removed my shirt and he looked lustfully at my 34b boobs held within a black lacy bra.

Looking at his eyes, I had a momentary doubt about what I was about to do before I undid my jeans and stepped out of them.

Reaching behind I undid my bra and let it join the pile of clothes on the floor.

Billy's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he looked at my boobs, still fairly firm for my age and topped off with hard nipples that were aching to be touched, licked, sucked and gently bitten.

I saw his eyes go lower, over my stomach and to my panties. I slowly lowered them and he saw my neatly trimmed bush.

"Oh My God Mary!" he said as he closed the gap between us and held me tightly.

Our lips met and we kissed. He was clearly very experienced as our mouths opened and our tongues fought. His hands were roaming over my back and then reached lower and cupped my bum cheeks, forcing me tighter against him. I could feel his hard cock between us and felt the tell-tale wetness of his pre cum.

Breaking away so we could get our breath back he stepped back, but continued to hold my hands as he took in my nudity.

"Fuck Mary!"

"Yes Billy, we probably will," I laughed.

I moved towards him and pushed him onto the bed. I knelt down so that my face was inches away from his cock.

"Ever had a blow job Billy?" I said as I stroked his hardness. It had been many a year since I felt a cock as hard as this.


"Have you ever cum in a girl's mouth?"

"No, they would let me."

"They? How many Billy," I asked using my finger to smear the pre cum across the exposed hot purple head.


"Would you like to cum in my mouth," I asked before covering the head of his cock with my mouth and licked and gently sucked it.

"Oh yes!" he sighed.

That was the trigger. We had gone too far already. We were doing something so wrong, but animal instincts took over and I wanted him to cum. This time in my mouth. I wanted to give him something he had never experienced before.

I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I have never been able to deep throat but I got enough in my mouth for him to sigh contentedly.

I moved my mouth up and down, licking and sucking harder. He started thrusting a bit and I had that feeling he wouldn't last long. I tasted his pre cum, I heard his moans. I felt myself get wetter and wetter as his climax was approaching.

I stopped sucking and wanked him to enable me to get my breath back.

"OK Billy?"

"Oh fuck yes!"

I put his cock back in my warm mouth and sucked and licked and bobbed up and down. His thrusting became more desperate and I heard him cry. "I am cumming!"

I have never been a fan of cum in the mouth. I don't like the taste or the sensation, but I have done it and today was going to be one of those days. He had never done it before and I was feeling very debauched.

I felt and tasted the first squirt and soon my mouth was full of his hot salty cum. He wouldn't stop cumming and I lost count of how many squirts he made. Eventually he stopped and I let his cock, that was still fairly hard, slip out of my mouth. I smiled at him as he looked at me swallowing his cum. I stood up and smiled and walked to the ensuite. "Just a little clean up."

I looked at myself, hair dishevelled, sperm around my lips, yet lust in my eyes. My nipples were rock hard and I felt my pussy. Wet and open and begging for attention.

I wiped my mouth and face and combed my hair, before walking back into the room.

Billy was lying on the bed. His cock was still semi hard, wet with my saliva and his cum.

"Mary, come here!" he commanded pointing to the side of the bed. "Now it's your turn."

"What are you going to do Billy?"

"You are going to receive the best oral attention you have ever had," he smiled as he positioned himself between my legs and gently opened them. I sensed him transfixed by my open wet pussy.

"That is some claim Billy."

"Never had any complaints," he said quietly as he lowered his head and oh so gently licked the lips of my pussy.

His hands meanwhile moved up and started cupping my boobs, stroking and then gently pinching my nipples.

I forced my cunt against him as his probing tongue licked up and down the lips before concentrating on my aching clitoris.
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