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Nineteen Years


"Oh yes, there," I sighed.

Teasing me he then stopped licking my clit and moved down and put his tongue as deep as he could inside my hot wet cunt, before tongue fucking me. He then moved his right hand down and started playing with my clit. One hand was now playing with my boobs, the fingers of the other hand gently rubbing my oh so sensitive clit while his tongue was going in and out of my cunt. This boy certainly knew what he was doing. I could imagine his face was covered in my juices.

He moved slightly and started licking lower, licking my perineum and getting so close to my bum hole. Surely he wouldn't go there I thought? I was enjoying the sensations too much to worry as no part of my anatomy was off limits. I had had fingers and tongues there before and enjoyed them, but on the two or three occasions I had tried anal sex, it hadn't worked for me. But maybe with my new young lover?

All these thoughts were going through my mind as Billy was bringing me ever closer to that release I had sought those few hours ago.

His licking got more adventurous as he was now licking my tiny rose bud while fingering me with one hand and rubbing my clit with his other.

"Lick my cunt Billy!" I cried as I sensed the climax approach. He moved and did as I asked. I gently removed his fingers from my clit that was now far too sensitive to be touched by his finger.

"Now my clit, lick my clit" I urged. "Yes there just there I am cumming," I shouted as he licked oh so gently but hard enough to take me over the edge.

Ever muscle in my body tensed as the most amazing orgasm consumed ever nerve ending and I cried out; "no more". I could not be touched anywhere. I was on fire.

Billy sat back on his heels as my orgasms continued. I couldn't stop. I kept cumming and cumming.

Eventually I stopped and could relax and try and regain my breath.

I smiled at him as he looked at me.


He nodded.


I smiled. "Yes."

Billy moved and lay beside me and lazily started playing with my boobs.

"Didn't give them much attention did I? Still there is always another time."

Leaning over I kissed him. What started as gentle kiss turned into a full on snog. I could taste myself on his face and tongue. A taste I liked.

As our tongues battled each other my hand wandered down his youthful body and found what it was looking for, a rock hard cock, crying out for action.

Breaking off the kiss, I smiled down at him, loving the lust in his eyes as I gently stroked his hardness.

"Don't move," I said.

He nodded.

I got up and squatted over him, before lowering myself onto his hardness, feeling myself almost cum again as his hardness filled me.

"Billy, this time I am going to fuck you!"

I lifted myself up before lowering myself. Up and down I went. Billy's hands found my boobs and played with them as we fucked. We weren't making love. We were fucking. He started thrusting and we were soon matching each other. Both of us were so turned on and hot for each other we couldn't contemplate lasting long even if we wanted it to. We didn't say anything, we just knew.

He moved his hands from my boobs to my bum and grabbed both cheeks as he thrust harder.

I sensed he was close. I too was about there, or had I just been enjoying one long climax? I was confused.

"Where shall I cum?" he asked through gritted teeth as his thrusts got shorter and harder.

"In me it's OK!"

And that was all that was necessary; deep inside me he stopped and I felt him shoot his cum, felt his cock pulsate as his fingers dug into my bum cheeks.

"Fuck yes!" he cried out, as I too cried out as the reaction deep inside my cunt triggered another orgasm for me.

With his cock inside me, did it never go completely soft? I slumped forward as his inquisitive fingers roamed over my bum cheeks and teased my anal hole.

"Naughty boy Billy," I whispered.

"You don't like?"

"I didn't say that!"

He laughed as I gently moved his hand away and stood up. His cock came out of me and I felt his cum and my juices dribble down my thigh.

I went into the en suite and had a clean-up, trying to understand what had happened and my feelings. Confused but hornier than I could ever remember was the only conclusion I could come to.

Billy was lying on his back with his eyes shut. His cock was still not fully soft and I momentarily thought back to my youthful lovers when I was a teenager; I suppose they were the same. Funny what age does to one!

Come here Mary, we haven't finished yet.

"We have for a while Billy, you will make me sore. Come on, let's get something to eat".

We dressed and went downstairs and as I was preparing something we were both startled as we heard the front door open.

"Hey Billy, what you doing here?"

It was Tony.

"And what are you doing here?" I asked as my life flashed before me. What would have happened if he had come in a few minutes earlier?

"I forgot my wallet. We were half way there and I had to turn around."

Billy laughed nervously. "I called round to see your car mate, and I missed you, but your Mum has kindly offered to get me something to eat. Says I need to eat more ha ha!"

"Oh Ok," said Tony as he turned around and ran up the stairs.

Billy and I looked at each other. He was as white as a ghost.

"Right, I am off now," shouted Tony. "Enjoy your grub Billy boy, don't eat us out of house and home and look after me Mum!"

The door slammed shut.

After a few moments of silence when we just looked at each other, I said: "So Billy, he has told you to look after me."

"Jeeze, that was close Mary!"

"Tell me about it!"

I handed a plate of meats and salad to Billy. "Another beer?"

"No thanks, don't want brewers droop," he laughed.

I helped myself to another glass of wine as we enjoyed our food and made small talk.

With the food finished and dishes put away, Billy looked at me and said, "So what's next on the agenda?"

"Don't know, any ideas?" I replied saucily.

"Why don't we go upstairs and see what develops then."

We were soon naked and exploring each other's bodies with fingers and tongues. The urgency had passed and we were enjoying the teasing and playing.

Billy eventually had me on my stomach and was exploring my bum with his tongue.

"Mary, have you any lube?"

"Only oil and you know where that is you naughty boy."

I was soon enjoying the feelings of a tongue in my arse and a vibrator doing its stuff in my cunt. I knew I was close to cumming but as Billy replaced his tongue with a finger, and then two, that was it. I cried out and came; long and hard.

He removed the vibrator and I felt some cold oil on my anus being spread around. I clenched as I knew what was next and sure enough I felt his cock against my secret hole.

"Don't hurt me Billy," I said as I tensed up, expecting the pain to start.

I don't know why, maybe it was the state of arousal, but Billy ever so gently and ever so carefully and slowly entered my bum and before I knew it he was balls deep in my rectum. There had been a moment's pain but now nothing but the sensation of being full. He slowly withdrew a bit before sliding back in deep. He built up his rhythm and I felt more oil being applied. He really was a considerate lover.

He fucked me in the arse. I enjoyed it. I felt him reach under me and play with my clit and then enter my cunt with a finger. I was being double penetrated and I was about to cum.

Urging him on, I wanted to cum. I was close. I presumed he was but frankly I was now being selfish. "Fuck me Billy, harder. Make me cum, yes harder," I urged as I felt him freeze and then felt his cock spasm in my bowels as he filled my body with his seed for the third time that day.

That did it for me and I too cried out and came.

He slowly withdrew from me with a rude pop as his cock left my tender arse.

Lying next to me we held hands as we regained our breath.

"That's it I am done for the day before you have any bright ideas."

"Me too, I have to say," he replied.

Looking at his cock, it was the first time I had seen it properly flaccid.

"Thank God for that," I said as I gently flicked his soft wet cock.

So where did we go to next?

Well Billy was a fairly regular visitor, especially when Tony went off to the Army and we could have time together.

We nearly got caught on two occasions when someone called round un-expectantly. One was the Jehovah's Witnesses who we told to fuck off we were busy, how mature! And the other was a friend of Tonys and Billy who had also been a fairly regular visitor so didn't think it that strange that Billy was there. Thankfully we weren't in bed, but like Tonys unexpected return it was a close call.

After a year or so, we both realised that our affair had run its course. We had had sex sessions that lasted a whole weekend. We had had quickies on the staircase that lasted seconds or minutes. We had fucked in every room in the house. We played with food, we took pictures, videos and we had fun.

As Frank Sinatra said:

Regrets, I've had a few;
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exception.
Nobody was hurt and we both enjoyed it.
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